Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Whoo hoo

Whoo Hoo!!!!  The sun was actually shining today and not one drop of rain. #6 of sunshine since June 1st.  It was so nice to take a walk at lunch and actually not get wet.

Of course, some pervert, a well-dressed one, grabbed my butt and was lucky he didn't see the back of my hand.  I had a raging sinus headache today so the leachourous fool was lucky my instincts were off.  I thought he was trying to grab my purse so that was my main concern.  Shocked and po'd beyond belief I was that I got fondled, and then the fool winked.  I said some few choice words but decided to continue on my way.

Hump Day Wednesday....almost the weekend.  Who would have thought a month or two ago I would be living for the weekends?  Work is going very well.  I'm extremely happy where I'm at right now.  Things are starting to gel; slowly but I'm beginning to see the flow and recognize things.

Rose starts her vacation tomorrow.  I'm going to be winging it with time cards going in next week, overtime for some...yikes...but she left some pretty good instructions.

Joey's caseworker for Voc Rehab wants to meet with him Fri afternoon.  I'm showing up with him this time because I have a far greater understanding of what should have been done and what wasn't.  I've been prepped by our counselors who previously worked for the state.  My boss is permitting me to take the afternoon off even though Rose is off.  I'm very thankful for that.  All his new caseworker has done for him is stick him with $150 a month in loans and then says he's exhausted all his benefits.  We'll see...  His first caseworker was great but then got a supervisory postion.  He always encouraged me to come along.  This one has highly discouraged it; in fact, has said I wasn't allowed.  This should be one interesting afternoon.  She best hope I have my sinuses under control.

I'm off to buy some algae crap for my pool.  This rain is wreaking havoc for pool owners in our area.

I had some journal problems when I got home from work today.  I opened mine up and others and the entries were from May 24th.  What the heck is up with AOL?  Not to mention my 6 entries the other day.  I'm wondering if it's AOL and not my DSL.

Have a great evening!  I'm popping another sinus pill and playing pool boy.

HUGS!!!!!!       ('s improving, you will only be getting two alerts for this is AOL and not my DSL.  Gotta love it!)




Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm in a little bit of a funk today.  I think the continuous rain is getting to me.  Pittsburgh is not known for sunny skies but summer usually produces drought like weather with tons of sun.  Not this year.  I heard on tv tonight that in the past 26 days, we've had five days of sun.  The farmers are losing their crops from rotting.  I'm losing my mind from dreariness.

I did manage to vacuum the pool again tonight in between the raindrops but it still has a long way to go before it's sparkly and pretty.  It's supposed to be sunny Saturday, so they say...

My DSL is continuously fading out and losing connection.  Sprint can't find a darned thing wrong with it. make matters worse, I just closed out my entry before I saved it....grrrr...what is up with me?  I have no idea why I hit that little red "x".

Two people I work with have the same type of pneumonia.  One last week; a new one developed it this week along with a strep infection.  I'm getting paranoid because I'm so prone to pick up strep and have had pneumonia twice.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

But I'm zooming around with my new optical mouse so long as the DSL stays connected.  I didn't get a wireless one because the cat is always on the computer stand.  I could just imagine constantly looking for the mouse because Mocha knocked it off.

Today is Sugar's birthday A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR, PLEASE...  Stop by and wish her a happy one if you get a chance.

Lisa Jo is home from the hospital but still needs our prayers for her continued recuperation.  Damaged Goods  She's not feeling well at all.

Hope some of you are enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer with some sunshine.  I'm still hoping for some.

I'm off to finish my laundry and hope that some of my clothes still fit.  Day one of eating healthy again but Megan isn't home yet.  She tempts me with those yummy midnight snacks and I have zilch in the way of willpower.

HUGS TO ALL....Have a good night!

                      ( DSL went out while I was saving this.  I hurried up and connected the spare wire.  Yikes, when it came back, the entry had been saved 6 times....not my night.)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Nice Weather if You're a Duck...LOL

Thanks to Shelly for the cute little ducky tag!!!  And so appropriate for the weather here.  Actually, the whole northeast has been bombarded with water falling from the sky.  I'm still amazed that Tues was  a gorgeous day for Penny and me when we went to the festival.  Penny gets pretty much the same weather I do in her neck of the woods.  (LOL..Penny, I'm also going to need to cut back on my food consumption.  I will step on the scale Monday at work for motivation.  I know it wont' be good because everything I own is getting super tight.)

