Monday, July 31, 2006

ROFL...I loved this tube but don't like what I did with it that well to put it in my graphics journal so I threw it in here. 

Now, frustrations are still around but I've decided that they are just coming in a series and should slow down.  hehehehe...yeah right.

My AC didn't get fixed today because Sears sent one guy out even though I called Friday and Saturday to make sure the orders were written for two.  He got here and was a tiny little guy and flipped.  So.......they "promised" to have two guys out here between 8 & 9 tomorrow.  Actually, I wasn't all that upset because I could legitimately take another vacation day.

Joey and I hit the pool at noon.  There was a pretty heavy cloud cover.  We had a couple of hours of off and on sun.  Then it rained but dang it was steamier afterwards.

Adding insult to injury, the power steering felt like it crapped out in my beater car on the way to Walmart yesterday.  I'm to the point now where I just almost have to laugh.  I knew this was coming.  I've been adding fluid for a couple of months now.  I had a power steering hose replaced three years ago.  My mechanic said at that time the pump was on its last legs so I consider myself lucky (ok I tell myself I'm lucky) it lasted as long as it did.  I haven't even looked at the car today.  I don't want to deal with it now but I suppose I should get my BF over here to test run it so I can get it scheduled if need be.

I've had some chats with Megan.  Last night was not a good time so I did it over dinner tonight.  For some reason Eat N Park has a corporate manager there now.  He works double the amount of waitresses so their tips have been cut in half.  She is only making $50 at most instead of close to $100.  This started two weeks ago, and none of the servers are very happy about it.  We discussed the car and my reservations.  I told her she couldn't afford gas for it right now, among other things that bother me about the car.  It seemed to sink in, at least I hope so.

I would say all in all I've been pretty lucky with my finances until recently when everything started to go one on top of the other.  It seems things happen like that.

Hopefully, my darned air conditioner will get fixed tomorrow before I get a sledge hammer and pound it out of the wall.  I did tell the manager of the service dept. at Sears that I was going to do that if it's not fixed tomorrow.  LOL... I told her they can come pick up their compressor and AC and either refund me my money or replace the whole unit.  Should be interesting but seriously if no one comes tomorrow, I do want the whole thing replaced.  It's three years old and been out of order more than its been running.

I'm hoping the sun will be out more tomorrow and no rain.  Of course, Wednesday is supposed to be the best day for sun....hmmmm....extended vacation sounds good to me.

I did get postcards from Sugar and Deb....hugs....I'm so disorganized and out of it lately, I haven't gotten around to even buying any.  I'm terrible...sheesh   Megan was really excited about it.  She brings the mail in and was fascinated by the whole postcard thing.

Have a good evening....I think the old "CAB" is back in the house again.........


Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sheesh....I'm being tested to my limits with frustrations galore.  I hate that my journal is turning into day after day of issues.  Where did my goofy, happy stuff go?

I did talk with my mother yesterday.  She wasn't upset with me at all.  I was also able to discuss my uneasiness with her to an extent about my brother.  She didn't disagree so I'm thinking she may have some clue.   There was an issue with her will which didn't bother me until I mentioned it to a close friend at work.  My mom took me out when I was going through my divorce.  I never heard that she had changed it back.  I didn't care because I've been given enough but I didn't consider the fact that there are also three grandchildren involved.   Relief but brief until Megan got home from work.

Megan told me her dad is giving her a 1989 Escort with 30,000 on it that was his mother's.  Bad, bad feeling.  He never gives anything away with worth that he could sell.  I told her under no circumstances to sign anything because I had a feeling he would want to sign it over to her. And that is exactly what he wants to do.  No way.....  He's moaning about it costing $400 a year for insurance.  She said she would pay him the insurance money.  Again, no way.  She has been wasting money all summer which is angering me and stressing me.  I found out how much she will get back to live on off campus from her student loan.  She is barely going to cut it if she is conservative, which she is not.  She thinks this is a joke.  So, back to the ex bought an inspection sticker off of someone he knows.  Not permitted in Pa. but it's done.  I would take it to my mechanic to check it before it gets driven.  Bottom line is she will not have the money for gas; she doesn't need a car this year because she is close to campus; she needs to concentrate on her grades; period.  God only knows how I will get this through that thick skull of hers.  I cannot keep feeding her checking account this year because she is too irresponsible to pay attention to what she is spending.  I estimated  her utility budget and rent.  Sort of flipped me out.  And yet, I dont know for sure.  Her roommates are living their now.  I've been telling her for weeks now to call and find out what the utility bills are.  Has she?  Nope.

So, her dad, once again is not planning to give her a cent toward school.  Grrrrr.....  What he is planning to do is pawn a car off on us that he can't sell.  How he can even consider putting his own daughter behind the wheel of that car is beyond my comprehension.

I hate to whine yet again when others here have so many issues far worse they are dealing with.  It's just been a month of endless stress for me.  LOL...I cringe when my cell phone rings.

But I do have the day off tomorrow.  Sears is coming to install my compressor.  I sure hope they get here early because I want to float in my pool.  I have to go move some things around in the family room so they can pull the darned thing out of the wall once again.

