Sunday, February 25, 2007



Finally...whoo hoo...a smily day!  The Carnival yesterday was just way too cute.  It was all the fraternities and sororities doing 30 minute musical type revues for charity.  Each sorority was teamed with a fraternity.  Megan's was a spin off of Grease, sort of.  I was amazed at the talented singers and dancers they have.  Megan just looked way too cute.  Joey and I went.  Of course, he was bored but only had to stay for Megan's group. 

Megan was just totally thrilled that we went.  I took her out to eat afterwards and dropped her back off at the school.  They were all being judged so she was hoping they at least placed.  It seemed like the judges were totally enjoying her group's entry.  I haven't heard from her yet.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  I was so whooped that I fell asleep around 9 last night.

We only had a bit of ice overnight.  Today it just rained so I'm very thankful for that.  It was 40 today.  The snow is slowly melting.  There's still a couple of inches left.

I barbecued slabs of ribs in the crockpot with a mixture of all types of beans and black-eyed peas.  Yummy!  Joey cleaned the familyroom while I worked on the kitchen.  Things are moving along.

Grizzly is moving soooooo much better.  Thanks, Dawn, for making me feel so much more comfortable with the meds!  It's such a relief to hear that there are others who have dog using this drug successfully.  Thanks to all the rest of you who have kept Grizzly in your prayers.

Tomorrow is a special day.  It's dear Penny's Penny`s Pieces of Ohio birthday.  As many of you know, Penny is a leukemia survivor.  A special birthday for one special lady.  Drop by and send your good wishes.  Love ya, Pen!

Thanks to Angela for the adorable siggy!

Saturday, February 24, 2007



The last couple of days have been rough ones; it could be worse but still....

I got home from work on Wednesday, and Grizzly could not walk on his hind legs at all.  He was limping and falling.  I had increased the natural supplements a month ago.  I called the vet and got an appt. for Thursday after work.  I knew they wanted to start him on the NSAID Rimadyl.  I spent most of the night on web sites.  It was something I really was afraid of.

I was worried sick at work all day Thursday because I was afraid he would fall and hurt himself worse.  Thank the Lord, I saw the one vet I really like.  He had baseline bloodwork done in November.  He's on a smaller dose then recommended to begin with.  From what I've read as long as his blood is monitored closely, he can be taken off of the drug and not suffer any damage if any changes begin to appear.  I'm still totally worried about this but he's actually walking and jumping on the couch again.

The trip home was a nightmare because it was snowing like no tomorrow.  Thank God Joey was driving.  It was awful.  Three more inches piled up again.

Megan called me at work on Thursday.  She had a follow up appt and is not healing from the cryosurgery.  She was swabbed with medication and goes back on Wednesday.

Then I couldn't connect to AOL from Wednesday night.  When I got home from the vet's, I spent an hour with some silly tech who finally connected me to an actual AOL tech with a southern accent...whoo hoo.  I also found out that since I'm still paying, I should never have to speak to anyone but American techs.  How about that?  Anyway, within a minute, he figured out that it was my DSL connection so I spent 23 mins waiting to speak to a DSL tech with Embarq.  LOL....I had to reset my modem...unplug it for a few seconds, plug it back in and restart the pc...voila!

I couldn't access journals for a couple of days and had problems sending mail.  This has all seemed to clear up so maybe it was my modem all along. 

The kitty is throwing her food up again.  She has to eat tiny amounts spread apart over hours or it comes back up.  They suspect a blockage but not severe because she hasn't lost any weight.  I'm simply drained right now financially and emotionally so Mocha has to be put on hold for a month or so but definitely needs some tests done.

We are expecting an ice storm tonight through tomorrow.

Joey and I are going into Pittsburgh this afternoon.  Megan's college is having some sort of carnival, and Megan is singing and dancing in it.  LOL...I really need a good laugh.

My BF and I went to Days Inn last night and danced the night away.  Some little hussy got her nose out of joint and stepped on my feet trying to trip me.  I "accidentally" tromped on her foot.  ROFL...I'm so bad.  She sent her big girl over to take care of me.  Didn't happen because I stood up and looked her right in the eyes, and she backed off.  Dang, I'm too old to get in fights with girls my daughters' age and for the life of me I can't figure out why they get so threatened with two old farts dancing. 

