Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Long and Not so Short of it All

  Rarely, anymore do I get to say good morning to everyone.  I believe Lisa Jo sent me this one.

It's been a crazy last half week for me but I'm liking Jackie's  HOPE FLOATS style of opening with the good and then a little whining.  Although she "whines" with such style and class.

My good this 25 year old daughter, Becky...Lord, that child has gone full circle.  She sent me pictures from her photo a good thing because once I get ahold of them and butcher them in my Paint Shop, they aren't nearly the same.  Monday, Becky starts grad school at the University of Pittsburgh.  OK...I'm braggin again, big time.  For those who don't know, Becky graduated from college with a bio/chem degree and worked in genetics research for three years at Pitt.  She was accepted into the stipend Ph.d. program there this past spring majoring in microbiology.  She is also a gifted artist/photographer.  Becky grew up in the house of hell with a verbally abusive, alcoholic father which damaged her soul far more than I realized.

This is my first baby.  Awful picture, out of focus but she actually has a smile on her face, and she is getting wet.  Becky never liked to be wet or dirty so I'm amazed that she has become carefree enough to stand in a fountain.  The guy she is with, Ray, is her future husband (she just doesn't realize it yet).  He adores her and brought her back to her religion.

Becky had the past two weeks off as a paid vacation before her studies start.  She got a tattoo on her wrist., I had to question that but she can cover it with a watch.  She said it's really no big deal in the world of science.  She does silk screening and designed the cross she had tattooed.

  This is a Christian tattoo parlor sponsored by the church she goes to to provide a safe, certified place to get tattoos done.  There is a Bible study held upstairs a couple of nights a week.  She actually went to Bible study with Ray and then had her tattoo done.

               She has to go back and get a touch-up done on the one side of the cross.  I'm still not sure what I think of a tattoo on the wrist but she's a big girl now.

Warning:  You are about to enter the Whine Zone.......

I'm loving my new job; just not the five day week.  It's taken far longer for me to adjust than I thought it would.  Wednesdays are a bit melonchaly because I keep thinking of it as my day off.  I was a little blue Wednesday morning to begin with.  I had to go upstairs to my old area to retrieve a lost folder.  No biggie, except something looked odd in my cubicle.  Then it dawned on me that the coffeepot I was storing there because I had no room downstairs was MIA.  I asked the one guy about it.  He said "they" threw it away last week, then quickly tried to clean his statement up when he saw the look on my face.  I had just bought it before I got the new job.  I paid $32 for it which is not a big deal but yet it is.  I was furious at first.  Luckily, no one touched the two boxes I had stored under my desk with my personal things in it.  So...I got a cart and promptly removed everything I didn't want tossed.  I whined a bit about it and then thought that someone must have been angered that I was gone and did it out of spite...childish but so be it.

I then got a phone call from Joey telling me that my car is losing its tranny fluid.  I flipped a bit because I can't even begin to think of adding a car payment right now.  I'm sort of hoping the Lord will just drop a new car out of the sky into my driveway. I'm rethinking my previous idea of torching the darned car when the gas tank was leaking.

Next, I applied for a school loan for Megan's university.  Her school is so out of this world expensive.  Every year I've had to co-sign additional loans for her.  Now, if that child, will only focus on school instead of the education of partying, I would be a happy camper.  When I got home, I went online, and the loan was declined.  I dissolved into a total puddle of tears.  I called the 800 number but couldn't get any answers because they hadn't received the processed application yet.  They said it had to be my credit rating.  I ran a credit check on myself.  I was in the outstanding range (Lord only knows why but I do keep my credit accounts current always.)  I figured my income was just too low to support the amount of loans I have applied for with her.  Finally, after a number of 800 calls and transfers to different depts. I got the answer.  I had transposed Megan's SS#. 

I reapplied; got an e-mail back that it was accepted.  Thank the Lord!  Now, if Megan will only take school seriously and please, Lord, let that child budget the money this year.  She is going to learn the hard way.  Mommy is applying tough love.  I've removed my name from her checking account.

