Friday, April 6, 2007

April Fool's


Is it really April 6th today?  I got up and looked out the window to see two inches of snow on my car and still falling.  Of course, my snow tires are packed away so the ride down my hill should be more than interesting this morning.

I'm not sure where I got that bunny from.  I must have snagged it quite a while ago.  I found it hidden away in my external drive while searching through folders and files. 

My computer is still horrendous but I've decided that in the scheme of things to worry about, this is low on the list.  I've been reading and trying to catch up with journals again.  Trying to put tags together is just too frustrating when I can't quickly scan my folders and files.  Anyway, a computer can be fixed.  I'm a packrat with my pc and live in fear of not having the things I need when I restore or have this thing restored.  But, it's only files and "things."  I've put it in the proper perspective after reading so many entries of people in JLand who are battling cancer, have relatives battling cancer, have chronic pain and illnesses...etc.  All my woes right now are replaceable.  My pictures are intact in my external back up drive.  So are the programs I use.  Funny thing that I do.  I never empty the memory card on my camera.  I just remove and buy a new one.  I'm also considering backing my external drive up on discs.  Becky tells me this will take days, and I best get a cabinet or storage unit because I will need hundreds of cd's.  LOL...I was in my back up drive removing things I'll never use that I didn't remember I even had.

I suspect a virus although I've run several different scans, including my McAfee which is totally up to date, and nothing comes up.  I'm finding even in the past year, customer service stinks all around.  Even an extended warranty doesn't seem to make a difference.  This squeaky wheel will get some oil.  I just haven't had the energy to argue with the reps at E-Machines again.  LOL...I'm sounding like my mother these days.  She would argue and insist that companies back their products; still does. 

Work was totally off the wall on Wednesday.  I was drained when I got home.  That was the first day in my new division that was like that.  I was jinxed when the first counselor came and asked me if I ever had a day that started out crazy right off the bat.  Of course, my day was smooth at that point in time.  I said "not really."  I should have kept my mouth shut because it turned into a "full moon" type of day. 

So, I'm off to get ready to dig my car out.  Is it really Easter this weekend?  It was 60 degrees here on Christmas.  Odd, to say the least. 

Hugs and Blessings, Chris


my78novata said...

yup my computer is running like crap it has a good short while then boom its gone. yes I can not beleive this we havent had snow yet but the 20 degree temps suck. I saw a new list of dog foods come nad More and more convinces me making food is the right thing. well I tell you it waw warmer in dec and first half of jan than now. this stinks. weather so off. I can toldereate cold in nov and dec and even jan. to start in jan is just rediculous

jeadie05 said...

Oh Chris ,it is annoying when all this newfound tech ,that we have learned to take for granted blows up in our face ..but I love your attitude to it ,my PC went down last week and out of sheer frustration I washed all the floors ..ugh ,I hate to be out of touch with all my friends,I love your snowy Bunny ,poor thing it does look bemused ,Have Blessed Easter Jan xx

queeniemart said...

adorable bunny and adorable easter tag. I need to back up my tags and graphics again...i have a few CD's with thousands of them on there but its been a good 6 months and probably have thousands more. I am so sorry your PC is not working correctly but glad you can get on AOL!  I think Dell and Emachines and Compaq think we can just go buy a new PC if the current one dies. They dont care. WM sells basic PC's for $398. But they do not have enough memory. It is snowing here but it does not stick. COLD...only 21 degrees right now. Thank you for being my friend. Your comments made me smile today and i am not in a smiley mood. YOU ARE THE BEST.
LOVE, lj

midwestvintage said...

 Love your graphics, the bunny is so cute.  I have been having trouble with low memory.  Since I have deleted almost everything I am wondering about a virus also even though all the scans say no.  I have 36 memory left until I went to cable and now I have 2 with less programs.  Weird.  Hope your snow melts soon.  It is cold here also.


rdautumnsage said...

This weather is batty as all heck!! I'm so sick of snow it's not funny. It has become my new four letter word. Good luck with all the work you have ahead of you with your pc. Thinking about you, love ya! (Hugs) Indigo

chat2missie said...

It's all your fault!!  You just had to have your snow tires removed!!  LOL

siennastarr said...

Oh, man!  Still having problems with the E Machine!  I have been so lucky with mine.. never really given me any problems at all.  It was my internet provider that was driving me crazy.  All better now though.

You are right about the way things are, and looking at the scheme of things.. or the big picture.  Sometimes the things we get so stressed about are minor compared to what others are going through.  Leave to you, my friend, to see that! :)  

I do hope you get your computer squared away though.  That is so frustrating!!

Hugs and love, and more love!


ally123130585918 said...

Chris I love that little rabbit graphic ~ very appropriate as you have snow ~ the weather here in the UK has warmed up nicely it really begins to feel lie Spring ~ sorry you are still having problems with your computer hope it is all OK now ~ have a safe journey to work ~ Ally

jckfrstross said...

have a good easter:)


penniepooh said...

lol, Chris ... I so love that bunny tag with the snow! We have no snow on the ground here in my part of Ohio today. Yay! Who would think you`d need snow tires on your car at Easter??? Geesh! I hope you have a great weekend.
Love ya,

lisa41076 said...

Chris, I love that bunny tag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs Lisa

astoriasand said...

My E machine was like that Chris in Feb until one day I switched it on and Boom !!! it was gone,I lost everything.I went and bought this new one. The old one is still going to be repaired one day LOL.Yes so many people ill here in J/Land and all over the world,it is hard,makes us think twice about our own woes.Hope the weather changes quick and you have safe journeys wherever.Hope you get the pooter sorted.Havea brilliant Easter .take Care God Bless.

imgr8phil said...

I like your bunny tag with the snow.  Hope you have a hoppin' Easter.  Take care.


springangel235 said...

I love the tag...we woke up to a dusting of awful and depressing it was to see.  Hope your weekend goes well...hope the computer acts right too...hugs and love,

princesssaurora said...

Can you believe this cold??? Ugh... Have a great weekend... Happy Easter!!!!

be well,

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Chris, I'm trying to catch up on alerts, seems everybody's posting for Easter. I'm glad you've backed everything up on the computer, I hope you can get it fixed and running right again. Sorry your day at work was bad. I can't believe you're all still getting snow over there, it's been so warm here in the UK! Have a lovely Easter holiday. Jeannette xx