Thursday, October 26, 2006



I'm supposing this tag is not a good beginning for an entry.  Replace the "w" with a "b" and you've got me for the past day or two.  But before I go off on a semi-rant, please keep my cohort and comrade, Jackie HOPE FLOATS, in your prayers as the wildfire in California is spreading and getting dangerously close to her house.  My problems are really, really minor.

What is my problem....well, the girls will understand this....I can't get a hair appointment until next Saturday.  I was croaking thinking I would have to wait until this Saturday.  I need a cut and color badly; I mean badly.  I can't stand to walk by a mirror.  The girl who does my hair, and I won't let anyone else touch it, had the audacity to take this Saturday off. dare she?  Now, I'm missing my Wednesday day off hoo. 

I'm in a total fuss.  There is absolutely nothing I can do with it to make it look half decent.  And to top it off, I got a zit yesterday right on the middle of my cheek; a huge zit.  Now I'm way past PMS'ing.  My BF insinutated so much yesterday.  Does he not know  female anatomy at all?  I mean, it's been three years since I've had that sort of thing.  I think that's the last time he'll say anything like that again.  The Halloween party is this Saturday night at the Days Inn.  Looks like I won't need to scoff up a costume for myself.

I have nothing to wear.  I've gained weight, yep, my fault, and nothing, I mean nothing fits from last winter.  I'm wearing a pair of big black cords and brown cords that I dug out of the back of the closet that I hadn't gotten rid of and one black skirt.  ROFL...I just change the tops (which are getting tight) and the blazers or jackets.  Chunky with ugly hair.  At least if my hair was done, I wouldn't notice the chub as much. 

Joeycalled me right before I left work yesterday.  Lord, I dread when I see his number coming up on the caller ID.  It's never anything good.  The kitchen sink was not draining a bit.  Well, I do have a wide assortment of plungers so I picked the one out that I used previously on the kitchen drain and took out my aggression.  Fixed that sucker.  Now, I need to work on the bathtub.

On a more serious note, I just want to say that I'm sorry for the fuss that has surrounded the Vivi's and to those who have been hurt by it.  There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to hurt another and call it fun.  It angers me to see something that should be fun and exciting get marred by pure cruelty.  It also angers me that people are afraid to make entries in their journals for fear that they will be ostracized for it.

Hopping around a little bit, one teensy request, if you are newer to my journal, please leave me your link when you comment.  Yeah, I'm lazy and short on time and AOL just doesn't leave enough space in the favorites for all the journals.  I feel like I'm missing out on reading many journals because I can't find them.

Ok, that's it.  I'm going to empty my mail box as I had the dreaded FMB (full mailbox) a couple of days ago.  I'm also going to do a load of laundry.  I'm wearing black cords today.  I have to wash the brown ones.  I guess I'll have to bite the bullet on Sat. and buy some big clothes.

Oops, forgot, my BF fixed the blinds.  Seems Ms. Megan put up one of her Hello Kitty sheets in the window.  I didn't notice because I wasn't turning the light on.  I went to bed in the dark and got dressed in my old bedroom in the morning.  My BF was cleaning the pond out front for me and taking out the pump.  He noticed.  Now, really, just how much more ghetto can the front of my house have gotten?

Take care all....          




siennastarr said...

Chris! lol  Thank you for making me laugh, whether that was your intentions or not!  I still did!  It felt good to laugh!  Much to much seriousness going on lately, and since I may be sleeping in my car down by the lake tonite (if they don't get this fire under control), the laugh was appreciated and much needed!

I hope you get that haircut and color as soon as possible.  I'm fortunate in that my daughter colors my hair and her friend cuts it.  Never have to leave the house, and my daughter is free and her friend is cheap.  Geesh..that didn't sound very nice did it? lol

Love you girlfriend!!!


jckfrstross said...

hang in there its almost friday:)


pippa1116 said...

I am the same way about my hair. only one person touches it and sometimes, she can't get to it right when I want her too! lol.
have a great weekend.

lanurseprn said...

Hey Chris...I KNOW about wanting your hair done...and wanting it done NOW!! Believe me!  My hair is colored too and when the roots grow out I call it my skunk stripe!  Only reverse!  Blonde color with brown (ok ok AND grey) roots!  Sometimes there's just NO way to hide it!  

