Tuesday, February 28, 2006


It seems like the past couple of days have just flown.  I've been super busy at work and super tired when I get home.  We spent most of the weekend messing with the computer.  There are still a few kinks that have to be worked out with it.  I don't want to beat it to death.  When I get the E-Machine back, this computer is taking a trip to the Univ. of Pgh for some fine tuning.

As I read the journals, I see so many are suffering from the blahs to deep depression.  This has been an extremely rough winter for many.  I pray that those who are suffering from mental anguish receive the peace they so need.

I've been digging through my back up drive and found the tag I made above.  I must have been in a blah state of mind because I titled it broken dreams.  I can't speak for all but I know many of my dreams have been broken.  I've clung by a teeny tiny thread to my sanity at times in my life.  Somehow I managed to claw my way back to what I consider normal.  Ok....my kids would say not...LOL...but I would say yes.

My message tonight is never, ever give up.  Somewhere, some how, some way the answer is out there.  Of course, my answer is God/Jesus/prayer.  God didn't create us to fail.  He knows we fall flat on our backs and is there to hold us until we get up again.

This is written by one who has lived in the darkness and found her way out, and the only explanation for it is that God led the way......Keep the faith...Hang on...and....Don't ever, ever give up....

Love to all.....CHRIS

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Up and Almost Running

Whoo, what a day I had yesterday.  Now, I'm not complaining, well, of course, I'm whining but it's only the smallest of aggravations.  My Becky is brilliant (I have to brag, brag, brag...even though a girl at work told me how "easy" it is to build a computer).  That child simply amazes me.  One big mistake, though....she got most everything done by around 7 pm.  We went to Staples and got this really cool power surge protection with a fuse and I run my DSL right through the power surge box in case of lightening hitting my phone line.  She did say, though, no surges had gone through my old computer.  It appears that the power supply box simply overheated and blew the motherboard when it went.  Then the task of reloading my DSL, Kodak program (I haven't even started that) and finding my stuff in my external drive.  For some reason, the pictures and documents weren't reading off my hard drive.  It started snowing.  Becky doesn't do snow.  She road back with Joey because she has to come back today.  Boy, she is gonna be super mad at me.  LOL...never, ever leave me to my own devices with a computer because I had to get my DSL and AOL back.  She has more spyware protection and virus protection on this machine.  I couldn't get access for my DSL from Sprint.  So, I sent at least 4 spyware programs to my external drive and disabled the virus protection.   Besides that, the security edition of AOL 9.0 removed it anyway.  Still couldn't get the program for DSL fully into the computer but for some reason I'm running on DSL this morning so it has to be somewhere.

My documents and pictures are all there in my back-up drive but I can't get them to copy into the new computer so I went in and pulled the tag above from my back-up.  I had made it right before the crash but didn't like it.  I did pull my Paint Shop out of my back up but lost my Animation Shop and all my fonts because I didn't save them.  Becky will be back today.  I know she is expecting to undo some of my damage because she called and said not to touch anything after the fact.

I just have to ship my E-Machine back and wait.  Then go through all this stuff again.  Actually, I hate to admit it but I do miss myE-Machine because I was used to it and it did everything for me.  Don't try and teach this old dog new tricks.  But the graphics and images are so sharp on this computer.  But it scares me.  She has three cooling fans on it.  Sheesh, something is always clicking on and off.  She bought an aluminum case to keep the temperature cooler and has a clear panel so you see all the inside stuff moving around.  It's purdy but I'm scared of it.  My PSP program is set up like it probably should have been from the beginning.

Joey is in love with this machine.  We got a wireless device so when I get my computer back, this one will go into his room.  He can use DSL without being hooked up to it because of the wireless thingie.  Nope, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.  That girl had my head literally spinning at Staples last night.

Becky and Joey took wagers with each other at dinner last night on how long before dear old Mom blows the new one up.

Joey is getting his bloodwork done tomorrow.  I forgot to mention that another symptom of celiac is lesions and a form of dermatitis.  Megan never had that.  Joey showed me his arm Friday night.  There is an ulceration on it.  He has one on his finger now.  He has an eczema-like rash on his legs.  I remember the doctor examined Megan's arms and legs endlessly looking for this type of rash.  Joey isn't a big drinker but likes a beer or two on the weekends.  Beer, in particular, is making him nauseous.  I told him to have a copy of the results forwarded to Megan's GI doctors.  I don't have much faith in the doctor he is seeing now since he wasn't too concerned about Joe having this blood test done.  I'm almost certain what the results will be.  I'm also almost certain that my mom doesn't suffer from Crohn's.  The good news is that with diet, it will go away.  Joe will do better than Megan on the diet because he doesn't consume huge amounts of wheat products.  If it's not celiac, I have a dermatologist appointment in two weeks.  He can take my place because I have no idea what he's suffering from if it's not celiac....keep him in your prayers.  This child of mine has suffered enough.

Have a great day!  I have to clean this house today and figure out something for dinner since I owe my daughter big time.


Saturday, February 25, 2006



ROFL at myself...OK everybody, today is February 25th.  Not a big deal except Penny's birthday is February 26, tomorrow.  LOL...I jumped the gun on this one so Penny, if you're wondering about birthday greetings I did it.  I actually thought today was the 26th until I got to work and signed in at the guards' station.  I told them they had the wrong date written on our sheet.  No, they didn't.  I started cracking up.  So, Penny girl, have a great day today and especially tomorrow.

My mind is way out there....must be waiting for that machine of mine to arrive.  Becky's still loading programs and things into it.  I'll be scared to touch it.  Well, I'm off to clean a little bit because I'm ready to bounce off the walls.

I'll be visiting later.   CHRIS


Today we celebrate yet another birthday in J-Land.....none other than my dear friend, Penny Penny`s Place.  Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday.  Penny is a breath of fresh air and brings such sunshine into my life.  Penny is a leukemia survivor and is an inspiration to me.  Penny loves art; has a Monet (it is a Monet, isn't it, Penny) on her sidebar....lol...right next to an entry with a pic of the Backstreet Boys; olympic hotties or even Ace from American Idol.  We started our journals around the same time last fall and have been traveling this journey side-by-side through J-Land like the blind leading the blind.  Penny and I are both computer whizzes...not. 

Have a wonderful day, Penny!  Go out and get that manicure and treat yourself to those accessories that you love!

I thank the Lord every day for having my path cross with Penny's and look forward to celebrating another year with her.

Love you, Penny!!!!!!


Friday, February 24, 2006

Yeeks...is everybody's font in their journals showing up super small today or is it just this computer of mine?  My pictures from hometown's print in here is so small I need a magnifying glass.  I'm using 18 font and it's looking sooooo small to me.  All my other entries have tiny font also.  I'll probably open it up tomorrow, and it will look super huge.

I have a headache already...now this aggravating stuff...Becky called and is having problems with IM's and her SN showing up in different locations on her Sidekick.  She wanted me to contact AOL.  Of course, this is from her AIM.  I know zilch about AIM and didn't even know what she was talking about and knew even less about what the tech was saying but it appears AOL recently changed the routing of AIM and it can show up as the same SN in different locations.  I have Becky on one cell phone; a tech on another cell phone and I'm lost and confused in the middle.  Headache time.  LOL...AOL do not mess my daughter up right now and get her stressed.  She is putting my computer together so I need her full attention. 

Of course, I am on pins and needles about this computer.  Some things are going together easily.  A couple things were missing the directions but she figured them out finally.  Oh, please don't tell Ms. OCD Mama about this.  Good thing I'm working tomorrow until 1:00 or I'd be driving everyone crazy.