I'm tempted to take Tuesday off as a "mental health" day and try to regroup.  I had to cancel the trip to Myrtle Beach due to lack of funds.  I know Becky was disappointed but understood so I have plenty of vacation time to use.

Seriously, I do hope the spinning slows down so I can get back to my old self again.  I was reading my old entries and wonder where that person is now.

Lots of love to all of you.............


Saturday, July 29, 2006

  ROFL...this is most definitely fitting for me this week.  Thanks to Nutters in my PSP group for tagging this for me.

Before I go off on one more rant trip, I want to wish Barb  Diary of a Mad Woman  a happy birthday.  Stop by and wish her one.  LOL..also have a good question for her to answer...hey, she asked for it.

Thanks to Coastal Comfort Sharon, I know why this week has been a mess.  It's Mercury causing this.

I should probably keep my big mouth shut but I won't because right now I really don't give a rat's behind who reads this or what they think. 

It all started with my crying over my nest egg being depleted.  Wed was an ok day....a pizza party at work, my doc's appt for my blood pressure, which was 110/66 and some pool time.

LOL...then I read Sharon's journal about Mercury wreaking havoc and thinking....yeah, right.  Hmmm...the next day, I get a voice mail message and text from Becky crying hysterically that her piece of crap Tempo that my mom gave her needs numerous repairs totalling $600.  Should she fix it or not and would I "loan" her the money.

Oy vay, the first thing I do is call my mom to see what she thought I should do.  Man, it gets better.  She said she would call my brother.....oh, I hate this.  She called me back and said "G" said to get it fixed.  She would pay for it.  She told me to call him and tell him what all had to be done.  The little girl in me was cringing because 1.  I don't trust my brother....2.  I have many reasons not to.  Luckily, for the moment my cell phone died on the bus from so many calls.

I got home and charged my phone.  Joey had to call his uncle, my brother, about picking paychecks up for the cemetary or something.  I bit the bullet and said to let me talk to him next.  WELL....he went off on a rampage once again, getting angrier by the moment that I'm bleeding my mother dry, we need to learn to live on our own (my kids and me), my mom is almost broke, etc. etc., she is getting too mellow with me, and many other things I simply won't awknowledge on here.

My mom has been paying my mortgage since Sept. of 2004.  I lost $700 in child support at that time due to Megan turning age 18.  I couldn't regroup and still haven't.  My mother's mind is very sharp.  She knows to the penny what she has and would not have offered to pick up my mortgage if she couldn't afford to.  I feel terrible every day of my live about this but am thankful beyond belief for it.  I do not ask her for another cent except if I absolutely have to.  I had to this time for Becky's car.  It killed me to do it.

The trash my brother said about Becky and implied about other things angered me but I said nothing and ended the call as soon as I could.

I have things I need to discuss with my mother and simply can't because it would totally undo her right now so I pray for God's guidance in a couple of situations that are really eating away at me concerning my brother.

So, Thursday night I took Grizzly for a walk and balled my eyes out once again because my dad is gone and I'm left in a nightmare right now.  I also live in total fear that something is going to happen to my mom.  She has gallstones, not a biggie and they found some cysts on her kidneys.  I'm so terrified of being left in the control of my big brother.

My BF has a semi-crisis on his hands right now also but I'm not even going into that right now.

I have to call my mom to see if she is ok.  According to my brother, I upset her by my phone call.  She didn't sound upset to me the both times I talked with her so I think "someone" else upset her.  Nuff said (probably too much but, like I said, at this point in time, I really could care less.)

I apologize for not getting around to visit.  I've been online but just staring at the screen for a few days.  I've regrouped and I'm moving on.  God will see us through this somehow, someway.

Love you all...........

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Long Week

Wow, is it only Tuesday?  It's been such a long, draining day or two.  The church service was very nice.  I don't think it would be the church for me.  It's located in one of the new trendy areas of Pittsburgh, the South Side, where college students and young adults live, party and carry on.  This ministry is needed and is reaching out to those young ones.  There were a handful of people my age, and I didn't feel out of place.  I can see that this is moving Becky and perfect for her.  There are activities scheduled on weekends and evenings.  She went to a picnic on Saturday with the church at a local park.  I am going to attend with her for a while because I feel she needs me there.  Of course, I cried through the whole thing almost, as did she, and could almost feel her heart opening.

As a leap of faith, I threw my last $50 in the offering plate.  Becky sort of flipped.  I used to do this all the time and always had more than enough money to live on. I'm sitting back waiting for the ten fold to arrive.  It's not really funny.  This used to be the way I lived, on faith.  It's still there somewhere.

I'm flipping a little bit because I've used so much of my nest egg on cars this month.  I get fearful when this happens.  I keep asking myself why I'm fretting so much.  I love my job now but I made more money at my old job with my OT.  I have to learn to be patient because the next increase in a year should be much larger.

I'm just totally confused right now because I have a feeling that Becky wants and needs me to live closer to her now that she will be starting grad school.  But Allegheny County is far more expensive to live in than where I live now.

What to do?  My mind is spinning.  For some reason, my heart feels heavy and shouldn't.  The old "hole" in the back yard is calling me again.  Sometimes, I really just want to run away and hide.  More so lately than in years.

