Saturday, June 17, 2006


  Thanks, Shelly, for this it!!!!!

As most of you are aware, just about anything I own can and will break at the most inopportune time.  What else is new?

The other day I walked by my car that Megan is using on the way to get the bus.  I drive a beater car that my BF has loaned me locally only.  I thought I smelled gas by my car but was in a hurry.  It wasn't awful.  I checked again when I got home.  I didn't smell a thing so I figured it was coming from somewhere else.  I asked the kids.  Of course, they said OCD was setting in again.  Yesterday morning, same thing only much stronger.  I knew it wasn't the gas tank.  I had the car inspected in Feb.  I had to put a gas tank in my BF's car last year during inspection. The tank is in the rear of the car.  The odor was in the front. what is it? 

When I got home from work last night, my BF was in my pool looking for the leak again.  Megan and Joey came flying in the driveway in my car.  They had been out to eat.  I could smell the gas from my deck.  No imagining it.  So, I asked my BF and Joey to see if they smelled it.  Yep....Megan did too.  My BF and Joey looked under the car by the front wheel.  Sure enough, gas was pouring out of the fuel line.  No biggie to fix...Oh yeah....I live in a rural area.  Mechanics do not work on Saturday or Sunday.  No biggie they say...wait until Monday. 

LOL...I flipped because I'm leaving for Ohio Tues morning and yes, this is a biggie.  As always, after I OCD for a minute or two, I spring into action.  No way am I not going to Ohio.  I called Enterprise.  I can rent a car for $38 with unlimited mileage since I'm still traveling in my extended area.  There is one place open today where I get my oil changed.  My BF is far more persuasive and smoozes with the guys there all the time so he's going to call and see if they can do it Monday.  If not, Plan B will go into place.  I already have a car reserved.  I just have to let them know Monday morning if I need it or not.

Now to Katie Jane's comment, whose journal is also featured by Penny this week.  I had to crack up.  I think Penny will get a chuckle out of this BF is sure that Penny is a pseudonym for some cyberstalker who is luring me to Ohio.  Of course, my fuel line leak is a warning to me...rolf.  Now, he has Megan paranoid.  I did bring this on myself by mentioning good old "Jimbo" from MySpace.

Anyway, I'm filling my pool up.  If the water appears to be leaking, I'm calling the pool place.  They can find the leak and patch it with the water in it.  Now, so I'm was imagining this also at the end of last summer.  I hope so but probably not.

Rambling on, I had several discussions with Megan about her having an "all girl" party when I'm gone.  I have repeatedly told her NO parties when I'm not home at all since the last fiasco when I was in Fla. last summer.  Seems Ms. Megan is hard of hearing.  She came skipping in as soon as her and Joey got home and said Joey didn't mind if the girls came over as long as they were quiet.  Hunh?  Since when is Joey the boss?  Only two girls...then she started rambling off names.  After she got to the 5th or 6th, I said whoa.  Then I mentioned alcohol.  No answer.  She flew in the house.  My BF was shaking his head.  I took some deep breaths because I felt a fight coming on.  I'm sticking to my guns and told the little one that.  NO party; no friends in the house while I'm gone.  I did suggest that she have her all girl party Monday night while I'm home.  Didn't go over well so I know she was up to no good.  My BF is going to be the guard dog.  Unfortunately, I do not trust Megan one bit.  This is going to be one long summer.

Have a good Saturday!  It is supposed to be 90 here today so I'm going to run my errands early.



jeanno43 said...

Glad you found that leak and that you got a car sorted. Becky's car just cut out dead the other day in the middle of traffic. She had to call out help. They got it started and for four days it was o.k. then it did it again last night.  Goes into the garage on Monday.  They are a pain when something goes wrong.

jckfrstross said...

i hope you can get the gas line fixed its not that big of a job. if you lived closer david would do it for you:) glad bf is going to watch over things for you:) megan is going to try and have a party while you are gone:( enjoy the weekend


queeniemart said...

I am having car troubles too but i am ignoring them because i can not deal with it right now. I hope your BF gets the car fixed....these teens/young adults will drive us crazy, huh? I hope that you have a wonderful time with Penny!
Love you,lisa

am4039 said...

I remember my parents and my two brothers taking a vacation one year. I begged my parents that I would like to stay home. Let's just say I had one huge party, and oh yea I got in big big trouble.  Hope you get  your car fixed and have a great time.

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris - If your BF and Megan are really worried they can come to Ohio too! The more the merrier! More people for me to stalk! Er..... I mean talk to. ROFL
Awww, seriously, I can undertand their concern. Nice knowing you are loved, huh? :)
I once had a big party while my parents were away.... Kids stealing booze at the local store, people passed out in my bathroom...wild! My parents never knew. LOL Good thing that BF of yours will be around to keep an eye out. Good luck with your car. SEE YOU TUESDAY!!!!! :)

chat2missie said...

My husband would worry the same way about me going to Ohio that your BF is worrying right now.  We seem to have the same luck with stuff breaking down.  Good idea renting a car.

jeadie05 said...

Hope you are able to get the car sorted ,just when you needed it most ,its always the way ,good you have the hire car on standby ...hope Megan doednt let you down ,good BF is going to keep an eye on things .........Jan xx

mzgray0726 said...

I hope that everything works out for your car.  I truly know how all of that can be. Truly.  I hope your daughter is not as bad as I was when I was younger.  I could not wait for my parents to go away.  That meant of course a party for me.  Whew!  Have a safe trip and please keep us posted.  Hugs. - Tish

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

she wanted a repeat huh!!!!...Good thing bf is staying cause I bet she would of been tempted and might have gave in to the a good and save trip...hugs,TerryANn

lv2trnscrb said...

I always think renting a car when taking a long trip is a good idea. It saves wear and tear on your car and also if there are problems with it, they replace it at no charge to you.


helloimkara said...

Why is it cars always konk out right before a road trip!!!  Im with you about the party!  They can always go see a chick flick and go out to dinner ya know.  Stick to your guns...

Kara :)