My lasagna is done finally for tomorow.  I can't believe it's almost 10 here and I haven't even read a journal yet.

I'm off to read some journals and hoping to be off this bomb of a computer by tomorrow.  Of course, I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.....



Thursday, February 23, 2006

A little history about the tag above.  For some reason, I fell in love with this tube (a tube is the actual lady, dog, flower, etc. that you place on a background and accent it with other little stuff...lol).  It was the actual one I was messing around with when my computer crashed.  I was meadering through J-Land yesterday reading journals and there it was in Dianna's  Dianna's Mindless Musings.  I know many of you are already aware of Dianna's journal but I have to say that in my opinion, it is just awesome.  It takes my breath away every time I enter it.  The set up, the poetry, her graphics, many of which she has created, the human interest entries; this journal has it all.  Plus the fact that Dianna is one of the sweetest persons.  That's when I saw the tag she made from the tube that I was working with and left her a little "hint."  LOL...being the sweetheart she is, the tag arrived in my e-mail.

Today is another birthday in J-Land.....Kara A Day With Kara has a birthday today.  Please stop by or drop her a birthday wish.  Very untypical for Kara, but she is also suffering from the "funk" and blahs that seem to be running through J-Land lately.

And the last thing for this morning.  I got this from Dee's journal This and that, and hockey!  and decided to give it a try.  Just click on Johari Window and then click on 5 or 6 of the words that are listed that you think describe me.  You can also create one for yourself and post it so others can describe you.  (lol...all the adjectives are nice....there is also a dark Johari Window for negative descriptions but I didn't do that one.  I think it's better to focus on positive aspects.)

That's it for this morning.  I have to run or I will miss my bus.  Have a great day all!  Smile....there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I really want to thank you all for your wonderful comments!  What a blessing J-Land is to me.  Of course, I would take any offers of tropical vacations and huge parties...LOL.

Amazingly, though, one huge burst of strength came from a very unexpected source....my oldest child, Becky.  I'm going to post an entry that I made in November when I made entries for each of my children.  This was dedicated to my dear Rebecca.  In the past three months, since I made the entry, our relationship has evolved even further than I would have ever expected.  I no longer refer to her as Mouth, not appropriate anymore.  Our roles have almost reversed.  She is playing the ever loving Mama with me.  She calls every day and encourages me to unload.  She has really become a rock to my emotions.  Amazing!  Much of this entry remains the same, except for the fact that we grow closer daily.  Rebecca

Now, if only the alien that sucked Megan away and has taken over her body would puhlease return my old Megan, I would greatly appreciate it.  Lord, that child is getting way too big for her britches.  Saturday was a great day.  Of course, I took her out to eat and bought her things at Walmart.  Then came Sunday.  Before she left, she informed she would be home March 6th for spring break, and the house "better" be immaculate.  I asked how long she would be home....a week.  Great, then she has a week to also help Joey and me declutter.   Oh no, she has to work...LOL...as opposed to me sitting home eating bon-bons?  Joey and I have the family room done and are working room by room.  Next fuss....I bought her a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.  My shoulder had a kink when I was putting it in the car and, God forbid, I dropped it.  One can burst open.  Oh, the stress I caused her.  The box got wet, and a couple of cans got some gravel on them from our driveway.  Of course, my laughing hysterically didn't help matters.  The biggest fuss, which is ongoing, is the fact she wants a new car.  So do I, and I get one first.  She can choose from the two bombs  we have now.  That went over like a ton of bricks...oh well.  She is living in a house in the Mt Washington section of Pgh next year.  A lovely area overlooking the three rivers but also on-street parking.  Cars are always being sideswiped, hit, broken into.  I'm sure this battle will only become more heated as time goes on.

My new machine is arriving this weekend.  Becky researched this with Jeremy, the professor, quite well.  Actually, this new machine will far exceed my E-Machine but will still be a back up.  She's coming here Sat. to take everything off my hard drive before I send the other one back.  I'm working OT...yeah!  She doesn't need me here but will probably be here when I get home.  I'm making her lasagna Friday night.  Becky is always looking for a home-cooked meal; the least I can do for her.

I got a second power supply box, must have been the first one that never got sent.  I'm supposed to return the bad one in the box they supplied with the Fed-Ex label which, of course, was not in the box.  I haven't checked the box yet that I have to return my computer in but I'm betting they forgot to supply the Fed-Ex label for that so once again, I'll be calling E-Machines.

I had to call Sprint because they were charging me $20 a month for Earth Link in addition to my DSL.  Sprint is usually easy to deal with.  I had to end the call with the first person and called back.  I couldn't seem to get the first one to understand that I signed up for Sprint DSL through an AOL promotion.  I did get it straigtened up finally.  Now, of course, I see AOL is offering their very own broadband. 

My BF paid for half of the repairs on the car he lets me use.  Thank God!  Hopefully, this will be it for now with the vehicles but I still hate that ABS light being on in my car.

Last night, this old bomb of a computer was acting up.  I couldn't deal with it so I fell asleep a little after 8.  I woke up at 3:30 a.m. so I journal hopped and decided to do this entry so I have the rest of the day to clean and grocery shop.  Monday night I had the worst headache.  It was like a rubberband constricting my head.  I haven't had a stress headache in years.  I went to bed after throwing myself to my knees and begging for peace.

So, no hole has been dug in my backyard.  I'm not feeling the need to crawl away and hide but I'm sure that is subject to change at any given time.

3 days and counting.   Hopefully, on Saturday, I'll be zooming through the journals with DSL, back off hold in my PSP group and, once again, addicted to PSP.  Crossing my fingers and toes.

Have a great day all!  SMILE!

CHRIS (This came from my PSP group.  Every day, I get slipped a couple of things from the great ladies in that group....Shelly, I'm really hoping to be back and running in the group on Saturday.)


Monday, February 20, 2006

Living on the Edge


Ok, so the tag is a little risque for me.  I found it in my file manager.  It was made either by Christy or Diane from my PSP group months ago and I accidentally uploaded it.  So, I'm feeling blah, risque and out of sorts today.  It seems to be spreading through J-Land.

I'm just tired; tired and stressed from living on the edge of financially losing it all.  I can't seem to keep my head above water for long and then things come crashing down again.

Never in my life until my separation could I understand the theory behind robbing Peter to pay Paul.  I never knew which bills could float past the due date and which couldn't.  I couldn't understand how anyone could ever live that way.....until I became one myself.  If there is no money to pay the bill until payday, which might be a few days after the bill is due, you float.  Not fun for someone who was always in control of these things.  Unexpected repairs....sheesh....pull out the credit card and watch it build up.  Luckily, I still have more credit than I could even begin to ever pay off if I used it all.  But it takes me forever to pay off what I have on them now.  I've put them all on one 2.99% card for the life of the debt.

I'm not alone in this.....I realize that fully as I read through journals.  Many live their lives on the same cliff I do.

My ABS light came on in my Olds last night.  The last time two years ago when it came on, I needed the whole ABS system replaced.  $2,200.  Fortunately, I had purchased an extended warranty.  My BF tried to talk me out of it....said it was a waste of $900.  LOL...boy was he wrong.  I had the complete power steering system replaced, the ABS, the air conditioning system (condenser, compressor, everything), an alternator, my whole wiring in my dashboard which had overheated and almost caught my car on fire (now I wish I had let it and turned it into insurance), the two front tie rods and rear struts.  All before the car had 65,000 miles on it.  Over 5,000 dollars in repairs.  They celebrated the day my car hit 75,000 miles and fell off the extended warranty.

