Monday, October 30, 2006



LOL..before you all think I'm totally nuts and I'm going to start howling at the moon, I have to clarify something.  Starting with Jackie, I was getting comments that you all couldn't believe I was taking Grizzly's meds.  I'm thinking where did they get that impression and then I read my entry again and had to crack up.

Actually, Grizzly was taking "people's" glucosamine from Walmart for a year and half.  It worked super well and was soooo much cheaper than the chews from the vets.  I would just give him his daily dose with Alpo.  So, no, I did not take meds from the vet; just a supplement from the vitamin section at Wally World.

I've also been seeing a link in other journals that you can access and have it match your picture with celebrity look alikes.  Ok, I did it and guess what....none.  I mean zilch.  It said you needed a straight on head shot.  Well, I don't have any straight on head shots but I did find one that was pretty close to one and submitted it.  ROLF...still nothing.  No matches. I'm supposing I'm sort of glad because I was imagining the possibilities.  I'm unique; at least that's what I'm telling myself.

This is a short one for me tonight as I can see my mailbox filling up as I do this.

I did want to mention that Sharon Golf and Other Stuff... or Golfaholic, as her journal is now called, has a birthday tomorrow.  I do believe Sharon will be older than me for a week or so..hehe  So, drop by and send her some birthday witches...ooops, I mean wishes.



Sunday, October 29, 2006



Bah hah....a day late; a dollar short.  I actually missed my one year birthday for my journal which was Oct. 5th.  So, where is the love?  Actually, I would have liked to have stuck an obscene gesture in that bubble but restrained myself.

I would love to put this to rest but can't.  What is it about a tag in the sidebar which causes people to lash out at others?  And why lash out at those who had nothing to do with receiving those tags?  I guess hiding behind a SN; being faceless and nameless permits and encourages ugliness.  To say I'm appalled is an understatement.

I realize that rehashing this over and over does no good but every day the elephant is sitting in the livingroom, it seems, so what do I do?  Walk around it or give it a good whack? many of you know, I love nothing better than pulling out the old sledgehammer and whacking things.

Anyway, my hip was killing me all weekend.  I ended up taking Grizzly's leftover glucosamine and chondroitan since he is now on chewables from the vet's.  Seems to have done the trick somewhat.  Spent the whole weekend doing nothing but laying around and moving enough to keep the old hip from getting stiff.  Grizzly is back to his normal self again.  Now, I have to pull out the Oravet and clean those choppers of his.  I'm not thinking this is going to be an easy thing to do.

I did make it to Wally World today and refilled Mother Hubbard's cupboard.  I also bought a pair of Levi's cords a size bigger and a Levi's cord skirt and a couple of tops.  I also found a couple of pairs of cords in the basement which still fit; well, just fit.

The Halloween party was changed to last night again at the good old Days Inn.  I had already fallen asleep at 9:30 when my BF called which was just as well because I wouldn't be moving today at all if we had gone.  Last year, I was an honorary judge for the costume contest.  I almost got relived of my duties becauseI kept dancing instead of paying attention or something like that.  Grrr...that's my favorite night there, and I missed it this year.

I was cleaning out the junk mail yesterday.  I noticed a letter from DISH so I opened it.  It said I was denied my application for DISH because of bad credit.  So, I walked into the familyroom and sure enough I had my DISH receiver in there.  I called and got Embarq/Sprint who seemed puzzled.  They put me through to DISH who seemed even more puzzled and decided it must have been sent in error...ya think.  I'm glad I didn't get it last week or I would have been squawking with no words coming out.  The DISH did hold up to 50 mph wind gusts and a few icestorms blowing through yesterday.  It's not holding up so well to my messing with the remote.  Joey has forbidden me to do anything but change channels with it.

Time to go mess with my hair for an hour or so and hope it looks half decent tomorrow.  6 days and counting to get my hair done.

Have a good evening!!!!



Thursday, October 26, 2006



I'm supposing this tag is not a good beginning for an entry.  Replace the "w" with a "b" and you've got me for the past day or two.  But before I go off on a semi-rant, please keep my cohort and comrade, Jackie HOPE FLOATS, in your prayers as the wildfire in California is spreading and getting dangerously close to her house.  My problems are really, really minor.