I agree with you on the Vivi's.  So lets get past it and have fun with it.  You and Jackie have done so much work to make it nice for us.  Let's not allow a few idiots take the wind out of our sails. ok?  I'm still excited to have been nominated...and I'll admit it....I WANNA WIN!!  LOL!  Plain and simple!!  No modesty here!  I want that winning graphic!  <smile>

Funny you'd mention the blinds.  I was at a coffee shop today and had to have them shut the blinds due to the setting sun.  Can you believe I actually thought to myself "Gee..I wonder if Chris got her blinds fixed."  LOL!  Glad your BF was able to fix them!  
Hope you have a good night....oh and BTW...can I snag the "Witch is In" graphic you have on this entry?

lisa41076 said...

Chris, I am keeping Jackie in my prayers as well and I am sad too that a very special friend of ours was hurt during the Vivi's good luck getting your hair done and have a great weekend, Hugs Lisa

dwhee70041 said...

Hello Kitty is a fixture in our house.  My 20 year old son has been to Japan twice.  I think he is trying to turn the house into a pagoda!  Good luck with your halloween costume.  Have fun Saturday night.

rebuketheworld said...

Chris, I cant fit into my clothes from last year too...Isnt it just like that for us gals too..I mean when PMS comes its like it all happens at the same far as the zits go..I have no its shear inspiration to pop

Oh by the way..the photos of the skinny models?..two were fake...the others werent that I know of, so I just deleted the entry....wanted to let you know..


astoriasand said...

I enjoyed this entry immensly.I found it so very funny especially the plunger part LOL!! I could just imagine you doing the job.Haaaaa!!Thanx for making my morning a cheery one.God B;ess You. Take Care. Graphic is brilliant too.LOL!!


jeadie05 said...

Yes Chris Jackie is in my prayers too ,So pleased the blinds are fixed lol at the kittysheets ,well I suppose it got the job done lol ,mind how you go with that plunger lol .,.,.,Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

Those zits show up whenever they aren't wanted don't they?! I use neat tea tree oil to dry any up that dare to come take up residence on my face! Have fun at the Halloween party, hope you find something to wear. Jeannette xx  

millieukgirl said...

I had to chuckle at your entry Chris, whether it was meant to sound funny or not, it did, it must be the way you tell 'em! You have been real busy with everything...stress zit; thats's what ya got!!  My face should be covered in them!! I've been over to Jackie's journal and left thoughts and prayers. Happy to hear that Grizzy is better...and hearing he's talented in the party tricks department made me laugh too!! What entertainment! Enjoy your weekend sweet! Millie x

queeniemart said...

i have had a journal for two and a half yrs. I have put my entire life in my to me, it is something for others to read and then talk about behind my back. The VIVI's have been made something that is not an award, it is like a bulleyes. I can not stand this. I CAN NOT STAND THIS.  

i understand about the zit and the hair....i do my own hair in a box....isnt it cool when your hair looks good so you feel so good about everything else then? Enjoy going out with your BF!

seraphoflove9001 said...

I certainly agree with Lisa Jo, it's come down to where the awards are a bulls eye. This is my first year with them and I honestly thought they would be a lot of fun, but someone always has to ruin it for eveyone. ggrrr. And I also do my hair by a box as well! :o) I don't trust anyone else! LOL :o) Love ya"

pharmolo said...

One of those weeks, by the sound of it, Chris. Anyway, I hold the opinion that the VIVIs are just a networking exercise, for highlighting those journals that we all like best. None are better than any other. We write a journal for pleasure, and the sort of nastiness you refer to is not called for. Anyway, hope you find something nice to wear and that the zit "zits off" LOL

jeanno43 said...

I am praying for Jackie and all in the path of the fire.  I am sure you do not look as bad as you say. We always feel bad when our hair is not right but others do not notice.

candlejmr said...

Actually, I am looking forward to the weekend.  There are alot of people in JLand (myself included!) who have had a HELL of a week and I, for one, am looking forward for it to end!!!!  Next week is going to be better to us.  We just have to hang in there!

I am really worried about Jackie.  The pictures look like that fire is REAL close to her house and she doesn't need any more to worry about these days.  



helloimkara said...

I make myself wear my "skinny" jeans whenever I know I have been bad and eating too much crap and those jeans have NO room what so ever and then after suffering through them being so tight it is the motivation I need to lay off the candy and soda pop and popcorn with lots of butter and salt hahaha!  I also purged my closet of all my bigger sized stuff and told myself I refuse to have them as a safety net!  Anyways you crack me up about the hair!  I just got my done and I STILL can't get it to do ANYTHING haha!  I agree about those mean people that are being so rude! Makes me so sad that they feel it is their right to go and comment on something so personal as someones feelings and lives. If they don't like it or can't relate then they should do like the rest of us and move on and not read anymore. AARRGHHHH.

