Thursday, August 31, 2006

Soothing lavender to calm the crazy lady.  Ok...I'll fess up...this was one of the easiest tags I ever made, and everybody seems to love it.  Actually, Shelly, Roxymama, should get half the credit.  She made the moon window background and sent it to the PSP group.  All I did was slap the lavender tube on it with some sparkles and voila....a tag.

Things are pretty quiet...shhhh...don't say anything.

We went to the 16th floor to see our new office space.  I don't think Rose and I are going to get our own offices.  Not that the boss doesn't want us to but it seems to be creating a commotion among other divisions, I believe.  But it looks like a huge, beautiful floor.  Way more space than I ever worked in.  LOL...I think we're going to be lost.  I mean, cmon, we work for the govt. and are used to be stacked up on top of each other.  Where Rose and I end up, it's hard to tell but anywhere on that floor is really pretty.  The move isn't until the middle of October.


  LOL...Chelle, the Bag Lady, made this for me.  HUGS, Chelle!  Only problem is today I have nothing to whine about...imagine that.  But I had to post my new Whine Zone tag which will signal a rant, rave or serious whining is about to begin.

Ok...I'll whine because I want a new camera.  Darned if I know what I want.  I've gotten so many suggestions.  I hate those circles that show up on my pictures.  Last night I was supposed to be online scouting out lawnmowers...yeah right.  I was online scouting out digital cameras.  Becky made some suggestions.  Being the artist and photographer she is, none were under $300 and probably way beyond my technological ability, which is sorely lacking.  I need something super easy to use.

I'll pawn my old one off on Megan.  I know she wants one; just not mine.  But oh well...see I have no sense.  I need a lawnmower and so many other things but I want a camera.  My BF, anal person he is, lost the receipt for my camera I have now.  I can't believe it.  He is so organized.  He sees how some of my pictures come out so he looked for the receipt and swears I have it.  No way...he keeps all my receipts.  If he could just find the darned thing, I could take it back to Wally World.  It has a one year complete warranty on it and can be exchanged there.  I think he threw it away when he moved in the spring along with my vacuum receipt. 

That's my whine for tonight.  One more day and a long weekend.  Joey isn't leaving for camping until Monday and is going for the whole week.  I might end up cooking on Sunday or maybe not. 

Good night everyone.  Off I go to  1. look for my keys so I'm not scrambling around tomorrow morning;  2. get my clothes together; and 3. bath or shower?  I think I'll slip into my Calgon mode again.

  Mocha, Megan's kitty, says Good night.  She's on Megan/my vanity.  I think she really resembles Jeannette's Nina. 


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Stop the World; I Want to Get Off

Today actually started out well.  I was up at 4:30 a.m., put my pot of coffee on, and promptly sat my butt at the computer.  I didn't have much e-mail to read or many journals to catch up on.  I was zipping up and down my AOL favorites and noticed I hadn't read Becky's MySpace blog in a while.

Of course, by the time I finished the one entry, I was in tears; happy tears.  I am so emotional lately. "Letting Go" it was entitled.  Becky was my angry child and had every right to be.  Her father was a verbally abusive alcoholic; physically once in a while.  She enclosed her heart in a shield of stone to protect herself from the hurt and pain.  I didn't realize any of this at the time.  In her entry, she refers to the hatred she carried for years at her father when "she was an angry, hormonal teen."  She can't continue to do this to herself anymore.  It is making her sick to her stomach and have heachaches to hate.  Her words.  She also opened her entry with the fact that each week when she attends church, it is amazing to her how the sermon is about something she is dealing with.  Last week was trying to control your surroundings and life.  Becky is my control freak or was.

What I am finding amazing is that the rock hard shield she has guarded for so long around that heart of hers is slowly but surely disintegrating.  I can tell by her writings that she is becoming more at peace with herself and her life.  She hasn't forgiven her dad yet.  He has never asked for forgiveness or thinks he did or ever does anything wrong.  She has to accept the fact that he is the way he is and only he can change himself.  Megan called her dad last night for money.  He said he had to to discuss it with his wife since she is the major breadwinner now and would call her back.  Did he?  Nah...but she was going to call him today while step mom was at work.  So, I thought this might be the beginning of more peaceful times to come.

Silly, silly me.......


LOL...You are about to enter the "Whine Zone" (I'm really praying this zone will disappear soon.

I went online.  Megan's loan was sent to the university and just needs to be processed.  They usually do it once a week.  Her rent is due; she needs her books by the end of the week; and the food I bought her before she left last week is gone.  She needs gluten-free food because of her celiac disease which is outageously expensive although she is a wonderful cook and has created a lot of her own dishes that are gluten free with stuff from the regular grocery store.