What is my problem....well, the girls will understand this....I can't get a hair appointment until next Saturday.  I was croaking thinking I would have to wait until this Saturday.  I need a cut and color badly; I mean badly.  I can't stand to walk by a mirror.  The girl who does my hair, and I won't let anyone else touch it, had the audacity to take this Saturday off. dare she?  Now, I'm missing my Wednesday day off hoo. 

I'm in a total fuss.  There is absolutely nothing I can do with it to make it look half decent.  And to top it off, I got a zit yesterday right on the middle of my cheek; a huge zit.  Now I'm way past PMS'ing.  My BF insinutated so much yesterday.  Does he not know  female anatomy at all?  I mean, it's been three years since I've had that sort of thing.  I think that's the last time he'll say anything like that again.  The Halloween party is this Saturday night at the Days Inn.  Looks like I won't need to scoff up a costume for myself.

I have nothing to wear.  I've gained weight, yep, my fault, and nothing, I mean nothing fits from last winter.  I'm wearing a pair of big black cords and brown cords that I dug out of the back of the closet that I hadn't gotten rid of and one black skirt.  ROFL...I just change the tops (which are getting tight) and the blazers or jackets.  Chunky with ugly hair.  At least if my hair was done, I wouldn't notice the chub as much. 

Joeycalled me right before I left work yesterday.  Lord, I dread when I see his number coming up on the caller ID.  It's never anything good.  The kitchen sink was not draining a bit.  Well, I do have a wide assortment of plungers so I picked the one out that I used previously on the kitchen drain and took out my aggression.  Fixed that sucker.  Now, I need to work on the bathtub.

On a more serious note, I just want to say that I'm sorry for the fuss that has surrounded the Vivi's and to those who have been hurt by it.  There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to hurt another and call it fun.  It angers me to see something that should be fun and exciting get marred by pure cruelty.  It also angers me that people are afraid to make entries in their journals for fear that they will be ostracized for it.

Hopping around a little bit, one teensy request, if you are newer to my journal, please leave me your link when you comment.  Yeah, I'm lazy and short on time and AOL just doesn't leave enough space in the favorites for all the journals.  I feel like I'm missing out on reading many journals because I can't find them.

Ok, that's it.  I'm going to empty my mail box as I had the dreaded FMB (full mailbox) a couple of days ago.  I'm also going to do a load of laundry.  I'm wearing black cords today.  I have to wash the brown ones.  I guess I'll have to bite the bullet on Sat. and buy some big clothes.

Oops, forgot, my BF fixed the blinds.  Seems Ms. Megan put up one of her Hello Kitty sheets in the window.  I didn't notice because I wasn't turning the light on.  I went to bed in the dark and got dressed in my old bedroom in the morning.  My BF was cleaning the pond out front for me and taking out the pump.  He noticed.  Now, really, just how much more ghetto can the front of my house have gotten?

Take care all....          



Sunday, October 22, 2006


I just had to snag this tag from Shelly's graphics journal  Roxy's Links and GraphicsI feel like my eyes are spinning around in my head.  I was tempted to snag Jackie's head banging graphic.  This has been a week which seems more like it's been a month.  The move at work was a tremendous undertaking but goodness the new space is lovely and, well, new.  It smells new and clean.  The ventilation has been redone so hopefully the sick building won't be sick anymore and neither will I

And the Vivi', the Vivi's are cutting Jackie and me a break for a week or so.  But honestly, all of you make it worthwhile just by your wonderful comments in that journal and seeing all those beautiful tags on your sidebars.

Grizzly has rebounded pretty much near to normal.  He is hungry...I mean hungry.  The rice and Alpo or chicken is just not cutting it for my pooch.  He can't have his kibble back until the end of the week.  He is now carrying his food bowl into the family room and dropping it at my feet.  Dang that dog is still smart.  He has also started licking the spot where the anesthesia was placed and biting at his sore spots where the claws are missing.  He wasn't messing with it when he was feeling under the weather.  We've scolded him.  That seems to be working.  Forget the bucket on his head.  He removed a bucket on the way home from the vet's when he was neutered years ago. 