Big Hugs!!!
Kara :)

ravenjuiced said...

LMAO! I'm trying to evision the beat-down you put on you boyfriend. "And if you EVER say anything that STUPID again, I'm gonna....."
Left in a bleeding pile, BF looks up, "Y....yes dear..."


gehi6 said...

I do love these off the wall graphics, or in your case, the upside down ones.  They give me a laugh.  Which is always a good way to start the morning.  I must go over to Jackie's journal and commiserate with her about Calif. disasters.  When they have one it tends to be a doozie!  Arizona just cannot match them!  Why I am here instead of there.  

mmartinez07 said...

Oh Chris, I wish I could reach through this computer and give you a big hug! You poor thing, I cannot believe that your hairdresser had the nerve to take a day off! How dare she?! You tell her that it's not allowed, LOL. I'm sorry everything's been so screwed up lately, for so many people. I'm worried sick about Jackie. I just got home this afternoon and saw her entry. I tried calling her, but she didn't answer so I left a message. Don't be so hard on yourself. Just buy a couple of mix and match items that you can wear to get by with for now. I absolutely love your upside down witch, is she snaggable?

Hugs, Mandy ~

penniepooh said...

I won`t tell you I got my hair cut and colored just today. ( oops, did I let that slip? )  I can sure share your misery on the Chunky big clothes! Ugh. I`m right there with ya, girlfriend.
Love ya-

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Girl...I swear...I so stay out of the drama...and i am so far behind I am missing some of the drama...and am glad of it..I would hate so much to be picking throught the people I call my must be someone who I don't have access too...I hate the thought of any of you friends of mine to be hurt by the sad!  Any hooo...on to your hair girl...we all have those days..and it is all we can do but to pull it out and go bald in there...don't get down on your self..I am needing to do some situps my not supose to this point...I am so doctor said leg I told my lazy self to do them in the bath tub...LOL..Take care and have a good week end..and enjoy the the party!!! TerryAnn

iiimagicxx said...

Chris, first visit for me here... got your link at fred's... well I was hoping to see a photo at least, perhaps I could have given you ideas :D
I think you don't look too bad in betty boops outfit... cute witch :D
Lovely graphics here - I like the Hugs pumpkins

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Oh Chris your not big at all...hush!
If you go shopping....Fashion Bug is having
a buy one get one for $1 sale until tuesday...
I went last night and had a $10 coupon and a $30 voucher they sent me for spending so much last  So i got
3 long sleeve winter tops...really cute...and a pair of jeans all for $28 bucks...without the sale and my coupons it would have been $123....I was stoked!  Hope you find some bargains! Buying clothes and getting my hair done always makes me feel tons better...I got my hair done this morning...cut and highlights...and i am going to a concert my hairdresser(whom i won't let no one else touch my hair either)...fixed it soooo freakin an updo...well half of it is up and half down...I'm gonna try to get Jeff to take a pic of it so i can post it in my journal...but getting him to take pics is like pulling teeth....we shall  
I think we all get in those moods where we are just in a FUNK!
Hoping your weekend brings you brighter days!

faircolleen said...

Hello Chris. . I know so many names here! I have been missing out!! I found you only because of the VIVIS. . .and thats the great thing about the VIVIS.I cant believe the drama thats been going on. . .the prize is a TAG. . .seems people will knock you down and vilify for such a small thing!! I have far more serious things to worry about and the Vivis have just been a bit of fun. . .win or lose I will have some booze! LOL

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi Chris.  Sorry bout your hair appt.  Maybe you could just wear a hat. hehe.  J/K  You know I love ya.  And I hear you about all the things going wrong in the house.  It's a never ending story!  GBU, Shelly

raeganfay said...

::giggles:: I'm so new I don't even know what in Nowhere the VIVIs are... but it sounds like an online soap opera.... The one you can't stand to watch but for some reason do anyways...  Hope people come back.. I like reading what others are thinking about... Sometimes it helps to brighten your day because you know you aren't alone in the world when going thru something... someone else might be going thru the same thing!!   Nowhere, USA! Day to Day ramblings  My Poetry and Stories.

fuzilady said...

eheh I had sheets for blinds for the first couple months I moved in my house.  Let me tell you ghetto I have push pins holding my curtains up cause my blind keeps falling off.


princesssaurora said...

Glad the blinds got fixed!  I totally relate to the hair thing... I used to freak about that too.  Now that I am letting my hair grow...  it hasn't mattered!  Problems over the Vivis?  Sheesh... what is wrong with everyone!  

be well,