Joey took my car to the mechanics where he used to work to put it on the computer.  Good news, it was only the sensor light and not the ABS system....not great news is I needed an inspection (Pa has yearly inspections)...I need new front brakes and rotors.  Lord, I just put rear brakes and rotors and another strut last month on the stupid car.  Good news again...Joey can do it so it won't cost me as much and they are ordering the parts for him at cost.  Bad news, my BF's car needs inspected by the end of this month.  The turn signal switch is gone.  I'm dropping it off tomorrow....probably can't be fixed and the replacement is anywhere between $50-150 depending on the part it needs.  I'm gonna have to beg him to pick up the cost of this fix coz I'm still paying off the $500 dual exhaust muffler replacement on that car.  (My Christmas present to myself)

I'm far from independent.  When my child support ended when Megan turned 18, my mom started paying most of my mortgage.  Somehow, I just can't live with this.  It bothers me extensively.  I feel the time coming when I have to sell this house and move in with my mother which would be a nightmare for both of us.  We have only reached a certain sort of peace in our relationship....lol...but not that much peace.  Plus the fact that I love this house.  I love the rural county I live in.  I just cannot moonlight anymore.  I did it when I was younger but it exhausted me beyond belief and only helped to a certain extent.

My ex is no help whatsoever.  He couldn't wait until each child turned 18 so he could lower his child support.  He sent Megan $20 last semester.  She begged him for more this semester (she couldn't get in touch with him at first because he and his new wife were on their tropical vacation that they always take after the new year) and he forked over a whopping $100.  What is wrong with this story?  I gave her $800 last semester and $500 this semester plus her deposit for her apt next year.  I put in long hrs of OT when offered to do these things.

Sometimes, like today, I'm tempted to dig a hole in my backyard and just go hide in it.  Actually, I told Joey I felt like sticking my head in the stinking Walmart bag (really only joking and he did laugh).

Really, right now I miss my dad so much I'm in tears.  My dad was my guiding light and hated to see me suffer.  My dad worked very hard during his life.  He was a Czech immigrant's son who worked hard to get a college education and make something of himself and that he did.  He would be 89 on Grizzly's birthday, March 6th.  I know little Chrissy needed to grow up and learn to do things on her own without always running to daddy for help. I did get the things I wanted; not necessarily always the things I needed.  It was so easy to have daddy there but Lord why does it have to be so darned hard to make ends meet and when will it stop?  It's been 11 years and little Chrissy is definitely very humble and frugal and definitely not spoiled anymore.  I've learned all the lessons I needed to be taught in unspoiling myself.

Sorry for the downer today.  I simply need a new vehicle for this household and can't afford it.

The Fed-Ex man showed up today with yet another power supply box from Gateway.  I guess when Joey gets back he can give it another shot and see if my computer pops back to life.  Somehow the computer is starting to be of very little significance in the scheme of my life.

I will rebound.  I always do.  I was looking through old journal entries.  In October, things were going very well.  I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I guess, in a way, it has.  And I still haven't done my income tax out of fear of how much I owe....time to find out and deal with it.

HUGS to all and thanks for putting up with my rants today.  Tomorrow will be better?  SMILES!



Sunday, February 19, 2006

Overview of Celiac Disease

Since many of you had never heard of celiac disease, here's is a very short overview with the blood test for the antibody which was discovered about three years ago. 

Megan was diagnosed with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, when she was 12, although now I suspect she was misdiagnosed.  Since the antibody was discovered, people being diagnosed with celiac is growing in leaps and bounds.

One symptom not listed which the specialists looked for instantly were mouth ulcers.  Not just normal mouth ulcers but huge craters.  Megan suffered for years from these.  So large and painful, her face would swell.  This is also a symptom. 

Gluten is recognized as a foreign substance and attacks the villi in the small bowel.  These are hair-like projections that absorb all our nutrients.  Her small bowel was smooth, meaning the villi were gone.  They do grow back after a certain amount of time on the gluten-free diet.  In December, her blood test was antibody free meaning she is celiac free at the present time.  The diet is a lifelong diet.

The osteoporosis is from not absorbing calcium even though she is a milk lover.  I'm not quite sure how the thyroid is damaged but is very common among celiac disease sufferers.

I was aware of celiac disease or celiac sprue, as it was once called, from years of medical transcription.

Many, many people diagnosed with IBS are now getting tested for celiac and being found positive.

I shop at Whole Foods for Megan.  There is extensive gluten free products, breads, pretzels, pizza, etc.  The cost...now that's another thing but as more are diagnosed the cost will become lower.

The only treatment is a gluten-free diet but the good news is it goes away if the diet is followed. 

A lifesaver was the dietitician who we were referred to who is also celiac.  He had compiled a book of regular foods in the stores that are gluten-free.  Heinz, Kraft, and many other major companies are now clearly labeling foods with wheat.

Restaurants have special gluten-free menus or menus of the foods they serve that are gluten-free.  Most of the major restaurants have them now.

Megan asked at the Cheesecake Factory.  They were well aware of celiac and have a gluten-free raspberry chocolate cheesecake.  She was ecstatic.

So, although we were reeling in June; in fact, it was the day after her 19th birthday, things are ok.  Megan has dealt with it like a trooper.  She will ask to speak to the cooks or chefs at restaurants.  They are more than willing to specially cook her food.

Her college now has 26 sufferers, up from 1 two years ago.  The cafeteria has a special celiac kitchen because of cross contamination.  If I would stir a pot of normal pasta and then use it to stir her pasta....bingo...she's been exposed to wheat.

So, if you know anyone who continues to suffer GI problems with no relief from any medication, it is worth the simple blood test below.  If left untreated, gluten will totally destroy the small intestine.


Celiac disease is an immune system disorder that results in damage to the lining of the small intestineClick here to see an illustration. when foods with gluten are eaten. Glutens are a form of protein found in some grains—notably wheat, barley, and rye. The damage to the intestine makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients, especially fat, calcium, iron, and folate. Celiac disease also may be called celiac sprue, gluten-sensitive enteropathy, or nontropical sprue.

Symptoms of celiac disease occur from intestinal damage after eating foods containing gluten. Symptoms vary widely; they may be very mild and go completely unnoticed, or they may be severe and impact daily life.

Common symptoms related to celiac disease may come and go. They include:

  • Gas, abdominal swelling, and bloating. These symptoms result from a failure of the smallClick here to see an illustration. and largeClick here to see an illustration. intestines to absorb nutrients from food. You may also have mild stomach pain, but it is usually not severe.
  • Abnormal stools. Diarrhea or bulky, loose (or watery), pale, frothy, and foul-smelling stools often occur. The stools may contain a large amount of fat and may stick to the sides of the toilet bowl, making them hard to flush. Although children and adults often experience the same types of symptoms, intestinal problems are more likely to occur in children.
  • Weight loss. Adults and children may have unexplained weight loss despite having a normal appetite. Younger children may fail to gain weight and grow as expected, a condition known as failure to thrive.
  • Fatigue and weakness. Celiac disease can result in a general lack of energy and strength. Sometimes poor nutrient absorption causes fatigue and weakness. These symptoms may also be related to iron-deficiency anemia, which occurs more frequently in adults than children.
  • Vomiting. Some people may get sick after eating gluten; children are more likely than adults to have this reaction.

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Recently, researchers discovered that people with celiac disease have higher than normal levels of certain autoantibodies in their blood. Antibodies are protective proteins produced by the immune system in response to substances that the body perceives to be threatening. Autoantibodies are proteins that react against the body's own molecules or tissues. To diagnose celiac disease, physicians will usually test blood to measure levels of

  • Immunoglobulin A (IgA)
  • anti-tissue transglutaminase (tTGA)
  • IgA anti-endomysium antibodies (AEA)
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Summer Dreams

Third time's a charm, so they say.  We shall see as I've lost my entry twice due to this bomb freezing.