My DISH was installed yesterday.  I must say it's only been 24 hours but I'm loving it.  ROFL at my ghetto house.  The best spot for satellite pickup is on top of the front porch roof.  I mean I'm at 115% and more but the front of my house....I'm missing a shutter that blew off in a wind storm in the spring; missing one railing that Megan "fell" through carrying the trash out when Joey and I were inFla last summer and now....a DISH centered in the front of my porch roof.  To top that off, Megan was home this weekend.  Of course, the air conditioner was still in her window so while she was removing it, she ripped the mini blinds totally out of the wall.  Her window is huge; ceiling to floor almost, and wide.  I'm sure these were customed ordered blinds.  So, now there is one window in the front of the house with nothing in it.  Hmmm....can we say Chris' house is getting more ghetto everyday?

Anyway, the wind was howling today and the rain was coming down but the DISH never went out.  According to the guy who installed it, they are only as good as the person doing the installation.  hehe..of course, he would say that but it does make sense. 

I have a receiver in Megan's room which is now mine.  Her room is pretty large; the tv is 19" and looks way too small for me.  So, I'm scouting out a bigger tv.  No rush, though, because I'm not laying in bed in that room with nothing on the window with the light on.  My BF thinks the blind can be fixed.  We'll see...keeping my fingers crossed.

Grocery shopping and reading journals was my day today in between watching the Steelers flub up yet another game.  With that, I bid you all adieu. (And in true bout dem Stillers)  Right now, Joey and I are rooting on the Detroit Tigers.  Jim Leyland, the coach, was the Pirates' coach when Joey was a kid.  We spent many many nights at the old Three Rivers Stadium cheering on the Pirates under Leyland.  Oh, the good old days when Pittsburgh was the City of Champions.

(Thanks Missie for the tag!  Maybe I should have started cheering with it sooner in the season.)


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Grizzly Update


I wanted to post an update on Grizzly.....
Actually, he is doing extremely well.  I'm pretty amazed.  He took all his meds (his antibiotics, which I had to get into his system)  with Alpo before I went to work yesterday.  He gobbled the Alpo right off my finger which was a good sign.  I mixed some Alpo and rice.  I put a little in his bowl.  He inhaled it so I give him a little more.  LOL...he gobbled that down also.  I didn't want to overload him with food because I would be gone all day.
Since it was monsoon type rain yesterday, Joey stayed at home.  Grizzly went upstairs to find him after I left.  Joe said Griz was throwing the food bowl around when he came downstairs so he gave him more rice and Alpo.
He only needed that one pain pill.  I'm so amazed.  His hips are getting bad again.  I got the glucosamine chews from the vet.  He didn't get his dose the first day.  Last night I broke two chews up in his bowl.  LOL..he gobbled those also.  Plus he got a huge bowl of rice and Alpo again, which, of course, he also inhaled. He is still a little bit weak from the trauma and not eating for over a day.
Thursday was terrible.  I never saw him so pitiful and in so much pain.  The vet said he might try to tiptoe on the paws that he lost the claws in.  I haven't even noticed that.
I know the prayers had to have helped him.  He is an old pooch and bounced back so fast.    
Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. J-Land is the best!!!
Congratulations to those of you that were nominated for Vivi Awards.  I'm working on the tags now and hope to have them to you by Sunday to display in your journals.  Thanks for your patience.
Chris & Grizzly Bear

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sick Doggy


What a day!  Grizzly had his surgery.  I was so nervous about the whole thing anyway since he's such an old pooch.  (Thanks Terry Ann for the tag!)

His bacterial infection had spread from 2 teeth to 5 in 10 days and partially down his throat.  He had to have the abscesses drained and cleaned out. 

He is a lab mix.  They tend to suffer from separation anxiety.  Grizzly gets worse as he gets older.  After surgery, he tried to escape from the kennel and tore out two claws and tore his face up.  They called me to see if I would pick him up early since he was super stressed.  They were afraid he would hurt himself further.

It is so hard to see the poor thing in such pain.  He is drinking water but won't look at food.  I had to open his mouth gently and put a pain pill as far back as I could.  Thankfully, he swallowed it and is resting a bit.  I couldn't stand hearing his moaning from the pain.  If he doesn't start to eat tomorrow, I have to let the vet know.  They called this evening.

