Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sheesh....I'm being tested to my limits with frustrations galore.  I hate that my journal is turning into day after day of issues.  Where did my goofy, happy stuff go?

I did talk with my mother yesterday.  She wasn't upset with me at all.  I was also able to discuss my uneasiness with her to an extent about my brother.  She didn't disagree so I'm thinking she may have some clue.   There was an issue with her will which didn't bother me until I mentioned it to a close friend at work.  My mom took me out when I was going through my divorce.  I never heard that she had changed it back.  I didn't care because I've been given enough but I didn't consider the fact that there are also three grandchildren involved.   Relief but brief until Megan got home from work.

Megan told me her dad is giving her a 1989 Escort with 30,000 on it that was his mother's.  Bad, bad feeling.  He never gives anything away with worth that he could sell.  I told her under no circumstances to sign anything because I had a feeling he would want to sign it over to her. And that is exactly what he wants to do.  No way.....  He's moaning about it costing $400 a year for insurance.  She said she would pay him the insurance money.  Again, no way.  She has been wasting money all summer which is angering me and stressing me.  I found out how much she will get back to live on off campus from her student loan.  She is barely going to cut it if she is conservative, which she is not.  She thinks this is a joke.  So, back to the ex bought an inspection sticker off of someone he knows.  Not permitted in Pa. but it's done.  I would take it to my mechanic to check it before it gets driven.  Bottom line is she will not have the money for gas; she doesn't need a car this year because she is close to campus; she needs to concentrate on her grades; period.  God only knows how I will get this through that thick skull of hers.  I cannot keep feeding her checking account this year because she is too irresponsible to pay attention to what she is spending.  I estimated  her utility budget and rent.  Sort of flipped me out.  And yet, I dont know for sure.  Her roommates are living their now.  I've been telling her for weeks now to call and find out what the utility bills are.  Has she?  Nope.

So, her dad, once again is not planning to give her a cent toward school.  Grrrrr.....  What he is planning to do is pawn a car off on us that he can't sell.  How he can even consider putting his own daughter behind the wheel of that car is beyond my comprehension.

I hate to whine yet again when others here have so many issues far worse they are dealing with.  It's just been a month of endless stress for me.  LOL...I cringe when my cell phone rings.

But I do have the day off tomorrow.  Sears is coming to install my compressor.  I sure hope they get here early because I want to float in my pool.  I have to go move some things around in the family room so they can pull the darned thing out of the wall once again.

I'm tempted to take Tuesday off as a "mental health" day and try to regroup.  I had to cancel the trip to Myrtle Beach due to lack of funds.  I know Becky was disappointed but understood so I have plenty of vacation time to use.

Seriously, I do hope the spinning slows down so I can get back to my old self again.  I was reading my old entries and wonder where that person is now.

Lots of love to all of you.............



shayshaydc said...

I'm sure she is somewhere Chris... we all get that way from time to time!!! Men can be stupid!!! Especially an ex.......... nuff said!!! LOL...

kdcutie26 said...

First of all Miss Chris.  I love the tag that you have in your journal today.  I can only imagine the stress that you must feel, and I am sorry to hear about it.  I wish that I could help you in some way.  Please know that you are a very good friend to all of us here in JLAND and we love you no matter if your the happiest lady in the world or the most frustrated.  We think that you are pretty darn special.  And even though there is not much we can do but listen, please know that we want to and we care about you.
Always, KJ

sugarsweet056 said...

It's your journal dear, vent if you want to! You're among friends here! {{{}}}
Will pray all goes well. Have a good week.
Blessings, Sug

candlejmr said...

You feel free to vent any old time you need to.  That's what we are here for!  I agree that you should go for it and take Tuesday off too,  It sounds like you could use a BREAK!


helloimkara said...

You do have a lot on your plate!  Have you ever sat down with your daughter and showed her the numbers on paper?  I dont know what it is but so many people just dont get it until they see it on paper, but then again some still dont get it even then!  Ya and the car situation does make it worse! Hang in there Chris, this too shall pass!!!

Kara :)

lv2trnscrb said...

Chris; I agree with you; the car for Megan doesn't seem like a good idea at all; something definitely is fishy about the whole thing. It may be time to allow Megan to fail just a bit and see that you won't be there to rescue her come school and expenses if she is not being realistic about looking into what she needs money wise, etc. I think its a dose of "tough love" like I had to do with Amy and the cell phone (still not resolved, but at least I'm not out of money like I was before).  I'm going to have to do the same thing with Matt once he comes home from Montana. Feeding him money to help meet his needs when he is capable of budgeting and getting a job is not teaching him to be a responsible steward. I feel for you; parenting is such a hard job and letting go of them when they reach adulthood is even harder.

I say take Tuesday as a mental health day. You need it.


queenb8261 said...

Hope this turns out to be a better week.  I am  thinking of ya.  Good luck with all you have on your plate.
I believe that God put on  Earth to accomplish a certain number of things.  Right now I am so far behind, I will never die.  
Love ya, Barb  

am4039 said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad week, month. Now let's hope August is better. I agree Megan doesn't need that car. It's going to cost to much money if it breaks and the gas, insurance. It's to much for her. I agree let her concentrate on her grades. Good luck with everything.

queeniemart said...

I hope your mom puts the kids in the will and does the right thing..i hope she puts you back in too and that your brother doesnt win that fight.
Someone needs to kick your ex's ass. How dare this CHUMP try to screw his own daughter over with a bum car AND not help with college. Thank God he is your ex.
I am right there with you about the stress and no money. Dont apologize for having issues and needing to vent. We want to hear it.

jeadie05 said...

Chris Ihope you can find a resolve for these issues ,its certainly a worry ,dont these things all come together ?.........Jan xx

xomywayox said...

Sweetie, your not alone. Crap happens all over, yea there is worse and there is better. But this is your moment in time where the chit is falling down. I'm glad you had that talk with your mom, tho something tells me it shouldn't be your last. I agree with you on the car, it should be a no go. And I still think your sunshine!!!


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your pictyq

chat2missie said...

Sorry your going thru a bad time right now.  I do agree that if your daughter lives close enough to the campus to walk, she doesn't need a car.  Hope you have a good Monday.

tpiez4me said...

((((Chris)))) I'm so sorry that you're dealing with so're right, where are the happy cute entries!????  Mercury is s'pozed to be outta here this week I'm told, so maybe, just maybe something good will take its place!

pennietoonz said...

Chris, what a pretty tag! Awww, I know the old Chris is still there, just going through some stress right now, which is understandable with everything you are being bombarded with. Is there any way Megan can borrow more money for school? A car at school would just be another headache and expense. Relax in that pool and forget about things for an afternoon if you can.
Love ya sweetie,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I so hate to see you stressing...I am praying for you...hugs,TerryAnn

princesssaurora said...

Praying for you and yours, hon.  I hope some better times come on around the corner soon!!

Be well,