As I said, the job is going great but I'm getting fatter coz I'm on my rearend all day. Then my BF was at the bus stop waiting to take me out to dinner...that really helps the flub.   ROFL at myself.  I sound like I have PMS but those days are gone for this old bat.

My compressor is here for my AC.  Sears is coming on Monday morning.  Please, please pray for sun so I can get in my pool.  I think if the weather is supposed to be nice, I'm taking two days of vacation.  I really don't have the money to go anywhere this year and I have plenty of vacation time.

OK, enough rambling.  Joey will be home tonight or tomrrow.  He seems to be having a ball so I hope he is happier when he gets back.

I'm done whining for the moment.  The dog needs to be fed, and it's garbage night again.  I'm two days behind on journals.  Actually, I did read them last night but wanted to read as many as I could so I didn't comment.  I swear I'll catch up.

I hear Calgon, take me away calling me.........



Saturday, July 22, 2006


This will probably be one of my longwinded entries.  I had to search my archives for this tag I made eons ago. 

I have always been very spiritual.  I give the credit for my remission of my depression to attending a Bible study every Wed. many years ago when my children were small.  All three of my kids started their Sunday school classes at age 2.  Joey is my spiritual child; always has been.  Megan, I wasn't sure of, but by the time she was confirmed, I realized that she had absorbed the Bible and just stored it in her mind.  The pastor of the church at that time had gone off the deep end.  He said that divorced people would not go to heaven unless divorce was because of adultery.  Megan hit him with the Bible verse in James that says if we are guilty of breaking one commandment, we are guilty of breaking them all. (Correct me, Betty, because I'm really paraphrasing this.)  She also threw back the verse that said a husband should treat his wife as Jesus treats the church and putting a knife to her mom's neck did not exemplify that. go, Megan.  She was promptly sent out into the hall for the rest of the class.  I have long since severed my ties to that church.

Becky.....pretty much agnostic and my biggest worry.  She did not listen to the studies in church or church school. 

Last week, she excitedly IM'd me about a new, non-denominational church she had attended with a friend and loved.  She wanted me to go last Sunday but I was just not feeling that great with the strep.

She cracked me up with her IM.  We were discussing the church and why I should go with her.  She was pressing the issue so I finally asked her why she felt I needed to go so bad.  Her answer....Mom, you really need to find Jesus.  ROFL...I almost fell off my chair.  Where was this child growing up?  In church twice a week, youth group, Mom at Bible Study every Wednesday, daily devotions around the dinner table, etc.  I have had several framed religious pictures in the house over the years, crosses above the doors of  all our bedrooms, etc.  LOL...I also have a huge angel collection, and Becky has bought me much of my collection.   I swear she was zoning out during this time.  Joey and Megan were cracking up when I told them this also.

So, tomorrow I'm traveling to Pittsburgh to go to church with her.  I really hate traveling there but I feel it is very necessary.  I had to check the website out that she sent and read some sample sermons.  I wanted to make sure it was Bible based and not some off the wall thing.  It looks like a very good church.  I've prayed for Becky for many looks like I had to wait but it was answered.

The Biaxin I'm taking is kicking my stomach to bits.  I have those bathroom runs which I hope slow down but we'll manage somehow tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm just going to take a long bubblebath, get in my jammies and rest.  It's rained all day and only 70 degrees.  Feels sort of good to have the windows open again although I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow when I get home for a little pool time.

Have a great evening!





Thursday, July 20, 2006


Sheesh, I have so many tags to pick from but it takes me forever to decide which one to use.  I decided to use one of my own coz actually I sort of like it.

Reflections of the past couple of days:  First of all, I feel really well finally.  Work is starting to make some sort of sense.  Just waiting to see how many rejects I get.  We had an audit team from DC up here this week.  We are the only Voc Rehab office nationwide to have no errors ever.  The DC team noticed the harmony in the office.  My boss prays before each hiring for the Lord to send him the right person.  I must say it most definitely works and has to be the reason I love this new division so much.  So, it's been a very good week there.

Joey is on his way to Ocean City, Md.  Some problems arose with his car.  He has this Flowmaster (loud) muffler system which was rusted out and wouldn't pass PA inspection.  Living in a rural area, you can find mostly trustworthy mechanics and such who take great pride in their work.  My BF took him to the muffler guy he uses.  They thought they could quick fix some welding before he puts the car away when Megan leaves for school....not so.  It was shot.  It's 6 years old with a 5 year warranty.  He wanted stainless to begin with but couldn't afford it. 

I was dying inside when they called but said nothing.  I was shocked that they would put a full stainless steel dual exhaust Megamaster system on for $400.  I paid far more in December for my dual exhaust which is not even close to what he was having installed in quality.  So, I told him put it on my charge card.  My BF said the look on Joey's face was the world was lifted off his shoulders.

His Mustang is a 1990 but is also a limited edition 7-up Mustang that was released for March Madness that year.  4,200 were made; 1,200 are only still registered nationwide.  He has had Mustang collectors offer him 5-6 thousand dollars for it so I know restored it would be far more than that especially when it reaches the 20 yr mark.