I want to thank Sugar for mentioning Griz in her Furr Baby journal and to those of you who have sent your support in e-mail and comments.  Boy, these pets are like our kids; only they can't tell us what hurts.

I promise I will get around to reading journals again soon.  I did a few today while I was cleaning and waiting to hear how Grizzly was doing.  After Joey and I picked him up at 2, my day was done.

I am so exhausted and still have to look forward to moving at the office tomorrow.  Plus, my DISH is being installed Saturday afternoon.  Oh goodness, I didn't get the house nearly as clean as I wanted.  And the Vivi nominations....please be patient and kind. Jackie has been working her butt off.  I've been helping as best as I could.  I made an error on the animation nominations.  It's been corrected, and in retrospect I should have picked up on the error on Sunday when she sent me the list.  If you notice an error, please let one of us know but do it nicely (I know those reading my journal would do so).

Thank you all for your kind thoughts.  Keep my Grizzly in your prayers.

  ROFL..this was taken thispast summer.  I'm laughing because he looks like he's ill...nope, just being lazy and laying on the sofa with his pillow and favorite blankie.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Decisons, Decisions


Hmmmm....for those of you that don't know me so well, I'm a procrastinator and not one to make decisions or changes in the technological area.  ROFL, who am I kidding?  I procastinate over which tags to use in  my entries.

Well....I am having DISH Network installed next Saturday.  This is being done for economical reasons.  As many of you know, I live in a rural area.  Sprint is the only phone carrier.  Armstrong Cable is it for cable.  I pay $66 a month for basic cable, and it's going up to $69 next month.  Ridiculous pricing.  Digital Cable starts at $80 a month for the 1st level with my cable co.  I want more stations.

I had to call Sprint about my DSL and phone bill the other day.  No one had ever informed me of the package deal I could have been getting.  My phone and DSL bill is $98.  Now, the kicker....I can get my phone and DSL for $54 with the package deal.  If I throw in DISH 120 (4 rooms, repair service included, 49.99 installation refunded in the first bill plus HBO and Showtime), I can get this all for $102 a month.  Did my math quickly.  I would be paying $167 for cable, etc. that I currently have.  So it appears to be a $65 a month savings with far more channels for the buck.

My fear is the DISH.  Does anyone have satellites?  Becky had a DISH and her dad has had one for a couple of years.  Our old house was in a wind tunnel.  My kids say their dad's DISH never goes out.  Mine will go on my weather side of the house.  I live on a bluff with tons of wind also.  Oy vay, now what?  My cable company totally po's me because the prices go up at least 4 times a year.  The DISH will remain at the price you first sign up for. 

I do have a month to cancel if I don't like it but then I'd have to pay the cable company to install my cable again.  Of course, I'm running circles in my head.  I'm salivating over the channels I'm going to be getting.

Feel free to snag the fairy tag at the top.  You can share them with whomever you want but please don't imply that you made it when you do share.  I have never made any rules with my tags.  That's not my thing.  But these tags take time and tons of practice and effort.  I rarely put names on them so that they may be snagged and used in your journals or wherever.  My gift to JLand so please be fair about this....

Nuff said...I don't like to be a biotch.

Have a great weekend!  Vivi nomination voting is right around the bend so I may be (take that back, will be) very busy so I may not get around to visit all of you.  I'm still catching up from this past week.

Love you all!  I was messing around with reflections.  If you would like the fairy siggy with your name, leave me a comment.  I'm not sure what I think of it but it does match the top


Thursday, October 12, 2006



It's that time of year again to spread some cheer or some fear! 

Make a journal entry titled "Trick Or Treat Through J-Land" and copy these instructions so others can play along.  Visit as many journals as you can with the "Trick or Treat Through J-Land" title and leave them your link.  Hopefully all those who actively participate will get many trick or treaters and meet some new J-Land pals!  So, "put your light" on and get ready to greet the people knocking at your door.

Happy Haunting! Hope to see you soon!  I might even have some of that "special hot mulled cider" for ya!



Monday, October 9, 2006


I've been experimenting with tags lately.  Some are very different from my usual. I'm not sure what I feel about the one above but it suits my mood.  I may move it to my graphics journal.  If you want it, snag it or leave a comment and I'll tag it.

