Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Taking my Bow...LOL


The party is over, the celebrating finished, clean up all done.  I thought I would come home from work today and get some much needed rest.  Not to be...lol.  I started reading my comments.  What??? Not me, surely? But yes, I won the best dressed award on the Red Carpet.  Love that cybershopping.  Must have been the Vera Wang that did it.  Of course, you all know that this is a real picture of me...yes, it is....I use fictitious photos of me in my journal so I don't get stalked...rofl.                                             

Best & Worst Awards of 2006
 Chris of "A Day In The Life"8d16754a.jpg


And of course, what would any Red Carpet be without the worst dressed?  Was there any doubt?  ROFL...my girl, Brenda, outdid herself.  Of course, she did get the attention she was so craving.  Just when I promised myself only wholesome images in my journal.
Well it was a serious chore
to pick Best & Worst of the JLand 3rd Anniversary party goers,
but I think Brenda,
of Brenda's Way misunderstood. 
We said "Red Carpet Walkers, NOT Streetwalkers!"
 I do believe Brenda is in the sleezy black number.  Brenda, you were supposed to wear a dress with those boots.
Now, it's back to the normal days in my life.  Dishes to be done, trash to be dragged to the curb tonight (is it only Tuesday?), and getting caught up with my tags.
Here's to J-Land and many more celebrations to come!


mmartinez07 said...

Oh Wow! Congratulations Chris!!!
Hugs, Mandy ~

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats Sweetie!!! They made the right choice for sure!
Hugs, Sugar

jeanno43 said...

Congratulations on winning the best dressed!  I do not think I would have stood a chance in my housecoat and bedsocks ROFL.  It was a wonderful celebration and I enjoyed every minute of it thanks to all the hard work that was put in.


lanurseprn said...

congrats to you Chris!  Gorgeous!!!  Elegant!!

shayshaydc said...

I never had any doubt Chris!!!!! Congrats!!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

jlocorriere05 said...

Congratulations Chris! I don't know Brenda but by the look of the photo she looked so sleazy in those black panties and boots! Lol! You deserve that crown! Jeannette xx  

jckfrstross said...

congrats:) you looked marvolous:)


dwhee70041 said...

Chris, ROFL!   What a contrast!  BTW, your dress is beautiful.  Are you ready for some football?  Smiles, David

midwestvintage said...

Love your dress.  What a party it was.


nightmaremom said...

ROFLMAO!!!  Love it.. congrats!!

siennastarr said...

Congratulations! :)  

That really is a very pretty dress!  I didn't see many of the others, but a Vera Wang is hard to beat!


lv2trnscrb said...

WTG Chris!! I would imagine you looked so stunning!!


ally123130585918 said...

Elegant and Beautiful you deserve that crown ~ congratulations ~ Ally

queenb8261 said...

Congrats woman!!  You were a knockout!  Not back to our regularly scheduled programming.  LOL
Have a great Wednesday
Hugs, Barb

jeadie05 said...

Have to agree you were a knock out lol now back to normal ,whatever that is lol .....Jan xx

xomywayox said...

Funny how the world see's the best & worst of us! LoL

Love Ya...Brenda

am4039 said...

You are the best cyber shopper. Good for you for winning the red carpet event. You looked lovely.

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Well Dang!  As usual I missed the party!  Congratulations on being the BEST DRESSED!  I knew that was your real picture....the others was just spoofs! lol  Even though your spoofs are still awesome!  :)  The Worst Dressed?  Aww they just got mixed up and went to the wrong party!! LOL

Have a great day!

kdcutie26 said...

Congrats to you hot stuff!  That is so wonderful.  And let me tell you, well deserved.

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris..... you were stunning!! :0)
Now I KNOW you didn`t buy THAT at Wally World!! ha ha
Love ya...

helloimkara said...

That is so cool about the awards!  I love the worst dressed outfits! Too funny!


lisa41076 said...

Chris, you have an awesome journal !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first comment to you , lol.I have an online journal too, let me know if you would like the link, Take Care Lisa , aka Lisa41076@aol.com

zoepaul6968 said...

congrats hun lol,the worst dressed captured my attention more though,I wonder do they do that in putrid green? lol xxzoexx

pookyluvsu said...

Congrats on your award.


Hugs, Angela

oxobagladyoxo said...

We should be the ones bowing down to ya saying "Were not worthy, were not worthy, oh Beautiful one!!" LOL .... Congrads gal!!