Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Wed Off

Truth be told, I am feeling a bit out of sorts that this will be my last Wednesday off.  This probably will be my biggest adjustment.  My nerves are in a tizzy at the moment.

Just a few thoughts....I've noticed that my font changed last week to huge.  I always used 14 but it is appearing much larger.  I've been hearing from others in the past few days that the same thing is happening to them....anyone else have this happen?  I thought it was my computer but now think it's an AOL thing.  Actually, the other day I was sort of teasing about the half blind thing.  I have a cataract forming in my right eye which is at present causing lots of vision problems.  LOL...I suppose for the time being I am half blind.

I've been throwing things like crazy into my back up drive.  My computer is making some sort of God awful noise.  I give it a little smack (I'm sure that's great for it) and it stops for a while.  No monitor back yet but I have a feeling the computer will be leaving again soon.  Gateway's policy...three repairs....a new computer.

I have Sears coming on Saturday to repair my beast of an air conditioner in the family room.  Another appliance disaster for me.  My Whirpool caught on fire from a faulty outlet and nearly burned the family room down.  I replaced it with an 18,000 BTU monster that cools the whole downstairs.  Of course, the first year it worked like a charm.  The second year, right before Megan's graduation party on the hottest weekend in July, it crapped out.  It was totally freezing up and creating Niagara Falls in my room.  Sears came twice; took the darned thing out of the wall; could tell it wasn't running properly at all but couldn't find anything wrong with it.  They cleaned it, put it back in, and it ran fine until the end of last summer.  Now, they think the condenser is bad.  Mind you, it's three years old.  Only one year did it work properly.  I am going to insist that they totally replace it.  Their motto on line is satisfaction totally guaranteed or your money back or a replacement.  LOL...we'll see.  The guys were very nice, I have to admit.  But I only have a five year warranty on the cooling system.

My conclusion is I have terrible luck when buying anything that has a motor in it,including cars.  I've learned to always purchase extended warranties, although I didn't with that darned AC of mine.

Oh well, I'm off to get my hair cut and colored.  Have a good one!  It's still warm here but not oppressive like the past few days.


Monday, May 29, 2006

Today my entry will be to honor those who willingly gave their lives for our country.  Being 52 and growing up in the Vietnam Era, the wall is very sobering and moving for me personally.  Many young men in my hometown died in Vietnam and their names are on the wall. My BF served in Vietnam. His brother's name is on that wall.

                My father, as many other's father's served in World War II.  Megan was in Normany when she was in France.  The number of graves are unbelievable.  Sad to say, but I have seen no Korean Conflict tags.  Lets not forget that many of our grandfather's, father, brothers, friends served during that time also.

And don't forget the many women who have and are serving this nation in the Armed Forces and have given their lives for this country.


Bless the troops who are now serving in the Middle East.  All are in danger's way.  I pray for their safety.  Our friends in the UK also have many troops serving there and have lost many loved ones.  We may not all agree with the politics but support those who are carrying out the efforts.

and to those from the UK who are serving also........God Bless!!!!!!   CHRIS

Sunday, May 28, 2006

So how has the weekend been for all of you?  My BF has been sick with a sinus infection but coming over and putting the "troops" here to work.  He had the kids doing all kinds of things yesteday.  Normally, they just lounge and ignore me when I fuss at them.  I should keep it up but it's much easier just to do the things than fuss for an hour.

We got the deck cleaned and almost all stained.  I went and bought some flowers today to plant.  My perennials around my pond look sad.  This is the first year that some didn't survive the winter in that area.  My wildflowers are coming up in another area but so are the weeds.  What a mess that is.  I'm so disappointed with my garden around the pond because that is usually the prettiest area.  LOL..time to visit my mom again and grab some of her perennials.  She was talking of needing to thin them out.

We had shish kebobs on the grill.  Becky didn't come.  She actually has a picnic today and tomorrow to go to.  My BF tried to eat but started to feel sick.  He's been ailing all weekend with some kind of sinus thing and needs to get some antibiotics.  

