Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31, 1981/4:03 a.m.



25 years ago was a super special day in the life....I gave to birth to my first child....Rebecca Sue, or Becky/Becca, as she was soon to become known as.  She was a special gift from God.  I had problems becoming pregnant so what an excitement it was to find out I was going to have a baby.  First grandchild on both sides.  I thank the Lord daily for Becky, as well as my other two children.


Becky, my bio/chem graduate working in genetics research.  She refers to herself as the soul of an artist; living a life of science.  She is an environmental activist; animal lover; appreciates fine art; creates art; computer builder; my beautiful daughter.

                                        Becky in Myrtle Beach playing with the baby animals; one of her favorite things to do.

                                       Becky and Meg at a Pirate game on Megan's birthday last summer.


All three kids and "moi" on Christmas day...................

Joey and Becky are out celebrating her big day.  There are about 25 of them on the South Side.  They rented a party bus.  Of course, Megan is planning on crashing the party.  This I don't want to hear. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, are one precious angel!

Love you always,


Thursday, March 30, 2006

A New Day



I really want to thank each and everyone of you for all your comments and support yesterday.  It was one of those days where I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.  My head was pounding all day, and I felt sick.  I also prayed a lot.

My BF had known this since Jan. and hadn't said a word until he was unusually in a tizzy himself.  I wished, at first, that he hadn't said anything.  Now, I'm sort of glad because I know who the enemy is.  How I will deal with it, I haven't decided yet.

It took every ounce of energy to get myself to work today.  I was curled up in a little ball this morning wishing I could just hide.  I'm not a quitter so I faced my foes.  Quietly.  I haven't said anything yet.  The time will come.

I felt no bitterness yesterday; just crushing disappointment and despair after the anger wore off.  It will be hard to find another job.  I have to stay with the govt because of my health insurance.  OPM has continued Joey on my health insurance past age 22 for at least another two years.  It will then go up for review again.  I could never get another employer to cover him if I left the govt.  Govt. jobs are really scarce now.  When someone leaves, there is no hiring a replacement.  We just suck up the work.  My only hope, right now, is that the VA Hospital has some postings on their internal board.  The govt. website is very slow.  My age is also a drawback.  Although age discrimination is against the law, it is done still.  I will just continue to pray that God will open a door and show me the way.  I also pray that He continues to protect me against the evil things going on and keeps surrounding my own personal aura with love and peace.

My BF is going to work until the end of April.  It is more beneficial for his retirement.  He will use up his sick leave in bits and pieces.  He is a strong person and will be able to do this.  He will walk out with his head held high.

Onward I march, as always.  Joey told me the sewage company came today and had him flush dye down the toilet.  I'm flipping a little bit because some neighbors have had to have line replacements which have cost them a few thousand....eeeeek.  I never sent my line coverage policy in.  It was offered about a month ago.  You have to have it 30 days before it takes effect.  Three years ago it was fine when my plumber checked it but I'm in a bit of a panic.  Of course, Joey would never think to ask if there was a problem.  I'm calling tomorrow to see if it was routine or what.  So, I'm praying big time that there is nothing wrong and then, if not, I'm sending my line protection paperwork in because the pipes are clay and 90 years old.

Hope I haven't missed anybody in my visits.  I know I have.  I will be around to make all my visits tomorrow night.  Love to all and thank you so much for being there.........CHRIS

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Betrayal....what an ugly word.  Deception causes betrayal.  Boy, when you realize the knife was stuck in the back, it's a killer.  I've always been loyal and lead my life free of least agendas that will cause pain and strife to others.

I hesitate to discuss my place of employment.  Right now, I really don't care. 

First, my BF walked out yesterday after 38 years handing in his retirement papers.  Ultimate betrayal.  This man has devoted his life to serving veterans, of which he is one (he served in Vietnam; his brother was killed in Vietnam).  He has had a hugely successful career, being recognized by our Central Office quite frequently.  His problem is he is retirement age and has the years in.  His major problem in the eyes of management was that he was still there past retirement age and time.  Many are going through this.

In his frustration, anger, etc., he told me something I knew in my heart but did not want to hear.  He knew exactly why I didn't get the promotion a couple of months ago.  My supervisor sat in a room and totally destroyed me to the new managers.  Said I was disorganized, needed supervision for everything, was not capable of performing the job up for promotion, etc.  None of this is true at all.  Her agenda....there would be no one that could replace me.  I've had many helpers who can't cut it or learn what I do.  How does one look themselves in the mirror each morning after they lie about somebody's performance?  How do they come into work day after day and implore this person to help them with things they don't know but should know as a supervisor?  And, how do I handle this?  I am dying again inside.  I've bent over backwards and taken on far more than I should because no one else seems to be able to grasp it.  I'm so ready to just shut down and do only what is expected of my grade level.

I'm praying fervently about this.  I will never, ever get promoted as long as I have the same supervisor and the same managers remain.  The damage is done.  There is a VA hospital two miles from my house.  I'm planning on checking into a lateral position at the same grade to get my foot in that door and my butt out of the old one.  The time has come to remove myself also from this cesspool.  I'm struggling with why the Lord let this happen although I realize He is not responsible for the free will of others.  I'm struggling with bitterness again.  I'm struggling with going into work tomorrow and keeping my mouth shut.  Someday, somehow, the right words will come out in just the right way.  This person will at least know that nothing is sacred and everybody finds out eventually what has been said.  I wil forgive but not forget.

Thanks for listening......CHRIS

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Scattered Thoughts

Just some scattered thoughts and tidbits for this last Sunday night in March.  Hugs & Thanks to Dee of D's Designs for the snag of Keanu.  This is my last entry for my Eye Candy Week (lol..girls no crying; I may resurrect it again).  Sorry Vin, you have been replaced.  It's not that I don't like the Eye Candy but, as many of you know, I get bored quickly with my sidebars and feel the need to change them quite often.  I'm trying to think of my next theme.

I was going to do another quiz but I never seem to have time to do them plus my typical rambling.  So, I'll throw in a couple of the quiz questions plus ramble on.  I'm very good at killing two, three, four birds with one stone.