Next problem was my own creation.  My car registration was due in March.  I had the car inspected in February and totally forgot the registration.  How Megan and Joey drove that car for five months with an expired tag and never got stopped I'll never know.  An angel sitting on my shoulder for this one because it's a $400 fine.  I went to good old AAA yesterday and renewed it.  They are online with PennDot.  Pa.'s DMV is's split up between licenses and registrations.  If you want an instant renewal on tags, AAA is the only place than can do it.

This past summer has been aggravating but I'm thankful it's only aggravations and not life shattering traumas that others have been suffering from here in J-Land.

I'm not the only one who can't sleep at night with financial problems.  I'm thankful that I got a promotion.  I need to bepatient to reap the benefits of this promotion, which will take a year or two.

I'm thankful that my ugly marriage produced three awesome children, even though, at times, their problems also keep me up at night.

I'm thankful that the Lord is watching over me and won't let me sink; most definitely thankful for that.

I want to wish Deb Frosty Thoughts a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!!!  Stop by Deb's or send her snail mail and wish her a good one.  Deb, you're a sweetie!!

Longwinded today, I must say....Have a blessed day and weekend!



sugarsweet056 said...

Just stopping in to give you a hug, some love, & a blessing.
Wishing you a lovely weekend dear.

siennastarr said...


Hey girl!  I like your style of whining!! lol  Start with the happy news ... whine a little.... and then end with something good!  It's like reading an intriguing novel! hee

You should be very proud of your beautiful daughter.  Not only is she smart, but she's pretty too!  Hopefully the other one will settle down and study, and be grateful for all the hard work you do for her, so that she can have the luxery of going to college.

I'm not a big tattoo fan, but I honestly kind of like that wrist one.  It looks like it could pass as a bracelet during the right occasion, but can easily be covered up, if she goes somewhere it might not look appropriate.

Glad the student loan episode turned out all right...


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I feel for ya...I think my tranny is going out too...I have already spent most of my floor money on my trip and now the dang tranny is going out...will i ever get rid of this stained up old carpet!!!! Me thinks not.....and although we are back to living pay day to pay day...I can't seem to get mark to grasp that....Well I will pray for your car and you pray for mine...let's both pray for something cheap and know what they say about two or more....take care and have a great weekend...TerryAnn

viviansullinwank said...

I'm glad the loan went through. Here's praying your daughter does budget things well.  Congrats on the promotion!  I've always wanted a tatoo or a rose or something small and ultra feminine.  I never acted on it though. THe guys I just dated hates them and I know now that if I ever do get one...he'll never come back into my life  :)


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Glad the load went through!
Your daughter is so pretty...
and her b/f is HOT...tell her he
looks like a keeper to me...hehe
Glad he brought her back to her religion.
Oh no...I hope your car is something minor
instead of something major like the tranny..UGH!
I like Beckys looks pretty cool!
I would be pissed off about the coffee
was brand new!   Instead of tossing it...someone
prolly took it inconsiderate....knowing you
would be coming back to get your belongings!
Have a good weekend Chris

hugsdoodlewacky said...

Congrats on you promotion,and your daughter getting money for college.Sounds like you had a tough road,but,I belive God will look after you and give you what you deserve.Have a great weekend.You deserve it.((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))

kdcutie26 said...

Thank you for sharing, your kids are all just so darn cute, even if they come with headaches.

ally123130585918 said...

You have every right to brag and be proud of Becky ~ she sounds awesome ~ loved the pictures ~ I quite like that tattoo if I were younger I would be there like a shot to have one done ~ (I'm just entering the Whine zone) Fancy throwing out your coffee pot thank goodness they didn't touch your personal property ~ I am glad you got the loan accepted ~ I hope you reap the benefits of your promotion ~  sooner rather than later ~ Hope you have a blessed weekend ~ Ally

lanurseprn said...

Awesome news of your daughter . Do the proud mommy dance now!!  
I live her tattoo.  I personally wouldn't get one...but lost of folks do!!
Sorry to hear you lost your coffeemaker.  I find it strange that they would just thow it away.  Check other departments and see if it shows up.

Have a great nornng,,,,,,,,,,Pamela

chat2missie said...