Anyway, my BF was amazed that I was so self-less and agreed instantly to front the money.  No question in my mind.  That car is going to be garaged until Joey can restore it himself.

Megan is working; the house is quiet.  I'm growing to love this.

I'm feeling so much better.  The sinus medication has knocked everything else out that the antibiotic didn't.

I'm still waiting for UPS to deliver my part.  Sears is scheduled to come on Tues so I may have to call tomorrow since it's being tracked to see where that darned part is but so far the AC is still plugging away.

I fell asleep early last night and was up at 4 this morning cleaning out my mailbox so I have my PSP stuff under control.  LOL...I spent a good bit of time in the Paint Shop making things while I was sick so be forewarned.  I hope I have hit all the journals I read.

I also wanted to add that Linda  Sangria Times is one of my tag requesters and so sweet.  I know Sugar posted her link.  Her sister had a heart attack and died the other day unexpectedly.  She could use lots of J-Land support and prayers.

Have a great evening and stay cool...still sweltering in western Pa.  The storm they keep calling for hasn't hit yet.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Sun & Fun

  I was up most of the night feeling awful.  I had a terrible sinus headache and felt like I was going to throw up.  I still felt awful at 7 am when the second bus leaves.  I called in sick one more day.

I got a prescription called in for a sinus pill.  Worked wonders.  Now, I really do have to go to work tomorrow.  It's turned into a much needed mini vacation.

Joey, Megan and I spent all afternoon in the pool.  It was 97 here today but it felt great in the water.  I know a lot of places are in the triple digits.

I have some pics of us....

           LOL at Joey's "farmer's" tan.  He is leaving for Ocean City, Md. on Thursday and is working on getting the white areas conditioned.


                        Typical boy...Joey broke the "noodle" already.


And I really totally hate to put my picture here but the kids said they wouldn't let me take theirs if I didn't.  Now...rofl...I AM NOT SKINNY DIPPING.  My bathing suit has a strap that goes around the neck but I don't use it coz I don't want a line.


                            LOL...I look really sick now, don't I?  Actually, my arms look like a lady wrestler's....grrrrrrrrr  But it was a wonderful day off.  I'm glad I did it.  I never get to spend any time with two of my three children.  I wish Becky could have been here.  We had a blast.  I'm still having a bit of a problem getting the pool crystal clear but it's improving and it's refreshing.  The pond is totally sparkling today.

It was way too hot to grill outside so I marinated 4 lbs. of beef strips last night and bought a huge bag of frozen Chinese veggies and put it in the wok.  Joey made his famous fried rice.  Man, was it a good dinner also.

Megan is off at work; Joey is sleeping, and I need to do some laundry and dishes.  I'm also having a problem with flys in the house the past couple of days.  It's been driving me nuts.  I'm swatting away.  I think they're getting in on the side of my AC.  After Sears had it out, the foam insulation came loose on one side.  But I'm amazed at how much I've gotten done around here despite being sick.  I would love to win the doubt about it. 

Have a good one...............



Sunday, July 16, 2006

Living in Pa. but feeling like Hawaii.  Watch what you wish for but actually I love it as long as my air conditioner keeps plugging away.  The heat is stressing it.  I'm waiting for my part to arrive UPS.  Sears said they will come out the next day to fix everything.

Joey and I have been in the pool for two days now.  Love it to death even though it's small.  I took a picture of my pond which is coming around but excuse the weeds.  It was way too hot for weed whacking today.  90's and not a cloud in the sky.

  It is so hard to take digital pictures in the sun.  You just have to aim and hope you get a good shot.  Actually, Joey did tell me afterwards, you can look through the view finder thingie in the sun.  Anyway, I cut part of the pond off.  I live in a rural area but our neighbors are close on either side.  The great thing is the 1/2 acre in the back.  Luckily, I have super neighbors on both sides.  The newest ones are 20.  They graduated with Megan and are getting married in August.  Their parents helped them get the house.  They are gutting it and working super hard.  Really nice kids.

Back to the pond, all my pond ornaments bit the dust.  I started out when I moved with an aquatic theme.  Then I switched to gnomes (LOL...Shelly, Roxymama "loves" gnomes.)  I think I'm leaving it plain with just my hummingbird wind chimes.  I have my eye on a statue of two children in a radio flyer wagon at Wally World that is being lowered in price daily.  I'm going to stick that in my garden by the pond.

Megan just got home from work so I gotta run.  She wants to go online.  Poor thing missed the beautiful sun today.  Hope she gets some pool time this week.

Dinner is thick boneless pork chops that I grilled, steamed cauliflower, and home fried potatoes.  Sheesh...I'm hungry.


                   CHRIS  (Thanks, LJ, for this graphic and Delia for the first one.)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Feeling Yuck but Sort of Good

   Of course, I've been waiting for summer for a long time.  It's finally arrived in full forceI was able to get a doctor's appt. yesterday.  I have strep throat and am taking BiaxinNot the best thing in the world but the Lord knows best.  I would never have taken days off on my own free will.  Funny, how just when I get sick legitimately summer arrives.  It was raining when I left.  When I got home from the doctor and pharmacy, the sun was out beautifully.  LOL...I need to rest and I sure can rest floating in my pool.  I have my doctor's note in hand for Monday.  My new boss was actually glad I wasn't at work because there is so much strep and other illnesses floating around.  Took a huge load off of my mind.