I'm off to fill some prescriptions and pick up a few things before we leave because I don't think I'll be going anywhere tomorrow.

I'll be around to visit tonight and get the tags sent that I owe you.

HUGS & LOVE  Chris

Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day



Thank the Lord, we only had a few squalls of snow move through yesterday.  Saturday was pitiful.  The news kept saying a dusting to an inch yet the snow started at 1 in the afternoon and went through most of the night.  It was a fine, wet snow, prone to icing.  My BF and I still went out as the Day's Inn is across the street from his place, and my car with the snow tires made the 4 mile trip without consequence.  It was nice to get out and about and to actually get to see my BF again.


I think if I could wish upon a start right now, it would be my Grizzly that would be the recipient.  I'm so concerned that his hip joints are just not rebounding.  The vet doubled his Glyco-flex in October.  Just not working too well.  When I first started him two years ago on Glucosamine, it was almost a miracle.  He was romping like a pup again.  Not so anymore.  He gets really stiff after he's been laying for a while.  I can tell he gets sharp jabs of pain at times.  It just breaks my heart.  The deep snow is taking it's toll on him.  I can still remember the young pup romping through all accumulations of snow.


I would go out and take more pictures of the ever increasing snow but really it's getting so old.  We amassed 5-6 inches Saturday through Sunday morning on top of what is still remaining.  The mountains of snow from the plows is getting higher and higher.  There is a warm up on the way.  This should melt some of the snow but I don't have hopes of seeing the ground beneath for a good while.  I'm hoping to get the car washed today since the weather is supposed to be above freezing.  Just heardthe news....grrr...hitting the 40's in the day but a mix of rain/sleet/now coming in Tuesday night....oy vey.


Yesterday, I spent most of the day driving myself crazy installing some new tricks in my PSP program.  After literally hours of frustration, I managed to get the darned thing to open. I have to figure out how to use it.  No simple task for this old lady.


Since I was up at my usual awakening time of 5 am, I think it's time to go back to bed for a while.  Haven't decided yet what I'll do today.  I could continue that neverending cleaning :(

Think Spring!


Saturday, February 17, 2007



Isn't this tag just the cutest????  Shelly, Roxymama, made it for Missie for her birthday in our PSP group.  Of course, I have no pride and beg any tag I can get.

Life is still frozen and white in western Pa.  We have about 18 inches on the ground.  Thursday was a total day of frustration.  Life was expected to resume as normal.  Living 50 miles north of Pittsburgh puts me in the second tier of lake effect snow off of Lake Erie; a semi frozen tundra; not as bad as Erie or Buffalo but far worse than suburban Pittsburgh.

My driveway was done with a snowblower by my neighbor Wednesday evening.  Yet, once again, Thursday morning I got hopelessly stuck in it, let alone navigating the lane.  I broke my icescraper on the ice, lost a glove and after at least 20 back ups, I did get out.

So, I left work a couple of hours early and went straight to the tire store and bought 4 Bridgestone snow tires for my car.  Dang, it about killed me to put yet another $300 on my credit card for vehicles.  It might as well have been 3,000.  Off topic...but one reason I hate February is that it is a short month and knocks all my bill paying totally off schedule.  LOL...give me a 31 day month any day.

Long story short....whoo hoo, it was the best $338 I ever spent.  I can plow through anything and not get stuck. Grand Am looks so souped up with the huge tires on it; almost like a four wheel drive.  Of course, I fussed and fumed about it until I actually tried getting in and out of that God forsaken alleyway of mine.  Poor Joey and my BF had to put up with my OCD'ing.

Anyway, I'm pimping another journal.  Tracy, LatteDah, has opened up her recipe journal.  It's awesome.  I'm planning on picking one for tomorrow's dinner.  Welcome To MaMa Moser's Recipes!

