Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day!  I hope all have taken time to reflect upon the meaning of this day and to honor those who have lost their lives while continuing to protect our freedom.  Let's not forget all our veterans and those still in the Armed Forces.

We had our cook out yesterday thanks to Megan who grilled chicken wrapped with bacon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.  That was lunch.  She brought me home a super huge burger from Red Robin later in the evening which I devoured.  Time to get back on track with healthy eating tomorrow or nothing will fit.

Joey is boating today; Megan is working; the BF is working....again.  I'm just puttering around getting some cleaning done and preparing for a short week of work. It's been lovely here weatherwise.  Today is sunny and 80.  The humidity of the past few days is gone.  I haven't made a dent in the yardwork but did get it started.

LOL..figured I better update this journal of mine.  Seems I spend all my time in my graphics journal.  I've been outed.  That used to be my "private" journal.  Joey discovered that I put some entries in there and was pretty smug about it.  Oh, well, I sort of figured it would only be a matter of time.  (Hi Joey!)



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Friday, May 18, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend and pet is so difficult.  Skitz wasn't my cat but yet was the whole family's kitty because she lived with us all at one time or another. 

Becky is having a hard time right now because Skittsy was a "cool" kitty and was her first kitty.  She followed her everywhere.  Becky was a wonderful "mommy" to Skitz although right now she is blaming herself and second guessing everything.  She is an animal lover and takes such good care of her furr babies.  It will take time.  Most of us have been through losing a beloved pet.  This is a first for her.

The pictures are from Becky's facebook.  She has a memorial page for her Skittsycat.  I told her that I would do a montage of sorts in my journal.  She is touched by all the thoughts and prayers being sent her way.

The outdoor pictures were taken on Saturday.  I think that is what is the hardest thing to deal with.  Skitz was romping around and seemed perfectly healthy on Saturday.  Within 24 hours, she was dying.  Not that we are ever prepared but this was just such a sudden shock.

I worry because Becky keeps so much inside.  I know eventually she will be ok with this.  So, we march forward.  Megan is coming home next Saturday.  I know she will be totally shocked also.  I haven't said anything toher when she's e-mailed me.

So much is on the plate this week.  My bus was in an accident on the way to work the day we put the kitty down.  No one was hurt but it wasn't a good start for a day that got worse.

Oy, I think I'm rambling.  I'm whooped.  Think I'll give Becky a call and then head off to sleep.

Hugs to all!  You're the best!  Chris

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day


Not being a huge fan of "Hallmark" holidays, nonetheless, today is Mother's Day in the US.  I feel blessed to have my three children.  I also feel blessed that my mother is still on this earth.

My poor mother is cooking once again today.  I feel bad for that.  She still loves to cook; just not on a large scale.  A couple of years ago, my three children and I just showed up in the afternoon on Mother's Day.  It sort of knocked my mother's world out of sync because she hadn't prepared anything.....that was my purpose in arriving unannounced. 

I'm sort of at a loss for words (imagine that).  My mom's car accident has really taken a toll emotionally on her.  She tried to drive again but is terrified which is probably best anyway.  She is giving Joey her Sunfire which is practically new.  In exchange, he is driving his grandma to all her appointments, the store, etc. after he's done working.  I was stunned, as I had no idea this was happening.  Joey and my mother have a special relationship so this is working out for all.

I think what is really getting to me today is realizing just how fragile my mother is becoming.  Somehow, I thought she would outlive us all.  Now, reality is hitting me hard and sort of scaring me.  I'm crawling into my  "little" Chrissy skin which I'm not fond of.

Take the time today and everyday to tell your mothers' and all loved ones, for that matter, that you love them....


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Tuesday, May 8, 2007



Yucky but true, unfortunately.  I worked on Saturday.  When I got home, the familyroom had an odd odor.  I thought it was mildew from the basement but nope, it wasn't.