My mood hasn't been dark; just thoughtful.  I'm blaming it on being ill with a crud I never thought I would get rid of.  Thankfully, the second change of antibiotics seems to be doing the trick.  Megan also is eye and laryngitis.  She was home Saturday and had to go to one of those Urgent Care Centers.  Joey also has some type of crud.

Grizzly had his check up today.  Poor thing has a bacterial ear infection also which has spread into his gums.  He has a couple teeth loose.  He needs to have surgery to remove the abscesses and the loose teeth.  He also needs a much huger dose of glucosamine and MSM.  His joints have gone backwards totally since last year.  My puppy is an old man...10.  Labs are prone to hip dysplasia.  I ended up biting the bullet and getting Glycoflex from the vets for his joints.  He has been hobbling lately.  I had increased the dosage of glucosamine and MSM from the GNC a couple of weeks ago but the Glycoflex has quite a few more natural compounds in it.  Between that and his Heartgard, it cost an arm and a leg.  I'm still in a bit of sticker shock over the cost of the surgery.  He has to have an EKG to make sure he can tolerate anesthesia because of his age and seizure disorder.

He was also having problems eating which I'm assuming has to be from the pain in his mouth.  They think he may have the same infection the whole family has.

I'm finally starting to feel better.  This was one heck of a dose of something.  Yesterday was the first day I could feel a difference.

I'm also throwing a couple of Halloween graphics in here for snagging.

I have a scheduled day off tomorrow...yay...a day off and hopefully I won't be sick.  I didget some cleaning done today and grocery shopping.  I wasn't a bit wiped out afterwards so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Millie from the UK's sister lost her baby girl.  She has a candle tribute in her journal.  Stop and visit and lend some support.  Light a candle for baby Laila while you're there.  It would mean the world to Mille and Kerryanne, her sister.   Millie'sMessings <-----clicky

Have a good evening!


A couple of snaggies below:




Sunday, October 8, 2006

Turning Point


As I was journal surfing this morning, I visited D's This and that, and hockey! and was intrigued by her entry which was inspired by Bea WandererI snagged a tag from D which I waivered as to which to use at the top.  Of course, I love D's far better than my own but the words on the top one fit the first part of my entry (lol..if you can read the bottom part).   One defining turning point in our lives.  I pondered this for quite a while.

Of course, my children were an enormous turning point but not exactly what came to mind almost immediately.

I was always passive; lived in fear of change.  Marrying and starting a family was huge for me.  I wavered in and out of depression and anxiety.  By the time Megan was born, I was well on the road to recovery from this.  What I was not on the road to recovery yet was my dependence on staying in my house and living the life of a victim of domestic abuse; not to mention verbal abuse of my children.  I lacked the courage to forge on my own.  The financial aspect scared me to death.  How would I live?

Turning, should have been traumatic but was the beginning of the butterfly spreading it wings.  Hence, the tag at the top.  I was in the middle of my life (I hope, anyway).  I weighed 212 lbs at that time.  My ex tormented me to death about that with ugly words and tearing the house to pieces due to his alcohlism.  Age 40 again, I slowly shed 60 lbs.  With each pound I lost, I became empowered against the "little man" who terrorized my life.  It bothered him so much that the abuse got worse.

My defining moment should have been a moment of terror....he put a knife to my neck one evening for spilling crumbs in the drawer.  Little did I realize at that moment, my life would change drastically by that one motion.  FREEDOM......I got a PFA and had him out of the house the next day; something I had tried to do for years but he wouldn't leave of his own accord.

How do you even begin to imagine the quiet that enveloped our house?  It was totally odd and unnerving for a few weeks but wonderful.  The kids and I still jumped for a while when we made noise as we expected the hand to come flying or some object.

My court experience was smooth and the child support was enormous for a year because of his foolishness.

I look back at who Chris was before that incident; certainly not recognizable to the Chris today.  My dear father has already passed away so Chris was on her own, basically.