Have a good weekend....a long one for me...President's Day is on Monday; the last of the holidays until Memorial Day in May.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007



It seems that many Valentine plans went awry today because of the unpredictable weather.  I really didn't have any plans for today as it was supposed to be a work day. My BF is not a huge fan of commercial holidays.  He prefers to surprise me at any time during the year and does.   Actually, he was going to cook dinner for me.  I would get off the bus and drive over to his house.  He does this once a week anyway.  He'll call me on the bus out of nowhere and invite me for dinner and cooks very well.  He was going to surprise me told me last night that it just wouldn't be possible because of the weather.


The roads are getting a bit better around here but still not the best.

Pittsburgh was pretty much closed down today....the buildings, all schools, colleges, malls, etc.  My building finally closed at 8 this morning although I had no intentions of going nor could I have even gotten out of the house. We ended up with about a foot of snow.  An ice storm moved through last night and dumped 2 inches of ice on top of all of the snow.  We literally could not open our doors in the house this morning.  They were frozen shut.  Joey got the back door open, which we use all the time, and got the inches of ice off of both cars.  He got stuck in the driveway again but managed to shovel more out.  He had problems with the upper end because the neighbors hadn't cleaned it.  The one was out with his snow blower this afternoon.  It looks like I'll be back to work tomorrow but it will be Thursday already.  My BF and I will do something this weekend.


I hope everyone is safe and warm.  Most of all, I hope that we all continue daily to shower our family and friends with love and affection and make every day Valentine's Day.


This picture is my front storm door taken from the inside looking out.  We could hear ice pelting most of the night.  It's still frozen shut and looks to have about an inch of ice left on it.  You can barely see out of it but what a mess!  LOL...what a boring entry for today...




Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let it Snow

The first big blizzard of the year has struck.  Snow is falling about 2 inches an hour.  Yesterday, it was 40 and rather balmy.  Most of the previous snow had melted.

Around 1 this afternoon, Joey and I decided to go to the local Mexican restaurant and the store since they are close and on top of the hill so it's all pretty level to get there. car got totally stuck in the driveway and didn't even make it to the lane or alley, as I call it.  I was flipping out because it sounded like my good car was going to blow up.

We finally got it out, ate (I forgot the dang doggy bag at the restaurant...grrr....and went to the store.)  I had to buy Morton salt pellets that are meant for well water to get traction after the shoveling is done. 

Of course, I had to take some pics:

 LOL...That is my ancient "lean to" garage in the rear.

  My neighbor's garage is behind me.  They don't use it because they get totally stuck in the snow.

  Wonder who is really shoveling???

  This is the rear of my humble abode.  Our property extends 1/2 an acre behind me beyond the garage.  There is about a foot of snow because the pool deck is close to two feet above the ground.

  A side view....there is a purple bucket that we wash the cars with almost buried by the deck.  Haven't gotten the walkway or deck done except to get in the door.

I took a vacation day today.  Glad I did because it will be a nightmare for those having to get home.  I called Rose at work at 2, and they still hadn't closed the building.  I may be off tomorrow.  I have the vacation time and don't intend to risk life and limb; that's if we can even get out of the driveway area tomorrow.

So, how are my other JLand buddies in the eastern USA doing with the snow?????


Sunday, February 11, 2007



ROFL at myself.  Believe it or not, I do have a bubbly personality; just not here because I vent, rant and rave most of the time in my journal.  Why not?  No one else will listen to me around this house.  OCD, OCD is all I here...blah.

Now I'm sure if any guys read this they'll love it but tough  I've been in menopause for 4 years now but I swear my hormones kick into gear every once in a while like now, evidenced by the huge zit on my chin.  Haven't had a zit in a year or so.  Plus I feel a "PMS" rampage coming on.  Haven't had that since my last zit.