The above tag is from the fabulous D's personal journal.  This and that, and hockey!  If you visit, please be courteous and respect D's requests when snagging.  She is so very generous with her tags.  A little courtesy toward her requests is little to ask.

For the history behind this tag, here is the link to the entry Thoughts of Summer.  The background was from a photo that D was permitted to use and add to.  A lot of time and effort from more than one person went into this piece.

I have a pork roast in my oven right now.  Megan was longing for a home-cooked meal.  Yesterday, we spent Mama and daughter time together.  We ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant with fabulous food and unbelievably inexpensive prices.  We went at 3 because by 5, on any given day, it is filled to capacity and then some.  Then off to Walmart we went to restock all her health and beauty thingies.  No Target...lol...as my budget wouldn't permit it.

My BF called last night to see when I was taking Megan back to school.  She has to leave at 2 this afternoon which is why dinner is cooking.  He seemed a bit crushed when I mentioned the pork roast.  He had a ham marinating in his special honey, molasses and brown sugar concoction.  Bless him....he had a special meal in the works for me.  Ham, broiled parmesan potatoes and his wonderful receipe of baked beans.  Hey...I'm adaptable and no food goes to waste in this house.  I'm stopping at his place on my way home.  He is not a big fan of the nicer restaurants because he prefers simple food.  He was feeling bad about not taking me out to eat anywhere special for Valentine's Day.  Food from the heart means far more to me than a trip to a restaurant.

BRRRR....I put up D's graphic because I'm longing for some summer heat.  It's above zero here now but still a deep freeze.

Joey is having nausea problems that haven't gone away.  I was blaming it on the flu bug but think differently now.  His gallbladder problems 4 years ago started this way.  They continued long after his gallbladder was removed.  He lived on rice, fat-free saltines and cup o soup for almost two years.  I took him to a chiropractor who does laser accupuncture.  It's all computerized and quite amazing.  He was eating everything within 2-3 months.

My worry and his is celiac disease.  It is genetic and an auto-immune disease.  I did call his GI specialist this past summer who assured me it wasn't celiac although he had never had the blood test for the antibody.  I insisted on a script.  Joe wasn't suffering any symptoms so I filed it away.  He is getting a blood test this week.  It is much better to find out early and nip this in the bud.  Megan's was far advanced and had already destroyed her thyroid and she has osteoporosis in addition to continual vitamin deficiencies, which are improving slowly.  The thyroid never will.  The bone density seems to be returning slowly.  Keeping my fingers crossed but if positive, we will deal with it.  The treatment is wheat, rye, barley and oats out of the diet totally forever until a cure should ever be discovered.  He never drank at all but started enjoying beer occasionally a few months ago.  He can only take a sip of beer now and the nausea is bad.  Beer is absolutely the biggest "no-no" for those with celiac because it is loaded with malt and hops.

Megan's doctors also suspect that my mother has celiac and not Crohn's disease.  She is 87 and stubborn and absolutely refused to even consider a blood test.

Becky and I are both negative at this point in time although are told we need to be tested every two years, as this can pop up at any time for unknown reasons.

I'm off to pay my Sears bill...not much on it and darned if I didn't forget to pay it when I was at the mall this past week...ugh  I think I'm just going to pay this off and be done with it.  I'm slowly paying off all these little nuisance credit card bills that add up over the month.

By George, I think I got my entry made. Will wonders never cease?  See, Mom, I'm learning to be patient.

Keep warm all of you in these frigid parts of the country.  Think spring...lol....it is coming but not nearly soon enough for me.  HUGS!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Wind, E-Bay, This & That

Bouncing back to a little glamour to brighten a frigid winter day.  I've been exploring my file manager.  I do have quite a few things in there that I didn't remember uploading.  This was my very last entry in my graphics journal before the crash.  I was still fussing with adding glitter at the time.

The wind yesterday morning was totally unbelievable.  I was up around 5 am.  Monsoon rain was falling.  That stopped and around 5:30 am some massive gusts rolled in.....80 to 92 mph gusts.  Nothing that Pgh has ever experienced.  Pgh was around 60 mph.  Butler, where I live, quite higher.  I live overlooking a bluff.  My back is open..about 1/4 acre back to the woods which are acres and acres of open area now since there is no foliage.  The woods are NW of the back of my house.  There is a wind tunnel effect.  Actually, it was scaring the crap out of me.  Things were literally bouncing off my house.  Grizzly is not bothered by the wind ever.  We always are prone to gusts because of my location.  Yesterday, he was extremely nervous, pacing and fidgety.  He refused to go outside to go potty.  I literally dragged him out.  He went as fast as he could and beelined for the door....not normal for my Grizzly who loves to poke around almost to the point that I might miss my bus.

I decided to take the second bus into work hoping the gusts would die down.  They didn't.  Grizzly would not let me leave.  He kept blocking the door.  He would also block the storm door when I got the regular door open.  I think animals always retain those primitive instincts from their ancestry.  He was really a total wreck.  I finally got out to the car and he immediately perched himself on the sofa with his little face plastered against the family room window.  He never, ever does that when I leave; only when I come home because he hears my car long before I reach our lane.  I called Joey and told him to go down on the couch and stay with Grizzly.  It was an obstacle course through my neighborhood.  Shingles, sheds, you name it everywhere.  The further I got down the hill, the less that was blowing and the calmer the wind.  Frightening.  I'm reconsidering my dream of retiring to Fla.  LOL...Shelly...don't think I'd make it through my first hurricane.

Megan is home and so stressed with school.  She rode home on the bus with me.  As soon as she entered my office, the tears flowed.  I'm hoping a weekend at home will help.  She is still battling celiac and her thyroid condition.  She seems to have chronic colds and upper respiratory infections.  LOL...she also needed an Anne Geddes doll in a squirrel costume (her sororities mascot) for her little sister.  Bring on E-Bay.  I used to buy quite a few things from E-Bay but hadn't for years.  We did find the squirrel doll and at a great price.  I got the bid in right before it closed.  Those old E-bay instincts never die.

My helper at work is doing well.  She is focusing on what she is supposed to do instead of worrying about learning everything now that she knows there is nothing to gain.  And, she has always been a very, very nice lady.  I used to sit next to her years ago.  I'm enjoying her company once again.  Hey, I'm extremely adaptable.

My Fed-Ex box is here already...imagine that?  What to do....of course, the impatient me wants to send the computer back right away.  (My mom always said when God handed out patience, I was standing behind the door...how well she knows me.)  I'm still sticking to my plan to download the hard drive on my new back up.  I would hate to have to start all over with my PSP stuff.  I hate to admit it but I had 17,000 plus documents on my old computer.  Most are quite small downloads but would be so hard to replace; not to mention that I transferred all my photos the night before.  So patient I am becoming.

It is dropping to 6 degrees here in Pa. today and probably minus degrees overnight.  BRRR....sounds like a night to make hot chocolate and snuggle under my fuzzy comforter.

Rambling almost done...Megan has a very cute jacket I got her at Old Navy...a bronze coloreddown sort of jacket with a hood and really pretty fur around the hood....yep...you guessed...the obsessed Mocha is stalking Megan's fur.  She's had the jacket since my birthday in Nov.  That's when I bought it for Megan.  Mocha never paid any attention to it but sure is now.