I called Financial Aid this morning to see when they would process her loan and have a check ready...OK...Friday, Sept. 8th.  I was stunned.  How in the world is she supposed to buy books, pay her rent, buy food, etc. until next Friday?  She has enough in her bank account to cover books and a meager amount of food.  Daddy dearest won't answer her phone calls or messages.  She's like the bill collector in his eyes.

I ran to the bank at lunch and took rent money for her out of my savings and put it in her checking account.  My head was spinning and drat...I was crying once again.  When this savings is gone, it is more.  It's from a home equity loan, and there "ain't" no more equity left.

Since June when my gas line in the car broke the day before my trip to Ohio to meet Penny, there has been a non-stop drain on my budget with car repairs, electrical repairs, etc. 

My head was pounding the rest of the day.  I pray my ex finds it in his heart to help her out but I know him far too well.

Of course, Joey called later on and said the lawnmower had finally taken its last breath.  I knew I was going to need a new one pretty soon but I was praying it would last until fall so I could wait until spring to buy a new one.

My BF...grrr...was less than sympathetic.  He seems to forget his panic attacks a month ago when he thought he was going to lose over half of his retirement each month to spousal support while his divorce is pending.  Wow, how quick he forgets what it's like to scrounge every day.  He says lawnmowers are half off now.  I could get a decent one for $250.  I just laughed totally hysterically because it might as well be $2,500.  My darned tranny is leaking like a sieve and I'm supposed to buy a lawnmower.  Joey managed to pound it for a half an hour and got the grass cut.

And while I'm on a roll...I will never understand family law in Pa.  Roll back five years or so.  My ex was making what my BF is now.  I had the same income as his spouse plus two children.  Their children are grown.  There is a pay scale for both CS and a different one for spousal support.  How in the world can a woman with no dependent children get twice as much as a mother with three dependent children?  His attorney said spousal support is greater now than child support.  Lord have mercy...go figure.  Who makes these laws?

   Well, anyway, it's hump day...YEAH!  I still feel like it should be Thursday but that's ok.  Two more days to go and then a long weekend.  Joey is going camping and Megan is staying in Pittsburgh.  The new manager never scheduled her to work at Eat N Park Labor Day weekend like she had asked.  This new manager is a piece of work.  Not that she couldn't have used a couple hundred in tips...oh well..........

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that my phone doesn't ring at work tomorrow.  Lately, it's never a good sign.

Off I go to have Calgon take me away for a while......  

                        Thanks to Missie again for my cute siggy!

Monday, August 28, 2006



Not a bad day for a Monday.  Maybe I'm getting used to my work schedule or maybe summer is fading fast so I don't mind being at work.  Fall is beautiful but fall also means that days are getting shorter and winter is coming...yuck.

So I tagged myself for the last remants of summer in Pa. Feel free to snag it if you want. We only had about a month of summer weather this year so I feel short changed.  Sheesh...I do love summer; always have.

I'm moved into Megan's room.  I had intentions of taking some pictures but the room is not quite tidy yet.  There are still remnants of Megan everywhere.  I don't seem to be making much headway.  I was going to take a picture of my old room with the Disney babies but the blinds are filthy yuck.  A drawback of working everyday is I don't get anything fully done around this house.

I think my vacation in the fall will be a thorough declutter and housecleaning.  Fun...hunh...but needed.  Hopefully, I'll have my old room turned into the guest room.  Hint, hint, Penny.  Fall means art festivals in Pittsburgh so Becky tells me.

I don't like my digital camera.  I keep getting those "dust" spots.  It is totally annoying me so maybe I'll have to ask Santa Claus for a new one again this year. Lisa Jo....e-mail and let me know what camera you have coz I love your pics.

Megan called today and, of all things, does not have enough money for books if she pays her rent.  I told her to call her dad.  Of course, I have no expectations with that one.  He sent her $20 last year.  Her loan won't go through for at least a week.

At least there is a long weekend coming up.  Sheesh, I'm so tired all the time.


                        Daughter #2, Miss Megan.......

I'm off to find some clean clothes to wear tomorrow.  Night everyone!


                 Thanks, Missie, for the cute siggy!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Long and Not so Short of it All

  Rarely, anymore do I get to say good morning to everyone.  I believe Lisa Jo sent me this one.

It's been a crazy last half week for me but I'm liking Jackie's  HOPE FLOATS style of opening with the good and then a little whining.  Although she "whines" with such style and class.

My good this 25 year old daughter, Becky...Lord, that child has gone full circle.  She sent me pictures from her photo a good thing because once I get ahold of them and butcher them in my Paint Shop, they aren't nearly the same.  Monday, Becky starts grad school at the University of Pittsburgh.  OK...I'm braggin again, big time.  For those who don't know, Becky graduated from college with a bio/chem degree and worked in genetics research for three years at Pitt.  She was accepted into the stipend Ph.d. program there this past spring majoring in microbiology.  She is also a gifted artist/photographer.  Becky grew up in the house of hell with a verbally abusive, alcoholic father which damaged her soul far more than I realized.

