Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hmm...sort of gives you an idea of my mood today.  Anyway, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth.  I've been doing most of my updates in Cab's Creations because for one thing I'm just way too lazy to keep up with two journals.  I sort of felt bad, though, because I keep getting some comments in this one.  Despite the tag, I'm actually ok.  I'm in a "pissed in the wind" type of mood (pardon my French).  Can't put a finger on it.  Not depressed, but not jumping for joy.  The weather is bleak, chilly, rainy.  My shoulder acts like a barometer so right now it feels like a toothache.  I do have vacation days to use which I should schedule first but dang I had the worst hair day today and looked like a freakazoid so voila I took the day off; not too cool of me.  I believe I need one of those sun machines for SAD; more so as I age.  BTW:  I had a birthday Friday.  I'm now 54.  LOL...ok...Jackie, I'll change the age in my sidebar now that I've caught up to you.  Thanks for the e-cards and snail mail cards. 

Ok....now for true confessions which my son has been bugging me about for months.  I'll accept all opinions, negative or not.  You know we both stopped smoking in the spring.  My son has been totally smoke free since then.  I cheat on occasion.  By cheating, it's a few puffs off of my BF's cigarettes but only when we are out and I've had a few drinks.  So, no, I'm not "smoke-free" but probably have the equivalent of maybe a cigarette or two a month if you add up the puffs.  I've been working on it and managed to go out twice this past month and not cave in.  On my birthday, I did take a few puffs.  I do not and have not smoked one bit except for those few occasions.  Ok, so that's a good excuse  that I'm making for myself and know I will need to muster thestrength or quit going out for a few drinks.  My BF doesn't drink when we are out so he's the DD.  I still enjoy a couple of stout beers; just the last trigger for smoking remaining.  Dec. 12 is decision day in  our area for making all bars and restaurants smoke-free here so I'm keeping myfingers crossed.

Next rant is that I've gained 10 more pounds...ugh...10 when I started my new job over a year ago and 10 since I was sick in September.  Now, I have a whopping 20 to lose.  Should be a piece of cake but it isn't.  Thank God, I'm 5'8" coz it would show a lot more but I can't stand my moon face now.  Joey's gained weight and looks good because he was super skinny before.

Since I'm on a roll, Megan is going to San Diego at the end of the week to visit a friend.  She'll be back in time for Thanksgiving.  She called at dinner time last night insisting that I go to Target immediately and get the brown boots she was looking at last weekend.  She had been at two Targets already.  They didn't have her size.  Boo hoo....I didn't have any idea which boots she had tried on, and I had a pot of soup on the stove and burgers on the grill in the pouring rain.  I had just got back from a marathon grocery shopping trip.  Needless to say, she may be 21 but she still has an attitude at times.  I held my guns, so to speak.  I felt bad, of course, which Joey said she was trying to make me feel so I'd cave in but didn't.  I'm sure she'll live if she goes to Cali. on Thurs without brown boots.  She hung the phone up on me which I can't stand.  I called her back and let her have it because she knows I hate that. 

If you are still with me, I'll give a Grizzly update.  Poor Griz's liver count had doubled since March because both Rimadyl and Phenobarb can cause liver changes.  I increased his MSM and glucosamine that I get OTC at the health food store and started cutting way back on the Rimadyl.  Actually, I had cut him back in the summer because he wasn't as arthritic.  I cut him way back again.  He seems to be moving well.  He went back for a follow-up.  His liver counts are back to where they were in March.  I figure when it's freeziing out and the snow is deep, his joints will be back.  Then I'll give him more.

So, that's the story of my life in a nutshell for now.  Keep Donna and family in your prayers, as they have lost a sister, daughter, spouse, mother, etc.  Keep all those who are battling life threatening diseases in your thoughts and prayers also.

I'm thankful that today is not Thankful Thurs.  Have a good week.  I have a few tags I may put up.  My creative juices sort of dried up also.




Saturday, September 1, 2007



As some of you know, this question thing is going around JLand.  I saw it in Jackie HOPE FLOATS journal and, of course, raised my hand to be interviewed sooooo here goes:

1.  If at birth you could have selected the profession your children would eventually pursue, would you have done so?
Most definitely NOT!  No, not ever.  I know we never say never but I wouldn't even presume to choose or select anything for my children in advance.  All three of my children are their own individuals and very different in their likes and dislikes.  I couldn't even have begun to discern their personalities at birth.  I'm thinking the reason I am so adamant on this is because my mother was rather domineering and controlling and was more than disappointed that she couldn't turn me into a carbon copy of herself. 
In order to achieve happiness and contentment, I do believe we need to permit our children to make their own decisions, to a certain extent, and learn from their mistakes.
2.   Do you wish on stars?
LOL....of course, I do.  I'm very "fanciful".  I'm a dreamer, always lost in thought.  Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight.....  Does wishing on stars make it so?  It's a nice thought.
3.  If you could go back in time, what time period would you select, and why?
I would select the time around the Civil War.  I haven't thought about this in years but in my younger, dreaming days, I used to think I would have loved to have lived in that time period.  Don't know why but maybe it was reading "Gone with the Wind" and imagining myself being Scarlett O'Hara  Ok, pre Civil War time, and I would be super rich and pampered.  Probably would have lived in Savannah or Charleston.  The slavery bothers me though so my second choice would have been living in England around the time the Bronte sisters penned Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.  Yep, I'm a hopeless romantic because I would have had to have a Heathcliff and Mr. Rochester.
4.  Name one toy you owned as a child that meant a lot to you?
Yikes, this has to be the hardest one.  I can barely remember my toys.  I think my favorite would have had to be my Tiny Tears doll.  I was probably 3 when I got her.  My mom and aunt sewed all kinds of clothes for it.  Besides my Barbie (yep I had one Barbie), my Tiny Tears doll is about the only toy I have left that my mother didn't get rid of.
5.  Burial or cremation...and why?
Burial, definitely.  Why?  I just get creeped out by cremation even though I'll be dead and wouldn't know it was being done.  I rather go to dust naturally.  My son thinks there some Christian religious thing about not being cremated.  I'm not so sure about that.  I just don't like the thought of it although it's cheaper and space is getting limited for burying.

Now it is your turn. If you would like to be grilled by moi then:

1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your journal with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


And one more thing, dear Penny Penny`s Pieces of Ohio is in Cleveland Clinic this weekend getting some testing done for some problems she has been having lately.  Please stop by and offer her some prayers, support, good wishes, etc.  Love you, Penny!



Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Lifted Load

Thanks to Sugar for the above.  Sugar Shack Keepsakes  Fear has kept me paralyzed for well over a week.  I had intended to update last weekend but just could not do it.  The things that cause me the worst fear are those that deal with my children.