All in all, life is slowly returning to the normal three ring circus.  I'm dealing with my computer problems, which are very common with the faster speed computers.  A word to the wise to all.....back up your documents if you would be lost without them.

External drives and zip whatevers are not that expensive.  My external drive was bought at Best Buy for around $70 on sale.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.  Back up your external drive.  Burn your stuff on CD's.  They are extremely inexpensive, and you will never lose your documents on a CD.  External drives are also electrical so it is possible that they can malfunction.  LOL...just some tips from my computer "expert" who learned this all the hard way.

Have a great weekend all....I will definitely visit everyone sometime today or tonight because I don't plan on going anywhere besides grocery shopping this afternoon and Target (dangerous...LOL).  Hugs to Shelly for replacing my most favorite tag/graphic!!




Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thanks to my anonymous "tag" donor for the adorable tiger.

I'm typing this really fast so excuse any errors.

My motherboard is gone is my E-Machine.  I'm waiting for a Fed-Ex box to be sent to I can pack it up and ship it off.  Like they told me...I should be happy....YEAH...I'm getting a brand new computer.  Just one thing is wrong with this picture....I had a brand new computer not quite 4 months ago that died on me.  I think they missed my point. *#&(^!@$%

I'm back on my dinosaur and couldn't stay connected last night for the life of me.  My virus scan updating kept shutting the computer down.  I'm probably looking at a month (they say 10-14 days after they receive it).  Somehow, I don't have much faith in the 10-14 day thing since it took almost two weeks to get a part that should have been here in 3 days.

I'm looking into a backup right now.  Becky, my oldest daughter, dropped the bombshell that she has built two computers for herself.  That's the avenue I'm taking.

I'm waiting until next weekend to send my PC back because she wants to remove my hard drive and download it into the one she builds.  I have no idea if all my documents are in my external drive or not.  She backs her stuff up on CD's and her external drive.  I guess I will start that also.

The shock is beginning to wear off.  I won one battle but the war with E-Machine/Gateway is continuing.  I don't have much faith that my "brand new" computer is going to be any better than my 3 1/2 month "old" one which is why I'm forging ahead with another computer.

Wow, I'm still connected...lol...must be my lucky night.

I'm going to visit as many journals as I can hit.  If I miss any of you tonight, I will try to keep catching up with you.  Don't forget about me if I don't get around as much.  I haven't forgotten you....I just don't know how long this ancient computer of mine will hold up.

HUGS to everyone......you are the best!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CAB Blew a Fuse

ROFL....I reconsidered not calling E-Machines last night and did....10 days for a power supply box in stock....unacceptable.  Ok...give me the run around and tell me there are no supervisors there at whatever time it was PST...give me a break.  If a call is monitorred for training purposes, it's not Casper the Friendly Ghost monitorring it.  Oh yeah, but I must understand E-Machines is in Salt Lake City and Gateway parts are in California.  E-Machines can't control the parts dept.....BS.  So I literally blew my top.  I said there service was unacceptable and someone had a phone and could call the parts dept.  Oh yeah, baby, I got a supervisor really quick when I mentioned that I have a weblog and planned to broadcast just how wonderful E-Machines' service is.

Anyway, it was shipped overnight Fed-Ex and arrived at the Fed-Ex in Cranberry, my local Fed-Ex supplier, at 7:44 a.m. this morning.

So we shall see what is left of my sorry computer once the power is restored.  E-Machines may come to know me far too well, sad to say, since I purchased an extended warranty for three years.  Sorry I bought the darned thing. (oops, in case you're wondering, CAB is my initials and a sort of semi-nickname...lol)


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

I opened up an e-mail also and received another beautiful tag from Dianna...HUGS.  Look familiar, Terry Ann?  So many people have been sending me tags and graphics.  I'm really touched and love you all because I'm so lost without my stuff. 

I'm still thinking about my valentine heart that said get real and being cynical and I probably am cynical a bit toward Valentines Day.  It's a day to express and show your love toward those you do love....not just that certain special someone who will shower you with jewels, roses, diamonds, etc.  That's the commercialism that has taken over.  Lisa Jo mentioned in her journal that she loved doing the parties and things when her kids were small.  I agree.  That was Valentines Day for me.  The kids loved it.  I did too.




My girls are 19 and 24 and still love to receive their little box of goodies that I send them.  That is love to me and the meaning of Valentines Day.  Joey loves getting his Dove chocolate and other candy and a card (with a little green in it this year which surprised him).

 My BF left work early so no flowers for me.  He had a doctor's appt. and has the crud now that I had.  He apologized for not taking me out tonight since we're both off tomorrow.  He had planned to make me a wonderful country style breakfast tomorrow and he can do breakfasts...yum.  He was on his way to the store and had to turn around and go home.  His sinus medication for his congestion caused his blood pressure to go up. LOL...he just called and felt bad and did want to go out but he is sick and call me paranoid but I don't want to get sick again.  I told him if he feels better tomorrow, we can go out to eat.  So, really, today is just another day.  My ex would buy me things once in a while on Valentines Day only to be vicious the rest of the year so maybe that's why I felt it was a farce. Today was just another day in my life.



But I do want to wish all my dear friends in J-Land a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Hug your loved ones; make them feel special.  Don't fret if Prince Charming isn't knocking down your door at this point in time.  And congratulations to those who have successful marriages and have honored their spouses in their journals today.  It takes much love, compromise, and hard work to remain married.  I truly respect that even though I wasn't able to accomplish that.  And to those whose relationships ended in bitterness, I pray for peace of mind, heart and soul.


I had intended on making tags for my kids but that isn't going to happen so here's the tag I made a while ago for Becky and Megan...Hugs to my girls....


And I was in the midst of making a little boy tag for Joey when my computer blew so I'm snagging this from Shelly for you Joe.......HUGS, Shelly!


Hugs to all my J-Land friends.....what a wonderful group of friends you are and it seems I keep adding new friends each day.  So, I'll endwith sending my love to everyone...you are all so special to me and make my days so much sunnier.........






Monday, February 13, 2006


Frustration is the thing that drives me crazy.  Probably because it has to do with things I have no control over.  But in the midst of frustration, nice things happen that touch me.  I've been fussing over having none of my graphics for Valentines Day and having to scrounge, beg, borrow, and steal them.  I haven't surfed graphics sites in a couple of months and don't like to anymore.  I like making my own because they usually fit my mood or feelings at the time.

I got home from work today and had an e-mail from Dianna..SazzyLilSmartazz...who is so gifted with her poetry and such a sweet girl.  She is also very gifted in PSP but doesn't see it.  She sent me the tag above to wish me a Happy Valentines Day.  I hadn't spoken with her in a while so she had no idea that my computer was down and I had no access to my tags.  I was really touched.

So maybe the edge has been taken off of my frustrations, somewhat.

Work is a nightmare.  I spent almost 6 out of my 10 hrs sitting with my new helper teaching the most elementary things that just didn't seem to sink in.  Meanwhile, my work is piling higher and higher.  It seems contradictory that I am farther behind that I ever was working by myself now that I have a helper.  This was totally easy stuff that she should have been able to do independently after an hour or so.  LOL...I decided it was time to drop the bombshell so I did.  Shocked....oh yeah..hehehehe.  I just dread going to work because I get SUCH a headache. 

I am getting absolutely no satisfaction from E-Machines who is owned by Gateway.  No one has any explanation why the first order never went through last Monday or the expedited order never went through today.  They are in California.  I called a little before 10 in the morning.  No supervisors were there yet.  The part is in stock so there is no waiting for a back order.  This frustrates me beyond belief and is starting to make me angry.  I get less patient with each call.