Joey and I went to Walmart today to grocery shop.  Man was I PO'd.  What is up with the Super Centers?  I'm a big time spender on hair care stuff...NOT.  I use Suave gel and have to have #8.  Did the SC have it?  Nope.  In fact, they don't even carry Suave styling gels now.  Boo ha ha.  So, I moved on to the Garnier stuff I love...this super stiff styling gel that I crunch my hair with.  Did they have it?  Nope.  They are getting rid of Garnier stuff.  Bah hah.  LOL...I wanted my cheapo white rain conditioner because I need a very inexpensive, lightweight conditioner because my hair is so darned thick.  Guess what?  No White Rain stuff at all.  I was having a hissy fit along with about a dozen other females in the same aisle.  Joey left me....he left  Couldn't take all the females moaning and groaning about our hair care products being gone.  About this time, my cell phone rings.  It's my BF.  Dang, he knew I was at Walmart and have zilch pick up on my cell phone in there.  I couldn't call him back until I was in line.  I was still fussing.  He calls to tell me his soon to be ex is there getting her oil changed at the SC right now.  WTH?  Me, being a catty, nosy, female had to run back there to check it out.  Joey was dying and left the store with the groceries.  I just said, "Hey, he called and told me so what's a girl to do?"  Didn't even catch a  glimpse of her because the store was so crowded which is probably a blessing.

Last rant is my hair cut.  Love the color and highlights but what the sam hell was Tammy, my styler, thinking with my cut this time.  She needs to use a razor to razor cut the thickness out so I can get volume on top.  Gotta have volume.  I can usually just blow dry it (after I slop it with my two gels) and get it the way I want.  I then use Rave #4 hairspray, which the SC still has but maybe I should stock up on it) and spray the crap out of my hair until it doesn't blow in the wind.  I do this at night because I can't stand getting into a shower or bathtub on cold mornings.  I have to have helmet head at night so it's presentable in the morning, and it does get much flatter overnight.  Not working right now. thing...Megan's curling iron crapped out so she took mine back to school and left me her flat iron straightener.  Just what I need...grrr 

So, anyway, I'm not even discussing my old car tonight.  Don't want to think about it.  I still need to keep it for Joey to drive in the winter, and it appears Megan will be back for a while this summer so I still need an extra car in addition to my new one.  This is the last repair I'll do on it (water pump and serpentine belt).  I'm not sure what we'll do about vehicles.   I can barely afford the new one, let alone buying another car.  Joey's Mustang has almost 200,000 on it and no job right now so who would pay to repair that thing?  I wonder?

Ok, that's it.  Aren't ya glad?  I forgot all about the pleasures of "PMS."  Not sure where I got that graphic at the top.  LJ maybe?  Thanks to whoever made it. 

I'm off to do some more dishes.  I grilled steaks tonight.  They were good.  Joey is quite the cook.  He marinated them and made some yummy fried rice.

Jenn, fuzilady, is back again and public my family,my life, my thoughts.

Nite all!    


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Frozen Inside



The weather is breaking in western Pa.  Unfortunately, yesterday other things were breaking.  My old car for one thing which I'm waying the pro's and con's of how much more I'm going to shell out and when to cut my losses.

I have to say that I take my journal and my journal friends very seriously.  I devote my time and love to those who read my journal and to the journals I read.  All of you have become a crucial part of my life.  That said, my heart is broken when I see a journal friend close up shop; particularly when it's because of undue stress put upon them by those in this cyber world.

Today, I feel like I've lost my kindred soul plus another person whom I love dearly.  I'm also afraid that in one instance, I might have played a part in the decision.  For that, my heart is totally breaking.  I remember when my dear friend, Penny, deleted her journal for a while.  I was heartbroken but understood.  I also love and support those who have decided they can take no more.  I truly love my friends here.  I truly despise the fact that this place has become a place that causes them undue stress, to say the least.

I still have graphics to tag and will get around to it but feel a bit lifeless right now.

I just want to express my love and support to my dear friends who have stopped or will stop posting for now.  Love you dearly!



Monday, February 5, 2007

In the Land of the Frozen & Frigid

             Aw, the memories....

            And reality.....         


                                    Summer dreams...........



        Reality....there is a pool somewhere under there....

It was -10 when I left for work this morning.  After I was frozen solid, the bus failed to show up.   I came back home and did nothing but try to keep warm.  The high did get a couple of degrees above zero.    