The heat kills him and hot it is.  It hit 90 today in the "Burgh".  We had absolutely no spring to speak of at all here which is pretty typical.  I'm getting antsy to get my pool up and running but it needs some patches.  My dearest Megan had a party when I was in Fla. last summer with Joey.  I came home to cigarette butts floating in the pool.  Lucky for her I got home after midnight and she was leaving for college at 9 the next morning.  I didn't notice the "damage" to a few things until she was gone. When I go to Ohio in June, if she's not working those nights, my BF is coming over to "babysit."  Joey will be here but I don't want him to have to be responsible for Miss Megan and her antics.

Otherwise, the weekend has been super quiet.  Megan is working tonight; Joe is back visiting in Pittsburgh; my BF is recuperating.  I actually had to put on the air conditioner today.  ROFL...but my BF did about croak.  He walked in and Mocha was perched on the 32" tv again that he bought us.

Tomorrow is another day of much needed yardwork and planting.  We are starting early in the morning so my BF can avoid the heat and humidity that we get by noon.

I was just wondering because another J-Lander brought up the fact that do you wish someone "happy" Memorial Day.  Actually, it is a somber day of recognition.  I suppose every holiday has turned into an occasion for celebrating nowadays. 

I'm wondering if I should even use the siggy tag that was made for me for Memorial Day.  It seems a little out of context but I guess I will and hope it's not offensive to some.  I apologize if it is.......

Nite all!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well, it appears my computer is quite often "under construction."  I've decided to use Megan's monitor for a while longer; just not as much as mine.  This should give me some time to clean my house.  I do say "should" because I can find a hundred other things to occupy myself with besides that.

I cannot wait to start my new job.  My headache is finally going away.  I do think it was a huge tension headache in addition to a sinus infection.  When you work in a circus, you tend to become a clown.  For survival purposes, many things are ignored and become the background.  All of a sudden, these things are becoming more and more evident and driving me up the wall.  Now that I know I only have 3 days to put up with it, I'm feeling more at peace.

One example since I'm on a roll....I went to lunch with a co-worker yesterday...Chinese, very good buffet...$6.00.  Hmmm....I had to pay for both.  It appears the repo man confiscated her car.  She needed her whole paycheck to get it back....$1,700.  Ok...what's wrong with this picture?  She clears twice what I do, has a husband who works, and they live with her mother in a house that has no mortgage.  She hasn't made one payment on that car because she said the bank was supposed to be directly removing it from her account.  She also did mention that it was sort of ironic and she was ashamed of herself that I bought her lunch for her because of our incomes and stations in life.  LOL...she should be.  I promised not to tell anyone, which I won't at work, but I'm telling cyberworld.  This is not the only co-worker I've bought lunch for.  Another is always "broke" and makes the same amount as the above.  I have to ask myself...what do they do with this money.  How can you not make a car payment that's less than $300 a month and just allow it to go into repo when you have that much income rolling into your hands?  Oh well, I will be on a totally different floor come June 5th.

One of the girls that got promoted over me the last time has moved into my section.  She sings, whistles, claps her hands, and blasts her radio all day long.  Drives me whacko and I know it's driving those who have more responsible jobs than I do totally nuts.  Yet, management says nothing.  Adios!

My supervisor is in Disney World this week.  I certainly hope she is enjoying herself because I have been deluged with work which is falling off of two very long tables.  I think she is under the impression that I will have everything cleaned up before I leave...not gonna happen.  The mailroom is arriving down in my area with a pallet every day instead of a cart.  Do I care?  LOL..not really.