Yesterday was actually a gorgeous day also; sun and only a few puffy clouds.  Temps were only 80.  I spent the afternoon vacuuming the pool and skimming leaves out of it.  For some reason, it takes me a couple of weeks to get that pretty, sparkly-clean water.  With this type of weather, it will take longer.  One thing I need not worry about is topping the pool off with water.

I need to get a new mouse for my computer.  We go through those mice about every six months.  Drives me whacko when the mouse goes where it wants to.  I'm taking Becky's advice and getting one of those new fangled wireless, optical mouses that don't have the ball in them.  ROFL...try doing PSP with a mouse that won't cooperate.  Actually, it takes me forever to navigate anywhere when my mouse is doing its own thing.

I finally got my commands at work on Friday.  Now, I'm off and running.  Don't quite know where yet but I did process four awards.

As all of you know by now, Lisa Jo Damaged Goods is home from the hospital recuperating.  Keep LJ in your prayers, as she has many things on her mind in addition to her illness.

So, pretty much a quiet, wet day so far in the life of me.  Quiet is good.......

Smiles and hugs to all this Sunday!

               (Thanks to Angel Angels Artistic Expressions! for these adorable flip-flops.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Day in the Life at Penny's Place

LOL, no you're not reading the same journal you already visited.  This is Penny, Penny`s Place, and me at the Alive Festival in Ohio.

After a near mishap with my car, I MADE it...whoo hoo.  Just a hop, skip and jump from my home.  Not quite two hrs.

Penny is just as sweet and funny as she is in her journal....a true delight to spend time with.

We had to modify our plans a bit.  We weren't able to hit Amish country because of my renting a car but had a great lunch at TGIF's and then took in the lovely scenery in her area.  Lots of beautiful parks and, of course, a pic in front of the hall of fame.

  Since I'm in Penny's, Penny, you get to me in mine.

The festival was out of this world fun.  We finally did manage to get someone to take pictures of us together but here's one I took of us together.  Cracks me up because it took several tries to get this.


One of the biggest suprises and a hightlight of the day was actually getting to meet and get an autograph from Brian Littrell of the Back Street Boys.  LOL... Penny, he is a doll.  He was way too cute.  Penny went back to her house to change and, of course, switch her purse (of which she has a huge collection, as some of you know.)  She had no pen or paper for an autograph (which is so untypical "Penn").  Of course, I had paid bills in my purse.  Penny got her autograph on the back of my phone bill.  Mine was on my garbage disposal bill.  Brian seemed to get a kick out of the two of us and patiently let us snap some pictures.

 Of course, I was snapping away while Penny was snapping away with her camera phone.

And I got a special gift from Penny.  As some of you know, she makes beaded bracelets and other crafts. Thanks, Penny girl, I absolutely love, love, love it!  Here is a picture of the one she let me pick out.  I couldn't find the zoom on my camera so the picture does do it justice.


The last group was Third Day.  What an awesome group they are, totally awesome.  I just read in Penny's journal that they won a grammy in 2003.  I can certainly understand why.

So, the day in my life yesterday was super duper.  Penny is a gem! Now, it is her turn to come to the Steel City and visit some of the art exhibits and galleries and, of course, take a ride on the incline to Mt. Washington. 

Meeting a J-Land friend is an awesome experience.  I only wish the day hadn't gone so fast and we had more time to spend....the day just flew by right before my eyes.

Now, it's back to reality and work again tomorrow.  But what memories I have to take with me.



Sunday, June 18, 2006

It's been ages since I've done two entries in one day.  I felt the need to because I've been venting and ranting so much lately.  That really wasn't the intent of my journal when I first started.  I wanted it to be a fun place to be.

Small things frazzle me.  Many small things piling up super frazzle me.  That shouldn't be that way.  I need to be thankful that these are minor inconveniences. In the scheme of things, I have many, many blessings to be thankful for.

LOL...for some reason, my air conditioner got a second life this evening.  It's cool and I'm calm once again.  I love hot weather but I love coming home to a cool house not an oven.  And no, I didn't dip in the pool because my pump isn't working right.  My BF has the book out and has to take it apart.  My ex could fix it in a minute but would probably gerry rig (sp) it so that it would electrocute me.  But hey, I'm sitting here in the super cool familyroom...I mean ice cold because the thermostat is set low and I'm afraid to turn it up.

I was ready this afternoon to whack it one.  Someone really needs to take the hammer and throw it away.

Poor Grizzly with that thick black coat of his.  He was withering.  He isn't used to heat and couldn't get comfortable at all.  Once I got the air going, he was laying in front of a fan I bought at Walmart today.  I left in on to get the AC circulating.  I could almost see the relief on his face.