Joey is being carried on my Blue Cross/Blue Shield because of his depression.  He was on a temporary two year extension that is up for review this year.  I had sent in the doctor's information, etc. a few months ago, and the wait started.  I live in absolute fear that he will have no medical coverage.  I simply have no idea what we would do.  Now that he has asthma, his meds would be well over $1,000 a month.  It really angers me, not just because it has hit home personally, but generally that a country this size would have so many people with no health coverage or substandard health coverage.  I checked into medical assistance through welfare.  Joey made $6,900 last year.  The income limit is $415 a month...puhlease.

I got a  termination letter from Blue Cross the end of last week...9-5-07 was the last date for coverage.  My heart died a thousand deaths.  I called Monday praying that they just hadn't heard anything from my agency as each govt agency has their own physicians make the determination.  This was the case but still I had heard nothing from HR yet.

Of course, our HR is now at another office out of state.  It's been centralized.  No one was answering my e-mails or phone calls.  I swear I was literally stopped dead in my tracks all week bouncing between panic and numbness.  Poor Joe was nervous.  Who wouldn't be?

Anyway, we do have HR specialists at our office.  In fact a newer guy was just promoted.  I called and asked if he would check into this with our other office.  He did, and I had my answer within the hour....Joey's been extended on my coverage....huge sigh and a happy dance.  I'm not for sure how long but at least we have time to figure something out because this won't last forever.  I'll get the official letter soon. 

I felt like the most enormous load had been lifted.  I can't even begin to explain.  Life just went from black and gray back to color again.  Everything else I had fussed about just seemed so trivial compared to this.

So, Megan moved back to Pittsburgh last weekend.  She has a very nice place about three blocks from her other place.  She is still working and will do so 20 hrs a week during school.  I'm hopin she can keep up with the schedule.  She is home this weekend to say goodbye to the rest of her friends who are off to college.  We went to Red Lobster tonight.  Oy....love that place.  I had Fire grilled lobster and shrimp.  I splurged for once.

Oops...back to Joe.  He has a new OVR (pa. voc rehab counselor).  I went with him Friday afternoon.  I am very impressed with this girl.  The other lady he had for the past five years was a total waste, putting it nicely so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  He has some interest tests to do and is meeting with her again next week.

The air conditioner is fine, so they say.  It was only dragging in the mid afternoon, I had noticed.  The sr. tech checked it.  I've seen him quite a few times.  Nice guy, really.  The problem was the electric during the peak times was sagging somewhat.  My unit is enormous so it couldn't always get the electrical kick.  He said everything is fine so we'll see.

Hugs and love to all of you!  I'm slowly making my way around.  BTW:  a little bird told me Carlene HORSESHOE BEND/Carlene has a birthday tomorrow.  Carlene is such a sweetie.  I know she'd love to get some greetings.




Thursday, August 2, 2007


                           What type of Fae are you?


I got the above from Lisa Jo, who got it from Guido.  Of course, it piqued my interest.  So I'm a nymph?  Hmm...and a bit naked at that...hehe

So, I'm reading it, and, yep, oddly it sort of applies to me this past summer.  Lonely, lost but hopeful.  It's been a tough one but I hate to complain because so many others are experiencing so much worse.

Last week I saw my orthopod and had an MRI done.  No tears, which is good but my shoulder is encapsulated or "frozen" which is not great.   I'm not sure how it got that way as I've tried to keep it moving.  PT was ordered but I'm hedging on it because the first round of PT a few years ago actually aggravated my shoulder.  So, last week, I was off Monday and Tues because after all the range of motion stuff, my shoulder killing me Tues.  Wed, half a day and an injection, which has not provided a whole lot of relief...ugh.  I'll get used to it.  Friday, after work, I got off the bus.  My new car would not crank over.  I figured it was the battery but was furious.  I've only put 4,000 miles on that car since November.  I called AAA.  Yep, it was the battery.  They jumped it, and I went to Advanced Auto and had a new titianium one put in.  $80 not in my buget.  Crap, did I want a cigarette but resisted.  What in the world would I do with some "real" stress?

I got all my work caught up this Mon-Wed and decided to take Thurs and Fri off to float in my pool and clear my mind or at least try to find what little mind I have left.

Of course, I got home last night prepared to relax for the next few days.  Not to be.  Some of you may remember my air conditioner woes from last summer.  I've had this 18,000 BTU beast in my wall from Sears for five years now.  It cools the whole downstairs but I've had problems with it from the second summer that I had it.  Last year, I waited all summer for the compressor to be replaced.  Well, guess what, the same dragging sound is starting again with the new super duper compressor that was installed last August.  The technicians are coming on Sat.  The Sr. technician is supposed to discuss compensation toward a new unit.  Hmmm.....I'm thinking the new unit should be installed for nothing considering all the problems I've had in the past 5 years.  I've had $1,200 worth of work done on a $500 unit that Sears has paid for because of the warranty.  I told the guy I'm saving them money if they would just install a new unit.....we'll see.  I feel a fight coming on.

I'm hoping to finally catch up again on my journal reading and to get into my graphics journal.  My shoulder has been pretty good the last two days....knock on wood.  I was having problems just signing my name for the past week so basically, that is why I haven't been around.

Love to all!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007


LOL...sort of funny, hunh?  Me...checkin in.  My last entry in my lonely little personal journal was Memorial Day?  Yikes!  Actually, that was my last day of smoking.  I began my journey into the smokeless world the next day; and, yes, I am still smoke-free and pushing 8 weeks on Tues.  The past couple of days have been filled with cravings but nothing that I can't deal with.  The moods are starting to level a bit. (Thanks for the above tag, Lisa Jo!)

Where have I been?  Sometimes in my graphics journal but definitely not much in my PSP.  I do have a dozen or so tags to send that have been there for a week now.  Ugh....I'm sharing my pc with Megan since she has no space to set up her computer or internet connection so my computer is being shared by the three of us.  By the time it's my turn, I'm asleep on the couch.

My rotator cuff has been acting up horrendously for the past month.  Of course, it's my right arm.  It's really been limiting my computer time.  My pc at work is set up to support my right arm.  I'll have to work on this one at home.  Anyway, I'm off on Monday to see my orthopedic specialist.  It was work related but it's been six years since I've had problems.  I got tired of dancing to the tune of the DOL so I called BC/BS.  They ever so kindly removed the red flag on my shoulder since it's been so long since it was treated.  I'm hoping for a couple of shots in the shoulder on Monday.  That did the trick 6 years ago.  I can pick my own doctors so I ended up with the best upper extremity specialist in Pgh somehow.

I took Joey to my group of orthopods for a second opinion on his knee.  He got a new set of passive PT for a month.  If that doesn't help, then he will get an MRI.  He needs to find a new physical therapist because this one doesn't want to cooperate with the new script.