My favorite movies; 5 I was supposed to pick, but I can't pick only 5.  My all time favorite:  Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino and, of course, Keanu Reeves.  Why?  I can't answer that.  It fasinates me.  I usually don't like movies like that at all.  I avoid them.  This one was sort of like good defeating evil.  Other movies:  Shawshank Redemption; love anything Morgan Freeman is in; Dirty Dancing, my girls and I could watch this all the time; Christmas me up totally.  Sometimes I call my journal The Griswald's because of all the flashing animation.  Ok, maybe I can do five....this is a real oldie which most have never heard of....Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn and George it and could watch it all the time also.

Favorite bands:  All R&B/blues...Love BB King; Marvin Gaye is a classic in my book.  A sad life but a classic.  Anybody remember when Marvin sang with Tammy.  I grew up to Motown.  The original diva's...Patti Labelle & Chaka Khan.  The new stuff...Outkast.  And BTW:  I loved the movie Four Brothers.  Andre from Outkast was in that one.  Black Eyed Peas.  Ok...throw in Tony Bennett.  My favorite CD is Pilgrim by Eric Clapton which is all blues.  I'm on my third CD.  I've totally worn out the last two.

Favorite restaurants or was it food or something like that...Chinese.  There's a restaurant in Pittsburgh called Dingbats that has an open faced steak sandwich called the twenty dollar steak sandwich that has everything but the kitchen sink in it.  Actually, besides liver, there is not much I won't eat.  If I don't have to cook, I'll eat it.  I love Lidia's, authentic Italian cuisine. 

Do I believe in horoscopes...Nope.  I know I'm a Scorpio but cmon, how can every Scorpio in the world have the same predictions on any given day...doesn't make sense.

Gossip...would I rather reveal it or hear it?  I'd rather hear  I can't resist.  But, I don't reveal it because I'm not much of a gossiper; just a listener.

Pet Peeves:  cell phone calls on the bus at 6 am in the morning when I'm trying to sleep.  Who are these people talking to?

People who drive two miles an hour in front of me.

People talking on cell phones while doing bank transactions, paying for groceries, etc.  Hey, I can't live without my cell phone but sheesh.......

So, I mixed together a little bit of two these from Hadon and Essex Debbie.  Pretty clever of me, I'd say.

And to answer the big question of last night....yes, it was my BF calling me on my cell phone.  He was at his new apt. moving things.  He and Joey moved most of the things today and will finish Wed.  He is moving Wed. so the managers can paint his old apt.  What is that again, Debbie?  A posh gaff?  He is now going to live in a posh gaff.  Happy Mum's Day to our UK friends.  Today is Mother's Day in England.

Ok, my last thought...AOL blows!  It was really acting up today.  I couldn't get into my file manager, I couldn't leave journal entries, pictures all over J-land that were previously there had the lovely red "x" and so on and so forth.  I'm speeding through this entry to get it saved so I don't totally blow a gasket.


I more thing.  The closet is cleaned.  YEAH.  I threw a lot of things away but I did find the pair of earrings my BF bought me a couple of years ago.  I knew they were somewhere in the house.  They were in an old purse.  I put them in there when he gave me new ones for my birthday last year.  I'm going to wear them now and see if he notices.  LOL...I bet he will.  He is very observant.

And, that is all, folks.  I promise.  Have a great evening!  And, you lucky dogs who are also on spring break like your kids are, nanny nanny boo boo.....have a great week and enjoy.


                   CHRIS  (I had to put my rose in here since it wouldn't fit in my sidebar.  I wish AOL would expand it so we could put more in there.)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy Saturday!  Just a boring evening at home.  Boy, I must be getting old....a Saturday night and home I'm sitting.  Actually, my BF wasn't feeling well after work and, honestly, Joey is back visiting friends in the old hood, the house is quiet, and I really didn't feel like going out tonight.  Yikes....did I say that?  I was tired after work, played on the computer for a while, of course, and then took a nap. this is strange.  I just called my BF and got his voice mail.  Uh oh...was he blowing me off?  Truthfully, I hate when it gets late, and he doesn't answer.  I'm prone to panic because he is so reliably anal about his schedule.'s getting late, and I'm rambling.  I wanted to let you of you know that tomorrow is D's (Donna) birthday from D's Designs.  Stop by her journal  This and that, and hockey! or drop her an e-mail.  Dee is so generous with her graphics and tagging for all of us in J-Land.  This is a small way in which we can show our appreciation of her generosity.

Gotta run....the phone's ringing...Sweet dreams..................





Friday, March 24, 2006

I have no idea who made the tag above but it's so pretty.  It will probably knock my journal way out of whack.  (I don't think it did.  It was Johnny Depp in the Eye Candy that's did it. A little resizing did the trick.  Megan just thinks Johnny Depp is the hottest...this one is for you, Meg.)

Today was another hectic day.  I got home from work at 7 p.m. and had at least 300 e-mails to go through from my PSP group plus downloading.  The group had been quiet for a while but not anymore.

AOL was really acting up forcing me into a state of OCD.  I thought my E-Machine was crapping out again.  I kept getting a message from AOL that I didn't have enough memory, close some programs that were open (none were besides AOL), then it would freeze and knock me off.  I ran two different clean up programs.  I still couldn't download anything.  Panic was setting in, of course.  I do have a gig of memory on this E-Machine and have most of my stuff in my external drive.  I don't have that much on here to eat up memory.  I ran my clean up program that sounds like a toilet flushing.  It restarts the computer.  So far, so good.  Then I started getting messages from others in my PSP group asking if anyone was having problems with AOL closing down and shutting off computers.  Guess it's another AOL snafoooo; surprise, surprise?

I'm off to bed....OT again tomorrow...Thank the Lord!  Not that I love getting up and going to work on a Sat. but I sure do love the paycheck with OT in it. 

Have a great night all....I'll be around to visit tomorrow.  Have to get my butt to bed or I'll never get up.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time~Where Does it Go?

Today has flown by so fast....I can hardly believe it's after 10 and I'm just doing an entry.

I barely scratched the surface of that closet of mine.  I threw two trash bags of junk out before the garbage men got here today.  Where does all this stuff come from?  I just cleaned a good bit of the closet out this past summer.  My house is literally bursting at the seams.  Two years ago I decluttered the whole house.  My BF took most of it in his truck to the dumpster at his apt.  The trash men would have probably had a hissy fit if I had put it all out.  Even so, I still had bags and bags out front.  So, in two years, how can so much more junk get stuffed here and there and everywhere. 