This is my first baby.  Awful picture, out of focus but she actually has a smile on her face, and she is getting wet.  Becky never liked to be wet or dirty so I'm amazed that she has become carefree enough to stand in a fountain.  The guy she is with, Ray, is her future husband (she just doesn't realize it yet).  He adores her and brought her back to her religion.

Becky had the past two weeks off as a paid vacation before her studies start.  She got a tattoo on her wrist., I had to question that but she can cover it with a watch.  She said it's really no big deal in the world of science.  She does silk screening and designed the cross she had tattooed.

  This is a Christian tattoo parlor sponsored by the church she goes to to provide a safe, certified place to get tattoos done.  There is a Bible study held upstairs a couple of nights a week.  She actually went to Bible study with Ray and then had her tattoo done.

               She has to go back and get a touch-up done on the one side of the cross.  I'm still not sure what I think of a tattoo on the wrist but she's a big girl now.

Warning:  You are about to enter the Whine Zone.......

I'm loving my new job; just not the five day week.  It's taken far longer for me to adjust than I thought it would.  Wednesdays are a bit melonchaly because I keep thinking of it as my day off.  I was a little blue Wednesday morning to begin with.  I had to go upstairs to my old area to retrieve a lost folder.  No biggie, except something looked odd in my cubicle.  Then it dawned on me that the coffeepot I was storing there because I had no room downstairs was MIA.  I asked the one guy about it.  He said "they" threw it away last week, then quickly tried to clean his statement up when he saw the look on my face.  I had just bought it before I got the new job.  I paid $32 for it which is not a big deal but yet it is.  I was furious at first.  Luckily, no one touched the two boxes I had stored under my desk with my personal things in it.  So...I got a cart and promptly removed everything I didn't want tossed.  I whined a bit about it and then thought that someone must have been angered that I was gone and did it out of spite...childish but so be it.

I then got a phone call from Joey telling me that my car is losing its tranny fluid.  I flipped a bit because I can't even begin to think of adding a car payment right now.  I'm sort of hoping the Lord will just drop a new car out of the sky into my driveway. I'm rethinking my previous idea of torching the darned car when the gas tank was leaking.

Next, I applied for a school loan for Megan's university.  Her school is so out of this world expensive.  Every year I've had to co-sign additional loans for her.  Now, if that child, will only focus on school instead of the education of partying, I would be a happy camper.  When I got home, I went online, and the loan was declined.  I dissolved into a total puddle of tears.  I called the 800 number but couldn't get any answers because they hadn't received the processed application yet.  They said it had to be my credit rating.  I ran a credit check on myself.  I was in the outstanding range (Lord only knows why but I do keep my credit accounts current always.)  I figured my income was just too low to support the amount of loans I have applied for with her.  Finally, after a number of 800 calls and transfers to different depts. I got the answer.  I had transposed Megan's SS#. 

I reapplied; got an e-mail back that it was accepted.  Thank the Lord!  Now, if Megan will only take school seriously and please, Lord, let that child budget the money this year.  She is going to learn the hard way.  Mommy is applying tough love.  I've removed my name from her checking account.

Next problem was my own creation.  My car registration was due in March.  I had the car inspected in February and totally forgot the registration.  How Megan and Joey drove that car for five months with an expired tag and never got stopped I'll never know.  An angel sitting on my shoulder for this one because it's a $400 fine.  I went to good old AAA yesterday and renewed it.  They are online with PennDot.  Pa.'s DMV is's split up between licenses and registrations.  If you want an instant renewal on tags, AAA is the only place than can do it.

This past summer has been aggravating but I'm thankful it's only aggravations and not life shattering traumas that others have been suffering from here in J-Land.

I'm not the only one who can't sleep at night with financial problems.  I'm thankful that I got a promotion.  I need to bepatient to reap the benefits of this promotion, which will take a year or two.

I'm thankful that my ugly marriage produced three awesome children, even though, at times, their problems also keep me up at night.

I'm thankful that the Lord is watching over me and won't let me sink; most definitely thankful for that.

I want to wish Deb Frosty Thoughts a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!!  Stop by Deb's or send her snail mail and wish her a good one.  Deb, you're a sweetie!!

