Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Babe in Control



LOL...that's me...a babe in total control.  Not that I want to be.  I just have to be.  (Thanks to Maria, who I always make tags for, for sending me this one.)

The insurance adjuster came today.  The valves to the supply lines to the bathtub are leaking so no ceiling cutting into is necessary.  I do need to have about a 12 inch area replastered and repaired from water damage but the wood underneath is fine.  Thank the Lord.  After my $250 deductible, I have about $200 left to do it with not counting the plumbing.

Speaking of plumbing....I finally got ahold of Randy last night.  He wanted me to run water into the tub to see if the drain was unclogged.  It appears he knew the drain wasn't clogged but thought some pipes were leaking.  So, I put some water in the bathtub.  Zilcho draining.  Well, you guessed it...out came one of my many plungers.  Ewwwww....the depths of hellish sludge came back up into the tub.  And no it wouldn't go down all the way.  I was sopping up sludge with old towels since I don't have a shop vac.  I would have strangled Randy if I had seen him last night.

My BF said just keep plunging because I needed to loosen the sludge.  Bwah way.  I went to bed.  I woke up with renewed zest this morning.  No drain will get the best of me.  I unclogged a hopelessly clogged drain in my old house which was a plumbing nightmare.  I knew I could get this one.  I plunged like some crazy woman.  The water would only go down so far.  I just kept at it and then switched plungers and gave it one last whack with the plunger.....voila, the water is draining.

Now, I just have to get Mr. Randy up here to replace the spigoty/valvy things which shouldn't cost much at all then start to search for a contractor...oh joy.

I just started putting some lights out on the deck this afternoon and darned if it didn't start to rain.  It's still in the 60's but will be cold this weekend so I suppose once again I will be stringing lights in the cold.

Thanks to all for your prayers for Megan.  She is feeling pretty good today.  I need to discuss her finances with her but didn't want to do it when she wasn't feeling up to par.  She bounced a couple of checks before Thanksgiving and over Thanksgiving break.  I checked her balances and am worried she won't have enough for rent/utilities for the next three weeks.  She should just make it if she watches closely.  Ok, I'm laughing at this one.  She did make over $400 in tips over Thanksgiving.  Thank the Lord for that.  I'm just not sure if she deposited it although it appears she has.  Maybe it's time to call that will do any good.

Well, I'm off to soak myself.  Hopefully, the bathtub will still continue to drain, and get ready to go to work.  Hopefully, I still have a darned job left.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


Dang, is that girl's butt hanging out?  Sheesh, I got all the way done with this tag and noticed it.  Ooops, hope I'm not offending anyone because I'm so indecisive today I couldn't figure out which tag to use so I made one.

Thanksgiving was annoying.  I'm not dwelling on it as it was not any more or less than I expected.  We were to be there around 3:30 to eat at 4:00.  In reality, we ate at close to 7:00.  I was more than grouchy because I had to get up for work at 4:30 the next morning and still had a 45 min. drive home.  Becky was also grouchy as she had tons of studying to do and had an hr. ride home.

I've spent the rest of the weekend fussing over decorations and trees.  I still have no idea what I'm going to do.  I always have a huge live tree in my familyroom.  I don't want to do that this year because I now have close to $1,000 invested in carpeting in this room now.  It always seems that sap ends up on the carpeting, I couldn't believe the needles stuck under the old carpet when it was removed.

I bought a Martha Stewart pre-lit tree after Christmas last year at K-Mart.  It is a beautiful tree and was $200.  I got it for $60.  The only thing is that it's a tall thin tree.  I bought it with the intention of using it in the living room which is a very small room.  I have a feeling it will look lost and spindly in the family room. 

I had a small tree on my sunporch also that I tossed because it was old and dusty.  I was going to take the tree out of the box today and see what it looked like but it was confusing the daylights out of me.  LOL...that doesn't take much.  I'm not the least bit inclined when it comes to putting things together.  So, the tree is still in the box.  Once it's out, then I have to decide on ornaments for it.  Do I use my old standard or buy new ones?  All this over a tree.  I just can't seem to dig up that Christmas spirit yet, as I'm sure you noticed from my graphics journal...hehe, which is loaded with Christmas stuff.

I did get a 27" flat screen tv today at good old Wally World. They still had some left over from Black Friday, and the price was right.  I was going to put it in Megan's bedroom which I use but Joey needs all the jacks and plugs for his DVD player and Playstation so I moved the ancient 25" magnavox into Megan's room, and he got the new one.

Megan went back to school this evening.  She made tons of money waitressing over break.  She worked also today.  Tues is her appt. so my nerves are a bit shot.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

I had to buy some toys today for the Toys for Tots program at work.  I had no idea what is popular now.  It's been ages since I bought toys so I got some Dora stuff and a couple of My Little Ponys, as I've heard they are still popular.  I've been fussing for a week over that.

