Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hmm...sort of gives you an idea of my mood today.  Anyway, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth.  I've been doing most of my updates in Cab's Creations because for one thing I'm just way too lazy to keep up with two journals.  I sort of felt bad, though, because I keep getting some comments in this one.  Despite the tag, I'm actually ok.  I'm in a "pissed in the wind" type of mood (pardon my French).  Can't put a finger on it.  Not depressed, but not jumping for joy.  The weather is bleak, chilly, rainy.  My shoulder acts like a barometer so right now it feels like a toothache.  I do have vacation days to use which I should schedule first but dang I had the worst hair day today and looked like a freakazoid so voila I took the day off; not too cool of me.  I believe I need one of those sun machines for SAD; more so as I age.  BTW:  I had a birthday Friday.  I'm now 54.  LOL...ok...Jackie, I'll change the age in my sidebar now that I've caught up to you.  Thanks for the e-cards and snail mail cards. 

Ok....now for true confessions which my son has been bugging me about for months.  I'll accept all opinions, negative or not.  You know we both stopped smoking in the spring.  My son has been totally smoke free since then.  I cheat on occasion.  By cheating, it's a few puffs off of my BF's cigarettes but only when we are out and I've had a few drinks.  So, no, I'm not "smoke-free" but probably have the equivalent of maybe a cigarette or two a month if you add up the puffs.  I've been working on it and managed to go out twice this past month and not cave in.  On my birthday, I did take a few puffs.  I do not and have not smoked one bit except for those few occasions.  Ok, so that's a good excuse  that I'm making for myself and know I will need to muster thestrength or quit going out for a few drinks.  My BF doesn't drink when we are out so he's the DD.  I still enjoy a couple of stout beers; just the last trigger for smoking remaining.  Dec. 12 is decision day in  our area for making all bars and restaurants smoke-free here so I'm keeping myfingers crossed.

Next rant is that I've gained 10 more pounds...ugh...10 when I started my new job over a year ago and 10 since I was sick in September.  Now, I have a whopping 20 to lose.  Should be a piece of cake but it isn't.  Thank God, I'm 5'8" coz it would show a lot more but I can't stand my moon face now.  Joey's gained weight and looks good because he was super skinny before.

Since I'm on a roll, Megan is going to San Diego at the end of the week to visit a friend.  She'll be back in time for Thanksgiving.  She called at dinner time last night insisting that I go to Target immediately and get the brown boots she was looking at last weekend.  She had been at two Targets already.  They didn't have her size.  Boo hoo....I didn't have any idea which boots she had tried on, and I had a pot of soup on the stove and burgers on the grill in the pouring rain.  I had just got back from a marathon grocery shopping trip.  Needless to say, she may be 21 but she still has an attitude at times.  I held my guns, so to speak.  I felt bad, of course, which Joey said she was trying to make me feel so I'd cave in but didn't.  I'm sure she'll live if she goes to Cali. on Thurs without brown boots.  She hung the phone up on me which I can't stand.  I called her back and let her have it because she knows I hate that. 

If you are still with me, I'll give a Grizzly update.  Poor Griz's liver count had doubled since March because both Rimadyl and Phenobarb can cause liver changes.  I increased his MSM and glucosamine that I get OTC at the health food store and started cutting way back on the Rimadyl.  Actually, I had cut him back in the summer because he wasn't as arthritic.  I cut him way back again.  He seems to be moving well.  He went back for a follow-up.  His liver counts are back to where they were in March.  I figure when it's freeziing out and the snow is deep, his joints will be back.  Then I'll give him more.

So, that's the story of my life in a nutshell for now.  Keep Donna and family in your prayers, as they have lost a sister, daughter, spouse, mother, etc.  Keep all those who are battling life threatening diseases in your thoughts and prayers also.

I'm thankful that today is not Thankful Thurs.  Have a good week.  I have a few tags I may put up.  My creative juices sort of dried up also.