Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time~Where Does it Go?

Today has flown by so fast....I can hardly believe it's after 10 and I'm just doing an entry.

I barely scratched the surface of that closet of mine.  I threw two trash bags of junk out before the garbage men got here today.  Where does all this stuff come from?  I just cleaned a good bit of the closet out this past summer.  My house is literally bursting at the seams.  Two years ago I decluttered the whole house.  My BF took most of it in his truck to the dumpster at his apt.  The trash men would have probably had a hissy fit if I had put it all out.  Even so, I still had bags and bags out front.  So, in two years, how can so much more junk get stuffed here and there and everywhere. 

I ran out of steam after a couple of hours.  I also got a ferocious headache that has just barely gone away.  My carpet will be in next week but I'm waiting for the installation.  The weather is awful right the teens today and snowing tonight.  We are pulling the old carpet up ourselves to save money.  This will be a project.

LOL...I didn't even have time to slap my name on the tag above.  It is already made and saved and awaiting names but I just didn't have the energy to go back into the Paint Shop.

The one eye candy guy is gone.....I must learn to limit myself to English speaking graphic and PSP sites.  That was not a nice word flashing on there.  I got zapped at work one day during lunch for hitting a German site.  I thought I was safe because it was entitled PSP favourites...sounds G rated to me...Not, so I found out.  Big flashing screen on my monitor saying Porno.  Since I work for the govt., we are monitorred closely and our computers have stringent controls.  I don't abuse the internet at work so I got off with a scolding.  LOL...Thanks, Shelly, for understanding Spanish...hehehehe

I hear a nice warm bubble bath calling me plus some laundry so have a great evening all!




hadonfield78 said...

You know what they say...................
The best way to Kill time ????????????????
Work it to death .........................

jckfrstross said...

i love the time graphic:) rest and sleep well hope tomorrow goes well for you


pennietoonz said...

I always hate cleaning out closets but love it once I`m finished. Enjoy that bubble bath!!
Love ya,

tpiez4me said...

Cool eye candy....just what I needed after my day.  You mean to tell me there is no end to household clutter????????????  No wonder I can't get anywhere!
Sharon -

oxobagladyoxo said...

Hmm... ya took away an eye candy... j/k Have a good night hun.


dwhee70041 said...

Chris,  Good luck with the new carpet.  David

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I too cleaned out my closet last year...and it's full again....
My hub says i'm a  

am4039 said...

how funny about the german sights. LOL. Yep I'm off from work next week for spring break and I can't wait. After I sleep in, I'm am going to start cleaning out things. I must say I don't keep a lot of things but still they just appear out of nowhere.

lv2trnscrb said...

I can imagine that would be a surprise to get into a website that wasn't what you were expecting. Matt did that one time by accident. So glad we have our computers out in the open and when he is online we're in the room with him. Very quickly he and me realized it was not what he meant to be in.

Have fun decluttering. I do not know how we accumulate but we do.


djohn52 said...

Oops! Naughty at work! That could've got you into real trouble! lol  

My hubby is a "I might need that" person.  He has a huge shed and it's full to the ceiling and only has a small walk space in front of the work bench where he fixes up computers and gives them to kids and seniors that can't afford them. Our other problem is books and tapes....lots of them!

Keep digging and pitching!



kdcutie26 said...

I always start a project, and then I go so gung ho at the beginning that a few hours later, I'm ready for bed, so I feel for ya about the closet cleaning.  You and I are a lot alike Chris.  That means you must be cute too.
KJ :)

queenb8261 said...

Closet cleaning. Ugh.  I hate it. We have to do it though. We may need a dump truck. LOL Maybe you need a foreign language dictionary.  Hee hee.  J/K
Have a great weekend.  Barb  

xxroxymamaxx said...

I really don't know where all that junk comes from I sure seem to accumulate it as well.  We have a storage unit and it is stuffed to the brim with stuff we apparantly didn't need because we don't miss any of it. lol  Need to have a big yard sale.  Good luck pulling out the carpet.  It's not as bad as you'd think.  And I only know the bad words in Spanish. : )  J/K  GBU, Shelly

shayshaydc said...

I have lots of closet JUNK!!!! I need to clean mine out but I do good here lately just to make my bed!!!! LOL... I just need to win the lottery and then I can hire someone to do all that for me!!! Better yet I could just move out and get all new stuff!!! Well... I can dream can't I??? A warm bubble bath sounds nice!!!