I took David's Sunshine Colorado Notes advice, sans David.  I opened a bottle of Penn Dark and floated around in the pool and discussed world issues with myself.

Megan left Fla. last night and should be home late this afternoon safely, I pray.  But Lord have mercy, I miss her but she is one super ball of stubborn energy.  She didn't get much sun because it rained so much.  She loves heat and sun like me so she is not too thrilled that she was searching for summer but didn't find it. 

The one thing I'm not thrilled with is my family doctor back in Pittsburgh is now in Fla.  He opened a practice there.  I don't like the policies of those that took over.  You make sick appts. and follow-up appts. for meds seperately.  I travel 40 miles one way to get there.  They expect me to go back today for my blood pressure meds check up.  I have no refills.  I'm calling to try and reschedule because the trip is a beast when you don't feel well.

I will go into this later but entering my old "hood" stirs up sooooo many memories.  I lived there 21 years.  LOL...I had to go right by my old house and was tempted to stop in and say "Hi" to my ex...NOT.

I took a couple pics of my pool.  The deck is atrocious.  I haven't been able to stain it this year because it hasn't been dry enough.  The water is still not quite clear but looks better than it has since I opened it.  It's small....16 ft around.  My kids used to call it the large "hot tub."  I had considered putting in a large rectangle a few years ago but am glad I didn't because the kids are grown, and it's plenty large enough for me to float in.

 Now can you believe I actually fit between the board when I fell through the opened one?

 There's my lean-to garage in need of a good painting plus a swift wind to blow it over.  My whole deck should be the same color as the back fencing.  Oh well, maybe this weekend I'll get some of it stained while I'm out there.  Plus some weed whacking...yikes, they are enormous this year.

My pond area is slowly getting cleaned up.  If I get it looking half decent, I'll put some pics up this weekend.

Has anyone else been finding AOL's file manager to be a pain in the butt.  When I save graphics and tags, it throws them God knows where in the midst of all my stuff...then I have to spend an endless amount of time searching for it.  It used to do it occasionally but for the past few days is doing it with everything.  I'm using Photobucket now coz I'm super disgusted.  I don't have time to search 900 and some uploaded items for one thing.

I'm hoping to get some journal hopping done today.  I didn't spend much time on here yesterday.




Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sort of Yuck

Thanks to Terry Ann  I live in soap land for this tag.  Terry Ann has just started putting her tags that she created in her journal.

I was feeling sort of yucky at work the past couple of days.  Super tired and just out of sorts.  The crud hit full force on the way home yesterday.  I was achy and tired beyond belief.  When I got home, I managed to read a few journals but didn't comment.  I was totally whooped.

I took a sick day today.  It seemed like everything I did took such effort.  I couldn't get comfortable.  It was another monsoon day of rain today.  I'm starting to feel better this evening, thank the Lord, because I don't want to take off another day. 

Megan is leaving Fla. tomorrow.  Southern Fla. has been having monsoon rain also.  She's less than thrilled.  They did manage to get to the pool today.  She is staying in the same condo complex that Joe and I were at last year.  She says it's a long story.  LOL..can't wait to hear this one.

I picked my car up.  It was $400.  They estimated $500 so now $400 doesn't seem so bad.  Friday is the day my part for my AC should be at Sears.  We'll see.  Luckily it hasn't been all that hot here.  The days it has been the air has worked.

So, I had my "hump day" off again.  I'm not so sure I'm ever going to get used to this five day work week but it's only been a month.

Have a good one everybody! I'm off to get ready for work tomrrow.  Can't believe it's almost 9 here.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Well, I've joined the many who absolutely hate Mondays.  I didn't mind them when I knew I would be off on Wednesday.  I'm sort of in between on my adjusting.  I know when 3:30 rolls around, I'd be moaning about having to stay 2 more hrs.  I think I just like to fuss and moan.

So much for sun on Saturday.  It's always sunny until noon and then this huge cloud cover just rolls in.  I took my solar cover off the pool.....ewwwww....can I say "hot mess."  It looked like a frog pond.  Totally green.  The sky was totally cloudy and looked like it would rain at any moment so I went to K-Mart which is 1/2 mile down my hill from me.  Ok...the sun was out there.  Go figure....  I poured the algaecide in my pool.  Of course the sun came out for about an hr. so I sat by my pool and hosed myself off.

As I was sitting by my pool, I was looking straight at my AC in the back that still is not fixed.  I could smell gas emitting from my car right next to the pool deck, and if I turned around, I could see my "lean to" garage with half the roof blown off of it and not being fixed because of the continuous rain.  Oh, the thought that was running through my  Skip the sledgehammer.  I was puffing away on a cigarette.  Do ya know what I was thinking? one swoop.

Now, I wasn't serious, only thoroughly disgusted.  Joey tells me 16 gallons of gas would have blown half the neighborhood plus me up.  He did get a chuckle out of my craziness.

Well, lo and behold, by Sunday, the pool was actually totally clean.  What I thought was dirt on the bottom was actually algae.  The algaecide totally cleared the pool.  We had about 2 hrs of sun yesterday so Joey and I hopped in the pool.

Megan called from Naples yesterday and said it rained continuously on Friday and Saturday.  They were running off to the beach yesterday while the sun was out.  She was happy to hear that the weather was still yucky here.  Misery loves company.

Tomorrow, we are going to Lidia's, the great Italian restaurant, for a co-worker's birthday.  So much for my diet.  I had a salad for lunch today.  The chips and dip are calling me but I'm plugging my ears.

Have a good evening!!!!!   

I thought you might get a laugh out of these AOL graphics I got from my PSP group.  One has some questionable language....






Saturday, July 8, 2006

"Hot Mess"

Hot new favorite phrase that is just catching on in Pittsburgh.  Not sure if it's well known or not but means something like a chaotic mess.  Actually, it's more of a hood term here.

I begged Shelly for that tag above.  Toooooo cute, isn't it?  And, no I'm not painting today.  The sun is supposed to shine all day so I'm baking by my pool.  My BF came up last night and put different sand in my filter.  We got the bargain basement stuff.  That has been the problem all along with my pool.  The sand was too coarse and not catching the dirt and just pumping it right back into the pool. do mom's always know best?  Of course.  I am very in tune to my instincts.  Boy, was I right.  After we got done with the pool, I could smell gas around the car I just had fixed.  My BF crawled under and looked.  My gas tank is rusted and sprung a leak....grrrr  The estimate is $250 to $350.  I know it will be close to $400 because I put a gas tank in my beater car two years ago.  Pa. and the road salt don't do well underneath cars.  I really need to trade that piece of crap car in but just can't afford to do it until my next grade promotion which, hopefully, will be next June.  So, anyway, Mama was dead on about that car not making it to Fla. and back.

My Joey is having some problems with his depression returning.  Please say some big prayers for him.  He has another doctor's appt. on Wed.  The latest med is just not working.  I feel for him and anyone else who has ever suffered from chronic depression knows that it is hell on earth.  I've been there and done that for many years.  Praise the Lord, I've been well for 20 yrs now.  This is so hard for me because I know how awful it is and there is nothing I can do for him.  I hesitated to mention this in my journal because he is so sensitive but I do know that when J-Landers pull together and pray, big things happen.

Becky IM'd me the other night.  Her ex's parents have their retirement home built in Myrtle Beach.  She goes every year with her ex as friends.  This year he has a new GF so she's going but his parents love Becky and said we could use it in August.  No problem, so I thought, but now I'm wondering if my car will make it.  I still have to give this some thought.  I might look into renting a car but think it might cost a little too much to take it out of state.  I will check into a weekly deal and see.

My job is going well.  I have to quit being OCD over not being a pro.  I've only had access to my systems for 2 weeks even though I've been there 5 weeks.  My old area upstairs is a total "hot mess."  Our new director came on the 5th of July.  I cannot believe they let that mess sit there.  I thought they would at least try to organize the mess.  Oh well...not my problem.

I'm just very thankful that Megan didn't take my car.  And with all the health problems around J-Land, I'm thankful that I'm dealing with my car right now.  It could be far worse....

Last night was Days Inn night, and, no, didn't crash any weddings.  Actually, we don't crash weddings.  The wedding parties come into the open lounge after their receptions and provide tons of entertainment.  You wouldn't believe some of the fights the brides and grooms have right after their receptions.  Sort of makes me wonder how long those marriages are gonna survive.

I've been reading the UK journals.  Today it has been one year since the terrorist attack.  Let's all join them in prayers for some peace in this world.

Off and running I go....time to vacuum the pool and pray I get that darned dirt off the bottom.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!

                 CHRIS  (Thanks, Lisa Jo, for these cute, cute sends I got you!)


Thursday, July 6, 2006

Pulling My Hair Out

Thanks to Dianna, Just Taggin' Along And Back Talkin' still a good link, just her previous name for Sazzy Kreationz.  Such a beautiful, serene tag.  Hope it rubs off on me today.

I'm just feeling so darned confused and stupid at work.  I have no less than 30 different, archaeic screens that I have to use.  Drives me nuts.  We got rid of this system in lieu of a new one in comp & pension at my old job at least five years ago.  Of course, the new one drove us crazy but was soooooo user friendly. I loved it.  The old system I'm back on looks like heiroglyphics.  I can't understand half of them because I never used these particular screens in the past.  I have two systems that feed off of each other.  The new case management system I love but it grabs all the info off the 40 year old system.  If a case won't go through and complete, there's an error somewhere.  Then I have to go through 30 screens and try to figure out the error on the beast system. 

I got two rejects back today that somehow went through with errors.  My boss was giving me instructions on what to do with them but I was running out the door.  Good grief!  This is like a totally different VA I'm in now.