I hate this old computer to death.  It takes foreverto open an e-mail, download a picture, it crashes, I lose connections to AOL continually...all the reasons I got a new computer.

I miss my PSP program.  When things are frustrating at work, I come home and create things.  It's relaxing.  Everything is in my new computer.  LOL...I feel lost.  I'm sounding like some crazy woman or at the very least like a baby.

I was in a really nice graphics group that is small and friendly.  I'm on hold and miss that.

Venting done for now........

Mocha is following me around as soon as I get home watching to see where I hang that darned coat of mine.  I put it in the closet.  She tried to jump up on the rod and missed.  Of course, Joey and I had to laugh hysterically at this.  That cat is obsessed.

Megan is coming home this weekend.  I love that child but she is becoming quite difficult.  She wants to take my car to Meadville which is a little south of Erie and probably a good 90 miles one way from here.  I explained we only have two cars now for the three of us.  Not a happy child.  There's also the tranny that slipped; only that one time, but Joey would notice if it did it again.  Megan would drive it, never notice and just keep on trucking...wouldn't even begin to know how to check the fluid or would.  I'm preparing myself for some door slamming come Friday.  She's not happy that she has to wait 7-10 days for her new ATM card and quite unhappy that I put it on hold.  No explanations satisfy this one.

Joey is over his little illness already.  How fast the young ones seem to beat this stuff.

On a good note, tomorrow is another birthday celebration at work.  We are going to Lidia's.  Have you heard of Lidia, the Italian food chef? The original Lidia's, I believe, is in Kansas City.  There is a Lidia's right near our building.  Love that place and can't wait.

Enough of my ranting for tonight.  I'm off to read journals.  Have a good night all!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Valentine~LOL



Guess who showed up at my door with a single rose?  LOL....sorry Richard, I had to say Get Real.....I'm waiting for George Clooney.

Seriously, though, Anna made this tag for me.  I did like it.  Joey and I were looking through some old pictures my mom had given me of my dad when he was in his late 30's, early 40's and he was a dead ringer for George Clooney.  He was just my dad.  I do know that I was always hearing people say how stunningly handsome my father was.  Of course, I never noticed it until now that I'm looking at the old pics....dayum, my dad was super handsome but only had eyes for my mom.....

I treated my BF to dinner last night.  We just went to a local Pgh establishment that has been around for as long as I can remember....Eat N Park.  It's where Megan has worked for over two years.  Down home cooking.  Everything is good and the prices are very decent.

We ran into an odd (not a typo, I do mean ODD) friend of my BF's and his wife.  It was strange.  We almost ended up sitting on top of them but my BF nicely got us put on the other side of a half wall.  The guy asked my BF for his telephone # but the strange thing is a few months ago this guy had called him.  Got the number from the phone book.  It was a rambling, odd conversation.  I had to wonder why he needed his number again.  This guy kept poking his head around the plant that was separating us.  I couldn't figure out why.  My BF said he was "ogling" me every time I went to the salad bar.  OK....my candy heart was right because I was ready to say roll those eyes back in your head, bucko.  I didn't say a word but wasn't extremely comfortable especially since his wife and son were sitting there. 

We got only a dusting of snow from this east coast blizzard.  The sun is out this morning.  Lucky for us.

Joey has the flu bug now.  This stuff is really vicious.

Now, to my lovely kitty, Mocha.  She has fallen in love with the coat my BF got me for Christmas.  It's a dark brown suedelike longer jacket with a hood and a beautiful rich brown faux fur trim around the hood.  Mocha is obsessed with the fur.  Joey told me she started rubbing it one night when I had it on the computer chair drying because it got wet.  LOL...fine with that but she started chewing and picking the fur.  I forgot Thurs night and hung it over the leather recliner in the livingroom to dry.  I came down from my bath and Mocha was in the fur chewing away.  Yikes...I caught her just in time.  She took a couple of small patches out of it but on the bottom part that's not noticeable.  I hang it in the closest in the familyroom now wet or dry.  Still she is obsessed and tries to jump up on the rod.  Her girth doesn't allow for that...LOL.  The door is louevered (sp) and it can be shut but the part that rolls on the runners has to be replaced so it's a pain to shut it completely.

My BF was joking and saying she must think the mouse she got in our basement in the fall has come back.  She wasn't real happy when I removed the mouse.  She hid it and guarded it in the basement for a day.

So much for my rambling....I've put a new computer on hold.  I got mine in the beginning of October, and it appears that they were computers for school that a lot of places were putting on sale to get rid of.  The prices of computers right now aren't pleasing to my budget.

I'm off  to the Walmart SuperCenter....can't decide what to make for dinner.  I'll probably just make some homemade soup again since Joe is not up to par.

Have a great day!!!!!

                       CHRIS  (got this angel from your e-mail, Deb.  I couldn't download the music, and I can't forward so much in an e-mail on this computer but it was a beautiful one.  HUGS, Deb, for sending it.)



Saturday, February 11, 2006

What Candy Heart Are You?

Your Candy Heart Says "Get Real"

You're a bit of a cynic when it comes to love.
You don't lose your head, and hardly anyone penetrates your heart.

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: is all about the person you're seeing (with no mentions of v-day!)

Your flirting style: honest and even slightly sarcastic

What turns you off: romantic expectations and "greeting card" holidays

Why you're hot: you don't just play hard to get - you are hard to get

Here's the link below if you want to try it:

          Blogthings - What Does Your Candy Heart Say?

I got this quiz from Terry Ann's Journal  I live in soap land and of course, she was HUGS.  Terry Ann is such a sweetheart and has some of the cutest graphics in her journal.  LOL...so I take the quiz, and there it is....I'm cynical...  At first, I thought..NO WAY but then again maybe age and life has made me a bit cynical.  I do love Valentine's Day.  I love all the holidays and the cute graphics to decorate with.  I'm not into expecting big presents....just the continued love and support from my BF who is there for me all the time.  He doesn't make a big deal out of most holidays although he did shower me this year at Christmas.  Most times he showers me all year at unexpected times with things I need.  People laugh because if I mention I need a new iron....there he is with an iron; crockpot; coffeepot....LOL  Things that just pop up and aren't in my budget.  He'll call and see if I want to go to the mall and buys me much needed clothes so I'm not complaining a bit.

But you can bet on Tuesday, he will go out at lunch and buy flowers off of one of the vendors on the street for me.  He's so cute and predictable but I'm touched and always make a fuss.

As far as no one penetrating my heart....way off base.  Maybe they are referring to men and dates because that much is true.  After my fiasco of a marriage, I set my standards super high.  But just about anybody else can penetrate this old heart of mine far too easily.

On to the weather....sunny and 50?  Where's the blizzard?  On the east coast, I believe.  We are expecting an inch or two overnight tonight because we are on the extreme edge of the huge storm...Thank the Lord!  I wasn't looking forward to being snowbound.

So, today, I'm off computer shopping for a back up.  I have a feeling this new computer of mine is going to cause me some major headaches.  I've only had it four months and according to the IT people at work, the power supply box should not have died.  I'm also not happy that my part had to be reordered yesterday and no one has any explanation why the first order never went through.  I do plan on complaining to Gateway about this. 

No more computer venting.  It happened; I'll deal with Gateway.  I'm calling daily now because I've learned the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  And this wheel is squeaking.

But one good thing....I'm getting some much needed housework done.  Joey has been a big help.  He's done at Jiffy Lube and starts back at the cemetery April 1st.  He's been bored and helping me out which is so sweet of him.