I had Megan at the ER last Sunday.  She had a bug bite that resembled a deertick bite.  It wasn't.  The doctor hadinterned in dermatology and was "mum" on what he thought it was.  Not serious but if it doesn't go away, a dermatolgist visit for her.  Of course, I had an idea...it looks like a form of psoriasis.  So, that's Dr. Chris' diagnosis but we have to add another doctor's visit.

Her job is going well.  She looks like she walked right out of Vogue or some similar fashion magazine at the bus each morning which makes me look sort of "hoboesque" (a Joey description). 

We've had monsoon rain all week; not that we didn't need it.  Weird summer....some heat but not much.  I sort of like the tropical summers.  We didn't use the pool this past weekend but two weekends ago, we did.  It was in the high 70's, and the solar cover is not warming the pool up much this year.  I did manage to snap a couple of pictures and noticed it was July 8th when we were in the pool.  Taking a picture of my son is a chore.  Sneaky and quick, which takes a while. 









So, that's about it.  I'm getting my hair cut this morning, thank heavens, and may get out tonight again.  I have some tags to send out and many,many journals to catch up with.  Love you all!  (Anybody know why my entry has gone out of the margins?  It's not the graphic size, and I've emptied my sidebar.  grrrr  SOS) 







Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day


Happy Memorial Day!  I hope all have taken time to reflect upon the meaning of this day and to honor those who have lost their lives while continuing to protect our freedom.  Let's not forget all our veterans and those still in the Armed Forces.

We had our cook out yesterday thanks to Megan who grilled chicken wrapped with bacon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes.  That was lunch.  She brought me home a super huge burger from Red Robin later in the evening which I devoured.  Time to get back on track with healthy eating tomorrow or nothing will fit.

Joey is boating today; Megan is working; the BF is working....again.  I'm just puttering around getting some cleaning done and preparing for a short week of work. It's been lovely here weatherwise.  Today is sunny and 80.  The humidity of the past few days is gone.  I haven't made a dent in the yardwork but did get it started.

LOL..figured I better update this journal of mine.  Seems I spend all my time in my graphics journal.  I've been outed.  That used to be my "private" journal.  Joey discovered that I put some entries in there and was pretty smug about it.  Oh, well, I sort of figured it would only be a matter of time.  (Hi Joey!)



      Thanks, Shelly for the super tag!  (looks just like me...not...hehe)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend and pet is so difficult.  Skitz wasn't my cat but yet was the whole family's kitty because she lived with us all at one time or another. 

Becky is having a hard time right now because Skittsy was a "cool" kitty and was her first kitty.  She followed her everywhere.  Becky was a wonderful "mommy" to Skitz although right now she is blaming herself and second guessing everything.  She is an animal lover and takes such good care of her furr babies.  It will take time.  Most of us have been through losing a beloved pet.  This is a first for her.

The pictures are from Becky's facebook.  She has a memorial page for her Skittsycat.  I told her that I would do a montage of sorts in my journal.  She is touched by all the thoughts and prayers being sent her way.

The outdoor pictures were taken on Saturday.  I think that is what is the hardest thing to deal with.  Skitz was romping around and seemed perfectly healthy on Saturday.  Within 24 hours, she was dying.  Not that we are ever prepared but this was just such a sudden shock.

I worry because Becky keeps so much inside.  I know eventually she will be ok with this.  So, we march forward.  Megan is coming home next Saturday.  I know she will be totally shocked also.  I haven't said anything toher when she's e-mailed me.

So much is on the plate this week.  My bus was in an accident on the way to work the day we put the kitty down.  No one was hurt but it wasn't a good start for a day that got worse.

Oy, I think I'm rambling.  I'm whooped.  Think I'll give Becky a call and then head off to sleep.

Hugs to all!  You're the best!  Chris

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day


Not being a huge fan of "Hallmark" holidays, nonetheless, today is Mother's Day in the US.  I feel blessed to have my three children.  I also feel blessed that my mother is still on this earth.

My poor mother is cooking once again today.  I feel bad for that.  She still loves to cook; just not on a large scale.  A couple of years ago, my three children and I just showed up in the afternoon on Mother's Day.  It sort of knocked my mother's world out of sync because she hadn't prepared anything.....that was my purpose in arriving unannounced. 

I'm sort of at a loss for words (imagine that).  My mom's car accident has really taken a toll emotionally on her.  She tried to drive again but is terrified which is probably best anyway.  She is giving Joey her Sunfire which is practically new.  In exchange, he is driving his grandma to all her appointments, the store, etc. after he's done working.  I was stunned, as I had no idea this was happening.  Joey and my mother have a special relationship so this is working out for all.

I think what is really getting to me today is realizing just how fragile my mother is becoming.  Somehow, I thought she would outlive us all.  Now, reality is hitting me hard and sort of scaring me.  I'm crawling into my  "little" Chrissy skin which I'm not fond of.

Take the time today and everyday to tell your mothers' and all loved ones, for that matter, that you love them....


Thanks to Emmi for the above tag!  Love it! Sweet & Simple Pleasures

Tuesday, May 8, 2007



Yucky but true, unfortunately.  I worked on Saturday.  When I got home, the familyroom had an odd odor.  I thought it was mildew from the basement but nope, it wasn't.

I got home from work around 7 last night because I had to go grocery shopping on my way home.  I ate, played on the computer and noticed that Megan's milk had soured.  I dumped about 1/2 gallon into the sink.  It went nowhere.  No big deal because I can plunge the crap out of just about any drain in the house.  Took a bath, big mistake, then came down to plunge and planned to wash the dishes.  Double ugh!  I plunged the crap right into my powder room sink and this little sink behind the bar in the familyroom that no one uses.  Not to mention that I got another shower; a sludge shower.  The sludge just went from one end of the kitchen to the other.  My BF wasn't home.  Things like this drive me up the wall.  Now, I have dirty dishes everywhere because I'm the "dishwasher."  I had to dump my old coffee outside this morning to make new brew.

By now, it was well past 11:00.  I finally got my BF.  A plumber he isn't.  He said to just leave it, go to work and call Randy today.  Spending money and waiting for Randy is not my cup of tea.  Plus rotten milk and sludge standing in my sinks is disgusting. So, I'm off to Walmart to buy some Drano or something.  Of course, I've continued plunging.  LOL...I've got it down to a science.  I can hear when the plugged stuff loosens.  Haven't heard it yet.

This is how Chris spends her summer vacation.  Sad but true.  I'll make a good old mess for dandy Randy, my plumber. 


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Mental Health Day for Me


Today is one of my infamous "mental health" days off of work.  This is how I use my vacation, amoung other things. I worked until noon yesterday and did warn that a MH day would probably be forthcoming.