I ran out of steam after a couple of hours.  I also got a ferocious headache that has just barely gone away.  My carpet will be in next week but I'm waiting for the installation.  The weather is awful right the teens today and snowing tonight.  We are pulling the old carpet up ourselves to save money.  This will be a project.

LOL...I didn't even have time to slap my name on the tag above.  It is already made and saved and awaiting names but I just didn't have the energy to go back into the Paint Shop.

The one eye candy guy is gone.....I must learn to limit myself to English speaking graphic and PSP sites.  That was not a nice word flashing on there.  I got zapped at work one day during lunch for hitting a German site.  I thought I was safe because it was entitled PSP favourites...sounds G rated to me...Not, so I found out.  Big flashing screen on my monitor saying Porno.  Since I work for the govt., we are monitorred closely and our computers have stringent controls.  I don't abuse the internet at work so I got off with a scolding.  LOL...Thanks, Shelly, for understanding Spanish...hehehehe

I hear a nice warm bubble bath calling me plus some laundry so have a great evening all!



Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What a busy day or two it has been.  I never had time to get around J-Land last night.  Thank heavens for a quiet Tuesday evening and a day off tomorrow...yeah!  I think I've made it around to most of the journals but usually end up forgetting a couple.

On Sunday evening, the carpet girl called and wanted to stop in after I got home from work last night with samples which will fit without a seam.  Of course, she was later than expected this time so it sort of shot the whole evening.  The sample is really lovely...sort of the shade of the darker tan on my tag...a bit darker than that, though, because it's a heavy traffic room.  It has subtle, tweedy shades in it.  It can be put in as early as next Wed. if I get my closet cleaned out.  The biggest closet we have is in the familyroom and it is loaded.  That will be my chore for tomorrow.  I'm sort of excited because I find all sorts of treausres deep within the closet that I forgot I even had.

I'm still in a bit in sticker shock and have OCD a little bit on this.  My main concern is that I may not be in this house for more than a couple of years.  My finances are not cooperating with owning a home.  My idea was just to replace the carpet with a cheap version that looked good when I sell it.  The carpet I got is more for a long term investment.  I guess it is, though.  But I do need carpeting.  The previous homeowner installed the carpeting that is in here now.  Good carpeting; bad installation.  It's pulled away from the wooden tackboard by the ceramic tile at the entrance.  It's fraying and getting worse.  So the deal is done.  Move on, Chris.

I really, really want a new patio door into my diningroom.  It was installed impropery and is so fogged you can't see through it.  It's a huge door; not standard.  It will cost far too much but sheesh, it's my dream to view the scenery out of it.  Well, the Lord knows my needs so I'll be patient.

My BF is getting ready to move into his posh new pad...LOL...sounds a little cockney, doesn't it?

He took me to Boscov's, a  dept. store, and let me pick out a new t.v. stand.  Wow, it's gorgeous!  I was going more cheapo but he gave me two super nice ones to choose from.  He's getting the t.v. at Sears tomorrow.  They will hold it until the carpet is done.  I'm thinking I need a new coffee table.  I think he is also.  I'll have to take some pics of my new improved familyroom.  I'll do before and afters......

I've changed the sidebar again...found a graphic on a site that looked sort of smoldering. It's off a foreign web have no idea what the word means that is flashing on there.  Hope it's not a bad one.  And, bad boy, Colin Farrell, who by the way, I think Becky's old BF, Danny looks like.  That's another story for another day.

It's spring and cold in western Pa.  We are expecting a little bit of snow tomorrow.  I want some some and warmth already.

Have a great evening!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Crazy Old Lady

I think I'm losing my mind over here.  I had writer's block yesterday.  I couldn't think of anything to write besides moaning and groaning so I just let it go.  LOL...then I had to decide what to do with my side bar.  Too early for Easter; not yet spring; what's a girl to do?  Put up some eye candy......with the help of Terri, who sent me a couple and, of course, George, that I just had to snag from Lisa Jo....

The two tags I'm using today come from Gwen in my PSP group.  They were challenges that I fell in love with and had her tag my name on them.

I had a very good time on St. Patty's night.  We walked to the Day's Inn.  There was a party in their lounge.  I got all kinds of beads and cute things.  It's a nice place to spend an evening.  The crowd is mixed between us old folks and the young ones.  Everybody has a good time but no one gets crazy drunk.

The special was black and tan...anybody ever heard of it?  It's Guinness and Bass Ale mixed.  Guiness is dark; Bass is light.  They stay sort of separate in the mug; hence the black and tan.  LOL...I had one.  One was enough for me especially on Friday night because I rarely eat when I get home at 7 p.m.  I did have a couple more Guinness' but we have to cross a major road way to get to my BF's.  I would end of as road kill if I overdid it.

Mocha is on the prowl again.  I'm wondering if there is a mouse in the basement.  She's perching herself on the top basement step again and just watching.  God only knows what she's doing with them if she's gotten any.  The last one she guarded in the basement for a day.  That's how Joey found it.  At least she's not bringing them to me.    

         This was also made by Gwen in my group.  Cracked me up because Mocha was already prowling when she put this up. I was going to make one with a mouse but I can't stand mice and never save any mice graphics.  I'd love to know how to animate eyes to make them blink.

Sunny and 45 here today.  It's been really cold again.  And gasoline prices have skyrocketed over 30 cents a gallon this past week.  Last Sat. before I went to work, I paid $2.19 a gallon.  It's now $2.55 a gallon here in western Pa.

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you....Erin Go Bragh...Luck of the Irish and all that stuff.  Had my corned beef and cabbage today, of course.

I was shocked to find out my graphics journal had been a guest editor's pick...totally shocked.  I didn't know until I read Betty's comment.  Thank you, Dianna!  She really made some awesome choices.  I'm totally out of my league being up there with D.  I also need to thank Shelly (xxroxymamaxx) for introducing me to PSP and patiently teaching me the ins and outs of it and also D, who patiently led me through animation (I've only touched the tip of the iceberg on this). D is always brutally honest but I do appreciate constructive criticism. Both Shelly and D are absolute pro's and create extraordinary tags and animation. I know, I sound like I'm making an acceptance speech here.  Pass me the Oscar, please..LOL  


Of course, none of these tags are my creations today.  All snagged or donated.  Hugs to Lisa Jo for sending me this darling little bear.  She grabs everything she sees with my name on it..Thanks, LJ!!!!!!!