Yep, money has been terribly short for many years.  Many years my children did without the conventional Christmas with tons of gifts but there was tons of love flowing.  We learned to laugh together without fear.  Fear is a terrible thing to live with and be surrounded with.  My children learned the value of a dollar.  We didn't have "grandpa" to go crying to for the things we wanted but didn't necessarily need.  We learned to grocery shop and buy what we needed which is far different than what we wanted.  There were and are still times when the trash bags, etc. go on hold until payday.  Please don't think I'm asking for way.  Child support ended two years ago.  So be it.  I was spoiled by my dad as a child and a young adult.  I learned that life holds far more than material things.  Yay, I'm in the middle and gonna be fine.

I stand proud and tall.  I have three beautiful children who are excelling despite the hell they were raised in.  I removed the pic of my ex from this journal as it was inappropriate.  His life is his own choice.  I have no need to think of him or see him.  The kids are adults now and can do as they please as far as their father is concerned.

So below is the gorgeous tag from D that I snagged.  My candle will shine ever so bright so the next generations will live lives far different than the life they grew up in and carry the candle that was lit for them by their mother's example. (Thanks, D!)


Thursday, October 5, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me (0nly 6?)


I was tagged by Shelly to list six weird things about me at least a week ago.  Well, my aches and pain were actually me getting sick with ear infections...oh joy.  I'm taking Augmentin and feeling way better so I'm giving it a shot.  6?  I say only 6?  Because, according to my children and others, I'm totally  Do I care?  Nah, it's part of my charm.  And vacation over Columbus day...welp this is it, being home sick before Columbus day.

1.  I'm stealing this from Shelly because I've done this like forever and people always comment on it.....I read newspapers and magazines from rear to front....ALWAYS.  I don't have a clue why but I do.

2.  I sleep most every night on the couch and have for a couple of years.  As soon as I lay in bed, I'm wide awake.  I can zonk right out on the couch so why fight it?

3.  When I buy new clothes, I usually forget to take off a lot of the tags.  I don't even notice it until someone points it out to me.  Call me Minnie Pearl.  Yeah...very weird or lazy or a combination of both.

4.  I don't like chocolate stuff at chocolate cake, ice cream, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, etc.  The only chocolate I eat is good, and I mean darned good, boxed chocolate. 

5.  I'm terrified of thunder, lightning and fireworks.  Absolutely phobic about it.  I hate, hate fireworks and plug my ears like a baby.  I do the same with thunder.  Lightning flips me out more and more as I get older.  I couldn't drive in a thunderstorm if I had to now.

6.  And mice....I cannot stand these critters in my house.  I darned near croaked last fall when Mocha, my cat killed one in the basement, and then guarded it for the day after I left for work.  I almost threw up having to scoop it up and get rid of it.  I won't go up in the attic now because we had a squirrel or a mouse last spring in it.  I haven't investigated it enough to find out just what it was.

Now, if I asked my kids about this, I could put down a dozen more.  But I'm not.  I sing in the car at the top of my lungs.  I sing and dance like a fool around the house.  If any of you ever saw the show Bam on MTV, I talk the Don Vito when I get super excited (upset excited).  Grizzly, my dog, and Mocha, my cat, "talk" constantly.  (With the help of Joey and me, so my kid is wierd also.)  Griz and Mocha sing duets to Christmas carols....on and on I could go. (The only problem with the talking dog and cat is they usually forget when Megan has friends over so, her friends think I'm sooooo wierd.)

LOL...back to work I go for one day tomorrow.  I still need to take Tues off to take Grizzly to the vets.  I'm feeling better so I'm hoping this weekend is not a total bust.  I have to get my night of dancing in.

Oh, and I did get my magnets.  My camera batteries died so are in the charger.  I got pics and will put them up in the next entry.  Thanks to Betty, my secret magnet person.  Mine are going out tomorrow to my secret person.  Be patient...I left one at work and couldn't get it all week.  I have the mailer and everything ready to go.....

I'm not tagging anyone for this as it appears most have done it.  Have a wonderful evening!  BTW:  It appears the alerts are acting up again, surprise, surprise?



Sunday, October 1, 2006

The Move


The move....can we say that everything on my body aches; even my fingers.  Two trucks, five guys, three girls, two women, and 7 hours with numerous truckloads.  My daughter is a packrat and comes by it genetically.  Her father is the king of packrats.  I didn't realize until yesterday that my ex SIL is also.  My FIL was the absolute grandfather of packrats. 