I do think as Memorial Day approaches, we Americans need to count our blessings and show appreciation to those who have died and are dying to preserve our freedom.  Also, show appreciation to our country's veterans who served in the armed forces for the same goal.  We owe so much to these men and women.  If not for them, for one thing, we would not be sitting here voicing our thoughts and opinions on the web.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Computer Woes....cont

I'm probably going to be MIA for a few computer woes are continuing....grrrrr   I came home from work to a "dead as a doornail" monitor.  Now, those of you who are newer readers are not aware that my power supply box blew which in turn killed my motherboard and left me hanging on a limb for a month in February.  I have to say it is my luck with appliances, cars, etc because Megan has the identical E-Machine which is going on 3 years old with no problems.  In fact, I borrowed her monitor tonight to post this.  I really don't want to keep using hers because it's out of warranty.  I don't want anything to happen to it because I'll have to replace it.

Now, we did have a power surge this afternoon but I went to Staples with Becky and bought a super duper power surge protector with it's own circuit in it when I got my computer back before.  It will protect up to God only knows how many amps of a surge.  Megan's monitor was also turned on so I have no idea if that's what caused the problem but the circuit didn't blow on my protector.

They are sending me a new monitor.  I will return the old one when the new one gets here...3 days, not counting Sunday and Memorial Day, so they say.  My power supply box was a nightmare.  Now, I have to say my computer was shipped on a Wednesday and back to me by the following Tuesday.

I will hit as many journals tonight as I can.  Becky is supposed to send a monitor up that she doesn't use.  It was meant for the screaming machine she built for me as a back up but I may confiscate it for the time being.

LOL...look like the house might get a good cleaning this weekend.

I also want to wish a very happy early birthday to dear Lisa Jo Damaged Goods.  According to my birthday alarm, tomorrow is Lisa's big day.  I've been known to be off on these greetings but stop by her journal or send her a big birthday greeting.  HUGS Lisa Jo!!!!!!

I'm off to read journals and put myself on hold, once again, with my PSP group, and then drown myself in tears (j/k) because I'm such a computerholic.

Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

One More Wed to GO

I have to thank Diama Chocolate Cherried Creations for the tag above.  I love it and feel a bit like a pirate.  LOL...wish I looked like that one.

I spent a good bit of the day trying to get the last leg of the basement cleaning done.  What a chore that has become.  One more Wednesday to go.  I might as well work because most times I don't feel like doing anything on Wed anyway.  The 10 hr days were beginning to wear on me.  It may be nice to get home 1 1/2 hrs. earlier.  The day should seem to go by faster.  Ok...I'll fuss a bit more about this because I like to fuss.

Great news though....I already cleared it with my new boss to take off June 20 & 21 to travel to Ohio and attend the Christian band festival with my wonderful J-Land friend, Penny Penny`s Place so I'm super excited about that.

My shadowing went well with Rose.  I do believe we will work very well together.  We always did.  I will be doing the Voc Rehab work for vets in foreign countries, of which there are many.  I already do this in my division now.  This is totally new in Voc Rehab so they seem thrilled to have someone who knows foreign zones and addresses.

Joey had another interview today with the supervisor of the cable installation.  Of course, he thinks he totally blew it.  He called it the train wreck of interviews but then he did mention that they were talking about motorcycles and the fact that I won't permit him to buy one as long as he lives in this house.  I'm just terrified to have a kid riding a "bike."  So, it may just be his perception of things.  Now, I'm praying big time.  He should know next week after all the interviews are done.

Megan's thyroid is great again (a slight increase in Synthroid), and the best news is that her osteoporosis has corrected itself with calcium and the gluten free diet.  The young just seem to heal so well.

Speaking of diets...whooo...I need one.  I weighed myself Saturday on OT and about died.  I've packed on 8 lbs in the past couple of months.  Yikes...none of my summer stuff is gonna fit me.  I'm back to packing salads for lunch again.

American Idol...Taylor or Kat?  I think this one could be an upset.  Nothing would surprise me anymore with Season 5.

And now some equal time for the kitty of the house, Mocha.  Her newest perch is on top of my new tv....grrrr  She's also been lounging on top of my computer monitor.  Not sure why her eyes are green and glowing.