Yesterday was the preliminary hearing which was waived for the actual court date in June.  Megan has to pay $75 for a psychological evaluation as to possible alcohol addiction.  I don't believe there is one.  She also has signed up for court ordered driving classes...$325.  She has applied for the ARD (alcohol rehabilition program).  The officer offered probation and classes; no criminal record.  The arrest and sobriety tests were without a kink.  Our police force here is highly trained.  She went to the police station and was finger printed and had mug shots taken which will be returned to her when she successfully completes her probation; which she will.  Her licence will be suspended 60-90 days.  The fines will range between 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.  She will start to work when she gets back from Asia and should have them paid off before school starts.  Besides the outburst on the weekend, I do see some signs of maturity emerging.

Now onto daugther #2...Becky.  This has been bugging me for months now.  I can't stand her boyfriend.  I never met him which is one reason that things are bothering me.  He's in the Ph.D program with her.  Blonde, cute, babyfaced and intelligent.  (I have seen pictures of him.)  I was thrilled at first because she found someone who was goal oriented and a hardworker.  But dang, he is more than weird and has some weird beliefs.  First one....he won't meet parents until he's been dating a girl for 90 days...say what?  He couldn't come here in Jan. with her because it wasn't 90 days yet.  Strike one.  She's not permitted to meet or become friends with any of his friends because when you break up, it's awkward.  Strike two.  He never, ever goes to her house.  She has to go to his when they go out.  Strike three.

The strikes are adding up faster and faster.  Megan and Joey and I were at Chili's yesterday after the hearing.  We discussed this, as Becky tells each of us different tidbits. 


I've posted this picture of Becky and Ray before from last summer (pre new BF).  Ray is not her boyfriend although Ray should be.  He adores Becky although Megan says he's not interested anymore...blah...he is.  Ray goes to the same church Becky went to.  She doesn't go now because M is controlling that also.  Ray ran into Megan twice last week and asked about Becky and what Megan's opinion was of M, the BF.  Megan spared nothing.  Ray has some huge concerns also.  LOL...why am I the only one to see that Ray and Becky are meant for each other? He puts a smile on my girl's face like none other.  I've seen him comfort her in church when tears flowed.  Megan and I are getting Becky back into church.  I'm starting this weekend.

So, once again, my daughter is on BF #3 who once again is a control freak; just very educated and good at concealing the fact he is doing it.  He's controlling the amount of time that she is allowed to spend with her own friends and causing alienation.  I hate that.  She's 26 now and a big girl but can't break the cycle of having a controlling father in the house for 15 years.  In essence, I've brought much of this on for staying far too long in that atmosphere.

I'm sure "M" will break her heart and move on.  I hate to say that I hope this happens soon.  Becky is on Blogspot now and just sent me her link.  Ugh...I read it, commented, and my concerns grow stronger.

Never much peace in the valley for mama's.....


                     (Thanks, Lisa Jo, for sending me this tag!)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life in general


Life, in general, is quiet at the moment; though not for long.  Megan will be rolling in with even more furniture than we had here when she left....ugh.  She will roll back out to her dad's until Wednesday night.  She leaves for Asia at 4 am on Friday morning.  The dog sitting has been a pain for her.  She got $100 up front.  He was leaving her money to drive his wife's car to and from school.  He left her $20 and less than a half a tank of gas in the car.  Her parking is $7.00 a day.  She's none to happy because she will be spending most of her money on commuting.  He won't be home until after she leaves.  I warned her of this.

She found out yesterday that her hearing is on Tues afternoon.  She is picking me up at work and then has one more final on Wed.  The timing isn't too thrilling to me.  I'm worried that she'll blow the final from stress.  Ms. Megan's life will be far different after Tues from what she has known.  This will be a summer to remember for us all.  I'm sort of glad she will be gone for a month.  It will give us all a break.

The dilemma right now is tv's.  When Megan brings home the 27" tv at her house, we will have a total of 7 here....a 32", two 27", one 25", two 19" and her 13" tv with the VCR in it which she won't part with.  We have three DISH hook ups; none are in my bedroom.  I'm thinking the 25 and both 19's are going to Goodwill today.  Honestly, my house looks like Goodwill right now.

My BF is going to try and convince Megan to leave the sleigh bed in her room until she gets back from her trip and put the double bed back in my old room.  The sleigh bed has a trundle under it.  Megan will not listen to me and is insisting that the beds get moved for two months and then moved again.  Doesn't make sense so I'm sure there will be a major fuss about this but it is my house, and I'm used to major fusses.

I'm enjoying the quiet for the time being. 


Saturday, April 21, 2007



This will be a different type of entry today, well maybe; maybe not.

Alec Baldwin.....I've heard that video/tape/voice whatever so many times.  Each time it makes me physically ill because I've heard that voice and tone of voice in my past directed toward my three children.  The voice was my ex's.  Some of the media just makes me want to reach through the tv and grab them.  I don't think many realize just how damaging anger, words and tones of voices are when directed toward children. 

Children are brought into this world as a gift.  They are to be loved and nutured.  Words frighten them beyond belief.  I've seen first hand how words damage children.  All three of mine have had to fight their way back to learning that they are worthy.  It's extremely difficult to repair a severely damaged self esteem. 

I will relate a story that I may have told before.  At one time Becky and Joey shared a room when they were around 4 & 6.  My MIL gave them old neckties, belts, scarves, etc for dress up.  They had an odd habit.  Becky would tie all these things together into about a 25 ft. rope-like thing and attach it to her Smurf baby buggy's handle.  I would remove it and throw it away because I was afraid they would strangle themselves.  I got rid of all that stuff.  Next all the shoe laces were gone from the shoes and attached in a rope to the buggy's handle.  Dang, what was wrong with her?  I removed that and threw it away.  Next came sheets tied together and attached.  The buggy was always near one of the two windows. 

Years later the mystery was solved and what I found out made me puke, literally.  Throw up from shame and heartache.  They were absolutely terrified beyond belief of their father's vicious tirades.  They feared he would kill them after they went to bed.  Things were tied to the buggy and kept by the window for escape. Dear God...escape.  I cry now when I think of those two babies feeling the fear and need at that age to have an escape plan.  And now, years later, they both struggle with feelings of unworthiness.

So, if Kim Basinger released that tape, there will be no criticism from me.  I know she has been no saint in the mudslinging but a mother needs to do whatever she can to protect her children from fear and violence.  I do believe Ireland fears her dad.  If any of us think this is a one time incident, then you haven't lived the life of domestic abuse, and verbal abuse is a predecessor to physical abuse.  The final straw of my verbal abuse....a knife to my neck.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Best Laid Plans


Lord knows I'm trying to keep a smile plastered on this face.  Just wanted to say that I'm horrified by the shootings at Va. Tech and keeping all the families and students in my prayers.

