Saturday, June 10, 2006

Recapping My Week'm supposed to be cleaning.  I'm about half done and decided to feed my puter addiction.

Thanks, Lisa Jo, for sending me the above tag.  Our mindset on our perception of ourselves can change our outlook on every aspect of our lives. 

I look back over this past week.  I can see or hope I can see some huge changes in my life.  My new job in Voc Rehab is so much more serene, at least at this point, than my old job.  Not any less busy; just a totally different atmosphere.  Of course, I haven't been there long enough to pick up on any under currents which exist everywhere.

I liken this experience to when my ex was put out of the house.  He was a verbally abusive alcoholic who daily cleared off tables, hit walls, threw things, etc.  He screamed at us about every little noise we made; anything and everything.  My kids and I learned to filter his noise out.  It became the norm.  He was gone a week when Becky came to me and asked me if I noticed how "weird" it was with "Daddy" gone.  I had.  Eerily quiet.  Wonderfully quiet and peaceful but so different from what we had lived with for years.  It didn't take long to start to absolutely love the peace and quiet.

My old job was like living with my ex in a way.  Chaotic at best.  I particularly notice it more than ever now when I have to go up there.  I'm in the process of moving my personal things so I'm in that office at least twice a day. 

No one has touched anything or done anything since I left.  I have two 50 ft tables that held the folders for review from other offices.  I had maybe 20 or so folders left over at the end of the day.  These tables now are stacked with hundreds of folders at least 3 ft. high and now they are starting to put them on the floor because they were literally falling off.  What is absolutely astounding to me is the volume of folders I reviewed and processed each week in addition to my other duties.

So, yes, I am a phenomenal woman who did a phenomenal job.  That I wasn't appreciated is their loss, obviously.

I hope and pray that I am as phenomenal at my new job. 

My point, though, is that it doesn't matter what type of job we have.  I was always taught to do the very best at any job I had no matter how menial it was. Take pride in the fact that you excel and do well at it, even if it's scrubbing a toilet (ok, quoting my mother on that one).  If you don't pat yourself on the back and love yourself, no one else will.  God did not create failures.

A little bit of a more serious entry for me but these are thoughts that have been going through my head yesterday and today.

I intend to learn everything and anything I can in my new job to expand my knowledge.  I will take the raises as they come but put that as a second priority.  It's not so much about the money to me as it is about personal pride and capabilities.  LOL...who would have thought that at age 52 and 23 1/2 years with the same agency, I finally have been given that opportunity.  Now, I just have to fulfill it.

Love you all....have a great weekend!!!!!

(And of course, as always, if anybody would like this siggy tag, just let me know in the comments.  I'm still struggling with the darned glitter but I'm getting close.)


jeadie05 said...

I love your attitude to your job ,you are to be applauded for your commitment to it ,and you have proved it by looking back at your old job and seeing all the work you used to do,and why the sound of things no one else is either ........Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

like i said its their loss(old job) you are a phenomal woman and a asset to any job:) i would love the siggy when you get time no hurry


lanurseprn said...

You ARE a phenomenal woman!!  I'm so glad you are enjoying your new job.  Isn't it interesting to see how much work you used to do and KNOW that they will come to realize it in a short period of time, if they haven't already.  I'm so glad you made the job change!  
Oh...and yes I'd like the siggy if you have time!  It's a beautiful siggy!  Thanks in advance!

mtrib2 said...

Well done with your commitment to your job.    Having to live with an abusive alcoholic is absolute hell.    I think you will be living your true potential after your years of dedicated service.   You are definitely a one of a kind.    I think the glitter on your tag is cool.    mark

imgr8phil said...

Congratulations and good luck looking forward in your new position.  What has happened in the past has helped to shape who you are today and from what I can see that is nothing but good and positive.  Take care.


xxroxymamaxx said...

I know you will be the best person for the job!  You are definitely a hard worker and fast learner.  You proved that with your work in PSP. : )  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

njmom72 said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new job hun, hope you're having a great weekend! :-)

~ Susan

queeniemart said...

I love this entry and i am PROUD of you!!! I know that you are an awesome worker and take great pride in what you do. I am so glad you have the new job and you WILL be a success at it. I was always taught to give your employer their moneys worth. I take great pride in making subs and salads and let me tell ya, everyone, including all mgrs, comment on how damn good they are presented. The bozo's that you used to work for will one day realize what they have lost and you will hear about it and you can smile as you walk back to a place you now feel happy and content with. Enjoy your weekend.LOVE ya,lisa jo

pennietoonz said...

Chris, I`m so glad that you are feeling good about this new opportunity. It sounds like you really needed to leave that old dept. This breath of fresh air will do you good!
PS... I am getting excited about our concert together!!!! :)

lawsonladies said...

Hi Chris,
I have to say, first of all, you have the best work ethic's of anyone I've ever met in my life!  I know most everyone wants to do the best job possible, but the way you put it in words is something I've never heard before!  You are now one of my hero's!  I'm glad to hear you are liking your new job, so far.  And I hope you do learn everything you want to as quickly as possible.  Whats up with your old job and all the folders?  Didn't they find someone to replace you???  Do YOU have to go through all of those folders now???? YIKES!  I hope not, and have to do your new job too?????  Wow!  Hope all goes smoothly, I really do!
Love, Linda

gotomaria said...

I agree with your sentiments, Chris!  Bloom where we are another way I've heard it put.  Nice entry and good luck with your new job!

sazzylilsmartazz said...

I'm behind in alerts here but so happy you like your new job!!!
LOL I'm on the puter when I'm supposed to be cleaning too!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Listen to should be out selling some good motivation cd's...I am so glad that you have such a positive out look...and you are a phenomenal woman...all you had to do is ask us and we could attest to that...Boy do I relate to your ex story...I just need the peace and,TerryAnn

queenb8261 said...

I'm behind, but trying to catch up! LOL
This is a great entry. You are quite motivated.  That's outstanding