Longwinded today, I must say....Have a blessed day and weekend!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Taking my Bow...LOL


The party is over, the celebrating finished, clean up all done.  I thought I would come home from work today and get some much needed rest.  Not to  I started reading my comments.  What??? Not me, surely? But yes, I won the best dressed award on the Red Carpet.  Love that cybershopping.  Must have been the Vera Wang that did it.  Of course, you all know that this is a real picture of me...yes, it is....I use fictitious photos of me in my journal so I don't get stalked...rofl.                                             

Best & Worst Awards of 2006
 Chris of "A Day In The Life"8d16754a.jpg


And of course, what would any Red Carpet be without the worst dressed?  Was there any doubt? girl, Brenda, outdid herself.  Of course, she did get the attention she was so craving.  Just when I promised myself only wholesome images in my journal.
Well it was a serious chore
to pick Best & Worst of the JLand 3rd Anniversary party goers,
but I think Brenda,
of Brenda's Way misunderstood. 
We said "Red Carpet Walkers, NOT Streetwalkers!"
 I do believe Brenda is in the sleezy black number.  Brenda, you were supposed to wear a dress with those boots.
Now, it's back to the normal days in my life.  Dishes to be done, trash to be dragged to the curb tonight (is it only Tuesday?), and getting caught up with my tags.
Here's to J-Land and many more celebrations to come!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Past Year in J-Land

  Where do I begin?  I'm never usually at a loss for words but this one is escaping me a bit. 

I started my journal on Oct 5, 2005.  Why?  I have no idea.  I had heard of blogs and clicked on the journal community and thought I would give it a shot.  My intentions were to write some witty entries about the perils of raising three children (nearly grown now) as a single mom.  That's how I began.  I wasn't concernd about readers.  Just sort of a history to keep for my own use.

I needed some assistance and found a message board for journals.  It was a want ads type of thing to promote your own journal.  I started clicking and reading a few.  I actually got a couple of comments.  I liked that.  I then began clicking on the links in other favorite journals and lurked for a while just reading.  I wasn't sure if there was some sort of etiquette about commenting or

I soon noticed how pretty the journals were decorated and wanted to make mine pretty.  It took me about two weeks and much tutoring to figure it out.  Readers were being added.  LOL...I liked that even more.  My next observation was that some graphics were far prettier than others.  Surprise, many made their own.  My interest was stirred.  I wanted to make my own.  Thanks to dear, Shelly, RoxyMama, who sent me PSP 7 and patiently tutored me, I was on my way.

J-Land is far more than just a blog site.  It is a community that is unique, in my opinion, to the web. My journal has changed courses a few times.  Many times, it is a refuge for me to post things that I probably wouldn't relate to most of my friends.

It has also become a huge, addictive hobby to me...making tags in PSP, which, in itself, is also a refuge at times when the waters are rough in my life.

I value most the friendships I have developed over the course of10+ months I've been a part of this community.  I look forward to many more.  As with anything, there is the good and the bad.  I focus on the good.  J-Land is only what you make it to be for yourself.

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY AOL JOURNALS....thanks for many wonderful memories!

Thanks to Viv and her hardworking team of talent who made all the events for this celebration possible.

Thanks to Krissy and John also....may all our prayers be answered for the two of you.

              Thanks to D and Julie for the wonderful tag!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Birthday Bash through J-Land



I'm not sure if all of you remember the Trick or Treat through J-Land or Christmas Caroling through J-Land but the newest trip is going to be a "birthday bash" through J-Land to coincide with the J-Land memories entries that Krissy came up with.

Starting tomorrow, decorate your journals and post your entries for the 3 year birthday celebration.  Your J-Land memories can also be a part of this entry.  Be creative.  You can title it any way you would like.  LOL...I'm sure we will all be able to tell if it's a birthday entry.  Make your journey through J-Land through out the day and evening tomorrow. As you find a journal that is decorated for the celebration, wish J-Land a Happy Birthday and leave your link to your journal.  Visit as many journals as you possibly can. 

These trips have always been a huge success.  It's a wonderful way to meet new friends and continue the awesome community tradition of J-Land.

If you want, please copy and paste this entry into your journal to spread the news as this is a last minute brainstorm.....HUGS TO ALL 



Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dear Chrissy

Most likely another serious entry but you can blame it on Brenda  Brenda's Way because I got this from her journal.  I wasn't going to do it but kept thinking about it.  The tag above is probably my favorite.  I did it for a tube entry a few nights ago.  So fitting for an entry that I had no idea I would do.


Knowing what you know now as an adult, if you could write a letter to the little girl/boy you once were what would you say?

Dear Chrissy,

The first thing I want to tell you is that I love you finally.  You are a loving child.  You have had an uncanny ability to put yourself in others' shoes.  You are sensitive.  Use that to your advantage.

Don't let others squash the wonderful aspects you possess...your vivid imagination (and, yes, you keep those imaginary buddies you have).  Continue to lose yourself in books, even though you are told that you spend far too much time closed away and reading.  This will give you the ability to present yourself eloquently and master the English language plus open up new worlds for you to explore.

A half a decade later you still travel with me.  I wish I could prevent the pain and anguish you suffered for many years from adolescence through adulthood with clinical depression.  Knowing what I know now, I don't think I would change it because that has made us what we are.