Have a great evening everyone.  Time to get my lunch ready so I can watch the AI finals.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Surprise, I'm using one of my own creations today again.  For some reason, my font size has changed in my journal.  It looks larger than usual.  Everybody's journals' fonts look larger but since I'm half blind, it's a good thing.

I am starting my new job on June 5th.  The new boss agreed to one week only.  My raise will still go into effect the week before.  I knew my current boss went down to ask early this morning.  Of course, he went by my desk numerous time and said nothing.  He said nothing when I had to take him some paperwork.  Around 2:00, I decided enough was enough and went down to Voc Rehab to thank the division chief for selecting me.  It was a good decision.  He was super nice and the girl who will be training me I worked with for many years.  She was promoted a couple of years ago and is excited for me to get down there.

Yep, I have to work five days a week again.  No compressed schedules there but that's ok.  I will adjust to it once again.

The guy I'm training never showed up this afternoon.  I didn't think it was my place to hunt him down but will have to tomorrow.  I also plan to go to Voc Rehab for a couple of hours and shadow Rose, my trainer.

Joey called the guy at the cable company today to tell him he could be available any time for an interview.  He had an interview at 4 this afternoon.  The head cable installer is supposed to call some time this week and schedule him for an interview.  Of course, Joey thinks he blew it.  I'm praying he gets through all this and gets a job.

So, I'm feeling less nervous and more positive and actually pretty darned excited because this will be a challenging and interesting job.

The sun finally came out this afternoon, and it warmed up some.  Now, they are saying we will be in the 90's this weekend.  Yikes, what kind of change is that?  Love the heat though but it's a little quick.

Have a great evening everyone.  If anybody wants that lady with my siggy tagged for you, let me know.  It's really just a simple one.  HUGS to all...........


Saturday, May 20, 2006

A New Journey

The waiting is over....I found out early yesterday morning that I was selected for the promotion in Voc Rehab.  I was shocked.  The call came from our HR in Baltimore.  We have caller ID.  I didn't recognize the number and thought someone must have referred another outside call to me.  Almost didn't answer it but figured I should.  It turns out the division chief is out of town.  I'm not sure why it was done this way.  It's been the oddest of odd situations but I have my foot in that door.  It is a very, very good promotion.  I will have to work my butt off to progress to the target which is a wonderful opportunity for me.  Of course, the naysayers, of which I was warned this would happen, started instantly on the cons.

The differences in the divisions are vast.  My division is the elementary school of the Agency.  Everybody knows everybody's business.  Professionalism is lacking.  People come and go pretty much as they please.  There's not a whole lot of accountability.  After working in this type of circus atmosphere for a good many years, you begin to adapt to the environment.  I do my work conscientously but tend to take off when I feel like it and come and go as I please because I do work very hard when I'm there.  LOL...back to the real world of working for me.  My new division is very quiet and organized.  No calling off when you feel like it.  All times off, except emergencies scheduled.  The way it should be.

So, I'm very ecstatic but also scared crapless.  I know the division chief but not extremely well....I've known him for years to say hello.  And so the rumors start about the other division.

I'm hoping to speak to him when he returns on Monday.  I realize most likely they do not have compressed work schedules.  I'm terrified to give my Wednesdays up.  Ok..not terrified but summer is on the way.  Well, I'm not supposed to be in the sun anymore anyway since I've had lesions removed and get checked quarterly since last fall for more.  I can't run out for smoke breaks so I'm buying a patch tomorrow and have decided enough is enough.  It's bothering me to smoke because I'm scared crapless of what it could be doing to my lungs.

I know I'm rambling.  I have a million and one thoughts pounding through this old head of mine.  I've dealt with so many changes with my job the past 7 years.  It's unbelievable that this is sending me through so many loops of emotions.  I feel like my little child inside of me is screaming again.

