Sunday, February 4, 2007

Are Ya Ready for Some Football?



Today in the USA is SuperBowl Sunday...the biggest advertisers' dream because of the amount of viewers worldwide.  The commericals are almost as popular as the game itself and are well kept secrets.  Not that I'm a huge football fan except for the Steelers..uh hum...who screwed up this year but last year, what can I say??  Yay!   

This year it will be the Chicago Bears and Indianopolis Colts.  I'm looking forward to this game for some reason.  Well, I asked in my graphics journal who everybody was rooting for this year.  And some asked who I was rooting for as I didn't say.  Ok...the Colts but I'm really not caring all that much because it's not the Steelers.  Oh wait...there is a Steeler connection to the Colts which is why I'm leaning that way.  Tony Dunge, the coach of the Colts, was a Pittsburgh Steeler many moons ago.  Love Tony Dunge....he was a class act football player and a class act coach.  He's been to the Superbowl but never got the ring.  I would love to see him get it this year.  Last year, I think the suicide of his son did his chances in.  So, for those reasons, I am rooting for the Colts.  I think the Bears will win, though.

So, the frigid weather here is still gripping western Pa.  Single digits again today but not gusting wind.  Yesterday was awful.  The wind was so strong, it actually looked like it was snowing.  We have about 6 inches on the ground right now.  The sun is out and bright today but still bone chilling.  Grizzly got his butt out the door on me when I was bring groceries in.  I hate it.  I worry that he will get hit by a car but I let him go today.  LOL...confused the dickens out of him when I shut the door.  He came flying home and scratched to get in.  Hmmmm...maybe that's my new plan of attack to get him when he's loose.

Back to the chill.....I live about 60 miles south of where the old groundhog, Phil, lives here in Pa.  I can't remember if he saw his shadow or not but I know whatever it was, Phil says an early spring...yeah right.  I would have believed it two weeks ago but not now.  Lisa Jo sent me this graphic.  I howled and had to use it.  Thanks, LJ!

Today is lasagna day for dinner...easy to make and can sit until the boys decide to eat in front of the tv.  I'm putting Italian sausage in it along with ground meat.  I tried that a while ago, and the sausage gave it an extra kick.  I'm also adding some different cheeses along with mozzarella.

I'm off to get some dishes done so I can dirty some more when I make the lasagna...never ending, along with laundry.  To those in the deep freeze, stay warm.  To those in warmer areas....nanny nanny boo boo...think of us folks who are freezing our buns off. 

Love you all!

Thanks, Missie!  Remember this tag you made me?  LOL...I'm still putting on my Steeler gear..hehe


my78novata said...

noep he did not see his shadow so we are suppose to have an early spring!!!!!!!! GOD I hope he is right Here in ky its bone chilling col d

siennastarr said...

Nanny nanny boo boo!  I guess that was for me.. hee  It's 77 here today!  I like it better when it's cold!  Hrmph!  WE are never satisfied are we? lol

I hope you enjoy your day today!  My kids are rooting for the Bears, so I guess I am too! <shrugs>  Like I give a rats ass in hell who wins? lol

Anywho.... Have a great day Chris!!

Love you

lanurseprn said...

Nanny Nanny Boo?? Ok OK I won't take that personally just because I'm sitting here in nice sunny weather and can wear SHORTS outside if I absolutely wanted.  I won't take it personally and I WON"T rub it in!  <wink>
I'm with you on the Superbowl. I really don't care who wins.  Unless there's a bet on the table, I could care less!
Have a good day and enjoy you lasagna. Sounds delish!!
Love ya,

queeniemart said...

that is a COOL tag, huh?

I dont care who wins or loses, we dont watch football. I was raised on the Browns and OSU and now am married to a man who hates the sport. It is so cold here i am totally pissed. I have been out in it all weekend too...when all i wanted was to sit and veg inside.
I want some of your food! Yum!

lisa41076 said...

Chris, Mmmmmmmm lasagna and the Superbowl, sounds good to me, Hugs Lisa

midwestvintage said...

 I love super bowl sunday.  It is so quiet at the hospital.  Patients don't call out.  People don't come into the emergency department.  Doctors stay home.  I wish it would last 12 hours..:LOL.   Love the graphic.


jckfrstross said...

have a good evening:) and a great week


tendernoggle said...

Hope you have a great day tomorrow Chris....That lasagna sounds delicious!!!
love ya,

rebuketheworld said...

Girl, it bone cold in Oregon too. This extra body fat isnt doing me any good,lol. I am going to start walking tomorrow and work off this two year weight gain. I was watching these Youtube videos of gals playing with their fat,lol...the comments are hysterical. I am like, hey I could do that,lol. The Lasagna sounds good. I tried to cook it once and it looked like white and red pudding. It was soooooo gross. ~Raven

princesssaurora said...

LOL.. go Colts!  I love the groundhog graphic!!!  So cute!

be well,

ps... stay WARM... brrrr

penniepooh said...

Hey Chris! Freezing temps here, too! Yikes, even I`M cold!
I`m glad the Colts won. Only because I have ties to Indiana now and I like the blue and white uniforms. lol, obviously I`m not much of a football fan. Have a great week. Stay warm and tell that Grizzly "aunt Penny" says to be a good boy and no more running outside like that.
That tag L J sent you is hysterical. Now I know why the groundhog didn`t see his shadow!
Hugs xo

dwhee70041 said...

I'm glad you are getting caught up on your alerts.  It's quite a challanger, Isn't it?  I enjoyed the game even if it wasn't the Steelers against the Broncos (which will never happen as long as they are both in the AFL)  
Please give Grizzley a big hug for us.  I'm glad he enjoys the snow.  We still have over 40 inches of snow on the ground.  The tempatures are moderating some what, mid 40's today.  It will take more than a few days of this kind of weather for the snow to melt.
Stay warm, Spring will be early this year.

shayshaydc said...

I came in from work yesterday and took a shower and sat down to watch the game and fell asleep....... never did see the end of it!!!! LOL!!! It doesn't take much.... when I get still, warm, and comfortable........ forget it... I'm out!!!

shermeen0621 said...

Hmm, that lasagna sounds yum. i just love Italian sausage and i'm a huge cheese fan, though its not always good for me.
That tag is just so cute!

Sherms xx