Megan's loan is in the bank.  She got her vaccines yesterday although what a fuss.  She was telling me they would cost $15 and rattled off a list of ones she needed; the last being rabies.  RABIES, I asked.  I called the health dept.  Where do theses kids get their ideas from?  She needed hepatatis A, malaria, diptheria, and tetanus.  Cost:  $98.  The lady said these kids all seem to spread a rumor that they cost $15 or $20.  So, we're all set....almost.

Her attorney called her today and said he changed her hearing because he had a court date on Thurs....the new date...May 17th.  She was upset, of course, because she will be in Asia.  She called him back so he has to petition for another date.  Ugh...the letter came today from the courts.  It was changed on April 13th.  My confidence is lacking because he should have called sooner.  She's still coming home tomorrow to work because she had all her working dates set up and had already made up her Thurs and Friday classes.  She is working a lot of hours for those four days.  I can't stand stuff like this.

I am still taking off on Thurs because we have to move her sleigh bed into my old bedroom somehow.  Her double bed will be coming soon into her room that I was using.  She has to be out of the  rental house in Pittsburgh by April 30th.  I'm back to unloading more stuff from my old room once again.  LOL...so much for her brave comments last fall that she was NEVER coming back again.

I'm fussing over my hot water tank.  It's gas...hate those things.  It's banging and clanging.  My BF keeps telling me to release the pressure valve and let some water out.  Scares the crap out of me because I think it's going to blow sky high.  I can't complain because it's a five year tank that is almost ten years old.  I'll be calling Handy dandy Randy, my plumber, soon I think.

Anyway, no rain but no warmth either.  Yesterday we had high winds.  It may be 40 at best but we had no snow.  Hard to believe it's April 17th.

I'm off to drag out some more garbage and fill up more bags, once again.  My garbage collectors send those teensy cards which I always lose in the midst of my bills.  I just noticed mine was due like a month ago.  Hope they take my stuff.  I've never had anything shut off ever but I did have my garbage left at the curb once because I missed that dang little card...oh well.....think Spring...

Thanks to Shelly for this tag.  Love the fairy.  It's a tree fairy called Willow by artwork from Cicely Mary Barker and is over 50 years old.

Saturday, April 14, 2007



A draining week I had this week.  I just hate to moan and groan when so many are dealing with far more problems.

For the past few months, I've felt like I'm swimming upstream against a strong current.  My finances are always a train wreck.  Sometimes it feels like an endless battle to keep afloat.  I almost lost my sanity this past week.  I'm just tired of fighting what I feel is a battle I'm not winning.  I almost lost the battle to survive on my own.  I came very close to just cleaning my house and selling it.

I did talk with my mother.  She asked my brother about the deed.  His answer was that it was in both his name and hers.  Of course, I don't trust him one bit and have many reasons not to.  I looked it up online.  It is a joint deed in my mother's and his name.  I can't fathom why it was done that way but it's better that she still owns half of the house.  My next battle is the will.  My mother just cannot see my brother for what he is.  My mother is 87 and sharp as a tack but she is just tired.  She was in a car accident Good Friday.  A 92 year old lady and her collided.  Not much damage and no injuries but this just did my mother's nerves in.

My old Cutlass blew the coolant hose on Wed, and Joey had no transmission.  The car was towed and the hose replaced once again.  The tranny is on borrowed time.  I'm beside myself with this because Megan will need a car to get to and from work this summer.  Her hearing is this coming Thursday.

And, once again, I had a conversation with my dad who died in 1994.  I also prayed to God that my dad could hear me.  I threw myself down on my knees and prayed that my courage and strength would return.  I continually pray that my brother will find religion and let go of the evil.  My mother is not getting any younger.  He wants to be in control.  Nuff said.....

The only bright spot was that I finally figured out my pension category.  I severed my federal employment when I had Becky.  I went back too late to get Civil Service back, or so I thought.  Whoo hoo...I elected Civil Service offset which I had no idea what it was or how it worked.  We got an explanation this week through e-mail.   I will get my full Civil Service pension with an offset from SS when I reach that age.  I know this makes absolutely no sense to anyone but I was looking at only Social Security which was dismal because I haven't paid all that much into it.  I couldn't afford to put much into an IRA so I was looking at total poverty.  Now, I can retire with 55% of my income when I get the years in.  I have 8 years at least because of the time I took off with my children.

Sorry I'm so gloomy right now.  I know things will rebound, or at least I hope so; they always seem to.

Just wanted to add that my heart goes out to JOYCE right now.  She just lost her mother as most of you know and could sure use our prayers and support.

I have a couple of pictures from Easter.  My BF and me and one of Joey and Megan.  HUGS TO ALL...Chris

               LOL at my shirt falling off but it was the best shot.  Gotta keep that chin of mine up or else it's a double chin.


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!


As a Christian, Easter is the highest holiday of the year.  It is the culmination of the prophecies of the Messiah resurrecting to save our sorry souls.

It's a quiet, cold Easter morn with snow on my car again.  A local church service is on tv in the background with some awesome music.  Becky and Joey are in Pittsburgh; Megan worked until midnight last night.  She came home; we talked and watched tv.  I need to get her up soon for church.  We are meeting later at my mother's today for dinner.  Of course, my brother and SIL will be there but that doesn't matter anymore.  I'll take some pictures.

It is the small things in life that count.  The reaching out and touching of others who lift our spirits and support our heartaches. 

I went into my archives and read some entries from last year at this time.  I had been bitterly disappointed at the loss of a huge promotion not realizing that within a month, another huge promotion would be posted in another division, and I would get it.

Megan would be diagnosed with cervical cancer; only to have it miracualously disappear and turn into mild dysplasia.  She would also test the limits of the law.  Through my trials with Megan in the past month, I have heard from two old friends; one from a message board and a journaler who gave up her journal a while back; both whom I've missed so very much.  A simple e-mail from a long, lost friend can make all the difference in the world.

My agnostic, scientific Becky has found her faith.  This has totally blown my mind.  This child absorbed absolutely nothing; I mean nothing, in all her years in church and Sunday school.

My dear Joey who has struggled with jobs and interviews found out he loved welding.  He took the Steamfitter's Union test which was extremely difficult.  He says he failed but really 200 took the test.  They interviewed the top 50%.  He only missed the cut off by 9 people.  Pretty darned good, if you ask me.  How did he find out what he scored?  He called the testing coordinator which was a huge step on his part.  Very few, if any, pass the test on the first go round.  I continue to pray that Joey will recognize his self worth.  Joe, I know you're reading this.  I'm very proud of you!

I continue to pray for those in Jland who are suffering right now.  There seems to be an epidemic of illnesses running rampant.