When I get home tomorrow from work, I will be finishing my packing for my trip to Ohio....WHOO HOO!!!!!!  I cannot wait to meet my Penny girl in person.

I hope all the daddys had a good day today.  You all deserve it.  To those who still have their dads, give them a hug and tell them you love them....


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the J-Land Dads!

The best gift a father can give his child is to love and respect their mother and, of course, unconditional love for the child.  I was extremely fortunate to have a father that did both.  I was my dad's princess and could do no wrong in his eyes.  He spoiled me but looking back, did he really?  No.  Just showered me with love and praise every day of his life.  He continued to do so with my children, his grandchildren, also.  I still miss my dad even though he died 12 years ago.

Unfortunately, I married someone the exact opposite of my dad so my children were robbed of that experience.  Their father has robbed himself of the experience of appreciating the beauty and talents of the three wonderful children he created.  His loss, for sure.

Of course, a little rant for today.  My AC went kaput totally yesterday in the heat of the afternoon.  The 90's have reached western Pa.  Sears called me Tues and told me they had to search venders for a compressor for my unit.  It would be July 14th before they found one.  This didn't really bother me a whole lot because the air conditioner was still plugging away and the weather wasn't hot yet.  Now, I'm cranky to put it mildly.  I can't tolerate heat without AC.  My BF is calling tomorrow to speak with a supervisor.  This air conditioner is only three years old.  It's been out of order more than it's worked.  I'm wondering how they come up with the exact date of a month from when they called.  The unit is a Kenmore, for goodness sake. That's their own brand and they can't find a compressor nationwide to install?

Sorry guys for my venting but car isn't going to be fixed until Tues.  No problem because I was considering renting a car anyway.  It's 86 already this morning and my AC sounds like it's going to fall out of the wall.  I'm so tempted to just bash  Actually I'm tempted to go shopping and buy a new one but these things cost about $600 plus I need a carpenter to install it. Besides that, with my luck with motor driven "anythings", I'd probably be buying another lemon. Anyway, it's the principle of the whole thing.  Sears has a big statement in my warranty that satisfaction is totally guaranteed or my money will be cheerfully refunded. 

Well, at least the pool is holding its own, so far.  The water still looks like yuck but I'm going for a dip this afternoon anyway.

I really wish all the dads a great day today and everyday.  J-Land is filled with some very great guys.....



Saturday, June 17, 2006


  Thanks, Shelly, for this it!!!!!

As most of you are aware, just about anything I own can and will break at the most inopportune time.  What else is new?

The other day I walked by my car that Megan is using on the way to get the bus.  I drive a beater car that my BF has loaned me locally only.  I thought I smelled gas by my car but was in a hurry.  It wasn't awful.  I checked again when I got home.  I didn't smell a thing so I figured it was coming from somewhere else.  I asked the kids.  Of course, they said OCD was setting in again.  Yesterday morning, same thing only much stronger.  I knew it wasn't the gas tank.  I had the car inspected in Feb.  I had to put a gas tank in my BF's car last year during inspection. The tank is in the rear of the car.  The odor was in the front. what is it? 

When I got home from work last night, my BF was in my pool looking for the leak again.  Megan and Joey came flying in the driveway in my car.  They had been out to eat.  I could smell the gas from my deck.  No imagining it.  So, I asked my BF and Joey to see if they smelled it.  Yep....Megan did too.  My BF and Joey looked under the car by the front wheel.  Sure enough, gas was pouring out of the fuel line.  No biggie to fix...Oh yeah....I live in a rural area.  Mechanics do not work on Saturday or Sunday.  No biggie they say...wait until Monday. 

LOL...I flipped because I'm leaving for Ohio Tues morning and yes, this is a biggie.  As always, after I OCD for a minute or two, I spring into action.  No way am I not going to Ohio.  I called Enterprise.  I can rent a car for $38 with unlimited mileage since I'm still traveling in my extended area.  There is one place open today where I get my oil changed.  My BF is far more persuasive and smoozes with the guys there all the time so he's going to call and see if they can do it Monday.  If not, Plan B will go into place.  I already have a car reserved.  I just have to let them know Monday morning if I need it or not.

Now to Katie Jane's comment, whose journal is also featured by Penny this week.  I had to crack up.  I think Penny will get a chuckle out of this BF is sure that Penny is a pseudonym for some cyberstalker who is luring me to Ohio.  Of course, my fuel line leak is a warning to me...rolf.  Now, he has Megan paranoid.  I did bring this on myself by mentioning good old "Jimbo" from MySpace.