Oh, and my windshield on my new car got stone chipped on Thanksgiving day.  They repaired it so it cost me nothing but they plug the chips, and it's bugging me because I can notice it.  I can always get the windshield replaced for the $50 comprehensive fee but I'll wait until I have the money to do that.  But that did rattle me.

LOL...and sheesh, what is up with those Steelers?  Talk about a painful team to watch this year.

Well, I didn't intend to turn this into more whining but it looks like it sort of went that way.  I'm just really tired.  I best get moving.  I need to take a shower in the good old basement.  I'm missing my soaking in the bathtub.  One good thing, though, it's been 65 and sunny since Friday.  Is this November in western Pa.?  Actually, I love it.  I'm hoping this lasts until Tues.  I'll be off to go with Megan so I would like to get some outside lights up but then again I'm so afraid of putting too much up because of the electrical problems I had. 

HUGS to all...I'm definitely done this time.

Thanks to Shelly Roxy's Links and Graphics for the siggy.  Shelly is always surprising me with tags.  I also have another with a cute floating daisy on it.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sending Christmas Greeting & Thanks to our Troops



I got this link from Jackie who got it from Missy.  Xerox is sending post cards from us to the troops serving our country.  Click on the link and pick a postcard and message and submit.  The postcards appear to have been drawn by school children and are adorable.

Let's Say Thanks

You can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.

Please spread the word as it has to be so difficult to be in Iraq at Christmas away from loved ones. 

It only takes a minute to send one.  Let's all band together and spread some JLand love, cheer, and support to those serving our country.  That's the least we can do.

HUGS to all....CHRIS

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! (Thanks, Shelly, for the tag above.) Today I am reflecting on all the things I am thankful for and the many blessings in my life.  The biggest blessing is threefold....that would be Becky, Joey and Megan; my children.  There isn't a moment that goes by that I do not thank the Lord for blessing me with three of the most beautiful, smartest, kindest children in the world.

I am also thankful for my father, even though he is no longer with us.  My father bestowed unconditional love upon me and also my children.  All little girls should have a daddy like mine.  He loved and respected my mom; while "spoiling" the daylights out of me.  Because of my father, I am basically a loving, trusting person; content with my imperfections.  My dad thought I was the most beautiful person to walk the earth and told me so all the time.

I am so thankful that my mother and I have reached a common plateau with each other.  For many years, it was my mother and brother vs. my father and me.  My mother and I have nothing in common.  We are as different as night and day.  My mom tried her best to turn me into a mini-me of herself.  It didn't happen.  She was bitter for a long time.  She was hospitalized a few years ago with the MRSA infection.  The tide turned more so in my direction.  We have both become more mellow.  My mother is 88 years old.  I no longer feel the need to disagree with her opinions constantly.  Without my mom, I would be homeless; seriously.  My mother cannot display her feelings.  I know that she adores the ground Joey walks on .  I now know that she is constantly praising my girls.  I have heard from others that she praises my family quite frequently.  We are her life; even though she can't express it directly. 

I am also thankful for my BF.  I got it right this time.  He is so much like my father as opposed to my ex, who couldn't be more different than my father.  He also thinks I'm the most beautiful female to walk this earth.  (LOL..he needs glasses.)

Now, I am thankful for my flimsy, dingy shower in the basement from hell.  I have a plumbing nightmare on my hands.  Yes, my plumber's name is Randy.  I call him handy, dandy, Randy because he is "retired" but is busier now than ever.  He can't turn anyone down who needs help.  My drain is not only clogged but is leaking under the bathroom floor along with God only knows how many other pipes.  He was here off and on for two days and left.  He will be back.  He told my son I'm going to have a heart attack when I hear what has to be done.  I already know he has to cut through the ceiling, which leads me to another area.  I am thankful that my homeowner's insurance will pay for the repairs from the water damage.  I pay Randy for the plumbing.  Insurance will pick up the amount to repair the ceiling, etc. which is going to be quite extensive.  So, back to the shower....thankfully, we are able to stay clean while the repairs are being done.  A bottle of Tilex goes a long way.  Megan and I never use it.  I'm surprised my son isn't diseased because the only time I go to the basement is to do laundry.

My bird is in the oven.  I am "accomodating" Megan's gluten-free diet.  I will take her Butterball (the only frozen turkey she can eat) with the stuffing made from the gluten-free bread (grrr...$4.50 for half a loaf so I needed two) to my brother's.  Ok, I am thankful that I will get to spend the afternoon with all three of my children and my mother.

And...since I tend to ramble on....lastly, I am thankful that the house is slowly getting cleaned thoroughly once again and looks like it. 

I wish all of you continued blessings!  I am more than thankful for JLand; my home away from home and my escape from daily stress.  You are all the best!