Now, I'm thinking can I really do this?  Of course, I can.  I've risen far and above what I should be doing and learned so many new things on my own.  My division chief and supervisor were very ashen faced yesteday.  They have no idea who to replace me with.  They are asking my new boss if he will let me stay upstairs two weeks to a month to train a new guy.  I have no idea what the new boss will say.  I am supposed to be starting the day after Memorial Day, and that's fine with me. 

And the final kicker....two people are going to replace me.  My old job is going up on the board and surprise, surprise, it's two grades higher than what I am presently.  The irony made me want to laugh/cry.  Nice that I was so appreciated.  One thing I do know and I do think they realize.....I will be greatly missed when I'm gone.

My new journey beginning...if I don't move forward and take a chance, I'll never know what would have been. 

I love all of you and thank you so much for being here and listening to me, supporting me with your prayers.

Oh, Joey's interview was cancelled at the last minute because of a meeting.  I will explain more about this but he cuts grass for a guy who is a retired exec from the cable company who is also a family friend of my mother and brother.  So, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed because, as you know, it's usually not what you know; it's who you know.  My boy needs a break finally.... He's in Columbus this weekend for the NHRA races so he's having a good time.  Again, thank you all for your continued prayers for my family and me.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

My life is most definitely a wild and interesting journey.  Once again, I had to call off work today.  My supervisor must be off because she never called back.  It seems I'm off more than I'm there lately.

Megan had an appt. with her one of her docs today in Pittsburgh.  She was supposed to pick me up at work around 11 this morning and then drop me off afterwards.  The rain is just awful.  The roads are just full of water and hydroplaning is causing tons of accidents.  The route that we have to take to Pittsburgh is particularly treacherous with hydroplaning.  I just could not be at peace with her driving over an hour in these conditions.  I'm far more experienced with this type of driving than she is.  My "babies" will always have top priority.

Well, how about AI last night?  I figured Elliott would go but really I do love his style.  What a close race, though.  How many others here had problems getting calls through Tues night.

I also watched my other addiction...America's Top Model.  I never watch it week to week but watched the marathon on VH-1 until 11:00 Saturday night and then I always watch the finale.  Megan and I were glued to the tv Saturday.  Tyra Banks is just so gorgeous.  Love that show.  One of the finalists was from Pittsburgh.  She didn't win but I really liked both finalists this time.

Joey has an interview at our local cable company for a very good job as a line installer trainee this afternoon.  Please all keep him in your prayers.  He is so shy and interviews are so very hard for him.

Have a great one everybody!  Thinking sun here but it doesn't look like the rain is going to stop until Sunday....grrrr


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I snagged the above tag but think it represents my feeling toward J-Land.  I've met so many wonderful people who have become such great friends.  I'm so thankful that I started this journal.

My birthday alarm went off again.  Today is David's Sunshine Colorado Notes least I'm saying it is but have been known to be off a day or two.  Stop by his journal and wish him a happy one.  David has some of the most interesting entries and Milo, his dog, definitely didn't get kicked out doggie camp.

American Idol...yes, I did watch it again.  Elliott sang one of my all time favorite songs, What you Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell.  I'm a huge R&B and blues fan.  I may be the only one out there but I love Elliott's R&B/bluesy voice.  Can't even begin to get through on the phone on any lines.  Katharine...oh well...I would like to see the two boys next week.

My sinus infection is slowly easing....very slowly.  I haven't had to take my prescription sinus medication since Sunday, which is pretty much a record.  I did have to take one this afternoon, as the vice grip was starting again. I try to limit the sinus medication as it wreaks havoc on my blood pressue.  Four other people at work were off the same time I was with sinus infections.  JMO...I work in one of those "sick" buildings.

Still no word on the job.  The final person was interviewed last Wed.  I'm beginning to think that they don't want any of the three of us.  Such is life.  Definitely very odd.