Anyway, I'm filling my pool up.  If the water appears to be leaking, I'm calling the pool place.  They can find the leak and patch it with the water in it.  Now, so I'm was imagining this also at the end of last summer.  I hope so but probably not.

Rambling on, I had several discussions with Megan about her having an "all girl" party when I'm gone.  I have repeatedly told her NO parties when I'm not home at all since the last fiasco when I was in Fla. last summer.  Seems Ms. Megan is hard of hearing.  She came skipping in as soon as her and Joey got home and said Joey didn't mind if the girls came over as long as they were quiet.  Hunh?  Since when is Joey the boss?  Only two girls...then she started rambling off names.  After she got to the 5th or 6th, I said whoa.  Then I mentioned alcohol.  No answer.  She flew in the house.  My BF was shaking his head.  I took some deep breaths because I felt a fight coming on.  I'm sticking to my guns and told the little one that.  NO party; no friends in the house while I'm gone.  I did suggest that she have her all girl party Monday night while I'm home.  Didn't go over well so I know she was up to no good.  My BF is going to be the guard dog.  Unfortunately, I do not trust Megan one bit.  This is going to be one long summer.

Have a good Saturday!  It is supposed to be 90 here today so I'm going to run my errands early.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm almost done with my second week at the new job.  I starting to really, really like it.  It takes an act of God to get commands changed when you work for the govt. but yesterday Rose and I did the sheets for our boss based on what she has in her system.  Sheesh, what a job that was.

Rose had the day off today so I winged it.  I still couldn't get in most systems but was able to do some things.  My boss came out in the afternoon and asked me to call different DSL carriers.  The whole VA is moving to new digs on three different floors in August.  All the agencies are moving around.  Voc Rehab is opening a job resourse lab so I had to find prices for DSL for the labs.  They won't run off of our major system.  Now, this was super fun.  I got to surf the web and spend money that didn't belong to me. 

I cannot believe the difference in atmospheres.  Night and day.  I'm not minding working everyday because I don't hate where I'm at.  The day goes fast.  The group down there meshes well and works as a team.  I'm thinking God certainly knew what was coming up when I didn't get that job in January upstairs.  I thank Him every day.  Now, the biggest surprise is that Rose and I are probably going to get our own offices.  Yikes!  I can't believe it.  Our boss said he thought we were.  I went upstairs today to finish moving my stuff and one of the guys up there said something to me about having my own office when I move.  He saw the floor plans.  Whoa...ok...I'm waiting to see this before I believe it.

Onto MySpace.  I had to join because I wanted to get inside Becky's blog.  I automatically had a blog created when I joined with absolutely nothing in it.  I think it was around Easter when Becky talked me into putting a pic of her and me on the profile page and I stuck some inside so she could save them and use them in hers.  I had them in my journal.  It was the day Megan moved and other pics that have all been in here. 

I keep getting messages about new blogs biggie...until last week, "Jim" was asking to be one of my friends.  Hmmm...of course, I had to check this out.  ROLFMAO...Jim actually lives quite close to me.  He is 59, partially disabled and stays at home while his wife works.  Poor guy is lonely, loves photography and would like to meet "friends" to take nature hikes.  Jim has many, many friends...all female; all ages and all leaving sexually explicit messages.  Yeah, I bet he wants to take nature hikes and photograph wildlife.  I deleted the invitation.  Poor Jim is persistent.  MySpace is still sending me messages that Jim would like an invitation to my blog.  Hate to tell poor Jimbo but no way is that ever going to happen.  Besides that, my blog is empty.

I mentioned this to my BF.  Of course, he flipped out and thinks now that all the people in J-Land are using fictitious covers to try and meet/stalk people.  I was cracking up and had to show him the difference between MySpace and J-Land.  So, now I will filter what I tell my BF.  He really has too much time on his hands.

So, now I'm getting ready for my trip to Ohio to meet Penny and go to the festival.  I'm really excited about this.  I plan to take plenty of pictures so be prepared.  According to Mapquest, it's only 125 miles and 2 1/2 hrs. away.

Week #2 at work has been great.  I'm hoping by the end of Week #3 I'll be processing some claims.

And, hey, it's almost Friday...........



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Almost Hump Day

Yes, I'm looking forward to "hump" day very much now.  I'm still working on getting things done while working every day.  Joey has to see his psychiatrist tomorrow so I had to schedule it for 4:30.  He'll pick me up when I get done at work since the doctor is in an area of Pittsburgh not too far from the downtown area.  Another 7:00 evening coming up tomorrow.  I still have to try and figure out how I'm going to schedule an appt. with my family doctor.  I have to see him once a year for my high blood pressure medication.  It's that more refills

I'm still waiting for all my systems to be set up at work so I'm limited as to what I can experiment with.  From what I understand, since I'm in a totally new division, it's not just a simple change in my programs. 