I just love your daughter's tattoo.  Sorry about your car leaking transmission fluid.  I'll pray that the car can last another year or two for you.  Have a good night.

am4039 said...

oh my I'm so happy that you got Megan's loan worked out. Transposing the SS numbers. What a nightmare.  Good luck with all the kids. My brother spent 5 years in college. The first year partying but then he settled down. My mom and dad were so happy.  I'm so sorry that Becky had to experience the abuse of her father. How hard on her and you to watch. The tatoos look really neat. So happy you guys didn't get stopped for not having current car resistration. It happened to me once too.

xomywayox said...

Sometimes you just got to let it rip. Venting doesn't fix things but it gives you the breathing room to getter done.

You're never far from my thoughts and prayers. My long lost/found sister.....

Cioa Bella....Brenda

pennietoonz said...

I`m so glad the financial aid thing worked out. I think that was a rotten thing to do, to throw your stuff away at work. They could have asked you first! At least you retrieved your personal belongings.
What blessings your 3 kids are and each so unique from the other! :) I hope school goes well for Becky and Megan and that Joey is doing just fine.
Love you, girl!

krspkrmmom said...

Tell Becky I said "Nice tattoo!"  That is cute.  I don't have that much of a problem getting my registration done here...we have the instant renewal places that do registration and licensing...and you know I live in PA.  I did that w/my license last year--got the camera card the day after it expired, and got my pic taken exactly 60 days (the day the camera card expired)  Talk about procrastinating.  And no, you're not the only one having financial problems...I'll tell about that later--there's not enough characters here for

Annie =)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Chris, I wish you the only the best.  And the tattoo is the artsy fartsy coming out in Becky. lol  I have an artsy fartsy one too.  No tattoos yet though but she has already expressed in interest in being a tattoo artist.  Dad had a cow. lol Have a great weekend and I will go say happy birthday to Deb!  Love and hugs and GBU, Shelly

jckfrstross said...

Chris thank you for the birthday wishes:) hope you have a great sunday


lv2trnscrb said...

I love Becky's tattoo, Chris. Matt wants one and will probably get one when he turns 18. My dear friend Jessica wanted us to get tattoos (matching) before we moved but I knew of the trouble it would cause at home so I passed on it, but I wish I had had gotten one done now. Tastefully done, like Becky's, I think are wonderful. I do hope she and Ray continue to grow in love for each other if it is the Lord's will.

Whine away. I know what you mean in a small part. I was used to working for myself; setting my own schedule, etc. Always got the work done when it was supposed to be done. Now I'm punching the time clock and its a bit hard to get used to. But it is okay. We'll make it :)

You are blessed; three wonderful kids! Enjoy them all


zoepaul6968 said...

hi hun im not sure if it was you who asked me but heres debbies link if you cant get on it xxzoexx

queeniemart said...

This entire year has been a test and burden to me and my family.....i do not understand why over and over things have went wrong...but i know i am lucky to have YOU as my friend, i TRULY MEAN have my health, my job, my heathly kids. Its ok to whine, to fall apart. You are so strong and such an awesome person Chris. I understand how you would be upset about ANY of these things you wrote about! Stress, ugh!
XO lisa

imgr8phil said...

Nothing wrong with bragging about your girl.  She is beautiful and obviously has the brains to go with it.  You have all the reason in the world to think so highly of her.  I don't understand why people want to take it upon themselves to throw away other people's stuff.  I would have been mad too.  Take care and have a fantastic week ahead.


lisa41076 said...

Hi Chris, your daughters are beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!! Love the fairie tag that says "Good Morning " Hope you have a good week, Hugs Lisa

queenb8261 said...

Well, see, just when you thought the loan was denied, it got approved.  Hopefully you can get the car fixed. You've got 3 great beautiful healthy kids. I like her tat. I'm with you on the wrist, but she's of age.  So cheer up little buckaroo. It's all good! LOL Hugs Barb  

oxobagladyoxo said...

So sorry things went bad. But ya know I love that phrase..... Whine Zone. Keep ya chin up darling.


helloimkara said...

First off your girls are so cute!  There must be good things in store for you up ahead as the Lord sees to be testing you ;)


shayshaydc said...

We all need our time to whine!!! We certainly deserve it!!! Glad things got worked out with the college funding!!!!