Becky has always hung on to her "treasures."  Being a spatial person, she can load 40 lbs of "doo-doo" in a 2 lb bag.  When she moved into this apt. two years ago, I went over a week later and tossed an enormous amount of stuff which, obviously, just made more space for my child to collect new things.  Overwhelming but I did realize why her aunt hadn't completely moved out....42 enormous plastic containers had been moved; not counting how much was thrown away.  I stayed away for quite a while until I had my anger under control.  Now, I'm glad I did.  Auntie was apologetic and also quite overwhelmed.

I couldn't do much moving because of rotator cuff problems in my right shoulder so I stayed behind and cleaned the apt.  The oven, refrigerator, closets, bathroom...which is why these bones are aching.  Considering the fact that Becky has three cats (hence, the tag at the top), her place was not bad at all; no kitty odor; just dust.  LOL...she mustn't cook much because her oven wasn't bad either.

Miss that child is just too much.  Honestly, I don't think she did much of anything except boss the guys around and tell them where to move stuff.  Joey said when he went to take her back to school, she was curled up on Becky's loveseat fast asleep.  And, she dropped the bombshell that she is going to China in May for 3 college credits and had made the first $500 downpayment.  Yikes, $2,700 more she needs.  I told her she will need to have the school add some of that to her loan.  Actually, I think it's a wonderful opportunity for her.

Now, this neighbor or whoever has been helping Becky...ok, I'm very thankful that she did all the things for Becky do I word this?  The woman got on my nerves sooooooo bad.  Now, I can talk about my kids in a somewhat kidding but negative way, my SIL can, the family can, her friends can but back off lady!  Biotch and moan all day.  No one asked her to do this.  Of course, I can say things sarcastically but they come off in a nice way.  I can't explain it but I can manage to get my point across while the person just looks at me perplexed sort of getting the drift but wondering if they did.  I'm thinking she knew exactly what I was saying.

The three cats.  Ummmmm....Skittsy has been with Becky since I moved here.  Skittsy is a kitty with catitude and lived with us the first year Becky was in college. She drove Griz nuts because she was not one bit afraid of him and tormented him relentlessly. Rosko is Mocha's brother; sweet and timid.  Squeaks...rolf...I'm sorry but nobody likes Squeaks except Becky.  He is the stray Becky took in.  He is actually a beauty but enormous and looks like a female lion.  I was vacuuming.  He flipped out and flew out of the closet at me.  Becky should have called him Squawks.  I never heard a squawk so loud in my life.  He also squawked at the top of his lungs when she put him down in the new place.

Becky is hanging in there.  She was totally overwhelmed and burst into tears several times lamenting the move.  This is her 7th move in 7 years.  She moved twice once in a year.  This wasn't a move she wanted to make.  She looked lost.  I made sure her kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff and bedding was found and put away plus her clothes.  Megan made sure that the furniture was placed properly so Becky could walk around.  I had no strength to drive 45 miles one way today to help with the boxes in her basement.  Mama is going to spend most of her vacation time over Columbus Day helping.

I bought pizza for everybody.  Becky went to Target after I left and church today.  She seemed a little better but it is going to take her time to adjust.  She is so fearful of the difference in the cost.  This house is a bit more than her apt.  The gas bill will also be higher for heat.  I continue to say my prayers that this move was the best but only time will tell.  I'm just praying this doesn't totally affect her studying and school.  Not the best timing for something so major.

I managed to get to Walmart and get my shopping done today.  I was tempted to use one of the motorized wheelchair buggies.  I'm off to soak in the bathtub and give Becky another call.  (Mocha is doing very well with her food from the vet's.  It cost about the same as Eukanuba would have at the store.  Keeping my fingers crossed.)



Name this Pup Contest


Isn't this just the sweetest puppy?  Love the black on his little nose.  Chelle, The Bag Lady, is having a contest to name this pup...a prize included.

Contest Time For J-Land!!!  <-------  So clicky on this link if you have a name for this sweetie.

My name for the pup is Duke....why....coz I think he is going to grow up and look like Duke on the tv show Dukes of Hazzard.  So, there ya go, it is.

I'll be back later to let you know about yesterday.  Right now, even my fingers are I'm thinking I may be spending another day in Pittsburgh.