Thanks, Donna,This and that, andhockey! for this adorable turkey!

Saturday, November 18, 2006



LOL...yep that looks just like me.  Keeping my fingers double crossed that my DSL woes are gone and forgotten.  My guy from Embarq was here by 8:00.  He installed the splitter and put a phone jack right beside my computer and hooked it straight into the line outside.  If this doesn't work, the PC line techs need to come and do a complete wire investigation.  It's definitely not my PC.  My gift from Embarq is the installation of the jack by the computer, which is not part of the line protection.  I knew this because the guy last winter was going to give me a "bargain" and do it for $90 instead of $150.  It was done for nothing today and all further work will be done for nothing if this fix isn't a lasting one.  The last guy also told me my basement was "ripe" which did me in.  I was prepared today to tell whomever to do their jobs and keep their mouths shut.  Of course, my basement is 90 years old and damp.  But I'm feeling feisty today.  The house is a bit cluttered but clean so leave the judgments at the door.  The guy today was very nice and very thorough, and Grizzly loved him which is a very good sign.  Anybody that Grizzly loves immediately usually does very good work for me.

Megan is home for the week for Thanksgiving.  We are doing lunch today, which may end up being an early dinner before she goes to work.  She is ill with some infection again.  I know her thyroid is off because she is exhausted.  She says her one roommate will not allow them to keep the furnace above 50 degrees.  She said the last gas bill was only 40 some dollars.  Lord, have mercy, this child is going to wither away and die in those temps.  A natural gas bill that low is unheard of this time of year.

She is in good spirits, otherwise.  She said for once I actually picked out a decent car.  Coming from Megan, that is a huge compliment.  Uh oh....I really would prefer she didn't drive it much because she racks on the miles.

My SIL called about Thanksgiving today which will have to be a whole other entry.  We are going because of my mother....period.  Big brother will be in for the shock of his life if I pull up in that car.  ROFL...I might just have my camera ready and waiting to snap the look on his face.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my Saturday.  I might try one last ditch effort to unclog my bathtub and then give my handy dandy Randy, the plumber, a call.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beautiful Dreamer


It's been one of those aggravating days, and I'm beginning to wonder just why I'm so fussed about it.  Me,, I vent but I'm really so out of sorts about so many things which are really aggravations but nothing major.  (The tag at the top is snaggable, if you want, as always.)

I just had a zillion things to get done today plus I have Embarq coming Saturday to replace my phone lines in my house and install a splitter.  My new modem arrived yesterday and was far worse than the old one.  Embarq was able to pinpoint exactly which jacks are malfunctioning; one of them my PC is connected to.  Why, in God's name, the guy in March didn't care to address that or even acknowledge it, who knows.  Probably wanted to get home.  Anyway, I've had over 13,000 disconnections since Jan. when it was installed.  It was running well all summer but started acting up again a month ago.  For some reason, today hasn't been awful DSL wise.

Anyway, my house has gotten so messy since the Dish was installed.  I simply cannot bear someone entering this house when it looks like this.  I knew I would never get everything I needed to get done on Friday evening because I would be whooped so once again I used another vacation day.  I always feel so guilty but I don't take vacations.  Today was just an example of  my "vacations."

My bathtub is clogged.  The plunger queen gives up.  I had to buy some enzyme crap because I have a fiberglass bath fitter, and Drano would eat it away.  Lord, how do I function without my  The local hardware store guy doesn't think the enzymes will eat through hair which is what is clogging the drain.  What to do?  I could always call my handy dandy plumber, Randy, which I might do because he will give me suggestions and pay a visit as a last resort.

I spent a couple of hours on the phone fussing with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the doctor's office and lab because of being billed forlab tests that should have been coded differently plus fussing big time because Megan is still considered as "pediatric" under my Blue Cross plan because she is a dependent child. The AMA does not approve pap smears for pediatrics. Puhlease, she was kicked out of the pediatrician's office when she turned 18 and may be a child on my insurance but is an adult.  What a bunch of BS.  I got a bill for $474 yesterday for the gyne visit and lab tests.  Another hr on the phone with me getting totally out of control but in the end, it was an adjuster's error and payment was made. 

So, I'm feeling so fragile right now which I hate because I've gone through so much and am much stronger than this.  Dang, I miss my dad again.  My daddy could always makes things right.  I know I'm learning lessons in humility and being humble because my dad kind of spoiled me.  Today, I'm feeling like little Chrissy again who wants to go crying to daddy to fix everything.  I don't want to be grown up today and have to be responsible for so much.  I want to wave a magic wand and make my baby all better.  Actually, I lost it when I was talking to Blue Cross because how dare they deny my daughter the right to something which will save her life.  Much as I tried, I burst into tears.  I used to do that all the time during confrontations but it's been years.  I hate when I blubber. 