I'm off to drink some Guiness tonight.  No green beer for me. I want to run around J-Land and visit some journals and see all the pretty decorations.

I just have to add that Joe did a wonderful job picking Dianna as guest editor.  Dianna's journal is so awesome and stunning. She is also a wonderful artist and makes the most gorgeous tags herself. This is her graphics journal.  The name has changed but the link is good.  Go and visit; you won't be disappointed.  Just Taggin' Along And Back Talkin'


Thanks Shelly for being so generous with your tags.  Becky chose this one for her blog at MySpace.  I sent her a bunch the other day.

Have a safe one tonight if you venture out!!!!!  The tag above was made by the wonderful Dianna who is always e-mailing me her creations.  I've used many in this journal.  I still have many more that are just so pretty.

HUGS to All.........


Thursday, March 16, 2006

A late entry for me tonight.  I'm on my E-Machine again.  I called Joey today and bit the bullet.  Actually, the hard drive was fine.  Everything was still on it which was a surprise although Becky said she thought the motherboard wouldn't wipe out the hard drive.  Performance wise....the E-Machine is lacking but still adequate.  It is more user friendly but not nearly as fast as the one Becky built.

Becky is taking the new one to Pitt and reconfiguring the Windows problem.   We still need a monitor for it.  There is already a wireless device in it so it can be anywhere in the house and tap into the DSL.

Last night I moved all my documents from that computer into my external drive.  Now, I'm slowly moving them back in here.

The only problem I experienced was the E-Machine came back with all the Norton programs in it.  AOL couldn't update or run the McAfee Virus Scan or firewall.  I had to reinstall it again.  It runs under AIM with Megan's SN and password.  The little stinker changed her password.  ROFL, does she have a surprise.  I used my Master SN and changed the password.  She must be out tonight because I'm expecting a phone call.  That one is going to blow a major fuse over this.

I'll be around to visit tomorrow.  It's almost midnight, and I have to get my butt to bed.  Nite all...anybody have any big St. Patty's Day plans?  Roll out that green beer........



Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Whoo what a day!  I had to get my family room clean so I could get the room measured.  I pulled things out.  Yikes, where does all that dirt come from.  I just did this in the fall when I shampooed this carpet.

That girl up there is blowing a bubble...LOL.  I put this in my graphics journal but I'm still not happy with the one accent being off....oh well.

I swear I'm going whacko.  I don't have all the journals I visit in my sidebar.  Some are in my favorties.  I can't remember who I visited and when.  And then I have the graphics journal and my PSP group.  I feel like I'm flipping from one thing to another constantly.  Think I need more organizational skills, for sure.  I crack myself up, though, because I say I'm going to slow down with the graphics and then I see something come through my PSP group and off I go again.

I'm in sticker shock with my carpeting.  My room is a little bigger than we had measured.  The carpet I was planning on getting is only 12 ft wide so it would  have to be seamed.  Back to the drawing board...this room is used heavily and we enter the house through the back in this room; plus a dog and a cat.  I need durable carpet and would prefer one solid piece.  The girl will be back with more samples that she feels are a good choice on Friday evening.  It's going to cost me a little more than I thought but it's no use buying something that won't last.

That was my day in a nut and carpet planning plus a trip to Walmart for food.  Joey and I had a loaded pizza but not until after 7.  Can't believe it's going on 10 right now.

  This is a pic of my Becky, the computer builder.  I'm not sure why it got cut off.  She has a journal on MySpace (lol..she's going to be 25 March 31st so what can I say?)  I just sent her a bunch of graphics and tags.  She definitely has an artistic journal since she's also very much into art.  Art and science...a funny mix.  I think she gorgeous but I'm

Happy hump day!


                   (Course, I had to play around with this cute pink shoe when I saw it....if anybody wants this with your name, let me know, it's a really simple one.  I can twinkle the flowers.  I just didn't feel like messing with it tonight.)       

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Some Tidbits

Indecisiveness...I think that's a word but I'll make it one.  I just seem to procrastinate so much lately.  Sheesh, I couldn't even decide on a tag or graphic to use so I made one.

The girl is coming to measure for my carpet tomorrow.  I'm dying a thousand deaths because I don't want to spend the money.  I seem to be going through so much of it lately.  Of course, PHEAA hasn't processed Joey's deferrment on his student loan yet so I have to fork over another hundred.  I had to give Megan a hundred until her paycheck from spring break gets deposited in two weeks.  Total budget killer.  I've had to hit my savings already.  Payday was this past Friday...yikes and there was overtime in it. Still have to fork over $180 more for car insurance and $150 for my gas bill.  Whoa is me!  LOL...this is so rude...sorry Joey, if you read this, but he has the crud so he won't be eating like usual.

76 yesterday; 28 today with the wind kicking up again.  Lord have mercy, I hope I have a house left when spring finally arrives.

Sunday was fun.  I used Mary Kay years ago, well, I stopped 7 years ago when I moved here.  One of my best friends in Pittsburgh sold it and had a booming business.  She always sold it to me at a discount and gave me tons of freebies.  Now, what the heck is wrong with my face I have no idea.  All winter, I've had allergies to everything, even Loreal, which I've used for a good many years.  There is absolutely nothing but water than I can wash my face with.  The dermatologist is stumped.  The Mary Kay worked great at Becky's.  I had a raging rash when I got there.  It almost disappeared after the new line of products was used.  Guess what...I got home and now my face is worse than ever.  The Mary Kay is wreaking havoc.  The only thing that gets rid of this rash is St. Ives Vitamin E Advanced Therapy Lotion...costs a whopping 99 cents a tube at Walmart.  I see the dermatologist next week.  I still have to try plain old basis soap.  At least, Mary Kay will refund my money.

I suggested to my girls that we go out to eat at a family style restaurant in my old hood.  Big smile from Becky and whooping from Megan.  Not in my budget at all but it was worth it.  We had a nice time together.  Megan went back to Becky's and baked her gluten free brownies.  Becky took her back to school so I could go home without an extra trip.  Actually, Duquesne Univ. is only 15 minutes from Becky's but out of my way.

