Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Another Day/Another Dollar

LOL...3 guesses what I've been doing with my time when I wasn't sleeping?  Playing with PSP.  I did get a version of the crud I've been battling.  So, what better thing to do when you feel around with PSP and make things.  I feel much better today.

My BF and I went carpet shopping today.  He went to Lowe's last night even though I told him it would be a waste of time.  The figure was a mind boggling $1,200.  I know the room is very large...18 X 22...but still.  There is small, family-owned flooring place a few miles north of here.  I hear good things all the time about this place.  Same Berber carpet....$720.  The difference is that Lowe's pays subcontractors to do the work.  A big difference.  LOL..I'm still in sticker shock.  It's been a long while since I've had carpeting installed.  The mom runs the place for her daughter, and the son installs.  Mom is a sweety...a German immigrant.  Her daughter is close to 40 with two younger boys and a deadbeat ex.  She has leukemia and been in remission for 1 1/2.  The daughter will come out and measure and make suggestions.  LOL...she is also an interior designer so I'm really gonna pick her brain.  Mom says the daughter loves to go to the houses and pick the best carpet at the best price for the family's needs.  Grizzly and his claws are one concern.  I have a small powder room in the familyroom.  The flooring was ruined from a leak in the toilet which has long since been fixed.  No problem...they will just install the extra carpeting in there at no charge.  Not that I want a carpeted powder room but it will solve the problem for now.

Megan is still acting angelic.  Funny how the need for cash can put that attitude under control.  I just love having Megan under my thumb. She is so much like I was at that age.  My mom couldn't play along with me because her mind never thought my way.  It caused so much friction between us.  On the other hand, I know what Megan is thinking before she opens her mouth.  Flips her out.

I have to grocery shop again today.  Mother Hubbard's cupboard is totally bare...totally.  I should have gone yesterday but was totally wiped out. 

It's chilly and dreary here but the birds are chirping every morning....Take care all and enjoy your Wednesday!  HUGS


                         (I managed to get my Tink glittered....YEAH!)


pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris.... I love the font you used on that first tag! And I think Tink looks so cute with the glitter!
Good luck with that carpet place...sounds like you found a great place!
Feel better and glad Megan is doing well! :0)
Love ya,

chat2missie said...

I really have to find time to start messing with PSP!!

jckfrstross said...

so glad you are feeling better:) hope you get your carpet soon


tmtcrobin said...

Just commenting on your upbeat attitude, I am also single, husband of 31 yrs died this past summer and I am finding my way in life again by myself, kids are grown and gone so that is different from your situation. It is a big wide world out there and we just stumble along till we find the right(or left) fork in the road. I wish you all the luck with the BF,hope it works out for the best.

lv2trnscrb said...

Wow, that is a lot for carpet from Lowes. But you are right; they do subcontract out their installers. Glad you found another source and that sounds like a good one.

Love Tink and your other tag!


queeniemart said...

Sounds like you are doing well and things are good. Thats a good thing! I havent bought carpet in a long time but it will be so nice to have it, huh? You do such awesome work in PSP.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

We've been wanting to get Berber throughout our house...
Seems like we are always spendin money on other junk tho....
It would really improve the look of our house tho...the carpet we have
must be at least 20yrs

oxobagladyoxo said...

That sounds great about the carpet. :)  Ah spring will be here soon before ya know it.


am4039 said...

beautiful graphics. Carpet can cost a lot of money for sure.  Yes kids wonder how we know what they are going to say. I have done the same with my kids. Or mom how did you see that.  Duh, I have eyes in the back of my head. LOL.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Great job on your tink.  She rocks.  Glad that thing with Megan are going good.  I am so happy for you getting new carpet.  That should boost your spirits as well.  Takecare  and get better soon.  Hugs TerryAnn.

njmom72 said...

New carpeting is always wonderful, and getting it at a good price is even better! Enjoy! :-)

~ Susan

xxroxymamaxx said...

Happy you're feeling better Chris.  I am too.  We survived it. lol  And what a great place that you are getting your carpeting from....wish we had a place like that here.  Good luck.  GBU, Shelly
P.s.  Love your tags!

rhondashkfree said...

New Carpet!
How exciting!  I love doing rennovations.  Or at least when it is all done and beautiful. I like your journal.  First time here.  Bless always,  ~Rhonda~

shayshaydc said...

You did good on the glitter!!! Sorry I'm so far behind reading your journal!! It has been an adjustment working nights!!!