Saturday, May 27, 2006

Well, it appears my computer is quite often "under construction."  I've decided to use Megan's monitor for a while longer; just not as much as mine.  This should give me some time to clean my house.  I do say "should" because I can find a hundred other things to occupy myself with besides that.

I cannot wait to start my new job.  My headache is finally going away.  I do think it was a huge tension headache in addition to a sinus infection.  When you work in a circus, you tend to become a clown.  For survival purposes, many things are ignored and become the background.  All of a sudden, these things are becoming more and more evident and driving me up the wall.  Now that I know I only have 3 days to put up with it, I'm feeling more at peace.

One example since I'm on a roll....I went to lunch with a co-worker yesterday...Chinese, very good buffet...$6.00.  Hmmm....I had to pay for both.  It appears the repo man confiscated her car.  She needed her whole paycheck to get it back....$1,700.  Ok...what's wrong with this picture?  She clears twice what I do, has a husband who works, and they live with her mother in a house that has no mortgage.  She hasn't made one payment on that car because she said the bank was supposed to be directly removing it from her account.  She also did mention that it was sort of ironic and she was ashamed of herself that I bought her lunch for her because of our incomes and stations in life.  LOL...she should be.  I promised not to tell anyone, which I won't at work, but I'm telling cyberworld.  This is not the only co-worker I've bought lunch for.  Another is always "broke" and makes the same amount as the above.  I have to ask myself...what do they do with this money.  How can you not make a car payment that's less than $300 a month and just allow it to go into repo when you have that much income rolling into your hands?  Oh well, I will be on a totally different floor come June 5th.

One of the girls that got promoted over me the last time has moved into my section.  She sings, whistles, claps her hands, and blasts her radio all day long.  Drives me whacko and I know it's driving those who have more responsible jobs than I do totally nuts.  Yet, management says nothing.  Adios!

My supervisor is in Disney World this week.  I certainly hope she is enjoying herself because I have been deluged with work which is falling off of two very long tables.  I think she is under the impression that I will have everything cleaned up before I leave...not gonna happen.  The mailroom is arriving down in my area with a pallet every day instead of a cart.  Do I care?  LOL..not really.

I do think as Memorial Day approaches, we Americans need to count our blessings and show appreciation to those who have died and are dying to preserve our freedom.  Also, show appreciation to our country's veterans who served in the armed forces for the same goal.  We owe so much to these men and women.  If not for them, for one thing, we would not be sitting here voicing our thoughts and opinions on the web.



xxroxymamaxx said...

I know a few people like that.  Make so much money, yet still cannot manage to pay the bills.  I mean I admit, I have a hard time managing the budget too but damn, I always pay the bills first and buy food.  Hope you get that monitor back soon....I am still using my daughter's too. lol  I have the old all packed in the box with the receipt ready to go back to Best Buy, but haven't gone yet.  Procrastinator me.  I love that line, When you work in a circus, you tend to become a clown. lol  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

jeadie05 said...

Its a way of life for some people ...instead of cutting their coat according to their cloth they spend as though there is no tomorrow,and there is always someone like you to buy their lunch ...ah well .....Hugs Jan xx

queeniemart said...

I think its crummy that these dingbats make you pay for lunch and you know they will never return the favor. I hope so much that you are renewed and happy when you move to the new dept and they are going to miss you SO much after you leave the one you're in!! I hope your Memorial day is a good one too. Thank God you can still get online. LOVE YOU,lisa jo

jckfrstross said...

wonderful entry:) wow 3 more days to go woohoo i am so glad you got out of there and moved to a better place :) enjoy the weekend


tpiez4me said...

I hear you on the co-worker mess.  Gotta wonder where all the money is going!  It's always someone's drama LOL!  Love the clown comment!  That is SO my job.  Ah...a long weekend.  DH is a Veteran of the flagz a flyin!  Enjoy your weekend!
Sharon –

xomywayox said...