I called Megan at 3 pm.  They were just pulling in and unloading.  It took them 19 hrs which is about right.  I'm so thankful they arrived in one piece.  Lord, I wish I had stowed away in the trunk.  I WANT to see the beach and the sun and feel the heat.  Pa. has very little nice weather.  The summer restores me so I can live through the drab and dreary months.  LOL...I do believe I have a sun addiction.  When I was sitting in Ft. Myers airport last summer, CNN was doing a piece on this very thing.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.  I'm praying for a beautiful sunny day this weekend; at least one day.  Today the skywas blue when I left for work; very chilly; only 50 but not a cloud in the sky.  The clouds rolled in again around 11 am and it's only 70.  I don't need 90; I could live with 80 and SUN....yes, I want to see the sun.

I have so much mail to sort through.  No one emptied my mail box for days.  I don't think the mailman could have crammed one more thing in it.  I took my trash out to the curb this morning and about died when I opened the box.  I know what my job will be for tonight.

Hope everyone is having a better one than me.  I'm thinking the furnace may click on again tonight.  Can you believe it?



Wednesday, July 5, 2006

The Princess is Departing

Thanks to Cherry/Diama for the tag above. Chocolate Cherried Creations

Tonight is the night that my princess is leaving for Fla.  Of course, as a mom, I'm very nervous.   I have to drop her off at her girlfriend's house at 7:30.  Why in the world they decided to leave in the evening I'll never know but they are planning on driving straight through.  She was supposed to work until 9 tonight but someone switched with her last night.  Lord, I figured they would leave earlier since she was off.  I'm saying my prayers for a safe trip.

Of course, the sun is shining beautifully today.  If I still had my old job, I would definitely be "sick" tomorrow as it is supposed to be gorgeous Thurs. and Friday.  Hope it continues into Saturday so I can bake for at least one day this summer in my pool. what day is it anyway?  These Tuesday holidays screw me up totally especially since I worked on Monday.  I had no idea half the time today what day it was.  Whoo hoo...only two more days left until Friday.

I think I'm starting to recognize a couple of things at work.  Well, just when I think I know something, a brand new thing pops up.  I hate not knowing everything.  I was far too used to be the pro at stuff, especially correcting errors.  Once I know how to correct things, I won't be so spastic. 

So, anyhoo, Megan ran off somewhere to get something and should be back soon and off she goes.  Actually, I would give anything to be off to the beach and some sun and fun right now.  I would like to go to Va. Beach in September when the rates drop.  Hope I can scrounge together some money.  I feel bad, though, because I'd like Becky to come also but she will be in school.  So, it may be just Joe and me.  I have to call Becky and see if she has a vacation planned and see what we can work out.

Have a great evening......

             (I think I may need a couple of drinks tonight.  Probably won't get a wink of sleep....)

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Independence Day

Thanks to D for the tag above.  This and that, and hockey!  Due to the washout in western Pa. today, there won't be fireworks tonight.  All events have been rescheduled for this weekend.  LOL...shhh...I hate fireworks because I hate the noise.  I'm the wuss you see plugging their ears.

I did manage to get the ribs on the grill during one brief moment when the rain stopped.  Did I mention I'm beginning to hate rain with a passion?

The 4th of July, or Independence Day, is a celebration in the USA.  Sort of awkward since we have such good friends in the UK.  I tend to use July 4th as the day to celebrate and reflect upon the freedom that we enjoy as Americans.


It hardly seems like it's been 30 years since the bicentennial.  I was 22 yrs old at the time.  I'm sure many were very small or not even born yet.  Time flies by so fast.  I have many keepsakes in my attic, which are probably worthless, from that year.

Hope everybody has a safe holiday today.  Watch out for the other drivers who may have celebrated too much and don't have enough sense to give up the keys.  Be careful with the fireworks, if you're doing any at your BBQ's.


Monday, July 3, 2006

Well, Megan is right about one thing....Johnny Depp is  My BF invited me over for dinner tonight.  He made chicken parmesan with spaghetti as a side.  He baked the spaghetti with sausage and all kinds of cheeses.  Yummy..that boy can cook!

He rented Pirates of the Caribbean last night.  I never saw the first one.  Ooo la I want to see the second one.  Must be that rugged look.  But I loved the movie.  Megan is totally "gaga" over Johnny Depp and has wanted the DVD forever.

Of course, Orlando Bloom isn't too hard on the eyes either......

Good food; lots of eye candy...what more could a girl ask for?


Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th.  No plans here except some ribs on the grill.  Megan has to work until 10 and is bummed about missing the fireworks so it will only be Joey and me for dinner.  My BF can't take the humidity so is passing on the cookout.


Sunday, July 2, 2006


I'm sending the biggest hug out to Shelly.  I'm always fussing with  myself over what tag to use and out of the blue Shelly made this for me.  It's so perfect for today.  Thanks Shelly from the bottom of my heart!

I want to thank you all for your supportive comments yesterday.  My heart was torn but I knew what had to be done.  Megan is still going to Naples.  Her bestfrind, Kelsie, is taking their car which is 3 yrs old with 30,000 miles on it.  That was too easy.  I don't know why she wanted to take our car to begin with.  Raising girls seems to be so much harder than boys.  I'm still not thrilled that they are traveling as far as they are.  Joey and I did that trip last August.  We stopped in Chattanooga to visit some friends and spent the night.  It's a beast of a trip from Pittsburgh to Naples...1,600 miles.  I will pray that they have a safe trip.  That's all I can do.

