Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I really want to thank you all for your wonderful comments!  What a blessing J-Land is to me.  Of course, I would take any offers of tropical vacations and huge parties...LOL.

Amazingly, though, one huge burst of strength came from a very unexpected oldest child, Becky.  I'm going to post an entry that I made in November when I made entries for each of my children.  This was dedicated to my dear Rebecca.  In the past three months, since I made the entry, our relationship has evolved even further than I would have ever expected.  I no longer refer to her as Mouth, not appropriate anymore.  Our roles have almost reversed.  She is playing the ever loving Mama with me.  She calls every day and encourages me to unload.  She has really become a rock to my emotions.  Amazing!  Much of this entry remains the same, except for the fact that we grow closer daily.  Rebecca

Now, if only the alien that sucked Megan away and has taken over her body would puhlease return my old Megan, I would greatly appreciate it.  Lord, that child is getting way too big for her britches.  Saturday was a great day.  Of course, I took her out to eat and bought her things at Walmart.  Then came Sunday.  Before she left, she informed she would be home March 6th for spring break, and the house "better" be immaculate.  I asked how long she would be home....a week.  Great, then she has a week to also help Joey and me declutter.   Oh no, she has to opposed to me sitting home eating bon-bons?  Joey and I have the family room done and are working room by room.  Next fuss....I bought her a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.  My shoulder had a kink when I was putting it in the car and, God forbid, I dropped it.  One can burst open.  Oh, the stress I caused her.  The box got wet, and a couple of cans got some gravel on them from our driveway.  Of course, my laughing hysterically didn't help matters.  The biggest fuss, which is ongoing, is the fact she wants a new car.  So do I, and I get one first.  She can choose from the two bombs  we have now.  That went over like a ton of bricks...oh well.  She is living in a house in the Mt Washington section of Pgh next year.  A lovely area overlooking the three rivers but also on-street parking.  Cars are always being sideswiped, hit, broken into.  I'm sure this battle will only become more heated as time goes on.

My new machine is arriving this weekend.  Becky researched this with Jeremy, the professor, quite well.  Actually, this new machine will far exceed my E-Machine but will still be a back up.  She's coming here Sat. to take everything off my hard drive before I send the other one back.  I'm working OT...yeah!  She doesn't need me here but will probably be here when I get home.  I'm making her lasagna Friday night.  Becky is always looking for a home-cooked meal; the least I can do for her.

I got a second power supply box, must have been the first one that never got sent.  I'm supposed to return the bad one in the box they supplied with the Fed-Ex label which, of course, was not in the box.  I haven't checked the box yet that I have to return my computer in but I'm betting they forgot to supply the Fed-Ex label for that so once again, I'll be calling E-Machines.

I had to call Sprint because they were charging me $20 a month for Earth Link in addition to my DSL.  Sprint is usually easy to deal with.  I had to end the call with the first person and called back.  I couldn't seem to get the first one to understand that I signed up for Sprint DSL through an AOL promotion.  I did get it straigtened up finally.  Now, of course, I see AOL is offering their very own broadband. 

My BF paid for half of the repairs on the car he lets me use.  Thank God!  Hopefully, this will be it for now with the vehicles but I still hate that ABS light being on in my car.

Last night, this old bomb of a computer was acting up.  I couldn't deal with it so I fell asleep a little after 8.  I woke up at 3:30 a.m. so I journal hopped and decided to do this entry so I have the rest of the day to clean and grocery shop.  Monday night I had the worst headache.  It was like a rubberband constricting my head.  I haven't had a stress headache in years.  I went to bed after throwing myself to my knees and begging for peace.

So, no hole has been dug in my backyard.  I'm not feeling the need to crawl away and hide but I'm sure that is subject to change at any given time.

3 days and counting.   Hopefully, on Saturday, I'll be zooming through the journals with DSL, back off hold in my PSP group and, once again, addicted to PSP.  Crossing my fingers and toes.

Have a great day all!  SMILE!

CHRIS (This came from my PSP group.  Every day, I get slipped a couple of things from the great ladies in that group....Shelly, I'm really hoping to be back and running in the group on Saturday.)



chat2missie said...

I'm glad you no longer are thinking about crawling in that hole!

dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  Thank you for linking your post on Becky.  It is a very moving story.  Your Becky and my Nathan have much in common. I am excited to read what you will have to say about your new machine.  Smiles, David

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey, I have missed out in a lot as ususal, sorry I was not commenting...  But I sure hope you are feeling better from how you was feeling...  Take  lots of Care Mari..

lv2trnscrb said...

if you get an offer for a tropical vacation, take me :)

Megan will come around; she's just a teen.........

I can't wait until you are back up and running and doing your graphics; you were doing such great work!


djohn52 said...

You better just fill in that ol hole.  They are tooooo tempting sometimes!

Hang in there, teenager do grow up!  Then it's amazing how smart you are-you must be cause they are always asking your advice!  lol

Take Care!


pennietoonz said...

Chris, I hope you get all your computer woes behind you soon and can get back to your PSP! Ofcourse, I don`t know where you`ll find the time, what with making the house immaculate and eating your bon bons. :) You crack me up.
Becky sounds like she is growing into a very lovely young lady. I remember the posts you did on your 3 children. That was very touching! Good luck with Megan - lol she keeps you on your toes for sure. I hope Joey is feeling better too.
Love and hugs to you,

jckfrstross said...

I hope you get back to normal soon lol


shayshaydc said...

Daughters!!! They are something!!! Don't quite know what but they are something!! LOL... Glad you are feeling a bit better!!!!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

so getting peeved at your computer place.  they better get with it or i might just have to kick their butts.  I am glad that things are good with you and your daughter.  Girls ya just gotta love them.  Hugs.  TerryAnn.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Ahh....tropical vacations.  I live in freakin Florida and I need a tropical vacation. lol  Becky is an awesome daughter to help you the way she has.  As for Megan, one word....stages!  I think mine go through different stages every other week!  and there must be something in the air because I have had a mysterious headache for the last couple of days too.  ONly a couple more days til the new machine!  GBU, Shelly

helloimkara said...

All kinds of interesting things today :)  Hope you are well and that you have a great weekend too :)