My computer...lol...thought I'd forget it, hunh?  I found out something from an AOL tech, of all people, yesterday.  The McAfee pop up I'm getting is actually from McAfee, not AOL.  I was led to a stand alone program by Avert, which is McAfee, called a Stinger.  Lord have mercy, this program is for viruses that the virus scan misses.  I couldn't download the latest version because it's a weird zipped file.  I'm biting the bullet and looking for a pc geek.  I'm also dumping AOL's security center, which has served me very well but not anymore.  All I can say is free is not always better.  I'm dumping the 10.95 a month.  I can't see the purpose in continuing to pay for substandard service.

Anyway, I hope that all of you who celebrate Easter have a beautiful day with friends and family.  Also, wishing my Jewish friends a Happy Passover.

Blessings!  Ending with the words to one of my favorite old time hymns.  The purple words bring me to tears continuously and were words I lived on during the dark days of depression.

I know that my Redeemer lives;
O the sweet joy this sentence gives!
He lives, he lives, who once was dead;
he lives, my ever living Head.

He lives triumphant from the grave,
he lives eternally to save,
he lives all-glorious in the sky,
he lives exalted there on high.

He lives to bless me with his love,
he lives to plead for me above.
he lives my hungry soul to feed,
he lives to help in time of need.

He lives to grant me rich supply,
he lives to guide me with His eye,
je lives to comfort me when faint,
he lives to hear my soul's complaint.

He lives to silence all my fears,
he lives to wipe away my tears
he lives to calm my troubled heart,
he lives all blessings to impart

He lives, my kind, wise, heavenly Friend,
he lives and loves me to the end;
he lives, and while he lives, I'll sing;
he lives, my Prophet, Priest, and King.

He lives and grants me daily breath;
he lives, and I shall conquer death:
he lives my mansion to prepare;
he lives to bring me safely there.

He lives, all glory to his Name!
he lives, my Jesus, still the same.
oh, the sweet joy this sentence gives,
I know that my Redeemer lives!





Friday, April 6, 2007

April Fool's


Is it really April 6th today?  I got up and looked out the window to see two inches of snow on my car and still falling.  Of course, my snow tires are packed away so the ride down my hill should be more than interesting this morning.

I'm not sure where I got that bunny from.  I must have snagged it quite a while ago.  I found it hidden away in my external drive while searching through folders and files. 

My computer is still horrendous but I've decided that in the scheme of things to worry about, this is low on the list.  I've been reading and trying to catch up with journals again.  Trying to put tags together is just too frustrating when I can't quickly scan my folders and files.  Anyway, a computer can be fixed.  I'm a packrat with my pc and live in fear of not having the things I need when I restore or have this thing restored.  But, it's only files and "things."  I've put it in the proper perspective after reading so many entries of people in JLand who are battling cancer, have relatives battling cancer, have chronic pain and illnesses...etc.  All my woes right now are replaceable.  My pictures are intact in my external back up drive.  So are the programs I use.  Funny thing that I do.  I never empty the memory card on my camera.  I just remove and buy a new one.  I'm also considering backing my external drive up on discs.  Becky tells me this will take days, and I best get a cabinet or storage unit because I will need hundreds of cd's.  LOL...I was in my back up drive removing things I'll never use that I didn't remember I even had.

I suspect a virus although I've run several different scans, including my McAfee which is totally up to date, and nothing comes up.  I'm finding even in the past year, customer service stinks all around.  Even an extended warranty doesn't seem to make a difference.  This squeaky wheel will get some oil.  I just haven't had the energy to argue with the reps at E-Machines again.  LOL...I'm sounding like my mother these days.  She would argue and insist that companies back their products; still does. 

Work was totally off the wall on Wednesday.  I was drained when I got home.  That was the first day in my new division that was like that.  I was jinxed when the first counselor came and asked me if I ever had a day that started out crazy right off the bat.  Of course, my day was smooth at that point in time.  I said "not really."  I should have kept my mouth shut because it turned into a "full moon" type of day. 

So, I'm off to get ready to dig my car out.  Is it really Easter this weekend?  It was 60 degrees here on Christmas.  Odd, to say the least. 

Hugs and Blessings, Chris

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing


Thanks, LJ, for this cute, cute tag.  If you don't see me around for a while, it's my computer and problems stacking up higher and higher.

Ms. Chris, the IT tech, decided to "fix" my computer today.  Now, I have been told not to touch anything as I cause more problems.  I've also been told when God handed out patience I was standing behind the door.

Restored my PC back to last week and had my documents but my security system was back to its old state of not updating.  No problem..got rid of it and reinstalled.  ROLF....it wouldn't take. Something about a damaged disc except I downloaded it off of AOL. So I restored the computer back to today.  Yikes, my AOL 9.0 was gone totally.  After too many phone calls, I had to go to Walmart for a disc.  All they had was open ride.  Talk about total confusion.  Finally, I got the "real" techs at AOL since I still pay the darned 10.95 a month.  I had to install 9.0VR.  Now, I can't open my security center.  It's updating and running but I have no idea how I would clean or delete a virus.

My PC is still under warranty but there are only so many things Gateway is capable of fixing.  Anything to do with XP is a microsoft thing and they charge for tech support.  Gateway thinks I should do a recovery which would totally take my PC back to the state I got it in when I bought it.  I'm not ready to do that until I check and see just what is in my back up drive.

I have a total headache.  I didn't feel that great today anyway and now I'm just so darned frustrated.  I have to find a reputable computer geek.  I'm not sure Becky can fix this mess.

I'm so far behind on journals, have tags to make and I'm not sure when I'll get them done, and have to call AOL one more time about figuring out the problem with my security center; not to even think that Megan's loan for Asia is totally screwed up.  I hope it comes through before she has to leave.  So, I'm off to bed before I blow a gasket.

HUGS to all....Chris

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Melodramatic Mama


Before I fuss and moan, I want to wish my oldest daughter, Rebecca Sue, a happy 26th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Becky!!!!!  I didn't forget...you just got lost in the shuffle of a crazy week.

Becky was due on April 8, 1981 but made her debut on March 31st...a 45 minute labor...lol.  I was on bedrest due to toxemia so God made sure she came fast and swift.  I was extremely high risk and a long labor would have been a nightmare.


Of course, I had to invade her facebook for a picture.  Don't ask me who this guy is but I know it's not her present BF.  She has tons of guy friends, or at least she did.  The quote is one she has now on her MySpace.  I couldn't find any bees I like so, oh well.  She is going to the museum today to view art...her first love.  She often says she has the soul of an artist living the life of science.  My firstborn and now my friend....


So, what would my life be without some minor frustrations?  I hate to even fuss because so many in JLand are dealing with such major health issues.

From Wednesday evening through last night, I had some major PC issues.  Being a technological guru....NOT...I was stumped and frustrated.  My AOL security center was a mess and not functioning properly.  I removed it and reinstalled it.  MacAfee kept popping up a suspicious file yet none showed up on the virus scan.  So, my security is excellent now but my PC was super slow and acting up.  AOL has an active security monitor when I downloaded and the technical advise was pretty simple to follow.  I'm not sure how all the default settings got screwed up but I did remove the Norton stuff that came with my PC.  Ialso compressed my C drive which took hours even though I run a clean up every couple of days.  My final fix was running Windows PC checkup and virus scan from the live security center.  All is well.  I'm still getting a message from MacAfee but the IT guy at work said if Windows found nothing it has to be a file that appears suspicious but isn't a virus.  So I have to contact Gateway or AOL to finalize this. 

My major concer now is the number of files on this computer.  155,000....oy.  I think Joey downloaded more music and games.  I really need to remove more things.

So, I'm way behind on journals because I didn't dare go online much while running all the numerous fixes.  They were slow enough as it.  But things do appear to be running faster.

Grizzly's bloodwork came back fine so he is taking an extra half a pill in the morning along with the Glucosamine and MSM from GNC.  I can't afford Glycoflex but honestly I think the GNC stuff is working well along with his meds.  He's been flying up and down the stairs again so keeping my fingers crossed that it lasts a while.  His arthritis will be progressive.

I'm off to get my snow tires removed.  I didn't get around to it on Wednesday.  I need my BF to load my other tires in his truck.  He may not want to take the cover off of his truck since it's raining today...grrr.

It seems like spring has sprung here finally. 

              Love this tag!  Thanks to Angel! Country Angels Graphics and Signature Tags

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Evening


LOL...love this tag.  Grizzly is a black and white mixed lab but it so reminds me of his "naughty" days as a pup.  And the eye...Grizzly was always peeping out of one eye to see if he was in trouble.  He didn't eat flowers.  His object of choice was plastic...tupperware bowls, lids, two liter soda bottles, and his dog dishes.  He ate a dog dish along with his food at least once a week until I bought stainless dishes.  He hasn't done this lately but every once in a while, he'll eat a plastic glass but his old stomach can't take it, and he throws up.  My boy is definitely turning into a grumpy old man.  I will get his bloodwork results tomorrow so it's a wait and see thing for now.

Walking...oy...more like him trying to walk me.  He was kicked out of obedience school for misbehaving.  He doesn't know the meaning of the word "heel."  I hesitate on a choke chain but do have a lightweight leash that fits like a choke collar.  He hates it but I may need to train this boy to walk like a gentleman.

Beautiful spring weather in Pa. today.  I hear birds chirping in the morning and actually just saw my first robin.  Buds are forming and there is green on the hillsides.  I'm getting my snow tires removed Wednesday so Murphy's law will mean another dumping of the white stuff...hope not.

I'm still taking Wed. off this week.  I had intended on taking Griz to the vets then.  I also made a hair appt. for that day which took two weeks to get.  I look like a sheep dog.  I simply can't wait two more weeks to get another appt.  I'm hoping it's a nice day so I can clean the yard a bit and the house, of course.

I mentioned in my tag journal that tomorrow (Monday) is Donna's birthday...Donna is our #1 tag/graphic lady in JLand.  Stop by or send her a greeting.  I know she will appreciate it.  Life has been tough for D recently.

This and that, and hockey!

That's about it for now.  My son requested beef stew for dinner again tonight.  Had to laugh at that.  Beef stew on a 70 degree day.  I'm putting a meat loaf in the oven now for him for tomorrow with some Julienne potatoes. 

Blessings & Smiles for the week to come!

Thanks, LJ for this graphic.  Wish I had the patience to figure out how to do something like this.

Friday, March 23, 2007

A long weekend


I actually hadn't planned on taking a vacation day today.  I scheduled next Wednesday off to take Grizzly for his liver function.  He started hobbling pretty badly again a couple of days ago so I made a vet's appt. for this morning along with the testing. Of course, the little rascal is moving quite well today and was last night also.  I dread the trip to the vet as Joey is working at the cemetery again so I have to drive the wild man by myself.  He doesn't exactly behave well in the car.  And he's definitely not getting in my new car.

Megan met me for lunch yesterday.  We went to a local place called Max & Erma's.  It's similar to Applebees, Chilis, etc.  Her business fraternity was sponsoring it.  20% of our bill is donated to charity.  I had a wonderful, layered grilled chicken salad.

Megan is doing quite well.  Her grades are definitely improving quite a bit, and she is towing the line.

I've mentioned my mother and I pretty frequently here.  We co-existed for the first 50 years of my life.  She trying to mold me into a clone of herself and myself balking and fighting every step of the way.  I've mentioned that about three years ago, the tide changed.  She mellowed, and I simply did not feel it was necessary to argue anymore with her about our differences.  She is going to be 88 this year.  I was daddy's girl.  My father died 3 months after their 50th anniversary.  It took my mother a few years to deal with this.  She simply chose not to deal at all with me then.  In fact, she was quite "biting" even more so during the ensuing years.

I called my mom hours after Megan's DUI.  I didn't want her to read about it in the local paper.  The shock would have done her in.  My mother is hugely rigid.  Well, she was....

She was hoping I would consult an attorney, which I did, but had absolutely no intention of petitioning her for one cent.  This is Megan's ballgame.  The shocker came the other day.  She told Joey she will pick up the legal fees because Megan will have enough in fines to pay for.  Megan started crying when I told her this yesterday and is insisting that she will pay every cent back to her grandma.  My mother is insisting she won't.

I realize now that even though for years I thought my mother didn't love me or at least not as much as my brother, I was mistaken.  She just couldn't express her feelings.  She was hard on me growing up.  Of course, I was a mouthy kid, even as an adult, because we share practically no views in common.  Now, it doesn't matter.  We still don't think even remotely alike but I no longer feel the need to argue my point.  LOL...somehow, I think this bothers my brother to no end.  He is slowly but surely losing his "status."  I truly believe that when the time comes for my mother to need someone to care for her, she will want me.

Anyway, yesterday was 70 and lovely.  It was good to see Megan.  She will be home soon for Easter break.  Can't believe how fast it's approaching.  We discussed the bedroom situation.  She is moving her furniture back for the summer.  Her single bed (a lovely sleigh bed) is going into my old bedroom.  Some of the furniture she bought this past summer will fit in my old room.  The double bed she has now will go into her room.  Back to my old bedroom I go although I don't have a DISH hooked up in there.

Grizzly is none to happy that he is fasting and cannot have a doggy treat...lol. 



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Morning


I just had to do a morning entry today.  Lisa Jo always sends me the cutest graphics and many of them are good morning ones.  As most of you know, my morning starts at 4:30 a.m. during the week.  Of course, I have to sign on as soon as I get up but never have time to do much of anything let alone make an entry.  So...whoo hoo, it's still the a.m. and I can say good morning instead of goodnight to all.