Megan began actually serving last Friday night.  She caught on very quickly because she is totally familiar with the place.  She work six hours on Sunday and got $74 in tips; not too shabby for a beginner.  My BF, Joey and I went Friday night to eat there.  That was her first night.  She had two tables and served for about 3 hours and made $35 in tips.  They say she will make more when she works the busier hours.  I think we may have tohave a talk about saving at least half of the tips since the hourly wage is very low.

And, of course, the rain is continuing and I have no idea when it's supposed to stop.  Last I heard, Saturday, maybe.  It's also gotten the 40's.  It had been in the 60's up until today.

Not much else is going on around here.  I get to stay up tonight since I'm off tomorrow...yeah.  Have a good one everybody!!!!!



Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Thought I'd share some pictures from Mother's Day 2006.  Everybody was tired and not in the mood for pictures but that didn't stop old Mom from taking them.  Since we had to be at my mom's at noon, everybody was half asleep except for me.  I was up at 7 this morning shampooing Joey's carpet where Grizzly had an accident.  He had been whining and Joey hoped he would go away.  Nope, he had to go and go he went.  My next chore was plunging the bathtub which didn't make Megan too happy because she had to work until pretty late this morning. 

Finally, we made it to Grandma's.  Megan didn't even put her contacts  Here is a picture of my mom and Megan getting the food ready.  My mom didn't stop long enough for a picture.


Next picture was the 2 happy girls.........


Of course, they always smile when Mom's in the picture.........



We finally talked Joey into getting into the pictures.  He absolutely hates to get his picture taken so here are the three biggest loves of my life.........


LOL....and one more picture...Becky and Uncle G, my brother....happy, hey he was trying to smile, I think?  don't know....but at least my SIL wasn't there today so things went very smoothly....


I was able to stop at my BF's house on the way home and visit with his mother.  She was missing the fact that I wasn't there.  She had three boys so considers me the daughter she never had. Such a sweet lady she is.  She was feeling totally ill the day he told her he retired which is why she had reacted strangely.

Mother's Day 2006....a good day in my life because my whole family was able to gather together.  Hope everybody had a great day today!


Saturday, May 13, 2006


I want to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!  Of course, the UK mums had their day in March.  I want to thank Shelly for the tag above.  I just love the floating petals.

We are going to my mother's tomorrow at noon.  Seems my brother can't miss his golf tee time.  Sort of boils my every eating time revolves around his schedule.  Easter dinner was at 5 because of his blood sugar levels and diabetes.  Guess, during golf season, it cures itself.  Ok...enough sarcasm on my part.

My mother and I have always had a difficult relationship.  My mom is very rigid and unbending and would have loved to have a daughter just like she is.  Well, it didn't turn out that way.  It's been extremely difficult for her to accept that fact.  When I was younger, I was very vocal.  We've both mellowed.  It started when she was hospitalized two years ago with an MRSA infection (hope I got that right).  She got extremely disgusted with my brother.  She still has far too much faith in my brother who I am beginning to totally distrust more.

I've raised my children in a totally opposite atmosphere.  No harsh judgments, plenty of love and structure.  I think I have three of the most beautiful, smart, well behaved, respectful children alive.  They aren't afraid of me but know what is expected of them and do it for the most part.  And they adore me.  I drive them crazy and get on their nerves but do crack them up.

I also want to put a plug in for Sugar's journal.  She's been doing a tribute to moms all week with some very lovely entries.  If you haven't visited, do stop in.  Here's the link...A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR, PLEASE...

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY all!!!!  Without our moms, we wouldn't be here today..........  HUGS & SMILES


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain and More Rain

Not that I totally can't stand rain but we have had a non-stop monsoon with wind since the middle of the night.  I had a headache that started once again yesterday afternoon that felt like a vice grip clamped on my head.  I had to miss work again today, which I just always hate doing.  Turns out I have a sinus infection and have probably been walking around with it for a few weeks.  This has been a bad year for bugs and crud for me.