And one more thing....keep my mom in your prayers.  I just found out she had a partial lung collapse.  There is a spot in that section that they suspect is a blood clot.  She's feeling better and out and about again.  I haven't gotten a hold of her but talked to my brother.  Of course, he's not the most reliable source of info so I'm trying to get her today on the phone.  I wanted to visit tomorrow but feel a cold coming on (lol...just what I need) and don't want to get her sick on top of everything else.  Needless to say, I'm really worried about this.

HUGS to all............CHRIS

Friday, February 10, 2006



I did solve the mystery of my new trainee at work today.  I've worked with her for years, and she's has never been very ambitious to put forth a lot of effot.

Roundabout but I did hear her say that she is learning this job so that she can get the same grade I am.  Now, I'm laughing to myself because what many, many people I work with, her included, don't realize is that we are both the same grade in the pay scale.  I just work far above my grade.  LOL....of course, I am remaining "mum" about this because I think it's a little bit funny.  She's volunteered to do this job because she thinks her pay may benefit in the long run.  Someone didn't do their homework.  I had a suspicion last night that this might be the case and I was right.

This is a quick entry.  We are expecting a good bit of snow tomorrow so my BF and I are going  out tonight.  YEAH...I need a night out when I actually feel well.

I am having a horrific time getting my part sent for my computer.  I called again today and got a reorder.  I have no idea what the problem is.  I ordered extra memory and a back up drive in the fall and got them in two days.  So, I will continue calling daily.  If it hasn't been sent by Monday, it's time to talk to a supervisor.

I'm also considering buying a back-up computer.  They aren't that expensive anymore.  I think I may need it.  In fact, if it isn't snowing ferociously tomorrow, I'm going out computer shopping. 

I bought my Valentines for the kids and my mom today.  So cute....I have to get them sent.  I can't believe Valentines Day is almost here.  Boo hoo....I have abunch of graphics I made stuck in my other computer.

Good night all....I'm off and running....LOL...the party girl.......If I missed visiting you tonight, I apologize...I'll be around tomorrow for sure.  HUGZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thursday, February 9, 2006

The Sublime to the Ridiculous

I finally felt well enough to go back to work today.  I didn't sleep nearly as long yesterday nor was I very fatigued.  The test was my trip to Walmart last night....no fatigue whatsoever.

My workload was totally out of control, as I imagined it would be.  I was assigned a new backup.  She started Monday but had to sit at the interview desk because someone called off.  Now..yesterday she sat at her desk next to mine.  She tried to turn her monitor on...no go.  It turns out she had no computer moved to that area...now I'm dying.  She asked me today why her computer wouldn't turn on...duh.  She sat all day and never said a word.  I've known her for years.   She's a bit older than me and I'm pulling my hair out already.  I told our supervisor.  Then I started mini-training.  She is only to attach mail to folders coming in and make the bar code labels. (We scan all our folders like the stores to keep track of them.)

She couldn't make any bar codes, of course, with no computer.  This is drudgery and a part of the job that drives me nuts but only a small part.  Guess what...she wants to learn everything and in a day or two?  ROFL...it took me at least two years to begin to scrape the surface.  She immediately wanted to enter end products and tracking codes into the system.  Folders coming from other stations are extremely difficult.  There are reams of paperwork that have to be looked through to even find what the vet is claiming.  I tried to patiently explain that she was only doing bar codes.  No go....she wanted to know what everything was, why, where, when.  I tried explaining very basics and confusion set in (which it would)  but she still kept bugging me.  I got absolutely nothing done except for the hour she had a meeting.  Right now, I'm swamped and just need to get my head above water.  Tomorrow, I have to talk to my supervisor about this.  I was going whacko.

My next frustration is that I called Gateway.  They hadn't even processed my part that I need let alone send it.  Couldn't explain why it hadn't gone out this past Monday but said it should go out tomorrow 2 day Fed-Ex.  If I don't have it Tues., call again.  Oh man...I was po'd.  My extra memory from them arrived in a day or two.

The frustration with me is I'm now feeling better.  I am missing my PSP program like crazy.  Everything I made was in my documents in the new computer.  I only have what's in my file manager on AOL.  LOL..Shelly, you know what I mean.  I guess you could liken it to a runner with a broken ankle, a golfer with a broken arm, etc.  It's relaxtion for me.  I miss my graphics group.  I had to put myself on hold.  We had all kinds of contests and neat little things.  I couldn't even begin to download the Paint Shop on here because I don't have enough memory to add an icon from AOL.  I'm not even sure the power supply box is my only problem with the computer because I can't turn it on to see.  So, I'm whining.....whining about something that is not earth shaking but is frustrating me.  It takes forever to get through the journals and half the time I get blue screens and this old dinosaur freezes.  Plus, I can't download any pics from my camera so no scavenger hunts or dog days for me.

Whoa is me...LOL...I still have to make sure Megan ordered a new ATM card but at least I did take three days off (well, two and my regular day off) and got rid of this bug I had.

OK...I'm done venting....I've always said it's the small things that absolutely drive me crazy.

Have a good night all....the weekend is coming!


                       CHRIS  (back to my old graphic sites scrounging)

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Tagged Myself...LOL

You know the game, copy & paste in your journal, replacing our answers with yours. Then tag 3 pet owners & let them know they've been tagged. Be sure & list their links on your pg.  

This came from Missie's Missie's Furr Babies

Here we go: LOL  

1. How many pets do you have currently I have 1cat, 1 dog.

2. Pets names...Grizzly Bear and Mocha.

3. Age & weight.... Mocha is 7 & 22 lbs; pretty hefty for a kitty.  Grizzly is 9 and 78 lbs down from close to 90 on doc's orders.

4. males or females...Grizzly is the boy; Mocha the girl.

 5. what breed...Grizzly is a mixed lab, husky, golden retriever.  Mocha is a "tortico" mix that we adopted from the vet.

6. pets fav place to sleep...Grizzly, anywhere and everywhere.  Mocha in my bedroom, Meg's bedroom, and the leather recliner in the livingroom.

7. pets fav food...Grizzly...dry dog food with a teensy weensy bit of Alpo mixed and biscuits.  Mocha...strictly Iams or Purina Science; both hairball control.

8. pets fav fun activity...Grizzly...LOL...sleeping and breaking loose once in a while for a run.  Mocha...chasing ping pong balls.

9. Is pet well behaved...Mocha....pretty much so. Grizzly..hmmm...I think he would like to be but no he doesn't listen well and like Missie's got kicked out of obedience school.

10. Cutest trick they do...Grizzly carries his food bowl to me when he is ready to eat.  Mocha doesn't do tricks.

11. Who's their fav person in your house...Grizzly, definitely me.  Mocha loves Megan when she's home.  If not, I'm the substitute.

12. Inside or outside...Both are insiders.

13. If small, do you dress them up...Grizzly absolutely will not permit us to put anything on him at all. Mocha isn't happy but will cooperate because she is small enough for me to hold.  I don't do it often.

14. Enjoy baths & grooming...Grizzly will permit a bath outside when it's nice with the hose.  He has to be sedated totally at the vet's to get his claws trimmed.  He totally spazzes out with claw trimming.  Mocha, forget the bath, and she doesn't like trimmings but then again is small enough to hold so she has no choice.

15. How many pets have passed over that you hold a spot in your heart ...Grizzly's litter mate, Princess.  The gentlest dog in the world.  She looked like a creamy white lab although she was in the same litter as Griz.  She had uncontrollable seizures starting at 13 months.  She was put down at around 2 1/2 years.  She suffered horrendously.  Grizzly was also pretty much devastated even though they insisted he wouldn't remember her.

16. Who is the one pet that will always be that "special one"...My Grizzly; most definitely.  I will be lost when something happens to him.

