Sunday, June 4, 2006

Tomorrow is the Day

Thanks, Dianna, for the tag above.  I love it!  LOL...wish I had legs like that...I just might have to get a pair of sexy white boots.  I took some pictures of my clothes.  One lesson you would think I would learn is to hang them up instantly and not leave them in the bags for 4-5 days...can we say wrinkled?  I'm embarrassed to take pictures of them but only ironed the linen suit this morning because that's what I'm wearing tomorrow.  I'm leery of the linen.  I didn't do my usual "crinkle" test at Target.  I grab a section of it and see if it wrinkles instantly.  If it does, no go....  Well, the crinkle test at home was not very good.  I have a fear by the time I get off the bus, I'm going to look like I slept in it.  I just might have to return it.  I'm still thinking about that.

         I had to put this picture in of Grizzly and Mocha.  Doesn't he just have the hardest life?  His new thing now is he wants to lay his head on a pillow.  Not a couch pillow...a regular comfortable bed pillow.

  This is the linen suit and the pumps.  The suit has white pin stripes in it that don't show up on the pic.  The slacks are underneath on the hanger.  It may just have to go back because linen is hard to keep fresh looking.

 These are the wrinkly ones which have since been ironed and hung.  I love the peasant top and the skirt below it is peasanty.  Yikes those camel colored ones are wrinkled.  I did iron them after the pictures but didn't feel like taking more pics and downloading them.

  The white capri's are really a white with tan seersucker...just didn't come out in the shots.  ROFL...I'm betting Penny is cringing at the wrinkles. 

Last night I drank far too much and paid for it today.  My BF had some crusty looking lady hitting up on him all night.  He left me down there because I wasn't ready to leave.  I had so many free drinks.  By the time he came back to get me, I still had another beer but couldn't take another drink.  There were two weddings there so I shook by bootae on the dance floor all night.  Boy do I just love to dance.

Joey and I ate at Eat N Park tonight.  Megan was waitressing.  She had to go to a bone specialist on Friday.  Not for celiac but for residuals of a broken pinkie finger three years ago.  Her finger is going numb and getting painful.  Waitressing is aggravating it worse.  They think it's tendonitis so she has to wear a brace for so many hours a day.  It goes half way up her arm.  She has to take Alleve twice a day.  Poor kid is going to need a pill case like my mom.  She has Synthroid, Os-Cal and I can't remember what else but some have to be taken 2 hours before eating.  The Synthroid 2 hrs after the Os-Cal and now she can't figure out how to fit the Alleve in.  Oh, she takes an iron supplement.

This week is training at work.  Instead of going to the training center in Baltimore, they are coming here.  It will be from 8-5 every day.  Friday until noon.  I will still be on my 10 hr schedule because of my busses.  I'm not sure how they will work that out because 8-5 is an extra half hour each day and we won't get OT for it.

My new venture begins, exciting but scary also. 



Penny, I'm putting your butterfly in my journal.  See if you save it from here if it works right...



queeniemart said...

i am going to keep you in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow...i know you are nervous.....dont be nervous! Your clothes look awesome! Dont worry about some wrinkles. I love that pheasant top. Wish i was thin and could wear them.
Your dog is S-P-O-I-L-E-D!
Love,lisa jo

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Good luck with your new venture, Chris. One way to alleviate wrinkles is to go nakkie and just wear the boots! Of course, you are bound to be noticed but maybe you can just "pretend" like in the "Emperor With No Clothes!!!" J/K

All new ventures are scary. I feel the same way. You'll make it and good luck to you.
Hugs and warm wishes!

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, Good luck tomorrow. Our thoughts and best wishes will be with you.  David

jckfrstross said...

you will look marvolus(sp) :) please remember to post how your day went ok? poor megan hope her arm heals quickly Good luck


xxroxymamaxx said...

Cute outfit!  and I hope your day goes well tomorrow.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

sugarsweet056 said...

Oh wow, very cute clothes! Wish I was thin enough to look good in something like that! Don't worry about a few wrinkles, you'll look great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hugs to you dear, will keep you in my prayers.
Blessings, Sugar
(love the fur baby pics)

lanurseprn said...

I love your new clothes!!!  You're going to look so pretty!  Glad you were able to let your hair down this weekend and had a good time.  I'm wishing you the best tomorrow on the new job!  My turn will be next Monday.  You'll be fine.  It's scary....I know. But, exciting too!  I'm sure next Sunday night I'll be a nervous wreck! LOL!
Let us know how it goes!

queenb8261 said...

Cute cute clothes.  Linen today is a lot different than it used to be.  And nowdays it's usually blended w/something else.  You'll look great!!  Great pic of Grizzly and Mocha.  My Jake ALWAYS uses a piilow OR one of his stuffed animals.  I got him this yellow and blue thing that I call a skunk because of the striped tail and eveyone else calls squirrel.  He uses it a LOT for a pillow.  He's like a baby. My granddaughter will cover him with his doggie quilt and he will lay there like a kid when he is napping.  LOL
Have a great week. (Oh hope Megan's finger starts feeling better. I'm sure they can do something for it.)

jeadie05 said...

Your clothes all look lovely ,I have a peasant top in cream that is very similar to yours ,of course you are going to be fine tomorrow .will be be waiting to hear how you get on ......Jan xx

xomywayox said...

That dog is spoiled rotten and it's all your fault! lol And Mocha looks a little displease too. The new clothes are fab-o and you will look great.
Drunk to much huh? At least you can admitted. LoL


lawsonladies said...

Hi Chris!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your new clothes!  You are gonna look beautiful!  Good Luck with everything!  Let me know how it goes, k?  Hope Megan's pinky will heal quickly!  I too take synthroid.  I've taken it since they 'killed' my thyroid with radio-active-iodine way back in 1990.  Fun stuff..NOT!  We still have trouble regulating the correct dose.  Does Megan have that problem too?  I really don't know anyone else who take it.  Thanks for any info!  Hope your today was a GREAT DAY!  And the rest of the week is great too!
Love, Linda

am4039 said...

good luck with the new work venture, You'll do great.  Nice clothes, I need some new clothes, it's been a while. I'm jealous. Enjoy them. My dog puts his head on the pillow too. Yep a comfortable one. They are so spoiled. lol

pennietoonz said...

Chris, now the butterfly is saving without the black background, but with no animation!! Whaaaaa!!! I will keep trying. Wow, you bought a lot of new clothes! I`m sure you will be looking spiffy come Monday morning. ( lol, and no- I wasn`t cringing at the wrinkles. ) I know what you mean about linen....very pretty but tough to keep crisp. I will say a prayer for you that all goes well.
Grizzly is just too cute. lookin` prett comfy.  :0)

imgr8phil said...

I love the pic, now that is a lazy dog LOL.  Have a great week.