Megan brought home this chocolate peanut butter pie from Eat N Park Saturday night that is to die for.  They will not sell them day old.  If any is left that night, the employees get them free.  I have been picking at it and have eaten most of it.  It's so good but I'm glad it's gone with no more coming.  There's still one small piece that is calling me right now.

So, anyway, I've been spending my time in PSP.  I've been getting quite a few orders lately which still amazes me because I don't think I'm that good.  It does kill some time.  I've still been trying to limit it but sometimes I slip.

I best get this entry saved.  The wind is also wreaking havoc with my DSL.  The phone line must be blowing around or something because every time the wind gusts really strong, the DSL is flickering.

Have a great night....hump day tomorrow....and my day off...YEAH!



Sunday, March 12, 2006

Good morning!  I think I've gotten caught up with most of my journal reading.  I had intended on switching to my E-Machine by now but I really am getting attached to this puter.  The color resolution is out of this world, and the PSP program and animation shop work far better and smoother on this one.  Call me a procrastinator...LOL.  Of course, I paid for both computers so the choice is mine.  Common sense will win in the end.  There is an extended warranty on the E-Machine for three years.  They have a "lemon" law in effect with the extended more strike, and I get a new one.  I will use the computer far more than Joe will.  So, I'll bite the bullet.  I think I'm repeating myself.  It's been a long week.....

I was reading Penny's journal about the tremendous wind in Ohio on Friday.  It was only starting to kick up when I left for work.  It really pummeled us again around 10:00 am after I left.  It tore a shutter off the front of the house by Megan's window.  Cute story again...Joey asked me if Grizzly was acting nervous when I left.  Well, it was only starting to get a tad bit windy when I was leaving for work.  Now, Grizzly really doesn't pay much attention to Megan.  It's not that he doesn't like her.  It's just that Mocha is her kitty, and she fusses extensively over Mocha.  Grizzly is so jealous.  I think he's written Megan off for attention. 

He is absolutely forbidden to go on Megan's bed.  He doesn't even attempt it even when she's not home because she has scolded him endlessly about it.  No DoGs on Megan's bed.  Such a sweet, protective instinct Grizzly has.  He broke that rule on Friday morning.  He obviously heard the shutter creaking and being torn from the wind long before it actually pulled away from the house.  He bolted into Megan's bedroom and started licking her face to wake her.  LOL...of course, she was annoyed.  He then tried to grab her arm and pull her out of bed.  She thought he was whacko.  When she wouldn't get up, he jumped up on the forbidden bed and positioned himself almost on top of her.  Then came the horrific sound of the shutter being blown away.  Megan said it sounded like the window was going to blow into the house....then it sounded like the front of the house was being torn off.  Grizzly is really a gem....I adore that doggy.  He was protecting Megan.

My BF and Joey are going to have a busy spring when it gets here.  My garage roof is in shambles.....still can't figure out how the slanted garage itself is withstanding the winds.  Now, the shutter.  Luckily it landed by the silver maple...must have blocked the wind from sweeping it off into the unknown.  It is broken in half but a straight break.  It's fixable.

I'm wondering what happened to the sunny and 70 that had been predicted earlier in the week?

Megan goes back to school today.  After our first skirmish, peace has pervaded.  She's still fussing about a car.  She could have our Oldsmobile but wants a new one.  At this point, beggars can't be choosers.  I was laughing because she was asking me if she could apply for food stamps next year when she has her apt.....not.  She is still a dependent on my income tax so my income would count.  She needs her own address for a year which she will have when she is a senior and could apply for college aid on her own (and, no doubt, food stamps, but I would then be over $200 a month short on money going to the IRS.  It would be far better for me to supplement her for food but I don't think it will come to that.  Plus, she would have to come off my health insurance, which she most definitely needs with her celiac.  I'm not sure how much it would cost to get insurance through her college but it wouldn't even equal the benefits of the Blue Cross I carry.

My BF is an accountant, by trade, but doesn't work in that capacity right now.  He was the chief of our Finance Divison before it was reconfigured by the invention of computers and outsourced to our Finance Center in Austin.  We will work with her on a budget before she moves off campus next school year.  She will be far more civil with him.  He will lay down the law gently but firmly.  She will listen to him.  Living off campus but not at home should give her the housing money.  Becky did this and succeeded on far less.

I still have to laugh at Megan.  The wheels in that mind of hers are always turning.  Still laughing coz mine turn the same way.  Some day she will realize this and probably have a daughter who's the same way and will carry this into the next generation.

Becky is having a Mary Kay make up party  I used Mary Kay years ago.  I could use some lipstick but not the whole beauty regime.  I have my own stuff now.  Megan and I are supposed to stop on the way back to school.  Megan worked last night and didn't get home until 6 am this morning.  We have to be at Becky's at 2:00....not sure how we'll make it.  Celiac keeps Megan pretty exhausted.  I'm wondering if her Synthroid needs adjusted again.  She sees the endocrinologist again next month.  I can't see her getting up at noon today but don't want to disappoint Becky.

I'm going to end before I bore anyone to death.  I do have a story to tell about Becky and reuniting with her first love from high school this past weekend.  Danny was a sweetie but I'm afraid for her.  I'll go into this one later........

Thanks to Lisa Jo for sending me the beautiful angel tag.  As some of you know, I'm a collector of angels and fell in love with the tag.  HUGS, Lisa Jo!  (Especially since I forgot to save it as a gif and lost the animation and had to beg her to send it again so I could get the twinkles back.)

I'm ending a quote from an old high school teacher which has stuck with me all these years....When you arise each morning, say Good Morning, God!  If you arise and say Good God, morning, you are missing the point and setting the stage for the day.  Each day is a gift from God.  Embrace it.  Be thankful that you have awaken to yet another day of life............rejoice in it!  (Not bad coming from a health teacher/football coach back in the day when religion was still allowed to be mentioned in schools.)



Thursday, March 9, 2006

I'm going to be very short winded tonight for once.  My E-Machine came back today.  A little scary.  I just Fed-Ex'd it last Wednesday.  I tracked it.  It was received Friday and sent out Monday from Gateway at 4 p.m.