It was sort of good that I was at home.  I had forgotten to shut the kitchen window all the way, and rain just blew completely through the kitchen.  I heard a buzzing noise.  It was the one outlet in a string of outlets above my one counter.  The wall was hot, the outlet was hot.  I sort of got panicky.  My air conditioner caught my familyroom wall on fire a few summers ago because of faulty wiring.  Deja Vu was setting in.  It turned out that rain had gotten into the one outlet and was sizzling.  I tried drying it but then used my blow dryer on low and that solved the problem.  The plug and wall are cool and back to normal.  My BF came over to check and make sure.

I had been at the pharmacy getting my prescription when it started raining which is why I didn't get the window closed in time.

The medicine is really helping already.  I decided to tackle the basement and get it over with.  Yikes, water ran into the coal cellar and a little bit in the back.  We did have some pounding rain for quite a while.  It wasn't a whole lot but the coal cellar had a good sized puddle in one corner.  LOL...another job for my retired handyman to check the gutters and build up the fill on that side of the house.  He had to do that once before on the other side. how about American Idol?  I tell you I was more than shocked.  I was stunned.  I thought it would be Taylor and Chris at the end.  I was sure Miss Katie was gone.  I've never really had a favorite but Chris has really proven to be so well rounded with his performances.  I like Taylor but sometimes he's almost spastic with his dancing and movements.  Yeah, I thought Katie did well at times but sheesh she missed the lyrics the other night.  More and more Chris was becoming my favorite.  I also thought Ryan was really cold and blunt when he blurted it out.  Oh well....AI has lost a lot of its luster for me.

Back to work tomorrow for me.  I left all my umbrellas and my raincoat with the hood there.  I'm really praying for the rain to stop at least at 6 tomorrow morning so I don't get drenched.  We do not have an umbrella in this house.  Of course, the one that's always in my car in now in my locker at work.  One day I will get organized...not.

Have a great evening all and stay dry if it's pouring where you are at!



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My day off, and I finally have some time for an entry.  No word on the job because one of the people who put in for it is off with a broken ankle.  They called him at home.  I think they would have liked to do a telephone interview but can't blame him if he said he didn't want to.  I just found this out yesterday.  I'm done fretting about it.  I really don't think I will get it.  So, I'll let the Lord take care of it.

The mind games were driving me nuts.  The asst. division chief called me into her office Thursday and went into a long spiel (is that a about understanding that I put in for that job in another division and to consider putting in for a claims asst. position that will soon be posted.  So, of course, I thought she knew something but no, she was just fishing and playing around.  She used to intimidate me but pissed me off totally a few weeks ago about a folder from a hospital.  Enough was enough so I just went a little crazy about it.  Since then, no more intimidation.

So, anyway, I told her I was thoroughly bitter and po'd about the last promotion that she chose and let it be known that the pimping of my knowledge was soon going to end, and I would do exactly the limit of my job description.  Figured I'd rock the boat a bit.  Of course, I did it very nicely but got my point across.

And since I'm probably going to be right where I'm at, I had to be polite and respectful, which I always am anyway.

But, sheesh, I hate mind games.  I read body language and facial expressions far too well and always feel like I have to have a strategy planned.  And then there's my supervisor always fishing for information.  Yikes, I can never remember this much drama in the work place in all my years there.  Now, this is when I really miss my BF being there because he was such a good sounding board.  LOL...I have to go outside and call him on my cell phone because we're all on top of each other.

The drama continues at least for the time being.  I haven't seen a job posted yet for another claims asst. but I keep hearing it's coming.  Hmmmm.....

Enough of work.  It's my day off, and I refuse to let it infiltrate my home life.  Last night my BF took me out again.  Think he was feeling bad for me.  The good old Days Inn was hopping for a Tuesday night.

And now I seriously have to sort through all the junk mail and bills that are falling off of my snack bar.  I can't believe how much crap comes into my mail box every day.  Plus........the dungeon basement of mine is still calling me....yuck....I hate it down there.