Let me try and explain something to you that a wise leader in my Bible study revealed to me a good many years ago.  An epiphany of sorts.  Depression is a long, dark road.  I was asked what I would do if I walked out of my front door and saw a child with a dirty, tear stained face sitting on the curb.  Of course, I would embrace that child, wipe the tears away, and offer assistance.  The epiphany occurred instantly.  I knew what was going to be uttered next before it was spoken.  "Chris, that child is you.  Why are you kicking yourself off the curb constantly?"

Healing began and continued once I learned to embrace the child, Chrissy, which will always be a part of me.

So, my child...whenever you speak, I will listen; whenever you cry, I will wipe away the tears; whenever you are in pain or hurt, I will embrace you.

Together we will Fly with the Angels and Dance with the Stars......


Chris (the adult)

Thursday, August 17, 2006


LOL...ok ladies, what's in your purse?  Got this from Terri You think you know, but you have no idea...  If you decide to do it, leave the link or you can just list it in the comments.  Now, remember, the comments section is limited to 25,000 characters......

A little purse history (now I know you're just dying to hear this)...No matter what size of purse I carry, I will fill it until it is bulging.  I have rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder, and my left one is getting bad from overuse. purses keep getting smaller but still bulge no less.

I rarely change purses (LOL, Penny) because it simply takes me far too long to procastinate over what sections to put things in so I carry a purse until it falls apart.

So...what's in my purse?

1.  My wallet, which is also bulging and very small.

2.  Cellphone in a neat little case that a girl who rides my bus gave me.

3.  My glasses I wear at work.

4.  My checkbook.

5.  A tube of lipstick.

6.  My bus pass.

7.  A couple of tissues.

8.  Advil.

9.  Various bills and the ends of bills already sent. (Penny can attest to this as that is all I had for us to get Brian's autograph on at the Alive Festival...rofl)

10.  Once in a blue moon, a pen, which somehow is never there when I need it.

11.  Loose change in the bottom...don't know how it gets there but I always have some.

So, there ya have it.  That is what I carry around with me.  Now, the biggest dilemma, how in the world am I gonna fit anything in that tiny little clutch that I'm using for the Red Carpet event?????

Have a good one!


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Get this Party Started

Two entries in one lucky can you get...hehehe.  I had to post my red carpet outfit.  I don't want someone else putting the same dress up.  Now, ya'll, I got this one first.  Of course, it's Vera Wang.  No other for me.  Picked it up for a bargain....$3,295 because it's ready to wear.  Hmm....Aug. 20 is a week away.  I'll fast and look like the model.  I might need some extensions for my hair.  I haven't researched my hair style yet but do plan to visit Sugar's Salon for a touch up.

                        And of, course I'm going for the leopard accessories.  A little satin Fendi clutch for a mere $295 and Jimmy Choo pumps for a bargain $575.  Haven't picked out the bling bling yet.  I'm saving my budget for some flashy bling.

Although I might go with these...can't remember whose they are but I'm going simple on the jewelry. 

Ok, girls, let's see your Red Carpet outfits. stealing someone else's.  You know the dreaded showing up in the same dress.... 

Go see what Kathy is wearing....Time to feel like a princess!!!! Sugar has her outfit posted also.. A LITTLE BIT OF SUGAR, PLEASE.....


To be continued.......................

Thanks to Dianna for making this tag for snag.  I went to church with Becky today again.  She has gone every week for the past month or so.  The hospital for sinners; not a sanctuary of saints is how one of my previous pastors referred to church.  We fail miserably everyday; some more than others.  Enough of my reflections.  I feel some changes coming on.  Don't know what and am a little afraid to think about it.

I wanted to let those of you who read Penny's journal Penny`s Place that she was in a car accident on the way home from church today.  Her car is probably totaled but she was not badly injured.  I believe her daughter was with her.  Keep Penny in your prayers.  If we don't see her around J-Land for a while, she is resting and recuperating.

The celebration stuff is continuing.  There is a cyber chat party scheduled for next Sunday evening.

Clicky on Kathy's link and go cyber shopping for the perfect outfit to wear.  Time to feel like a princess!!!!

The official 3 year Anniversary site is up and running.  Check it out...really pretty.  Lots of time and energy went into its creation.  Thanks Viv.  3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals1

Sugar has her pet memorial journal up and running...make sure to go and visit.  CELEBRATING 3 YRS OF J-LAND with OUR BELOVED PETS

Krissy has an activity she would like for everyone to join in for!  Go to her journal to check it out.  Announcing a J-Land Activity: My Past Year in J-Land  She would love for everyone to post their entries on August 21st.  So go read what it is all about!!!

And don't forget to add your entries to Shelly's quilt and send a picture to Stevie for the video.  His deadline is tomorrow.  I believe Shelly's is Friday.

Love/hate AOL or somewhere in between...J-Land is about us.  We are J-Land and can choose to make it as much as we want it to be.