I'm so looking forward to my trip to Ohio next week.  I have to get my oil changed before I go so I best call and get an appt. scheduled for Saturday.

Otherwise, things are going well besides my impatience with not having the commands I need.

My BF was up today searching for the holes in my pool liner.  It was in the 70's today and supposed to push 80 over the weekend so there still might be some hope that we will get in that pool yet.

He cleaned and filled my pond in the front.  Does anybody with a water feature know the secret to keeping the algae growth in line?  I was using a chlorine mixture last year but it's killing my rocks that it flows over.  I'm so clueless with this pond of mine.

My flowers look gruesome around the pond.  I lost so many this past winter, and it was a mild winter.  Can't figure it out.  If I ever get some time, I need to look at some perennials to replenish that area.

I'll have to save the MySpace tale for tomorrow because I'm getting tired and my head is nodding off, and I just remembered it's garbage day tomorrow.  I joined so I could snoop in Becky's journal.  What a fiasco.... wedding bells to all of you who were wondering.  Maybe one day?  Who knows but not any time soon.

HUGS & SMILES!  (I heard AOL did some kind of update has anybody seen any type of improvements????)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

This & That

A lovely summer scene but unfortunately summer is avoiding western Pa.  It was darned chilly here this weekend; in the 60's. 38 overnight and it's the 11th of June.  Where oh where is summer this year?  I've been reconsidering even opening my pool this year.  I'm going to wait and see.  Three years ago we had a summer like this....rain and chill the whole time.  It was a waste to keep the pool going.  We rarely had a chance to use it.

Tomorrow the Sears guy is bringing my compressor for my AC anytime between 8-5 again.  They will call before they leave the place before mine.  My BF is coming over to let them in.  Not that I'm going to need it much but at least it will be fixed for now.

My monitor arrived on Tuesday but I have to get Joey to hook it up.  I probably could manage to follow the wires but really don't feel like messing with it.

My house is beginning to shape up slowly but surely.  I have a couple of things I want to get done this evening and then it's time to prepare for work again.  LOL..the weekend flies when you know you have a full week ahead.

My BF and I went to Days Inn last night but only had one drink.  We went back to his place and watched an older movie on DVD.  Just Cause with Sean Connery and Lawrence Fishburne (sp).  Really it was an excellent movie.  Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time with a twist at the end.  I think I did mention he has a sinus infection again and he said that he doesn't miss work but really misses seeing me.  We really don't get to see a whole lot of each other anymore.  He's so cute.  He shows up at the bus stop after work to see what I'm wearing. He was a little down in the dumps the other night; not feeling well and had some other issues he was dealing with and missing me.  I was touched.  The past couple of months have been filled with so many changes for both of us.

I spent my afternoon at Wally World grocery shopping and wandering around looking for some bargains.  I did find the cutest black peasant skirt on sale.  It was super long and since I'm tall; perfect.  I'm surprised that I've mananged to pick up a couple of really cute things there for next to nothing.

Joey was gone since Thurs.  He went with his friends to Cook's Forest, north of here.  His one friend's family has a summer home there.  Megan worked a lot so I had some real peace and quiet.

I just read in Deb's journal that Betty has returned and started her journal once again....whoo hoo.  Welcome back, Betty!  You were greatly missed.  A corgi in Southern California

Pretty much a quiet, chilly day.  Peace & Blessings to all!!!!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Recapping My Week'm supposed to be cleaning.  I'm about half done and decided to feed my puter addiction.

Thanks, Lisa Jo, for sending me the above tag.  Our mindset on our perception of ourselves can change our outlook on every aspect of our lives. 

I look back over this past week.  I can see or hope I can see some huge changes in my life.  My new job in Voc Rehab is so much more serene, at least at this point, than my old job.  Not any less busy; just a totally different atmosphere.  Of course, I haven't been there long enough to pick up on any under currents which exist everywhere.

I liken this experience to when my ex was put out of the house.  He was a verbally abusive alcoholic who daily cleared off tables, hit walls, threw things, etc.  He screamed at us about every little noise we made; anything and everything.  My kids and I learned to filter his noise out.  It became the norm.  He was gone a week when Becky came to me and asked me if I noticed how "weird" it was with "Daddy" gone.  I had.  Eerily quiet.  Wonderfully quiet and peaceful but so different from what we had lived with for years.  It didn't take long to start to absolutely love the peace and quiet.