My brother's wife is supposed to call about Thanksgiving tonight.  That's a whole new entry which I don't want to think about right now.

I'm not pressing my luck.  I want to save this and try to get around and visit.  I fell asleep during Dancing with the Stars right after Mario and Emmitt's first dance...grrr.  I best stay awake tonight.

Thank you all for your prayers and listening to my sad sack entry.  I know I will rebound as always.


Saturday, November 11, 2006



I want to say congratulations to all the Vivi award winners!  I've been MIA this past week due to PC problems and connection issues.  Thankfully, unloading a couple of thousand graphics and tags that I hadn't even seen in ages cured my PC.  The connection problems are a nightmare.  I'm hoping to stay connected long enough to make this entry.

I apologize for not getting around to visit journals much this past week although when I was able to stay connected, the darned journals were unavailable.  I called Embarq today.  LOL...I'm not nuts.  They had me sign online and could tell that my modem or my phone line is not holding a connection at all.  Whoo hoo, they are finally sending me a whole new modem kit.  I asked if the fact that Fed-Ex delivered it last January, and it sat on my front porch with no roof in freezing snow and rain for two days would have damaged the modem.  No doubt about, he said, and was quite shocked that Sprint told me to dry it out and install it.  I've had slight connection problems from the first day.  It is being sent UPS this time so if I'm not at home, I will pick it up at the drop off center.

So, the Vivi's are over and a sigh of relief is being breathed for the most part.  Jackie had no choice but to post the results in the journal.  I haven't been able to stay online long enough to send e-mails let alone host a chatroom.  I think Jackie has borne the brunt of the complaints and fussing.  Actually, I know she has.  Jackie is such a sweetie and feels so bad when feelings get hurt.  She has worked endlessly and tirelessly to try and make things right for everyone.  Some can't be assauged.  Of course, mistakes did happen.  We both made decisions to try and correct the mistakes fairly to everyone.  And, of course, some were not happy with the results.  Pleasing everyone is an impossibility.  Doing your best to correct oversights is all we can do.

The tags are just about done.  Please be patient as I'm not sure how many I'll be able to send with my connection the way it is.  I'm hoping to get them out tomorrow but any mail I send with pictures causes my modem to fail.

I also want to thank each and everyone of you for making my birthday such a great experience this year.  LOL...I finally got around to reading all my cards today, at least I think I did.  I hope I didn't miss thanking any of you.  Your comments made the day all the more special.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It's been a rough couple of weeks in our household but Megan is thriving and feeling at peace.  Prayers are working.

I think I shall try and save this or else I will be pulling my hair out.  I will be around to visit as much as I can. 

Oops, if you have a tag request in my graphics journal, I have them done; I just can't get them sent at the moment.  Yikes, this is just driving me crazy and upsetting my whole routine.

Keeping my fingers crossed that by the middle of next week all will be back to normal.




Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me

LOL...before you rush out at the last minute to get me a birthday gift, today is not my birthday; tomorrow is.  I'll finally catch up in age with someone else in JLand (you know who you are..hehe).

Now, if this entry doesn't save this time, I'm done.  AOL has been a total nightmare for me since Sunday.  I can't send mail, can't make comments in journals, lose my connection continuously...on and on.

I bought myself a car....whoo hoo.  Not the car of my dreams but a car less than 3 yrs old with less than 20,000 miles on it and a bumper to bumper warranty until 80,000 miles.  I'm like a pig in doo-doo.  Doesn't take much to please me.

I've been surfing the web at work on breaks looking for a Hundyai but the more I looked at them, the less I really wanted one.  The thing that was bothering me was the engine size and the terrain of western Pa.  The moutains around here kill cars with undersized engines.  I couldn't find any standards which is what I would need to compensate for the terrain.

Anyway, my BF's tranny went on Sunday in his truck with 60,000 miles on it.  It will be gone for at least a week to be fixed.  I "generously" offered to loan him his Gran Prix that I have had for the past four years.

I clicked on the link for the mom and pop Pontiac dealership in my neighborhood and saw a Grand Am with less than 20,000 miles on it.  Out of curiosity, I clicked on it and did a double take at the price.  Too low to pass up.  I called my BF and sent him on an errand.  He happened to have bought my/his Grand Prix from this same dealership.  They know him coz he smoozes with everyone.  I got a $1,500 trade in on my Oldsmobile but they didn't want it.  They said keep it, and they'd just take the  $1,500 more off.  I got it for way below Blue Book value....yay.



It's got some cute stripes on it and is fully leather interior but I can live without it.

I'm trying to hit as many journals as I can but half the time, I can't leave comments.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this will save.

  Thanks, Shelly for the cute blinkie siggy tags!  You rock!!!!