Have a great week to come.  I'm slowly catching up on journal reading. 


Saturday, August 12, 2006



The tag above was made by Diama/Cherry Chocolate Cherried Creations.  LOL...yep it looks just like me.  Herein, though, lies the struggle I sometimes face.  Well, more than sometimes.  I like SAC (some adult content) tags and such that are in good taste.  But does my religion?

I've been pondering my beliefs lately and wonder where to draw the line, what does God think of me, etc.  Pretty heavy stuff to which I know the answers but fight compliance.

My biggest struggle, which I've hesitated so long to even mention and wonder if I should or not or go private for certain things is my BF.  His problem right now is a divorce which is getting uglier by the minute.  He had a court hearing and represented himself with some guidance from his attorney.  It was awful but he won the first round. 

My mind goes round and round.  I was separated for 7 years before mine was final.  I would still be married if my ex hadn't found someone he wanted to marry.  My BF's separation is over 10 years and has escalated over reduction in spousal support since he retired.

Many have asked why we aren't married.  That is one reason but only one.  Will we marry when his divorce is final?  I don't think so.  We've both lived alone for far too many years and have our own ways of doing things which are so totally opposite.  I truly don't think I could live with someone else in my space.  I'm getting very set in my ways, as is he.

So, throw my religious beliefs into the mix and it doesn't gel.  I pray for forgiveness but continue to do what I want forgiven for....make sense? 

LOL...honestly, we've talked of marriage and when I'm able to sell this house when the kids are gone getting an apartment adjoining his.  How's that for insanity? Married with separate spaces.  There is total love, support and commitment between us and has been for years.  But two total opposites who like their own space.

Nuff of that.  My electric meter was leaking water into the breaker box.  The sealing outside had worn from being exposed to the weather and the location on the west side of the house.  The duct seal is only good for 5 years and was pushing 10.  The electrician couldn't believe it lasted that long.  The first two breakers were shot.  My family room and the swimming pool, which explains my pump problems.  Luckily, the first breaker was the familyroom so it was noticed.  If it had been the breaker for the diningroom the leaking would have continued until it hit a breaker that was noticeable.  He closed of the two damaged slots and put new breakers in open slots at the bottom.  I still have three open spots left.  Had I shot more breakers, I would have needed a whole new box.  $80 was the cost....not bad at all.  $60 for the labor and $10 a piece for the new breakers.   He only charged me what he paid for them.  He loaded on the duct seal.  My BF has to get 35 yr electrical caulking at Home Depot and fill in the areas that would allow water in.  Then replace the duct seal so I'll have double protection.  The previous homeowner hadn't caulked it.

I'm very thankful that I called the electrician and caught the problem before it escalated into something far worse.

Oh and Rose and I are definitely getting our own offices...whoo hoo.  We are all going up to the 16th floor next week to take a peek.  The move is scheduled for after Columbus Day now.  I can't wait.  I don't take my lunch very often now because I'm right out in the open space of the reception area and feel weird eating there.  Buying lunches everyday is putting me in the "poor house."

Megan's last day at work is the 19th and then off to her house she is moving.  She is taking my full bed from my room.  I'm moving into her bedroom, the master bedroom, and turning my old little bedroom into a sitting room. was the baby's room when I bought the house and I still have Disney Babies wallpaper border around the top.  I pulled down so much darned wallpaper in this house over the years that I let mine go.  Well, it's coming down this fall.  I'm buying a daybed or something so if she does decide to come back next summer, there will still be a "guest" bedroom.  Times are a changing around here.

I've been so super busy so I haven't had a chance to visit much.  Last night was dancing night so I'll be around tonight.  Joey is back in Pittsburgh watching the Steeler game and Megan has to work so I'll have a nice, quiet evening to myself.

Gotta chef, Megan, barbecued some center cut pork chops on the grill and steamed some cauliflower.  Yum, that girl can cook.  Oooo, I just peeped in the kitchen, and she has cheesy potatoes in the oven.  Now I really gotta go......Later!!!!

                 Isn't this siggy just the cutest?  We have a new budding PSP creator, Missie. Missie's Upside Down World  I just fell in love with her siggy tag and being the "shy" one I am (hehehehe), I begged her to tag one for me.  HUGS Missie! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Not that this was in the plans for my week.  I was hoping to get in a full week of work for once.  Seems like one thing after another keeps coming up. 

I solved the mystery of my tv problems.  It should have dawned on me a little sooner.  The outlet was replaced and the circuit  sizzled in the breaker box twice when my BF was messing with it.  I noticed occasionally my light on the deck was flickering when I took Grizzly out.  My powder room light was doing it also occasionally for a week or so.  Silly me thought they both were just getting ready to burn out.  Sunday night close to midnight, it all came together.  I was brushing my teeth in the powder room when the light started to flicker.  At the very same time, the sound on the tv was fading off and on.  I looked out on the deck; sure enough, that light was flickering.  LOL...sort of a pun but the lightbulb came on in my head.  It was that darned circuit that was sizzling off and on.  Everything I'm having problems with it on that circuit.  This is the same circuit that my previous AC caught fire on 5 years ago in the family room.