It's my same old one....the motherboard was replaced.  I haven't gotten it set up yet because I'm just too tired to mess with installing AOL and moving all my documents from my back up drive intothe E-Machine.  It took me all evening to get this one I'm using now up and running when I got it.  Yikes, I have to reinstall my PSP program. 

I'm tempted to keep using this one but I do have a three year warranty on the E-Machine so I might as well beat it to death.

I've spent most of this evening copying things to my external drive preparing for tomorrow.  The only thing I can't figure out if I can move or not is the fonts I've installed; doesn't seem so.  Lordy, I have to have my I'll be begging my PSP group to send them again.

I've gotten quite a few tag requests so I wanted to get them made in case I need a day or two to recollect some stuff.

It's almost 11 and I'm whooped.  I know, for one thing, I am not going to like the resolution on my E-Machine.  The color and graphics are so sharp on this one.  This one has to go to Pitt and get the Windows freezing problem solved.  Everything else has been worked out.

Nite all...I'll be around to visit tomorrow, I hope, barring any unforeseen problems.....


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Another Day/Another Dollar

LOL...3 guesses what I've been doing with my time when I wasn't sleeping?  Playing with PSP.  I did get a version of the crud I've been battling.  So, what better thing to do when you feel around with PSP and make things.  I feel much better today.

My BF and I went carpet shopping today.  He went to Lowe's last night even though I told him it would be a waste of time.  The figure was a mind boggling $1,200.  I know the room is very large...18 X 22...but still.  There is small, family-owned flooring place a few miles north of here.  I hear good things all the time about this place.  Same Berber carpet....$720.  The difference is that Lowe's pays subcontractors to do the work.  A big difference.  LOL..I'm still in sticker shock.  It's been a long while since I've had carpeting installed.  The mom runs the place for her daughter, and the son installs.  Mom is a sweety...a German immigrant.  Her daughter is close to 40 with two younger boys and a deadbeat ex.  She has leukemia and been in remission for 1 1/2.  The daughter will come out and measure and make suggestions.  LOL...she is also an interior designer so I'm really gonna pick her brain.  Mom says the daughter loves to go to the houses and pick the best carpet at the best price for the family's needs.  Grizzly and his claws are one concern.  I have a small powder room in the familyroom.  The flooring was ruined from a leak in the toilet which has long since been fixed.  No problem...they will just install the extra carpeting in there at no charge.  Not that I want a carpeted powder room but it will solve the problem for now.

Megan is still acting angelic.  Funny how the need for cash can put that attitude under control.  I just love having Megan under my thumb. She is so much like I was at that age.  My mom couldn't play along with me because her mind never thought my way.  It caused so much friction between us.  On the other hand, I know what Megan is thinking before she opens her mouth.  Flips her out.

I have to grocery shop again today.  Mother Hubbard's cupboard is totally bare...totally.  I should have gone yesterday but was totally wiped out. 

It's chilly and dreary here but the birds are chirping every morning....Take care all and enjoy your Wednesday!  HUGS


                         (I managed to get my Tink glittered....YEAH!)

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Playing Hookey

Sort of....I didn't feel really all that great this morning and am losing enthusiasm for my job.  I'm just not feeling the love there anymore.  Many aren't......

By cracky, LOL, I'm finally getting a half decent glitter to my PSP stuff.

Some new plans on my horizon (not job wise, I wish?).  My BF has decided to be my project manager on some household improvements.  He's got a great eye and can find the best things for the best prices.  We talked about new carpeting for the family room.  The carpet in here now is an ugly rust shade plus starting to wear.  I do have money stashed away from a home equity loan that I frugally spend.  His offer....I put in the carpet...he'll replace my old 27" inch tv with a 32" or 36" and a beautiful tv cabinet.  My stand is quite old and tends to collect junk which is out in the open.  LOL...I'm getting the better bargain out of this deal.  I really want to replace my fogged patio door in the diningroom.  It's not a custom size so would be around 1,700 to replace.  That's on the burner but something that will have to be done eventually.

My BF and I have had some major issues for a while.  He works with me and has been able to promote his income to about 3 times mine.  It sort of went to his head.  When he first seperated, he was about twice my income and really helping his family out, which I loved about him.  He was humble.  Somewhere along the line, he became judgmental and...ok...downright stingy (conveniently forgetting the help I provided him when needed).  I didn't expect him to support me.  He got enough of that from the ex.  There lies the problem.  He was afraid I would become like that.  Relationships are tough.  Ours has been a very longstanding one.  Somehow, he listened to his words and realized he was treating me like his child.  I had a dad....I'm not looking for another.

I mentioned he is moving to the newer part of his apt. complex in a couple of weeks....a beautiful one bedroom townhouse.  He is coming back to earth and reality with me slowly but surely. 

My income tax is done.  Breathing a sigh of relief for this year only....$700 back...enough to pay wage tax (a Pa. thing) and put in the carpet.  I seriously have to redo my budget for next year because I will owe if Joey is not in school.  Haven't quite figured out how this will be done.  My BF, the accountant, has made some worthy suggestions.

LOL...Megan is down to $15 in her account.  I have been giving her money this week.  The pay off from this has been an enormous attitude change.  She has been doing chores by her own volution with no coaxing.  At least, she came up with this realization on her own.  I do appreciate that enormously.  I do love these kids of mine beyond belief.

Joey does not have celiac.  His test was negative.  The rash will have to be biopsied at the dermatologist.  His stomach ailments...back to accupuncture.  He hasn't had that in a year or so.

As far as vehicles in this household are concerned....this is also being thrown to God.  He knows my needs.  Somehow, He will provide.

LOL...spring is sprung or at least trying to do so.  The time of year when the house gets a good cleaning and improvements are made.  I finally am at peace with my sad budget for now.  Tax season kills me.  I usually rebound by the summer.  Praying now for some OT which definitely is a God send.

All in all, spring is a time of rebirth.....emotionally for me, anyway.  I eagerly look forward to beautiful, warm weather once again and the return of the lush green colors.  Personal issues and problems don't seem as mind boggling when the world outside isn't 5 shades of gray.

Quoting David...SMILE!  (I love this!)



Monday, March 6, 2006


A special day in our house today.

                It's our Grizzly's birthday.  Happy Birthday to my Grizzly!  He's waiting for Megan to get home with his vanilla ice cream cone from Dairy Queen.  Of course, he was waiting for me to drive into the driveway with his Ferrari (I think his dad, Joey, has something to do with that every, Grizzy.)

I got the site to make the neon sign from my PSP group.  It's really a simple make-it-yourself thing and really cool.  Here's the link in case you want to make something for yourself Neon Sign Generator

I have to tell Grizzly's story again.  After my ex was out of the house, Joey bugged me endlessly for a puppy.  He was always dragging me off to look at puppies that people were giving away.  I held my ground for a couple of years.  I didn't have the time to train a puppy and didn't want one.  The puppies were all adorable but I had no intention of getting one.  Life was frantic enough plus money was tight.  He called me at work one day at the end of April.  He said that our very good friend's dog Big Griz (the original Grizzly Bear) had a litter of puppies again.  He was quite the man (dog) about town.  He had fathered several litters.  All the puppies were always adopted very fast as Big Griz had such a wonderful temperament.  Everybody that had ever taken a puppy into their home were thrilled and had the nicest dogs.  I didn't hesitate when Joey asked me.  I said "yes" right off the bat.  He was shocked and so excited.  He had his heart set on one of the other puppies who had already found a home.  Our Grizzly had his heart set on Joey.  Joey told me one of the pups just kept following him around, trying to get his attention constantly.  He decided to choose that puppy since the one he really wanted he couldn't have.  So cute, Grizzly chose Joey.  Knowing Griz's personality, I can see that happening.

When we went to pick him up, I fell in love with a little female who was creamy colored and looked like a white lab.  Of course, we went home with two puppies...Grizzly and Princess.  Someday, I need to get the pics scanned of those two.  They were so adorable.  Grizzly was the king and Princess was the sweet one who put up with his antics.  They were inseparable.  Princess developed a seizure condition when she was a year old.  She never responded well to any type of treatment for very long.  Her seizures were out of control when she was 2 1/2, and she had to be put down.  It was right when we were moving.  Grizzly was a mess for a long time.  Dogs do know these things.  Becky brought up one of Princess' old blankies a while ago.  Grizzly acted really odd when sniffing it.  It had been a good many years but he knew and looked so sad and lost.

The eeriest thing was Laura, who owned Big Griz, called me about a week after the pups were at our house to tell me their birthday.  She had been there when they were born and written it down because she took Princess' identical twin.  March dad's birthday.  I got chills up and down my spine.  When I told Joey, he almost started crying.  He and my dad were best friends.  A part of Joey died with his grandfather.  He said he knew Grandpa had talked to Jesus which is why I said he could have a dog this time.  I think I agree.  Grizzly was our special gift from my dad.  Grizzly is named for his dad.  He was the only pup out of 8 who looked identical to the daddy; hence it was Big Griz and Little Griz.

Grizzly is 9 today.  I thought he was going to be 10.  Now, he wasn't too happy with me adding a year onto his

Our dinner was wonderful yesterday.  Everything turned out perfectly.  We had the leftovers tonight.  The kids were so excited because it had been a while since we had my BF over to eat.  The only one missing was Becky who had things to do and lives an hour away.

Another day winding down.  I need to read a few journals and get myself ready for work.  Have a great night all!



Sunday, March 5, 2006

Rofl....if I'm not the biggest computer dork.  I had the bright idea that I was going to design a web page with Easy Designer.  Not gonna happen today anyway.  I had the biggest mish mash of crapola.  I'm putting that on hold.

Today we are having a "thanksgiving" dinner in March.  Can't wait.  I'm pulling out my fine china for this.  I'm going to take some pics but I haven't put my Kodak program in this computer yet so it may be a while before I post my digital stuff again.  My BF is coming over to eat with us which doesn't happen real often anymore but he couldn't pass up the invite.  He took me to Walmart Supercenter last night and bought all the fixins plus the rest of my grocery order.  What a Heaven sent blessing he was.  I'm thinking I'll keep him around a while lately he has been getting on my nerves and I've been getting on his.

Megan got home at 10 last night....whoa....was I surprised.  Of course, the mood had swung back to sunny.  We watched Trading Spaces on TLC and ate tortilla chips and salsa together...hmmm  On the other hand, Becky called and was frustrated with my inability to figure out what she was telling me about Windows updates. Still a few bugs to work out with this computer. 

It's a beatiful sunny day here and getting warm.  I saw my first robin today....YEAH.  Actually, I can hear birds chirping.  Spring is definitely right around the bend.  The geese are returning.  I also saw them early this morning flying in their V formation.  Dancing a happy jig...........


                               (I'm gonna glitter Tink's wings when I get time.  My first attempt wasn't to my liking so Tink is going to be glitterless....stay tuned.)

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Typhoon Megan

Megan, my 19 year old tornado who is turning into a typhoon is now home.  Dianna sent me this tag yesterday and fitting it was.  Spring break has sprung.  I was at work.  She had been home 7 minutes for the first eruption to occur.  Seems she wanted to take my car to Clarion which is 70 some miles north of here and along I-80 which is a west to east interstate across northern Pa.  She had a ride but nope, she wanted to drive also.  I don't argue with her; just reenforced the rules over and over.  Major attitude eruption.  The phone call actually came from Joey because he knew I wouldn't approve.  Her favorite word...WHY...came out in a superlong sentence of multiple WHY's.

Oh well, I got another phone call....this time no attitude and sweet talk.  Ok...she was up to something.  Her friend wasn't driving.  She was using the "butter up" Mom trick this time, and Mom gave in.  I did have some time to think over my original conversation.  She really didn't have a ride and has two very close friends who go to college in Clarion.  Compromise time, I suppose.  My major concern was that none of our vehicles are dependable anymore.  That's my fuss, not hers.  I'm being a little OCD about the cars right now because I can foresee some major repairs looming on the horizon.  Man, I wish I had been in Oprah's audience the day she passed out the cars (lol, of course, I would have had to spring for the tax on it.)