My old job was like living with my ex in a way.  Chaotic at best.  I particularly notice it more than ever now when I have to go up there.  I'm in the process of moving my personal things so I'm in that office at least twice a day. 

No one has touched anything or done anything since I left.  I have two 50 ft tables that held the folders for review from other offices.  I had maybe 20 or so folders left over at the end of the day.  These tables now are stacked with hundreds of folders at least 3 ft. high and now they are starting to put them on the floor because they were literally falling off.  What is absolutely astounding to me is the volume of folders I reviewed and processed each week in addition to my other duties.

So, yes, I am a phenomenal woman who did a phenomenal job.  That I wasn't appreciated is their loss, obviously.

I hope and pray that I am as phenomenal at my new job. 

My point, though, is that it doesn't matter what type of job we have.  I was always taught to do the very best at any job I had no matter how menial it was. Take pride in the fact that you excel and do well at it, even if it's scrubbing a toilet (ok, quoting my mother on that one).  If you don't pat yourself on the back and love yourself, no one else will.  God did not create failures.

A little bit of a more serious entry for me but these are thoughts that have been going through my head yesterday and today.

I intend to learn everything and anything I can in my new job to expand my knowledge.  I will take the raises as they come but put that as a second priority.  It's not so much about the money to me as it is about personal pride and capabilities.  LOL...who would have thought that at age 52 and 23 1/2 years with the same agency, I finally have been given that opportunity.  Now, I just have to fulfill it.

Love you all....have a great weekend!!!!!

(And of course, as always, if anybody would like this siggy tag, just let me know in the comments.  I'm still struggling with the darned glitter but I'm getting close.)

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Almost TGIF

TGIF is sounding awfully sweet to me.  It has been a very long time since I couldn't wait for Friday to get here.  Not that it's been a bad week.  I just have no time for anything and need to start getting some sort of schedule for myself.  I really only get home a little over an hour earlier.  The day does go fast at work but I can't seem to find any extra time to accomplish anything around the house.  I'm  That's probably why.  I don't have time to get through my mailbox, read journals, make an entry, and right now I'm too tired for PSP.  I'm sure this is what would be referred to as an adjustment period.

And....I have to prepare and iron my clothes every night.  It's fun to get semi dressed up again but there is some maintenance and time to be put into it.  My old job...throw on a pair of jeans, top, blazer and off I could go.  Oy vay, I've never ironed so much in years.

Yikes and today is Megan's 20th b-day.  I did call and sing to her when I realized it was today.  She was off at the mall buying perfume which she said I could pay for as a gift.  Ok....sounds good to me.

My familyroom is the only clean room in the house.  Megan did clean that today, bless her, but wants to have some friends over after a wedding they are going to Sat. night. and asked if I was cleaning the rest of the downstairs.  I suppose I will have to bite the bullet this Saturday and do the downstairs really well and threaten those two kids of mine with bodily harm if they mess it up.  Actually, I didn't tell her but I had been planning on doing that any way.

My bedroom is tiny.  I took the smallest and let Joey and Megan have the bigger ones.  I pulled all my clothes out to sort through and toss those I don't want and wash and iron the others.  One problem...I got halfway done last night.  I couldn't even get into my bed.  I filled another bag tonight for Goodwill and washed another load and ironed them.  Now about 1/3 of my bed is showing.  Major stress attack setting in.  I do love to sleep on the couch for some reason so it's no big deal except I can't stand the mess upthere.


My junk mail is falling off the snack bar because that is usually my Wed chore.  It's only 8:30 and the bathtub is calling me.  I still have to iron my clothes for tomorrow.

My PC has been moved finally at work.  I still have all my old commands. IT never got around to setting up my computer for all the new systems I need.  Figures.  I moved some things down but there's still a mess of crap around my new area that no one has moved.  A mess at work; a mess at home...                    

My solution tonight is take a nice long bath, iron my clothes and go to bed.  Hopefully, I will be more alert and refreshed come Saturday.  Am I working OT....HECK

HUGS to all....tomorrow night is my journal reading night.  I'm working on the siggy tags.  I've gotten almost half done....please be patient with me.  A good 8 hr snooze should do the trick.


Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Day 2 at the Job

Thanks to Lisa Jo for sending me the above graphic.  I won't be counting down every day forever that I work at my new job. I mean this is a good thing; just a very, very different thing right now.

