Monday, February 13, 2006


Frustration is the thing that drives me crazy.  Probably because it has to do with things I have no control over.  But in the midst of frustration, nice things happen that touch me.  I've been fussing over having none of my graphics for Valentines Day and having to scrounge, beg, borrow, and steal them.  I haven't surfed graphics sites in a couple of months and don't like to anymore.  I like making my own because they usually fit my mood or feelings at the time.

I got home from work today and had an e-mail from Dianna..SazzyLilSmartazz...who is so gifted with her poetry and such a sweet girl.  She is also very gifted in PSP but doesn't see it.  She sent me the tag above to wish me a Happy Valentines Day.  I hadn't spoken with her in a while so she had no idea that my computer was down and I had no access to my tags.  I was really touched.

So maybe the edge has been taken off of my frustrations, somewhat.

Work is a nightmare.  I spent almost 6 out of my 10 hrs sitting with my new helper teaching the most elementary things that just didn't seem to sink in.  Meanwhile, my work is piling higher and higher.  It seems contradictory that I am farther behind that I ever was working by myself now that I have a helper.  This was totally easy stuff that she should have been able to do independently after an hour or so.  LOL...I decided it was time to drop the bombshell so I did.  Shocked....oh yeah..hehehehe.  I just dread going to work because I get SUCH a headache. 

I am getting absolutely no satisfaction from E-Machines who is owned by Gateway.  No one has any explanation why the first order never went through last Monday or the expedited order never went through today.  They are in California.  I called a little before 10 in the morning.  No supervisors were there yet.  The part is in stock so there is no waiting for a back order.  This frustrates me beyond belief and is starting to make me angry.  I get less patient with each call.

I hate this old computer to death.  It takes foreverto open an e-mail, download a picture, it crashes, I lose connections to AOL continually...all the reasons I got a new computer.

I miss my PSP program.  When things are frustrating at work, I come home and create things.  It's relaxing.  Everything is in my new computer.  LOL...I feel lost.  I'm sounding like some crazy woman or at the very least like a baby.

I was in a really nice graphics group that is small and friendly.  I'm on hold and miss that.

Venting done for now........

Mocha is following me around as soon as I get home watching to see where I hang that darned coat of mine.  I put it in the closet.  She tried to jump up on the rod and missed.  Of course, Joey and I had to laugh hysterically at this.  That cat is obsessed.

Megan is coming home this weekend.  I love that child but she is becoming quite difficult.  She wants to take my car to Meadville which is a little south of Erie and probably a good 90 miles one way from here.  I explained we only have two cars now for the three of us.  Not a happy child.  There's also the tranny that slipped; only that one time, but Joey would notice if it did it again.  Megan would drive it, never notice and just keep on trucking...wouldn't even begin to know how to check the fluid or would.  I'm preparing myself for some door slamming come Friday.  She's not happy that she has to wait 7-10 days for her new ATM card and quite unhappy that I put it on hold.  No explanations satisfy this one.

Joey is over his little illness already.  How fast the young ones seem to beat this stuff.

On a good note, tomorrow is another birthday celebration at work.  We are going to Lidia's.  Have you heard of Lidia, the Italian food chef? The original Lidia's, I believe, is in Kansas City.  There is a Lidia's right near our building.  Love that place and can't wait.

Enough of my ranting for tonight.  I'm off to read journals.  Have a good night all!



thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Frustration is what i would feel as well.  Hey diana sent me one too.  she is sweet.   So funny that you got to let the cat out of the bag. lol.  Take two asprin and call me in the morning.  No, seriously.  I do hope things get better for you.  I can not wait for the stupid computer people to get you that part soon so you can start sharing again.  I love your graphics.  Kids, ya gotta love em.  If we were hampsters we would of ate them lol.  Hope Tuesday is much better for ya.  Sending positive energy your way.  GBU, TerryAnn.

blondepennierae said...

Young woman drama, computers that wont work right, and a cat that is obsessed with a coat ... no wonder you're frustrated.  The tag is beautiful.  Pennie  

queeniemart said...

I understand all of these frustrations. My PC died 2 wks ago..i had to buy a new one i cant afford. I love to collect tags and lost thousands in the death of my other PC. I dont have PSP but would love it. My Megan, 17, has to drive my car and all we do is fight about it daily and i work with a bunch of dumbasses. So....i feel ya, girl!
Hugs, lisa jo

chat2missie said...

Oh NO!!  We just purchased my son an E Machine.  

jckfrstross said...

I have been there so i feel your pain:) remember that running away helps (even if only in your mind) :)


pennietoonz said...

Chris, I once had an E machine. They seem to be notorious for bad service. I hope you get this straightened out soon.  I know you are missing your PSP.
Sorry work is such a strain.
Isn`t Mocha a cutie? I saw a cartoon once where a dog fell in love with a mop. It was hysterical!
Lidia`s sounds great -- enjoy!!
Love ya..

jaycee0728 said...

That scorpio temper of yours is coming out! These journals are such a good place to vent how we feel at the moment. I really hope you get some answers with your computer situation. And by the way just wanted to let you know I snagged the pm you had on here for my journal. lol You know I love my pms........~j~

lv2trnscrb said...

Hugs to you,Chris. Can only hope tomorrow is better for you


xxroxymamaxx said...

I agree about Sazzy's work.  She has a unique talent  that I adore!  So sweet of her to send you that!  Sorry you are having so much trouble with that computer place.  HOpe you get it solved.  GBU, Shelly
P.S.  Good luck with Megan. lol

dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  Yes, Dianna is a sweetheart!  Great poetry and fun graphics.  I know your frustration with your machine.  I have been working with computers since 1977.  Little wonder I have high blood pressure! LOL.  I have been trying to follow you issue with your machine.  I hope you are not still waiting for the power supply.  David

lici0uslatin22 said...

you go have that dinner @ lidia's never heard of it..  but have fun.. you deserve it...  I hope you have a good Valentines and dont stress teaching others it will come to better... Take  care Mari...

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Thank you for stopping by my journal, and thanks for the questions about AgelessXtra!  I'm sending you my website.   Those teenagers can keep you on your toes! LOL

Have a wonderful Valentines Day.  Love your graphics!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

<~~Sending you a ton of Calgon...
May it take you away...hehe... I hate stress at work..BLAH!
Hope things get better with work, your computer..etc..

helloimkara said...

Rant all you like Chris!  You gotta get it all out somewhow hahaha!


shayshaydc said...

I cannot believe that you have not gotten that part yet!!! I would be mad too!!! What is with those people??? Yep I'd be calling some supervisors too!!!