So this is it.  I'm tagging Sharon, This Momma's Drama because she hasn't been tagged in a while and loves these things.  Anyone else who wants to do this....you're tagged...LOL



Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Just a few tidbits for the day.....

I took another day off.  I still didn't feel up to snuff.  In fact, I think this illness has just been a continuation of what I had New Year's Eve.  I take a day off and then bite the bullet and force myself through the week.  I've been struggling with this for a month.  I bit the bullet today and called in.  I don't think my supervisor was thrilled, to say the least; a rather chilly response but I haven't beat this thing completely and won't if I don't get the rest I need.  I've spent almost two days sleeping, which is what I needed.

I did miss the big celebration for the Steelers.  I watched it on tv.  What an amazing gathering.  They had estimated yesterday 40,000.  Take that times 10....400,000 in the Golden Triangle which was wall-to-wall people.  The downtown area is not exceptionally large for a City this size.  I'm glad I watched it on the tube.  The crowd was totally well behaved.  A peaceful, jubilant celebration.  Made me proud of "Pittsburghers".

So, now it's time to take down my Steeler things and redo my sidebar for Valentine's Day...enough is enough. Thanks heavens I have my file manager and some things in it I can use.

I put a hold on Megan's ATM card this afternoon.  LOL...I couldn't let her know.  She called tonight and said the machine ate her card.  YEAH...she has her purse, phone and did have her card back.  There is a branch of the bank on campus.  She is going tomorrow to get a new card issued.  Penny, you are exactly right.  The person I spoke with today advised to put a hold on it and have Megan get a new card issued.  It's very possible the card could be photocopied and used to order things by phone or online.  At least, everything was returned.  Megan is super lucky that an honest person picked up her purse.  This was Saturday night with a mega crowd of mostly young people celebrating the pre-Superbowl.

I am not so patiently waiting for my computer part to arrive.  A mystery tonight is that I don't have my DSL hooked up to this old computer because the jack was too big.  My DSL box is shut off.  When I signed on...guess what...I connected via broadband....don't know how this could occurred but I'm not complaining.

Oh well, tomorrow is trash day so I have to get the last bag ready for Joey to take out.  He cleaned the family room today for me.  Looks great.  He filled up a couple of trash bags.  Amazing how fast clutter can build up.  Hugs to you, Joe!!!!

Take care all....thanks for visiting!



Monday, February 6, 2006

Mom - The last one to know

Simply adorable...isn't she?  Meg n Homer.  I was looking at all 10 documents that were left on this old computer and found a picture gallery of Megan's tucked away.  I can't resize on this puter.

This is the child of mine that will turn me gray, drive me to drink or all of the above.  Becky asked me yesterday if I knew Meg had lost her purse Sat. nite on the South Side of Pgh....uh no...I had no idea.  She carries a small purse with her student ID, cell phone and ATM card.  The South Side is the up and coming area of Pgh to hang out...the mega center for Steeler parties and celebrations.  Becky found out because Megan had it on her IM away message.

Becky said Megan called her cell phone, some lady answered and was going to drop it off  yesterday.  End of story...not quite.  Megan gave the lady her roommate's cell number.  They don't have dorm phones anymore.  She wanted to drop it off yesterday on her way to work but Miss Megan was on her way to a SuperBowl party.  Megan tried to call her cell again tonight but it's dead.  Of course, she never asked for the lady's name or phone number.

I called the bank since I'm on the account.  Zero activity since Megan took $20 out Saturday night.  They think it should be ok.  But now Becky has me thinking again because Megan has zero ways to contact this person.  The person claims to pass the school on her way to work every day.  Why not just drop it off at one of the campus offices or the police.  Megan has her school ID in it.  Then again, the child has a $57 balance in the checking account.  Thank the Lord she hadn't picked up her $500 loan reimbursement check from the school office yet.

And why does she not worry more about it?  I'd call Verizon about the cell but it's dead right now.  Of course, Becky said you can get universal chargers but I'm just too wiped out to deal with this mess but she is on my family account.  Megan's losses equate to my losses since she is far from self-sufficient.  She's like a street urchin now because she doesn't have her ID for her meals.  She is begging and borrowing meals off of her friends.  Oy Vay....

I swear Megan is going backward instead of forward.   This is my urban, street wise child...hmmm  Traveled through France twice with no incidents when she was far younger.  What is she thinking or not thinking?

Maybe I'll see her since she is planning on going to the parade tomorrow and planning on being in the same vicinity I am.  LOL...I didn't tell her I was going.

Off to bed I'm going.  I have had enough these past few days.  I think I'm beyond the point of worrying...more like laughing hysterically.  Probably a sign of insanity setting in.

Night all.....CHRIS

World Champs

            Steelers 21         Seahawks 10






Hurray!!!!!!!!   LUV YA BLACK & GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, I've been hearing a lot about horrible officiating but not according to ESPN.

I'm suffering from crud and could barely stay awake at our friends' house because of it.  I had to call of today sick which was suspect to my supervisor but true.

Tomorrow is a huge victory parade so I have to get myself better because I really want to go on my lunch break.

I'm gathering my energy to go and get some fixings for homemade chicken soup.  And, I have to a couple of the latest shirts and things.  Dicks and the other stores were open all nite selling stuff.  I didn't know that.  Sheesh....


You guys are going to have to put up with my sidebar.  I have nothing to put in it until I get my other computer up and running again...LOL.  I'm just hoping I haven't lost anything on it although my documents are backed up in an external drive.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

LOL...this entry has taken an hour.  Whoo...what's worse than a power outage...well, not worse but annoying...Your team winning the Superbowl and having to scrounge for graphics and downloading them on a dinosaur.

The commericals...some thought they were weak this year.  I liked a good bit of them.  Anybody have a favorite?

I'm ready for a nap.....I'm managing slowly to visit and get around but this old puter is driving me insane so I try to avoid it.

Take Care all!!!!!   This Steeler fan is taking a break.....


Sunday, February 5, 2006

Power Outages

Your team is in the Superbowl and what is a football fan's worst nightmare...Power Outages.  Someone was joking about this on Friday at work because no gusty winds were in the forecast.  Last night around 7 the wind gusts started; anywhere between 45-70 mph. 

It came back around 10.  My BF and I go to the Day's Inn which is our local convention center for the county and right across the street from his apartment so we can walk.  The power went off again around midnight right in the middle of their pre-Superbowl party.  The generator kept the tv on for a minute or two and then it crapped out.  The power companies are going crazy today trying their best to keep the electric running.  The wind is kicking up again.  Whoa is me....not a good sign in a city full of crazed football fans.

Anyway, I'm missing all of you.  I have to close all the applications on this old computer and pray that I get on and stay connected.  God forbid that Becky IM's me because then I just lose it all.  I can barely open my e-mail.  I have to type super fast to get the entry done or I lose it.  But....my house is getting clean for once since I got addicted to PSP so maybe this is a sign.

I'm hoping to have my part by Tues so I can spend a quiet evening and catch up with all your journals.  Today will be a nice day with Becky and Joey.  Becky is super stressed because she is still waiting for the final verification from the Ph.d program.  She is also really sickly with continuous sinus infections.  She saw an ENT specialist who is checking for polyps in her sinus cavity. 

I'm just a little worried about the weather around here because there are snow squalls.  I'm not worried about getting there; just getting home.  My alternate plan is to stay at Becky's overnight.  She lives a block from the house we're going to.  I can catch a bus from her place into work.

Thanks for your comments and patience.  I miss visiting everyone.

And, of course, lol...Deb....GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!