I woke up this morning down in the dumps because it dawned on me that it was Tues and no more free Tues nights.  Now, Chris, get a life.  It's a job.  More people work five days a week than not.

My PC was and still is not moved.  My old cubicle looks like a shrine to me; albeit one big mess of a shrine outside of it.  No one has touched or done a thing since I left.

I felt a little like a fish out of water because I just don't know what or how to fill my time when I'm clueless.  So I moped a bit although no one would ever have known.  I wandered aimlessly at lunch.  What a sad sack I was letting myself become.

Rose takes a late lunch so left her computer up and told me to start messing with dangerous thing but it was fun to just play around with the systems but not save anything.

When she got back, she put me at the keyboard and let me input the awards.  I cracked us up because I was a total mess.  It looks so easy when you're shadowing someone.  I thought I could do it in a heartbeat.  Not even close.  Needless to say, I'm totally impressed with what Rose has accomplished in two years. She didn't have nearly the experience I had plus no one to speak of to train her.  We were howling because she leaves for vacation June 30th through the week of the 4th of July. 

Tomorrow and Thurs we have training upstairs on the system I was using.  We have to share a computer because, of course, they didn't provide enough so guess who gets to play around

Truthfully, after the newness wears off, I think I am really going to love this job.  3:30 rolls around quickly and then it's time to start closing things up for me.  I would usually have 2 hrs left.

Tonight I was home at 5:15.  My BF met me at the bus stop and almost passed out.  I had my peasant outfit on.  I haven't been dressed like that for work in years.  He couldn't quit staring at me and was all "gaga eyed."  Good for the ego.

We had to search for the holes in my pool liner and I had to drain my pond and clean it.  It's also trash night.  So, I'm not going to get around tonight to visit journals.  I will have to do that tomorrow night.  I haven't forgotten any of you....I'll skip an entry tomorrow so I can journal hop.

Love you all and can't thank you enough for your supportive's really helped so much.

        (If you want a siggy like this, let me know.  It may take a day or two but I'll get it to you.)

Monday, June 5, 2006

New Job

             First thing, my pumps with the pointy toes that my personal shopper picked absolutely killed my feet.  My right foot is a size larger than the left.  The left shoe kept falling off.  I bought some insoles at lunch but they didn't fit right.  Back to the comfortable pumps for me.  And panty hose...grrrr...I haven't tortured myself with panty hose for at least 2 years.

I didn't have to attend the training session today.  I'm so glad.  We have to go Wed and Thurs because that pertains to the programs we use.  I shadowed my trainer again today because, of course, no one had moved my PC yet.  Tomorrow they are but I know it will take half the day to get it done.  But Rose and I do get along super well so that's a plus.  She's a sweet girl.

I think I'm going to like it.  There is so much to do and so much to learn.  It's a whole different division but the case management system is pretty similar to my old one.  The flow of things is blowing my mind, though, as it always does with something new.

I had to run upstairs a couple of times for things.  My previous supervisor actually asked me if I would do the Monday report.  I about croaked as I said "NO WAY."  I don't work up here anymore.  Then she asked me if I would work OT Saturday to train the new kid.  Don't think so.  I told her they had many chances to keep me in that division and didn't.  My new division has OT but I will need my weekends off.

It was soooo weird taking the bus home at 4 today instead of 5:30.  The day did go quickly.  It seemed like it was lunch time and then almost time to leave.  I'm still grieving my loss of my day off on Wednesday.  That will take a while to adjust to.  I have to reconfigure doctor's appts. and, of course, Wednesday was my mid week grocery day.  I may have to enlist Megan to be my grocery shopper that day.  Haven't quite figured it out because I sure don't feel like stopping after work to buy a big order.

And the sun actually came out today....the first time since Thursday.

I did wear the linen suit.  I ironed it and used spray starch.  It didn't really wrinkle too badly until the very end of the day and it wasn't awful.

What to wear tomorrow...hmmm...I'm thinking peasant with some comfortable shoes.  I do need some new shoes.  I picked up a cute pair of flat last night at Target for $5 on clearance.  Couldn't pass them up.

Wow, 8:00 already.  There still doesn't seem to be much time left in the evenings.  Have to go feed my pooch.  He's been very patient and try to get a load of laundry done.

Nite...Part II cont.....       