I did watch The View and was a bit irate.  They were discussing Texas mandating that all 6th grade girls get the HPV vaccine.  Now, I'm not saying that I believe all 11 and 12 year old females should be forced to be vaccinated but I was quite shocked at how uninformed these ladies were.  I was ready to jump through the tv.  Since Megan was diagnosed, 3 more of her friends at college have been diagnosed and going through the various treatments Megan did; some haven't been as lucky with their biopsies.  I wonder how Elizabeth or Rosie will feel if they receive a hysterical phone call from their daughters a few years from now like I did.  Truthfully, until Oct. 31, HPV was just an acronym to me.  And now it's too late for Megan to be vaccinated.  And truth be told, Megan was one of the very few virgins in her graduating class.  This is the reality of life today sadly.  As for the vaccinating, I would have done it if I could have.

I e-mailed Sugar yesterday.  She is very ill.  Her antibiotics have not helped her pneumonia.  The doctor would like to hospitalize her but she has no one to keep her "girls" for her so won't go.  I just feel so helpless.  Do keep Sugar in your prayers.

Shelly has another quilt going. ---> New Quilt!! Valentine's Messages!  Go and check it out and request a square.  Mine is in my sidebar now.

Hope all in frigid temps are keeping warm.  I think this is supposed to break here on Wednesday...a balmy 20 with lows above zero.  Boy, I can hardly wait to see my gas bill next month.  The furnace is on non-stop.


    Thanks, LJ, for the snowguy!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Are Ya Ready for Some Football?



Today in the USA is SuperBowl Sunday...the biggest advertisers' dream because of the amount of viewers worldwide.  The commericals are almost as popular as the game itself and are well kept secrets.  Not that I'm a huge football fan except for the Steelers..uh hum...who screwed up this year but last year, what can I say??  Yay!   

This year it will be the Chicago Bears and Indianopolis Colts.  I'm looking forward to this game for some reason.  Well, I asked in my graphics journal who everybody was rooting for this year.  And some asked who I was rooting for as I didn't say.  Ok...the Colts but I'm really not caring all that much because it's not the Steelers.  Oh wait...there is a Steeler connection to the Colts which is why I'm leaning that way.  Tony Dunge, the coach of the Colts, was a Pittsburgh Steeler many moons ago.  Love Tony Dunge....he was a class act football player and a class act coach.  He's been to the Superbowl but never got the ring.  I would love to see him get it this year.  Last year, I think the suicide of his son did his chances in.  So, for those reasons, I am rooting for the Colts.  I think the Bears will win, though.

So, the frigid weather here is still gripping western Pa.  Single digits again today but not gusting wind.  Yesterday was awful.  The wind was so strong, it actually looked like it was snowing.  We have about 6 inches on the ground right now.  The sun is out and bright today but still bone chilling.  Grizzly got his butt out the door on me when I was bring groceries in.  I hate it.  I worry that he will get hit by a car but I let him go today.  LOL...confused the dickens out of him when I shut the door.  He came flying home and scratched to get in.  Hmmmm...maybe that's my new plan of attack to get him when he's loose.

Back to the chill.....I live about 60 miles south of where the old groundhog, Phil, lives here in Pa.  I can't remember if he saw his shadow or not but I know whatever it was, Phil says an early spring...yeah right.  I would have believed it two weeks ago but not now.  Lisa Jo sent me this graphic.  I howled and had to use it.  Thanks, LJ!

Today is lasagna day for dinner...easy to make and can sit until the boys decide to eat in front of the tv.  I'm putting Italian sausage in it along with ground meat.  I tried that a while ago, and the sausage gave it an extra kick.  I'm also adding some different cheeses along with mozzarella.

I'm off to get some dishes done so I can dirty some more when I make the lasagna...never ending, along with laundry.  To those in the deep freeze, stay warm.  To those in warmer areas....nanny nanny boo boo...think of us folks who are freezing our buns off. 

Love you all!

Thanks, Missie!  Remember this tag you made me?  LOL...I'm still putting on my Steeler gear..hehe