I got home from work around 7 last night because I had to go grocery shopping on my way home.  I ate, played on the computer and noticed that Megan's milk had soured.  I dumped about 1/2 gallon into the sink.  It went nowhere.  No big deal because I can plunge the crap out of just about any drain in the house.  Took a bath, big mistake, then came down to plunge and planned to wash the dishes.  Double ugh!  I plunged the crap right into my powder room sink and this little sink behind the bar in the familyroom that no one uses.  Not to mention that I got another shower; a sludge shower.  The sludge just went from one end of the kitchen to the other.  My BF wasn't home.  Things like this drive me up the wall.  Now, I have dirty dishes everywhere because I'm the "dishwasher."  I had to dump my old coffee outside this morning to make new brew.

By now, it was well past 11:00.  I finally got my BF.  A plumber he isn't.  He said to just leave it, go to work and call Randy today.  Spending money and waiting for Randy is not my cup of tea.  Plus rotten milk and sludge standing in my sinks is disgusting. So, I'm off to Walmart to buy some Drano or something.  Of course, I've continued plunging.  LOL...I've got it down to a science.  I can hear when the plugged stuff loosens.  Haven't heard it yet.

This is how Chris spends her summer vacation.  Sad but true.  I'll make a good old mess for dandy Randy, my plumber. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mental Health Day for Me


Today is one of my infamous "mental health" days off of work.  This is how I use my vacation, amoung other things. I worked until noon yesterday and did warn that a MH day would probably be forthcoming.

Yesterday was the preliminary hearing which was waived for the actual court date in June.  Megan has to pay $75 for a psychological evaluation as to possible alcohol addiction.  I don't believe there is one.  She also has signed up for court ordered driving classes...$325.  She has applied for the ARD (alcohol rehabilition program).  The officer offered probation and classes; no criminal record.  The arrest and sobriety tests were without a kink.  Our police force here is highly trained.  She went to the police station and was finger printed and had mug shots taken which will be returned to her when she successfully completes her probation; which she will.  Her licence will be suspended 60-90 days.  The fines will range between 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.  She will start to work when she gets back from Asia and should have them paid off before school starts.  Besides the outburst on the weekend, I do see some signs of maturity emerging.

Now onto daugther #2...Becky.  This has been bugging me for months now.  I can't stand her boyfriend.  I never met him which is one reason that things are bothering me.  He's in the Ph.D program with her.  Blonde, cute, babyfaced and intelligent.  (I have seen pictures of him.)  I was thrilled at first because she found someone who was goal oriented and a hardworker.  But dang, he is more than weird and has some weird beliefs.  First one....he won't meet parents until he's been dating a girl for 90 days...say what?  He couldn't come here in Jan. with her because it wasn't 90 days yet.  Strike one.  She's not permitted to meet or become friends with any of his friends because when you break up, it's awkward.  Strike two.  He never, ever goes to her house.  She has to go to his when they go out.  Strike three.

The strikes are adding up faster and faster.  Megan and Joey and I were at Chili's yesterday after the hearing.  We discussed this, as Becky tells each of us different tidbits. 


I've posted this picture of Becky and Ray before from last summer (pre new BF).  Ray is not her boyfriend although Ray should be.  He adores Becky although Megan says he's not interested anymore...blah...he is.  Ray goes to the same church Becky went to.  She doesn't go now because M is controlling that also.  Ray ran into Megan twice last week and asked about Becky and what Megan's opinion was of M, the BF.  Megan spared nothing.  Ray has some huge concerns also.  LOL...why am I the only one to see that Ray and Becky are meant for each other? He puts a smile on my girl's face like none other.  I've seen him comfort her in church when tears flowed.  Megan and I are getting Becky back into church.  I'm starting this weekend.

So, once again, my daughter is on BF #3 who once again is a control freak; just very educated and good at concealing the fact he is doing it.  He's controlling the amount of time that she is allowed to spend with her own friends and causing alienation.  I hate that.  She's 26 now and a big girl but can't break the cycle of having a controlling father in the house for 15 years.  In essence, I've brought much of this on for staying far too long in that atmosphere.

I'm sure "M" will break her heart and move on.  I hate to say that I hope this happens soon.  Becky is on Blogspot now and just sent me her link.  Ugh...I read it, commented, and my concerns grow stronger.

Never much peace in the valley for mama's.....


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