My BF said something about coming over and changing the breaker.  This didn't make me comfortable.  I called my electrician yesterday morning at work and left a message.  He called back in the afternoon and asked me if lights were flickering and explained the symptoms word for word.  He said he's sure it's because of the rain we've had that moisture has gotten into the box from the outside and fried the one circuit.  Silly me asked why it was only one circuit.  He said "for now."  It happens to be the first circuit in the box.  He's coming this afternoon to do an overhaul on the breaker box, if possible, which he thinks it should be and recaulk the outside area that it leads into.

I absolutely dreaded asking for another day off.  I've had to take so many days off for things since June.  This is a new job.  Luckily, I had a lot of vacation time to use and still will have at least 2-3 weeks left.  This is something I can't let go for any length of time.  I'm gone 11 hrs every day.  I can't worry that I'm going to come home and find no house.  So, I'm rephrasing my term for myself.  I'm not OCD; just vigilant.

Electrical fires are the main cause of homes burning down.  It's not just the rundown homes that most think that burn down from this.  It almost happened to me previously.  Luckily it was my day off when it happened.  Many of you have seen pictures of the wood in my familyroom.  It's from an old barn and well over 1/2 half an inch thick.  It burnt my hand at the time when I touched it.  Joey pulled the wood off at the time.  We have a fire extinguisher in the familyroom and put out the fire immediately.  I shudder to think what would have happend had I not been home that day.  Both kids were but they wouldn't have noticed.  I did because a storm was coming, and I was unplugging the AC.

Megan works each night until well after midnight and sleeps until well past noon.  Smoke alarms are good to a certain point but fires between the walls are so far gone before there is smoke. 

New homes are also at risk because the contractors short cut on paying good electricians to do a through job.  Pay the extra couple of thousand and have your own electrician do wiring if you build your own place.

Go around your house and check your outlets.  If the plugs are the least bit warm, have the outlet replaced.  I did this after my first fire.  I had several "warm" outlets that my BF replaced, and the electrician inspected afterwards.  This is something most never think of (I didn't) until it happens to you.  Outlets are like anything else and wear out after time and use.

Today I feel an enormous sense of relief that this is going to be taken care of professionally.

I'm stepping down off my soap box and getting Megan up.  It sounds like she has a sinus infection and looks like she's developing pink eye in her one eye so off to the doctor she is going. 

Oh and before I forget, in case you don't know, Shelly, RoxyMama, is making another quilt for the Anniversary celebration.  You can visit her journal and leave a comment to have a memorial square made for your lost loved ones.  It will be a beauty...... XX Roxy Mama XX

ROFL...I'm editing again....if you want a mug shot in an anniversary video, Stevie  'J~Land' 3rd Anniversary tribute video has graciously offered to put a video together with pictures of J-Landers.  Clicky on the link to get all the info.

Have a good day all............

Sunday, August 6, 2006

AOL Anniversary Contest

Let the festivities begin.  If you haven't been over to D's journal This and that, and hockey!, you need to pay a visit.  She has created a lovely lighthouse sidebar and also a larger tag that is going to be the official  commemorative symbol for the anniversary and available on Aug. 21st for all of us to use. 

We are all invited and encouraged to enter the contest.  Our job is to come up with the words used on the graphics.  Here is the link to use  contest.  So, put on your thinking caps and go add your "two cents."


Our dear Sugar is also playing a part in the festivities with a memorial page to all those who have lost pets over the past year.  If you've lost a beloved pet or know someone who has, drop by and leave Sugar the info.   Sugar's Pet Memorial 

If you're interested in keeping up with all the things going on during the celebration, here's the link for that.   Technorati Tag: Aol Journals Anniversary

Saturday, August 5, 2006

AOL Anniversary & This and That

An anniversary is brewing and J-Land is jumping.  Of course, it took me a couple of days and reading more than a few journals to figure this out.  Donna has some lovely tags to celebrate J-Land's third year and links to the festivities.  This and that, and hockey!  Thanks, D, for the lovely tags!  I've only been journaling since Oct. 2005.  What in the world did I do before I entered the world of J-Land?

Life is relatively quiet around here...shhh...probably not for long.  I was asked what OCD stands for....not funny but it stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  I do think that I have a very mild form of it.  Seriously, not to make light of those that suffer tremendously.

My problem is that once something goes wrong, I am on "patrol" continuously.  I'm not so bad with the AC now, for the timebeing because so many other things are making noises, leaking, etc.  Anything with a guage drives me totally nuts because I can see the problems creeping up before my eyes.