Megan is a rocky, rocky road right now.  I understand that completely because my oldest daughter, Becky, is now 25.  Her road with  me was rocky for years and years.  She has turned the bend.  Megan was never that way.  She came into her own around Thanksgiving break this year.  So, let's see....4 more years of this...I'm estimating based on Becky.  But, let me tell you, she has fully grown into a typical female teen and perfecting it.

Off I go in a bit to get my hair colored (now, you know stylists do not "dye" hair anymore....they color it). 

My BF and I went out last night and had a really nice evening together.  It's been a while since we've been able to get out due to illness, working, etc.  Tonight will be my quiet night at home sans those big kids of mine.  I want to read some of Sharon's picks since I haven't had time.

Have a great day all.....thanks for your wonderful comments about my being selected by Sharon.  I happen to believe that the journals in J-Land are wonderful because J-Land is full of some of the most wonderful people around.  Love you all!!!!!!


Friday, March 3, 2006


LOL....I was supertired last night and had a boring day in my life as compared to my usual three ring circus that seems to be an ongoing thing.  Boring is good, at least as far as things are concerned with me.

Left for work before 6 am...worked a 10 hr home after 7 pm.  I work 4 ten hr days with Wed. being my off day.  I stopped at the store with freezing rain/snow.  I played around with my new back up computer, then after 10 started my journal hopping.  That's when I found out that Sharon Golf and Other Stuff... was picked at this week's guest editor (Way to Go, Sharon on being chosen!) and had chosen my journal as one of her picks.  Whoa....if I knew I was getting company, I would have definitely cleaned this journal house...LOL.)

Middle-aged, divorced mom here with three children; hence my three ring circus, although one lives on their own now and one is away at college.  None the less, life is a daily mix of confusion to sometimes utter chaos with a dog and cat adding to my fun.

I have to agree with elevator is definitely stuck between floors most of the time.  Blame it on my age which is the same as Sharon's, except she's older than me by a month or so (I think)...hehehehe

I am laughing now because I have been fussing for a month about computers.  My 4 month old E-Machine dying, my back-up being built by my daughter, me being stuck using a 7 year old bomb HP with dial-up in between while my back-up was being built...yikes...

Ok, I'm thinking I'm a whiner sometimes.  I've said many times the smallest things tend to aggravate me the most.  Patience....nil to none when computers, cars, appliances don't operate properly.  It usually ends up emptying my pocket which I swear has a hole in it.

I've also become a PSP addict.  I had been doing PSP for about two months when my computer crashed so I just started back up again searching endlessly through my back up drive for my stuff. 

So, if anybody enters this journal from the picks....WELCOME.  It's a sometimes crazy ride with me. forewarned.  If ya don't have DSL, you can probably clean your house or something while this journal downloads.......


Thursday, March 2, 2006

Another cold day in Pa.  It started out with freezing rain and ended up with another joy ride home tonight.  Keep thinking spring

One more evening of peace and quiet and then the tornado comes home.  Joey picks Megan up tomorrow afternoon.  She stopped at work today to pick up another Anne Geddes squirrel for her "lil" sister.  She came zooming up to my building in her roommate's car...things that make Mom's get grayer.  Grant St is brick and cobblestone and slippery when wet....she took off like a bat out of you know where.  Lord have mercy!  It's gonna be a long week.  LOL..I can hear her now moaning that I didn't get the house immaculate. 

Of course, I didn't get much done tonight because I was messing around with the computer. I've been backing files and documents up daily.  I screwed up somewhere last night with my one PSP folder so I just had to try and straighten it out tonight. LOL...I'm not sure if I made it all better or worse.  And, of course, AOL hasn't been cooperating with me.

I made something for my PSP group last night and didn't send it.  Somehow it got corrupted.  I don't feel like messing with that at all.  I just deleted the darned thing.  I wasn't crazy about it anyway.

I do love the tag above.  It came through my group.  I'm not sure who made it. It appears Leigh Anne tagged it.  I also love the one below.  It was made by Sandi, I think, and was offered through my PSP group.

A relatively quiet day in my life today, thank heavens.  Just the normal stuff.  Have a great evening!  I'm off to read some journals and then it's off to bed for me.  Nite!



Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Thinking spring thanks to the lovely Dianna who made the tag above.  This girl is awesome.  She sends me a tag almost every day.  They just keep getting prettier all the time.

Today started out so normal.  Actually, I started putting up Easter decorations since it is Ash Wednesday.  I got some cleaning done, as planned, so Miss Megan wouldn't have a total stroke when she comes home on Friday for spring break.

Joey has been complaining since Saturday of a sore chest when he coughs or laughs.  Didn't sound serious to me.  It seemed like a pulled muscle.  I was getting ready to drop my computer off at the Fed Ex drop off (finally).  I found a drop off point down by my bus stop and was thrilled. 

Joey got up complaining again.  He said that his breathing was so bad last night he felt like he was suffocating.  I called the doctor.  They said take him to the ER.  I had an appointment to get a cut and color job on my hair at five.  For some reason, I was fussing about this.  I put my priorities in place and changed it to Sat. and off we went.  I swear I will soon own a wing at Butler Memorial. 

His lungs were clear, no wheezing.  Chest x-ray was great but they had some concern about a blood clot because of the severe pain he had experienced so we spent all afternoon having tests run to rule that out.  I'm surprised at myself that I didn't think blood clot because I keep up on medical stuff.  Of course, once we were there, the tenderness and severe pain had subsided.  I must say many of the doctors here don't impress me.  I prefer going to the city for our treatment but the hospital and testing is state of the art.  His tests came back all clots.

He is going to get some tests done for asthma, as that is a possibility even though he has never suffered from it.

I talked to my mother today.  She had another CAT scan done.  She had similar symptoms a month ago as Joey did.  Her lung was partially collapsed and there was a shadow on it.  The shadow is almost completely gone.  It wasn't a mass or a clot.  The docs are perplexed but a repeat CAT scan will be done in 2 weeks.  They are expecting the shadow to be gone.  They are suspecting that she bruised it.  She was washing walls (at 87 yrs old) and slipped off the ladder.

So, all's well that ends house is half clean....LOL...not immaculate and the laundry is totally falling out of my hamper.  I should be doing something now but I have a headache starting, and I'm ready to take a bath and hit the couch.

Have a great evening!!!!!


                 HUGS Shelly, now I'm thinking summer...............