Ok, I got something to say here. I have two jobs. And my second job is repoing people's cars that don't pay. Our motto is "The quickest way to get up on your feet, miss a car payment.'' This chick that let you pay for her lunch, well the nicest thing I can say about her. She's a loser. and most likely will always be just that. You know there was a time when I didn't make a lot money. I mean I was living on a dime. And I made do. Oh jeez, I'm rambling on again. I feel your pain and yippee! You'll be on a diffrent yellow brick road soon.


lanurseprn said...

Funny how you sort of mentally "detach" from a job when you know you are leaving.  Just a few more days!  
Weird about that co-worker.  You just don't know what is going on in people's lives, do ya?  Hope she gets her car back, though.  That's no fun!
Enjoy your Memorial Weekend.

chat2missie said...

I love your patriotic graphics today.  Have a good weekend.

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris...maybe you better save that Under Construction tag...may need it again.  :/
I think from now on - just go to lunch by yourself! It amazes me that people make good money and still can`t manage it. I know some like that!
Love all your patriotic graphics. I may have to snag a couple. And you are right, we do need to count our blessings and show appreciation to those who are fighting and to our vets.
So, your supervisor is at Disney. Goofy? Dumbo? Pinocchio? LOL
Love ya,

hadonfield78 said...

I understand that........
My wife works for a bancrupcy courthouse, it is amazing how many people with two very large incomes , end up bankrupt...

bluethebeard said...

Hi Chris
Zoe sent me over, I have just read your entry; It seems that all of us who earn the least are put upon the most! Your story is one that I can relate to personaly, I work 6 days a week for a little over minimum wage and still find myself listining to the financial mess of those earning more than 3 times my wage.

zoepaul6968 said...

Although Im british,I will join you in supporting yours and indeed our troops,this is a difficult time for many and our thoughts are with the families left behind.xxzoexx.

queenb8261 said...

Great entry Chris.  Sounds to me like you are overworked and underpaid!!
Thank  you for supporting our troops and our Veterans.  The backbone of our freedom. With 3 children and a husband and my late father all being Vets.  I know in my heart what it means. Have a great weekend, friend.
Hugs, Barb

mtrib2 said...

I am 54 so I grew up in the generation that did not know what a "Great Depression" as in the 1930's was.     My parent's had an old 1947 Chevy that broke down on a trip I remember.     My Dad was an engineer working at Caterpillar and had been in the Navy.    He still did not believe in getting into debt because another depression could happen.    I had to mow lawns and shovel snow and pass newspapers to get any money.     I got a 50 cent allowance if I cut the lawn and took out the trash.     I complained that other kids got more.    People act as if they can just charge whatever they want because they will have money coming in and think it will never stop.    I did not get my first credit card until about 4 years ago.     I knew I did not have an income that would buy much and I lived with what I have.     My bill is paid every month because I never want to be in debt.    As low of an income as I have I have it much better than the majority of people who live below the poverty line because I invested in buying my house and property and live in a rural area with low property tax.    My  house and property cost $12,000 and I paid a low contract for deed monthly.     I guess my point is that I realize the value of a dollar saved not spent.       I will remember this Memorial Day the sacrifice that other's have made to make my life possible and my standard of living so easy.        mark

onestrangecat said...

my dad has a friend who always "forgets" his wallet when they go some where.  now have you ever seen a man without his wallet? i keep telling dad he does it on purpose.

there is probably a really good reason your co-worker lives w mom.  she can't afford her own place!  my brother and his wife would forego paying the rent so they could do something fun.  go figure.  I'm younger than him and am buying my own house. he still worries about the rent but keeps buying whatever they want.


kdcutie26 said...

Chris my dear...oh have I missed you a ton.  I hope that your new job goes so much better for you.  I want you to be happy.  I will be back to read more later, I just wanted to drop a comment to let you know that I still love you and am thinking about you.