Sunday, February 26, 2006

Up and Almost Running

Whoo, what a day I had yesterday.  Now, I'm not complaining, well, of course, I'm whining but it's only the smallest of aggravations.  My Becky is brilliant (I have to brag, brag, brag...even though a girl at work told me how "easy" it is to build a computer).  That child simply amazes me.  One big mistake, though....she got most everything done by around 7 pm.  We went to Staples and got this really cool power surge protection with a fuse and I run my DSL right through the power surge box in case of lightening hitting my phone line.  She did say, though, no surges had gone through my old computer.  It appears that the power supply box simply overheated and blew the motherboard when it went.  Then the task of reloading my DSL, Kodak program (I haven't even started that) and finding my stuff in my external drive.  For some reason, the pictures and documents weren't reading off my hard drive.  It started snowing.  Becky doesn't do snow.  She road back with Joey because she has to come back today.  Boy, she is gonna be super mad at me.  LOL...never, ever leave me to my own devices with a computer because I had to get my DSL and AOL back.  She has more spyware protection and virus protection on this machine.  I couldn't get access for my DSL from Sprint.  So, I sent at least 4 spyware programs to my external drive and disabled the virus protection.   Besides that, the security edition of AOL 9.0 removed it anyway.  Still couldn't get the program for DSL fully into the computer but for some reason I'm running on DSL this morning so it has to be somewhere.

My documents and pictures are all there in my back-up drive but I can't get them to copy into the new computer so I went in and pulled the tag above from my back-up.  I had made it right before the crash but didn't like it.  I did pull my Paint Shop out of my back up but lost my Animation Shop and all my fonts because I didn't save them.  Becky will be back today.  I know she is expecting to undo some of my damage because she called and said not to touch anything after the fact.

I just have to ship my E-Machine back and wait.  Then go through all this stuff again.  Actually, I hate to admit it but I do miss myE-Machine because I was used to it and it did everything for me.  Don't try and teach this old dog new tricks.  But the graphics and images are so sharp on this computer.  But it scares me.  She has three cooling fans on it.  Sheesh, something is always clicking on and off.  She bought an aluminum case to keep the temperature cooler and has a clear panel so you see all the inside stuff moving around.  It's purdy but I'm scared of it.  My PSP program is set up like it probably should have been from the beginning.

Joey is in love with this machine.  We got a wireless device so when I get my computer back, this one will go into his room.  He can use DSL without being hooked up to it because of the wireless thingie.  Nope, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.  That girl had my head literally spinning at Staples last night.

Becky and Joey took wagers with each other at dinner last night on how long before dear old Mom blows the new one up.

Joey is getting his bloodwork done tomorrow.  I forgot to mention that another symptom of celiac is lesions and a form of dermatitis.  Megan never had that.  Joey showed me his arm Friday night.  There is an ulceration on it.  He has one on his finger now.  He has an eczema-like rash on his legs.  I remember the doctor examined Megan's arms and legs endlessly looking for this type of rash.  Joey isn't a big drinker but likes a beer or two on the weekends.  Beer, in particular, is making him nauseous.  I told him to have a copy of the results forwarded to Megan's GI doctors.  I don't have much faith in the doctor he is seeing now since he wasn't too concerned about Joe having this blood test done.  I'm almost certain what the results will be.  I'm also almost certain that my mom doesn't suffer from Crohn's.  The good news is that with diet, it will go away.  Joe will do better than Megan on the diet because he doesn't consume huge amounts of wheat products.  If it's not celiac, I have a dermatologist appointment in two weeks.  He can take my place because I have no idea what he's suffering from if it's not celiac....keep him in your prayers.  This child of mine has suffered enough.

Have a great day!  I have to clean this house today and figure out something for dinner since I owe my daughter big time.



jckfrstross said...

Have a good sunday:)


oxobagladyoxo said...

I understand about the fustrations of the DSL modem. I get cofused everytime I have to reset the thing.

P.S. Thank you for your comments on my journal.


lv2trnscrb said...

love the tag; sure wish Becky could come here and help with some of our computer dilemmas on what to do, how to upgrade etc. Do make her a wonderful dinner and spoil her rotten :)


shayshaydc said...

You are so funny Chris!!! You and your computer!!! Computers can certainly be a royal pain!!!!! I love the tag!!

hadonfield78 said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!
The next time I have a hardware problem, Im sending my equipment to you girls. That is awesome what you did.
Do you realize what someone like Best Buy would charge for that ???
That is just so very cool what she did.

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris... I have no idea what you`re saying either and I am very scared of it too!!

Becky is a real whiz. :)
Let us know who wins the bet on how soon you blow it up! ( Not nice ! )
Prayers going out for Joey.
Love you,

queeniemart said...

I hate to hear that either of your kids have had to suffer. I barely know how to email.....everything you talked about with the PCs sounded Japanese to me!! LOL
It is so nice when you "know" your PC and a bummer when things change and you have to start over again.
Hugs and love,lisa jo

thisismis72 said...


helloimkara said...

Im sorry to hear about your SOn Chris. Im not farmiliar with celiac???  What exactley is it???  I hope he is Ok and the doctors can figure out whats going on.

Love, Kara

xxroxymamaxx said...

Bragging rights you do have!  lol  That new computer sounds like my new one...with the clear tower, you can see everything inside and it's all lit up.  Love that.  Hope you can save all your stuff.  And prayers for Joey. GBU, Shelly

jaycee0728 said...

You complain I would never think that you would ever complain about anything.  Brag about your daughter because you have the right as a proud mother. I went to Staples today also, I can easliy blow some money at that store. You got snow......not fair I didn't get any snow. Hey, it's so damn cold here and I want snow. Have you found the fairy for me yet? ~j~    

njmom72 said...

Hi there! I was bloghopping and found your journal, what beautiful graphics you have on your journal! Take care and have a great week. :-)

~ Susan

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I will pray for Joey.  Megan reminds me of my oldest. she usually helps me with my computer needs. lol.  I am on dial up and need to get signed up for dsl. I need to try and figure out the thing with AOL and dsl.  Anyhoo...... I hope that you have a great day tomorrow and take care friend.  TerryAnn.