Sunday, June 4, 2006

Tomorrow is the Day

Thanks, Dianna, for the tag above.  I love it!  LOL...wish I had legs like that...I just might have to get a pair of sexy white boots.  I took some pictures of my clothes.  One lesson you would think I would learn is to hang them up instantly and not leave them in the bags for 4-5 days...can we say wrinkled?  I'm embarrassed to take pictures of them but only ironed the linen suit this morning because that's what I'm wearing tomorrow.  I'm leery of the linen.  I didn't do my usual "crinkle" test at Target.  I grab a section of it and see if it wrinkles instantly.  If it does, no go....  Well, the crinkle test at home was not very good.  I have a fear by the time I get off the bus, I'm going to look like I slept in it.  I just might have to return it.  I'm still thinking about that.

         I had to put this picture in of Grizzly and Mocha.  Doesn't he just have the hardest life?  His new thing now is he wants to lay his head on a pillow.  Not a couch pillow...a regular comfortable bed pillow.

  This is the linen suit and the pumps.  The suit has white pin stripes in it that don't show up on the pic.  The slacks are underneath on the hanger.  It may just have to go back because linen is hard to keep fresh looking.

 These are the wrinkly ones which have since been ironed and hung.  I love the peasant top and the skirt below it is peasanty.  Yikes those camel colored ones are wrinkled.  I did iron them after the pictures but didn't feel like taking more pics and downloading them.

  The white capri's are really a white with tan seersucker...just didn't come out in the shots.  ROFL...I'm betting Penny is cringing at the wrinkles. 

Last night I drank far too much and paid for it today.  My BF had some crusty looking lady hitting up on him all night.  He left me down there because I wasn't ready to leave.  I had so many free drinks.  By the time he came back to get me, I still had another beer but couldn't take another drink.  There were two weddings there so I shook by bootae on the dance floor all night.  Boy do I just love to dance.

Joey and I ate at Eat N Park tonight.  Megan was waitressing.  She had to go to a bone specialist on Friday.  Not for celiac but for residuals of a broken pinkie finger three years ago.  Her finger is going numb and getting painful.  Waitressing is aggravating it worse.  They think it's tendonitis so she has to wear a brace for so many hours a day.  It goes half way up her arm.  She has to take Alleve twice a day.  Poor kid is going to need a pill case like my mom.  She has Synthroid, Os-Cal and I can't remember what else but some have to be taken 2 hours before eating.  The Synthroid 2 hrs after the Os-Cal and now she can't figure out how to fit the Alleve in.  Oh, she takes an iron supplement.

This week is training at work.  Instead of going to the training center in Baltimore, they are coming here.  It will be from 8-5 every day.  Friday until noon.  I will still be on my 10 hr schedule because of my busses.  I'm not sure how they will work that out because 8-5 is an extra half hour each day and we won't get OT for it.

My new venture begins, exciting but scary also. 



Penny, I'm putting your butterfly in my journal.  See if you save it from here if it works right...


Saturday, June 3, 2006

I thought I do an entry now since I'm sitting around and basically not doing much.  I've been trying to catch up on journal reading and, of course, can't resist playing in PSP.  I'm still not quite caught up with the journals but figure I should be by tomorrow.  I was doing housework in between all of the above.

I had to hang around the house all day today waiting for the Sears repair guy to show up.  It could have been any time between 8-5 p.m.  Of course, he called right before 5 and said he was on his way.  He just left.  My compressor is just about shot.'s still under warranty but he said he rarely has ever seen a compressor go bad in AC's.  Refrigerators all the time; AC's next to never.  Makes me feel real good about this AC of mine.  I am only beginning my 4th summer of running it.  This is the second major repair.  He will be back on June 13th so I need my BF over here to let him in.  LOL...another good thing about having him retired.

I'm preparing myself mentally for my new job.  I'm not sure why I let myself get this anxious about it.  I've gone back to some ancient techniques that I learned years ago when I had panic attacks and suffered from depression.  Basically, asking myself what is the very worst that could happen and things like that.  When I start imagining the worst that could happen, I almost laugh because when you actually make a list of things and read it, it's so off the wall.  I call it putting things in the proper perspective.  Like I said, it's been eons since I've actually had to do this.

I did buy myself some new clothes with my personal shopper, Megan.  We went to Target.  I found some lovely dress suits on sale and some nicer tops and, of course, some pointy leather pumps that are actually comfortable and don't make my feet look like the Queen Mary.  I think tomorrow, I just might lay my wardrobe out and take a picture for you all to see.  I haven't been able to wear nicer things in a long while because the nature of my past job ruined got stuck in them, I got caught in cabinets, stuck in piles of folders, Sharpie marks all over everything, etc. etc.

Tonight is Day's Inn night.  I haven't been out for a couple of weekends and am looking forward to kicking my heels up a bit. 

Have a good one all!!!!!!