Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Playing Hookey

Sort of....I didn't feel really all that great this morning and am losing enthusiasm for my job.  I'm just not feeling the love there anymore.  Many aren't......

By cracky, LOL, I'm finally getting a half decent glitter to my PSP stuff.

Some new plans on my horizon (not job wise, I wish?).  My BF has decided to be my project manager on some household improvements.  He's got a great eye and can find the best things for the best prices.  We talked about new carpeting for the family room.  The carpet in here now is an ugly rust shade plus starting to wear.  I do have money stashed away from a home equity loan that I frugally spend.  His offer....I put in the carpet...he'll replace my old 27" inch tv with a 32" or 36" and a beautiful tv cabinet.  My stand is quite old and tends to collect junk which is out in the open.  LOL...I'm getting the better bargain out of this deal.  I really want to replace my fogged patio door in the diningroom.  It's not a custom size so would be around 1,700 to replace.  That's on the burner but something that will have to be done eventually.

My BF and I have had some major issues for a while.  He works with me and has been able to promote his income to about 3 times mine.  It sort of went to his head.  When he first seperated, he was about twice my income and really helping his family out, which I loved about him.  He was humble.  Somewhere along the line, he became judgmental and...ok...downright stingy (conveniently forgetting the help I provided him when needed).  I didn't expect him to support me.  He got enough of that from the ex.  There lies the problem.  He was afraid I would become like that.  Relationships are tough.  Ours has been a very longstanding one.  Somehow, he listened to his words and realized he was treating me like his child.  I had a dad....I'm not looking for another.

I mentioned he is moving to the newer part of his apt. complex in a couple of weeks....a beautiful one bedroom townhouse.  He is coming back to earth and reality with me slowly but surely. 

My income tax is done.  Breathing a sigh of relief for this year only....$700 back...enough to pay wage tax (a Pa. thing) and put in the carpet.  I seriously have to redo my budget for next year because I will owe if Joey is not in school.  Haven't quite figured out how this will be done.  My BF, the accountant, has made some worthy suggestions.

LOL...Megan is down to $15 in her account.  I have been giving her money this week.  The pay off from this has been an enormous attitude change.  She has been doing chores by her own volution with no coaxing.  At least, she came up with this realization on her own.  I do appreciate that enormously.  I do love these kids of mine beyond belief.

Joey does not have celiac.  His test was negative.  The rash will have to be biopsied at the dermatologist.  His stomach ailments...back to accupuncture.  He hasn't had that in a year or so.

As far as vehicles in this household are concerned....this is also being thrown to God.  He knows my needs.  Somehow, He will provide.

LOL...spring is sprung or at least trying to do so.  The time of year when the house gets a good cleaning and improvements are made.  I finally am at peace with my sad budget for now.  Tax season kills me.  I usually rebound by the summer.  Praying now for some OT which definitely is a God send.

All in all, spring is a time of rebirth.....emotionally for me, anyway.  I eagerly look forward to beautiful, warm weather once again and the return of the lush green colors.  Personal issues and problems don't seem as mind boggling when the world outside isn't 5 shades of gray.

Quoting David...SMILE!  (I love this!)




pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris...I saw you online today but didn`t ask...figuring it`s none of my business..lol.  I love the glitter and especially the animation of it on your PSP work. You`re getting so good at this! The projects for the house sound great...what fun! At least you`re getting some tax money back...thank God. For next year, there is a way to have more tax taken out of your pay. That`s a headache, but it sure beats paying at the end of the year! So you and your BF work together? Is that how you met? By the way...does he have a computer? I take it he doesn`t read your journal...lol. The kids seem to be doing well. :)
Love you sweetie,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I truely enjoyed the read today.  I wont tell on ya for playing hooky.  Glad things are looking up in the BF department.  Thanks for always leaving such wonderful comments.  smiles, TerryAnn.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Good luck on those house repairs.  And so glad Joey doesn't have Celiac.  I know that's a relief for both of you.  Also, as far as taxes go, I'm not doing it until the very last day! lol  I owe I owe I owe....yuck.  Smiling. GBU, Shelly

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I'm playing hookie sort of today too...I am just totally exhausted after this last week....thank you for the comments you have been leaving me!
We are getting back on our taxes too...YAY!  We are prolly just going to pay bills...nothing fun...lol  I cannot wait for spring to arrive!

lsk49rs said...

what beautiful graphics!  My BF has been acting just a touch weird lately too - could it be the weather?

It's raining in Modesto......

lv2trnscrb said...

good for you, Chris, to take a day off and enjoy some time for yourself. I call them Mental Health Days. I think they need to build them into work schedules; very good for morale.

Glad to hear Joey didn't have celiac. Hoping they find out what that rash is.

Reminds me, I got to make an appt to get taxes done; good for you for getting a refund!


jckfrstross said...

good for you taking a day for you:) have a good week


djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Home by myself this evening so got caught up on your journal.  Glad you got a day off!  My mentor at the bank talked the mgr into letting us stay home the 3 hrs tomorrow and work all day Friday.  That way I can get some drive through training.  It was a tough sell, but she did it!  It will save me soooo much in gas...my truck guzzles it!  Instead of two short days, I'll have one trip and a full day! Bless her heart!

Last year I didn't work at all, so we had half the income and are getting back twice as much!  My working just throws us into a much higher tax bracket!

Glad Joey doesn't have celiac.  He needs to build his immune system with natural products, it's helped my rashes of unknown origin!

I'd love to have new carpeting and a new sofa.  But that's all much later.

Take care, enjoy the "good teen" moments with Megan. LOL


am4039 said...

where is spring, lol.  Sorry your not feeling good about your job anymore.  Happy your bf is getting his head back to earth.

helloimkara said...

Seems as though change is in the air, relation ships, jobs, carpet and TV's!!!!  Hope they all go your way :)


sangrialel said...

Congrats on being nominated this week.  Linda

marnefaire said...

Cacklinrosie--Hi, I am new to this crew--I enjoyed reading your post.  I have just one child--he'll be 2 on the 24th.  How many kids do you have?  I want another...the fact that you have a boyfriend is respectable...I don't think I would want another man in my life if my husband fell thru, LOL.

Guys can be great, but I have yet to meet those ones, LOL!  I am a "touch" cynical, but not always.  anyhow, it was nice to "meet" you and Hopefully we can entertain one another with our thoughts.  Take care.

shayshaydc said...

I to am looking forward to spring and summer!!! I'm tired of all that grey to!!!! Sorry that your job is getting you down!!! Hopefully something will come you way!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic