Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Best Laid Plans


Lord knows I'm trying to keep a smile plastered on this face.  Just wanted to say that I'm horrified by the shootings at Va. Tech and keeping all the families and students in my prayers.

Megan's loan is in the bank.  She got her vaccines yesterday although what a fuss.  She was telling me they would cost $15 and rattled off a list of ones she needed; the last being rabies.  RABIES, I asked.  I called the health dept.  Where do theses kids get their ideas from?  She needed hepatatis A, malaria, diptheria, and tetanus.  Cost:  $98.  The lady said these kids all seem to spread a rumor that they cost $15 or $20.  So, we're all set....almost.

Her attorney called her today and said he changed her hearing because he had a court date on Thurs....the new date...May 17th.  She was upset, of course, because she will be in Asia.  She called him back so he has to petition for another date.  Ugh...the letter came today from the courts.  It was changed on April 13th.  My confidence is lacking because he should have called sooner.  She's still coming home tomorrow to work because she had all her working dates set up and had already made up her Thurs and Friday classes.  She is working a lot of hours for those four days.  I can't stand stuff like this.

I am still taking off on Thurs because we have to move her sleigh bed into my old bedroom somehow.  Her double bed will be coming soon into her room that I was using.  She has to be out of the  rental house in Pittsburgh by April 30th.  I'm back to unloading more stuff from my old room once again.  LOL...so much for her brave comments last fall that she was NEVER coming back again.

I'm fussing over my hot water tank.  It's gas...hate those things.  It's banging and clanging.  My BF keeps telling me to release the pressure valve and let some water out.  Scares the crap out of me because I think it's going to blow sky high.  I can't complain because it's a five year tank that is almost ten years old.  I'll be calling Handy dandy Randy, my plumber, soon I think.

Anyway, no rain but no warmth either.  Yesterday we had high winds.  It may be 40 at best but we had no snow.  Hard to believe it's April 17th.

I'm off to drag out some more garbage and fill up more bags, once again.  My garbage collectors send those teensy cards which I always lose in the midst of my bills.  I just noticed mine was due like a month ago.  Hope they take my stuff.  I've never had anything shut off ever but I did have my garbage left at the curb once because I missed that dang little card...oh well.....think Spring...

Thanks to Shelly for this tag.  Love the fairy.  It's a tree fairy called Willow by artwork from Cicely Mary Barker and is over 50 years old.


lisa41076 said...

Chris, hope Megan can get a new court date that works, have a good week, Hugs Lisa

my78novata said...

we get those teeny cards about like they send for auto license. yes they do hope you loose the things sometimes. yes the shootings were  ahoriible thing. I hope your court hearing goes well. hey sometimes the elecrtic companywil pay a good chunkc to change over your water heater and is well worth it. My mom and dad did years ago. you may try checking that out

cgtperkins said...

I really hope everything works out with the court date. It is finally warming up here although it was below freezing almost all last week. I am soooo ready for summer. I guess then I will complain because its HOT!! LOL

penniepooh said...

I hope everything works out for Megan. She must be getting so excited about her trip. Sounds like you`ve got a lot on your plate there, as usual.
Love ya xo

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Sending good vibes your way....that everything works out well for Megan's court date....

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:)


astoriasand said...

Hi Chris Yes I think this Horrrifc happening  in VA  is any parents nightmare and all who are related to the poor kids and teachers etc who were harmed and killed.My heart aches too for them all.Prayers being said.So many vaccines are to be had it's true.The cost is outragious.Sorry about the mess up with Megans dates.Good look moving the beds.Kids are never coming back again once they leave.They know too well though where there bread is buttered best LOL.Iv'e heard it a thousand times Haaaaaa.Mines always returned befor eI could say BOO!! Haaa.I hope our visitor hasn't decided to board a plane to fly over the pond.Bike on his back LOL .........If he see all your garbage he will have a ball ROFL. As for gas boilers OH don't mention them,iv'e just had a new one put in.I too am terrified if the central heating makes any noices at all.What are we like us women Haaaaa.Good job we have a man about at times LOL.Take Care God Bless hae a lovely Wednesday if possible God Bless.
(Kath) Astroriasand http://journals.aol.co.uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

jeadie05 said...

The Family and Friends of these poor youngstersare in my prayers too ,how anoying changing the date of the hearing ,just as you get yourselves physced up for it too,mind your back when you do all the furniture moving around ...love Jan xx

chat2missie said...

I sure hope Megans trip doesn't get messed up because of the court date.  I wouldn't touch the gas water heater either.  I'm terrified of gas appliances.  Guess who has a gas heater and water heater?  ME.  I won't touch them.  Thank goodness my stove is electric or I wouldn't cook. LOL  Have a good Wednesday.

rdautumnsage said...

((Hugs)) You smile from the heart where it matters hon!! Isn't Megan still on your health insurance? Skye is still on her Dad's as long as she is in school. I hope they are able to change the date for court. Keep your chin up hon, things are bound to get better. I'm keeping You and Megan in my prayers on the smoke. (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

I hope Megan's court dates go ok.  Glad she is still going to Asia.  What an experience for her!  She'll come home a different person.
Water heaters scare me, too! LOL!  I've been told if it's making all that noise it's time for a new one.  Luckily, like you, mine has lasted a long time.  
Hope you have a good day.

helmswondermom said...

I hope they can reschedule Megan's court day, and that she is able to take her trip.  Our water heater burst last summer, and we bought an electric one to replace it.  It has made a difference on our gas bills.

princesssaurora said...

I know the VT thing is sooooo sad...   Glad that things are moving forward for Megan!  She must be very excited!

be well,

tendernoggle said...


gehi6 said...

Isn't it hard sometimes to get everything done with kids, etc. And about that water heater, I was staying in my sister's house and I noticed some steam was coming out of the toilet!  I called it to my sister's attention, but she said oh, it's nothing.  Well, that night the water heater which was sitting at the bottom of the stairs blew up and went up 2 stories and about scared me to death!  Course that is not going to happen to you.  Don't you hate it when people tell terrible stories about something you are worried about?   Gerry

queeniemart said...

Forgive me for being late!
I thought about you all night at work last night. Hope all is ok there.
Wow, lots of money for shots huh? I remember "back in the day" when it was free when our kids were toddlers.
Good luck today with the moving of the furniture...i am a bit confused when her court date is.....when it is past, all of you will feel better. I will never admit how many times i have had a late bill for much more than the garbage bill!

springangel235 said...

I am happy Megan was able to get the court date changed...that's great news.  Hope all goes well...for her trip...I know it will.  Your day sounds like mine...something is always coming up that needs attention...have a lovely weekend Chris...hugs and love to all,
PS...your support at my saddest time, was so much appreciated too...love you!!