Weather wise here is not great...far too much rain but I think the Lord is watching out for me.  I had some pre-cancerous patches removed last August and was told to avoid the sun.  Of course, I am a sun addict.  LOL..Deb, my pool is slowly getting cleaner but my compressor for my AC is not scheduled until July 14th.  Sears had to find another vendor for it.  Go's a Kenmore AC but they don't have a compressor for it in stock nationwide.  Thankfully, it's still plugging away after the first blow out.

My Friday story for my pool....I got home from the OVR fiasco and decided to run the vacuum.  I almost fell in the pool because I slipped.  Stupid me should have just fallen in like I do at least once or twice a year but no I decided to try and avoid it.  We have a deck surrounding the whole pool which I love.  There is one board that has hinges to add the chemicals to the skimmer thingie which I had opened.  Now, we're talking maybe 8 inches at most for this board.  Well, the right side of my body fell into the hole because the board was open. in the world this body of mine fell into there I'll never know but I did get wedged.  The end result is bruises and scratches all up and down my right leg and arm.  I thought I did something to my ankle but thankfully that has gone away.  A total klutz...that's me.

I have to work tomorrow which seems so strange because so many are off.  I almost feel like I am too and have to keep reminding myself that I need to get up tomorrow.

It looks like a storm is moving in again.  I got about an hour in the pool today which was so relaxing.  The forecast stinks until at least Thursday for the coming week.

My BF and I went to Days Inn last night.  Two weddings so the place was hopping.  I got my dancing fix in.

Now, it's off to the SuperCenter to do some shopping and to Sam's Club...hehehehe....Penny, I hope those hunks come over to my car.

Hope our AOL problems dissipate soon because it's starting to more than annoy me.........

Oh, I almost forgot....Megan went to visit her big sis, Becky, on Friday.  Becky is now a redhead and looks so much like Megan except with a thinner face.  She sent me a picture.  I actually think she looks so pretty.  She is tired of not being taken seriously as a blonde.  Since she's is starting the Ph.d. program in Sept. in microbiology, she wanted a change.  She took the picture herself in her bathroom as soon as they got finished so it's not a great one.


Smiles today and Hugs to all........



Saturday, July 1, 2006

The Pink Princess

The above was not made by me.  I have no idea who it belongs to but it fits my mood.

It struck me because this child so resembles my Megan when she was small...always in pink; always smiling and bubbly; a hug and a kiss constantly.  Where did that little girl go?  She's lost in the rage of turning 20 and wanting to travel her own way.

Yesterday was a tough one.  A little history:  Before I left for Ohio, she was planning a trip to Hilton Head next week with her best hometown girlfriend.  She asked if she could take my car.  I was hesitant because the car has 97,000 miles on it but reluctantly agreed.  She had taken it to Va. Beach and Ocean City previously without incident.  I was keeping my fingers crossed that the car would make it there and back.

My BF, Joey and I were going out to dinner last night.  (Joey's OVR counselor meeting was a total joke.)  Megan was leaving for work.  Somehow it was brought up that she would be driving 1,600 miles on Thursday.  Joey picked it up.  It went over my head.  He said something to her.  That's when the bombshell was dropped that the plans had changed, and they were going to a friend's place in Naples, Fla.  I flipped my lid all through dinner.  Megan was gone already so I couldn't discuss it with her.

So, we're talking 3,200 miles round trip in the heat of the south in a car with 97,000 miles on it.  I wouldn't do it myself.  I was worried about 1,500 miles roundtrip to Hilton Head.

I also thought that Megan was up to something and being deceitful because she said she told Joey and me while we were out at the pool last Saturday.  Neither of us remember this at all.

She worked until 1 am so I had time to cool down and think rationally.  I told her when she got home that my car was not going to Fla.  She was stunned and started crying.  I now know she mentioned something in passing last week about maybe having to go to Fla and then she laughed and was off to work.  I know, in her mind, that was her way of telling me that is what she was doing.  Had she been trying to pull a fast one, she would have been furious, not hysterically crying.  Still, no way is she taking my car to Fla.

Ok, so now I'm feeling awful about ruining a vacation but as a mom with the better judgment, that is the way it has to be.  There are four of them going.  Options are that someone else will provide transportation or they change their plans.  It's not pleasant being the spoiler of plans but my main priority is my child's safety.  I also can't afford to lose my only semi-dependable car.

Megan simply cannot fathom the difference between pounding my car 750 miles to Hilton Head vs. 1,600 miles to Naples.  I can understand that because she just turned 20 on June 8th and has that "nothing will happen to me" attitude.  That's what I'm there for.  I've been far too liberal with her all along.  Much more so than my other two.  Then again, she has been the child all along that has pushed the buttons to the limit.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall today.  I know this whole tornado has not blown over yet.  I understand this child of mine because I was very much the same way at that age.  The only difference is times were very different when I was that age.  We didn't even have the options or the freedom that young ones take for granted today.

I'm in such turmoil over this but will most definitely stick to my guns.  I'm used to being "hated" off on and on.

             Megan, I love you more than you will ever understand at this point in time, which is exactly why you are going to hate me for a while......

HUGS to all!