Plumbing handy dandy plumber, Randy explains this to me.  I have extremely strong water pressure.  I live 1/4 mile from the pumping station (as the bird flies, so says Randy).  Water must be pumped to a 10 mile radius in my township.  So, I need a water pressure regulator to keep my pipes from bursting continuously so that others can take their showers with water flowing five miles from me.  The problem is my new pressure regulator doesn't have a guage.  It's self-adjusting, so says Randy.  Well, this big old bolt is ready to pop.  When it does, my basement will flood, if I'm not home to shut off the water, which according to Murphy's Law, I won't be.  Not that my basement couldn't use a good dose of clean water.  My pipes bang if the pressure is too high.  My hot water tank sounds like it's going to explode.  My BF puts a new pressure valve in my hot water tank every couple of years.  Grrrr.....that tank freaks me out.  I have to release pressure every month or so and can see myself going through the roof with it. kidding....I have a pipe right now leaking slowly under the bathtub into the livingroom ceiling, a pipe to the basement shower is blowing...all signs that the pressure is way too high again.

Did you know just how many plungers they make?  ROFL...I have at least 4 different plungers...a toilet one with a narrow neck, a tiny one that sucks the hair out of the bathtub that Megan uses, this super duper big one that looks like a waffle.  Besides pipes breaking, I drano and plunge all the time.

Most of the time, these little problems are noticed and occur at 5:56 am when I'm ready to run out the door to catch the bus.  Why that is, I can't explain but then I have to call home and drive the kids nuts also.

As you all can tell, I'm the happiest of homeowners.  I can't wait to sit back, sell the house and rent something so the landlord can deal with all of this.  That would cure my OCD really quickly.

The sound on my new TV is fading in and out.  My BF says his is also.  So, I call the cable company and, of course, they say no one else has complained.

Now, while others in my life say I fuss about nothing, I've learned that most times I'm just very observant and notice when things aren't as they should be.  So, who knows......

A little bit of cleaning today and sunny and in the low 80's...sounds like pool time again.  Speaking of the pool, the pump is acting up again.  Now, as my BF says, if it didn't have a guage on it, I wouldn't even know it.

Tomorrow is Terri's birthday.....You think you know, but you have no idea...  Stop by and wish her a happy one.  She might not be around coz she has a life this summer.  Have a great one, Terri!

Stay cool and have a great weekend. 


         Thanks to Dianna for this too cute little siggy.............



Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Questions, Etc.

  The AC is fixed....almost two months to the day.  It's an enormous unit and was exceptionally loud when the air clicked on.  It has a thermostat so sometimes the fan runs and then the air clicks on.  The AC unit was so loud we had to keep the tv up super loud.  At the beginning of each summer, it would take me a couple of weeks to get used to the noise it made.

I have a Philco compressor in there now.  I kept asking them if they had the air on and not just the fan.  It's quiet and lol unnerving because I keep thinking the air isn't working right.  OCD again....  They said the Philco compressor is much quieter than the Kenmore.  Now, if this isn't a gift horse, I don't know what is.  Besides my AC always needing serviced, it was LOUD.  So, I keep running outside to make sure that it's as cool in here as before.  Yep, I have some severe OCD problems at times.  My old car seems to be running ok again so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm going back to work tomorrow.  I actually think I'm ready to.  I need a break from the drama at home.  For some reason, the pool is nice but not as addicting as it used to be.  Could be my quarterly visits to the dermatologist have something to do with that.

We spent the whole afternoon in the pool today...picture perfect sky.  Megan had some friends over and Joey and I just joined in.  I hadn't seen a couple of the guys since they were "young" ones in high school.  Of course, they all love Grizzly so he was eating it up.


I'm stealing these questions off of Penny coz I think they're neat:

I HATE nothing.  I strongly dislike but don't hate

I RARELY read anymore although I was a bookworm

I CRY less frequently than I used to which I don't think is necessarily a good thing

I AM NOT one bit organized

I LOSE my mind almost every day

I`M CONFUSED by computers lol this is Penny's but I am confused by everything technological

I NEED peace of mind

I SHOULD clean my house

I AM very loving

I WANT more money (ok, I'm stealing Penny's again)

I HAVE a roof above my head and food on my table everyday

I WISH I wouldn't fret and fuss so much

I SEARCH for my keys continuously and my work ID

I WONDER if I`ll ever be self-sufficient financially

I REGRET that I didn't leave my ex before I did

I LOVE my three children more than life itself

I ACHE for the hurt, pain and worries that my children have

I USUALLY sleep on the couch because I have insomnia

I DANCE every chance I get to and probably look like the biggest fool

I SING but sound like fingernails scratching a chalkboard

I NEVER say never because I've eaten my words too many times


Hopefully, the drama is going to end soon.  Thank you all for being there and your wonderful support.  Love each and every one of you............