Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just Some Tidbits

Indecisiveness...I think that's a word but I'll make it one.  I just seem to procrastinate so much lately.  Sheesh, I couldn't even decide on a tag or graphic to use so I made one.

The girl is coming to measure for my carpet tomorrow.  I'm dying a thousand deaths because I don't want to spend the money.  I seem to be going through so much of it lately.  Of course, PHEAA hasn't processed Joey's deferrment on his student loan yet so I have to fork over another hundred.  I had to give Megan a hundred until her paycheck from spring break gets deposited in two weeks.  Total budget killer.  I've had to hit my savings already.  Payday was this past Friday...yikes and there was overtime in it. Still have to fork over $180 more for car insurance and $150 for my gas bill.  Whoa is me!  LOL...this is so rude...sorry Joey, if you read this, but he has the crud so he won't be eating like usual.

76 yesterday; 28 today with the wind kicking up again.  Lord have mercy, I hope I have a house left when spring finally arrives.

Sunday was fun.  I used Mary Kay years ago, well, I stopped 7 years ago when I moved here.  One of my best friends in Pittsburgh sold it and had a booming business.  She always sold it to me at a discount and gave me tons of freebies.  Now, what the heck is wrong with my face I have no idea.  All winter, I've had allergies to everything, even Loreal, which I've used for a good many years.  There is absolutely nothing but water than I can wash my face with.  The dermatologist is stumped.  The Mary Kay worked great at Becky's.  I had a raging rash when I got there.  It almost disappeared after the new line of products was used.  Guess what...I got home and now my face is worse than ever.  The Mary Kay is wreaking havoc.  The only thing that gets rid of this rash is St. Ives Vitamin E Advanced Therapy Lotion...costs a whopping 99 cents a tube at Walmart.  I see the dermatologist next week.  I still have to try plain old basis soap.  At least, Mary Kay will refund my money.

I suggested to my girls that we go out to eat at a family style restaurant in my old hood.  Big smile from Becky and whooping from Megan.  Not in my budget at all but it was worth it.  We had a nice time together.  Megan went back to Becky's and baked her gluten free brownies.  Becky took her back to school so I could go home without an extra trip.  Actually, Duquesne Univ. is only 15 minutes from Becky's but out of my way.

Megan brought home this chocolate peanut butter pie from Eat N Park Saturday night that is to die for.  They will not sell them day old.  If any is left that night, the employees get them free.  I have been picking at it and have eaten most of it.  It's so good but I'm glad it's gone with no more coming.  There's still one small piece that is calling me right now.

So, anyway, I've been spending my time in PSP.  I've been getting quite a few orders lately which still amazes me because I don't think I'm that good.  It does kill some time.  I've still been trying to limit it but sometimes I slip.

I best get this entry saved.  The wind is also wreaking havoc with my DSL.  The phone line must be blowing around or something because every time the wind gusts really strong, the DSL is flickering.

Have a great night....hump day tomorrow....and my day off...YEAH!




am4039 said...

yep it's been windy here to in IL.  I hope the doctor can figure out what's wrong and help you. I'm sure he/she can.   Have a great day.

jckfrstross said...

can you please do the graphic at the top for me???? PLEASE Pretty please :) thank you


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I have a few things that give my an itchy rash on my face and boy do I hate it.  I hear you on the budget thing.  Do know if you get too many tag request from me that i will not die with out one or til you can get the time.  i so understand that you work and have a family as well.  so just relax on my request.  However you really do a great job on your tags and graphics.  you need to pat your self on the back.  Takecare friend and hope you get some rest.  TerryAnn.

lv2trnscrb said...

I hear some people do break out on MaryKay cosmetics; you could be one of those


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend...
I've been spending way too much $ too!!!
Ah, well we only live once right.?  Might as well
be happy...lol  I loveeeee ur graphic...have u ever
thought about making a graphics journal..?...That
would be awesome ~ your work is beautiful!
Well...you are off today u lucky dawg...lol...enjoy!

queeniemart said...

You dont think you are that good? Are you nuts? LOL     Your work is AWESOME.....i love it and will take any you want to give. I can be your graphic guinea pig.
The ONLY thing i can use on my face since i was a little girl is Noxzema. Have you tried it? If i use soap my face would fall off...hey, maybe thats a good thing! I am so sorry you have a rash. They suck. The wind is awful here in Ohio too. Where is Spring?!!!

I dont like PB but that pie sounds cool. I am glad you went out with the girls and had a good time. We all need some good down time. Love you,lisa jo

pennietoonz said...

Chris, your graphics are so good!
I know what you mean about the money thing.... it`s been a juggling act for me , too.
Sorry about that rash...yikes. I can use just about anything without breaking out.
So nice to hear that you and the girls went out. I love doing that!
LOL about the pie..... we had ice cream cake here for my birthday and it kept calling my name!!
It`s windy here again today and so cold.
Love ya,

riverdaughter196 said...

I used Mary Kay and it chapped my skin horribly.  The only thing I can use on my face is Merle Norman.  Love your graphics.

djohn52 said...

Years ago I tried Mary Kay for the first time.  My face turned red and just hurt to touch it.  Then I tried it again after they had changed the formula some and it worked fine.  I used it for a long time, then gradually moved on to other stuff. Have you ever tried Arbonne? My friend sell it. It's a little pricey to get started but it last forever.  It's all natural products, which I've very into as you know! lol  She gave me this little sample gift of the skin care products.  They're awesome! I have to work a little longer before I can order some though.  Then I'll have aniaging on the inside and outside!  :)

Sounds like you had a good time with your daughters!  That's better than fussing...we have to take every good time we can grab with kids!  I'm so glad my boys are grown and I don't have to fuss anymore!  Yay!!!

Take Care   Hugs


chat2missie said...

I used to be able to wear all kinds of makeup when I was younger.  Now, forget it.  I can't wear any kind!  I can only use plain old white bar soap without fragrance on my face.  I love makeup!  It's a killer.

queenb8261 said...

I too love your graphics!! I love that saying on the top one, about paths taken.  I can't use Mary Kay, I've tried several times, it just hates my skin. I used to have perfect skin.  I stopped taking my hormones and I have had the worst skin ever.  I am sure it is related somehow.  Things sound busy around your place.  It s here now, with my son and granddaughters here.  Miraculously they are all out of the house tonight.  I may be able to catch up a little bit!!

krspkrmmom said...

OMG...I haven't been to an Eat N Park in years!!!  I know when I was out that way, some of my friends called it EAT-N-PUKE...lmao.  Do people still call it that? lol.  Hope the dermatologist finds out what's up with your face--that's gotta suck!

Annie =)