My BF and I did go to Day's Inn last night and left about 12:30.  People were getting way too crazy and the alcohol was flowing out of control.  The police were patrolling the parking lot which was a good thing.  I'm betting the police officer I know too well was in one of the cars.

I know I've been getting many comments mentioning Megan's trip to Asia.  I did quite a bit of thinking during the week after the incident.  Megan is 20.  She was not thinking, obviously, and made a terrible mistake but thankfully, no damage was done.  I spoke with an attorney about the case; not because I want Megan to beat any rap.  I think she needs to learn a lesson.  I needed to know what she was facing as far as ramifications from her university, her schooling, etc.  She was always a good kid.  She has worked two and sometimes three jobs.  Management loves her because she is dependable and a hard worker.  Not making excuses one bit for the fact that she got behind the wheel of my car after drinking.  I also needed to know a ballpark figure of the fines she is facing.  She will need to petition the courts for a waiver to drive to and from work this summer when her license is suspended.  I cannot pay her fines; nor would I if I could.  They will set up a payment plan for her.

She will enter a very tough, restrictive probation program for a year.  She will be urine tested, report to a probation officer monthly and take some brutal classes.  She will not be permitted to imbibe whatsoever during that time.  She turns21 in June but that makes no difference.  She has a preliminary hearing in April; a court appearance in May.  She can get a continuance from the courts for the trip because it is school related.

If she tows the line for that year and follows every single rule; not breaking one ever, she will not have a conviction.  The DUI will remain with the State for 7 years.  Should she have a repeat offense or break any of the probation rules...30 days in jail...period.  Then it will turn into a conviction.

She has already paid $4,000 of her own money for this trip and took a loan for the remaining $1,200 plus spending money.  She worked long hours waitressing to get the extra money.

I prayed much over this.  We've all made mistakes...some larger than Megan's; some not remotely as bad.  I'm a firm believer in second chances.  I'm also a firm believer in owning up to the consequences of actions.  Quite frankly, when she returns from Japan and China, she will face the biggest struggle she has ever faced.  I pray that she follows through and comes out a much better person for it.  I also believe things happen for a purpose.  Had she not got caught, she would have continued spiraling out of control.

She has been going to church with her big sister.  The laying of hands in this church is quite powerful.  I've said many times that church is a hospital for sinners; not a shrine for saints.  I'm also planning on attending with them now that the weather will be breaking soon.

Bottom line is Megan was a wonderful kid in high school; went away to college and got into a terrible lifestyle.  My prayers for Megan were answered; not in the way I expected but, nonetheless, taken care of.

Oh, and, by the way, I went to my Verizon store yesterday.  It was a bad battery.  It was replaced free of charge because the phone is less than a year old.  I'm not sure about all Verizon stores but our local is tops in fixing things or replacing at no charge or a $12 tech fee.  I was prepared to argue about buying a $40 battery.  In the end, I didn't have to.

The sun is shining; most of the snow has melted, and I absolutely need to get some cleaning done before I run some errands. 

Blessings to all.....            


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Top o' the Mornin


Typical St. Patty's Day for this neck of the woods.  What would green beer be without being accompanied by a crap load of snow?  Of course, no one believed it when it was 80 here on Thursday.

Procrastination has just changed from my middle name to my first name.  My mother is always right...grrr.  I get worse as I get older.  I couldn't even make my mind up about which St. Patty's Day graphics to use.  LOL...how sad is that?  I went through old tags, new tags, tags on the web, tags in my group......and still ended up just going and grabbing one from Photobucket because dang, using a new one would mean uploading.  I haven't been in Photobucket all week.  Boy, they changed it.  Flipped me out when I opened it and asked me if I wanted to upgrade.  Moi...upgrade?  I'm not that brave yet.  Oy vey, now I have to change my sidebar again and still can't figure out the hyperlink in there for the life of me.

I've deleted more tags that I started to create this week.  Yuck, I'm in a rut with that also.  Procrastination is seeping into everything.

I think I'm getting old, tired, cranky, and lazy.  I actually worked 80 hrs...whoo hoo.  But darned near wore me out doing it.  My house looks like something blew up in it (along with my chubby body).  Of course, I will procrastinate even more so about tackling the mess.  I swear each time I shovel through the clutter, it won't happen again.  But each night when I get home from work, that big old, comfy couch of mine calls my name loud and clear.  I sure wish I had the money to call the Merry Maids.


Becky IM'd me last night.  It seems her beloved Skittsy Cat is having more kidney problems.  That is her first baby.  She had to spend $400 at the vet's and only has $200 to cover it.  She is going to her dad because I'm drained financially right now.  I did let her know that if she can to get $100 off of him (lot of luck on that one),  I can try to swing the other $100.

My Grizzly was sort of hobbling the other night.  I was super concerned.  Then I picked up his sleeping bag that he loves to clean under it and the stinker was spitting out and hiding his meds again.  I watch him to make sure he swallows it but he is good at keeping it in his mouth until I'm not looking and then hiding them.  He also had a Phenobarb under there.  He needs bloodwork very soon to see if the Rimadyl is affecting his liver functions.  I'm a bit worried because I know they would like to increase the dosage a bit if it's not hurting him physically.


Anyway, there is 8-10 inches of snow on the ground.  Blah, blah, blah.  This time change just screwed me up because it's not nearly spring here so my whole order is knocked out of whack, which doesn't take much.  If it stays light until 7 or so, it should be spring.

And then there are taxes.  They are still in a huge folder waiting to be delivered to my BF.  Yep, I'm procrastinating on this big time because I know I am going to owe.


Megan is still planning her trip to Asia.  She will be able to leave the country since it's school related.  Where she will get spending money, I have no clue.  Which leads me to the fact that I dismantled my bedroom last year and took over hers.  Well, she is coming home this summer so I have to figure something out pretty soon or I'll have no bed.  Yada, yada...one more teensy kink.


I shouldn't complain...keep Sugar, Jeannette, Kim, Krissy and John, Indigo and many others in your thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully, the snow will stop this morning, as they are predicting.  I'm hoping to get out tonight for some St. Patrick's Day celebrations at the Days Inn.  Last week, the amount of alcohol comsumption totally blew my mind in light of Megan's fiasco.  I just cannot believe how much people drink when they are out.  I never seemed to notice.

I'm on my way soon to Verizon.  My cell phone battery is crapping out after it's fully charged with a 5 min. phone call.  It's been getting bad for a month now but getting worse each day.  The phone has a year warranty on it so it is still covered.  I have to take the phone and charger and have the techs check it out.  I've never had a battery go that quickly.  In fact, I've never had a battery go at all.  I keep my phones for at least 2-3 years.  Our local techs are usually pretty generous so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't have a battle on my hands.

Hope you all have a wonderful, safe weekend!