Have a great day!  It's sunny and 70 in western Pa. and gas has dropped at the BP's to $2.85 a gallon.......

Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Weird and Busy Week

This week has just been the busiest and weirdest week I've had in a long time.  Still no word on the job yet.  We were supposed to know by the end of the week.  I'd really like to get it now and will be insulted, once again, if I don't.  The suspense is getting to me.  The whole thing is just weird.

Megan is all moved in back home.  My BF, Becky and Joey did the moving.  I worked half a day.  I think sometimes it's much smoother when I'm not around.  There's a certain amount of tension between my baby and me.  I came home and decluttered the house some more.  By the time my BF arrived with his truck, I had the front yard loaded with stuff for him to take to his dumpster.  My new neighbors were working on the house next door.  I'm thinking they thought I was a bit looney.  I was just opening the front door and tossing stuff out into the yard.

Megan and I went to Chile's to eat, came home and both fell asleep around 5.  I woke up at 8; just in time to go out.  Good old Days Inn again.  There were three weddings there so I danced my legs off....pretty good exercise, I'd say.

Megan and I are off to Walmart for some major food shopping.  She starts waitress training tomorrow evening at EatNPark.  She will work from 6 at night until 3 in the morning while training.  That's what they all do.  Of course, I won't sleep soundly until she's safely home.  But Yeah...Joey fixed his mustang so we won't be juggling cars.

I managed a relatively short entry.  AOL is acting up, my Paint Shop Program is acting up....grrrr....aggravating.  I'm visiting all the journals slowly but surely.  I have to get a pork roast in the oven for dinner plus my shopping and more basement cleaning, which I hate more than the plague. 

HUGS & SMILES TO ALL....................          


Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Life has been very hectic these past few days.  I've undertaken the task of cleaning out the basement from hell.  My basement is old and creepy anyway.  I run a dehumidifier year round.  I found out my super pooch has been using it as his dumping ground, literally.  Now this is not making me real happy.  He uses our old coal cellar as an emergency spot when we're not home.  I just picked up on his newest trick which is why bother howling; just go to the basement.  I fixed that boy's wagon and shut the basement door when we're here.  I swear he's getting like some crotchety old man.  So, I've been throwing things away and pine "solling" the basment.  I also figured out why he wasn't going in the coal cellar.  Get this...and I know this is one of his quirks....Grizzly will not go into the coal cellar if the light is burnt out.  Sure enough, Joey said it's been burnt out for a couple of days.  Ok...enough about my dog's business.

I put in for yet another our Voc Rehab division.  I put in my paperwork 6 weeks ago and figured I mustn't have qualified because I never heard a word.  Monday, I was still feeling ill and looked like crap.  The chief of that division came around into my cubicle and asked if I could come down for my interview in 10 minutes.  I'm sort of glad I didn't know and didn't have time to fret.  This is something I'm almost afraid I'll get.  It would mean going back to five days a week because they don't do compressed work schedules and super long work days for me because of my bus schedule.  A super big adjustment since I've had Wednesdays off for 7 years.  I have no idea who put in for it.  Word doesn't spread through that division or out of that division like the one I'm in now.  I will know by the end of the week.  It's in the Lord's hands.  Either way, this I will be able to accept it.

My BF and I went to the Day's Inn last night and really had a super good time. But I did manage to watch American Idol before I ran out the door. There was a nice crowd so we got to kick up our heels and dance.  He seems to be thoroughly enjoying the retired life but it's only been a couple of days.

So, who do you all think will be going this week?  I'm thinking Elliott or Paris.

Well, I'm off to my basement again.  I'm feeling motivated today so I'm taking advantage of the situation.  I'll be back to visit everyone later.  I really want to change my side bar but haven't had the time.  I still have an April calendar up...yikes.. Oh well, maybe tonight............

Thanks to Lisa Jo for the great graphics I used today.