Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Almost Hump Day

Yes, I'm looking forward to "hump" day very much now.  I'm still working on getting things done while working every day.  Joey has to see his psychiatrist tomorrow so I had to schedule it for 4:30.  He'll pick me up when I get done at work since the doctor is in an area of Pittsburgh not too far from the downtown area.  Another 7:00 evening coming up tomorrow.  I still have to try and figure out how I'm going to schedule an appt. with my family doctor.  I have to see him once a year for my high blood pressure medication.  It's that time....no more refills

I'm still waiting for all my systems to be set up at work so I'm limited as to what I can experiment with.  From what I understand, since I'm in a totally new division, it's not just a simple change in my programs. 

I'm so looking forward to my trip to Ohio next week.  I have to get my oil changed before I go so I best call and get an appt. scheduled for Saturday.

Otherwise, things are going well besides my impatience with not having the commands I need.

My BF was up today searching for the holes in my pool liner.  It was in the 70's today and supposed to push 80 over the weekend so there still might be some hope that we will get in that pool yet.

He cleaned and filled my pond in the front.  Does anybody with a water feature know the secret to keeping the algae growth in line?  I was using a chlorine mixture last year but it's killing my rocks that it flows over.  I'm so clueless with this pond of mine.

My flowers look gruesome around the pond.  I lost so many this past winter, and it was a mild winter.  Can't figure it out.  If I ever get some time, I need to look at some perennials to replenish that area.

I'll have to save the MySpace tale for tomorrow because I'm getting tired and my head is nodding off, and I just remembered it's garbage day tomorrow.  I joined so I could snoop in Becky's journal.  What a fiasco....

LOL...no wedding bells to all of you who were wondering.  Maybe one day?  Who knows but not any time soon.

HUGS & SMILES!  (I heard AOL did some kind of update today...so has anybody seen any type of improvements????)



queeniemart said...

Wedding bells? Who is getting married?
its breezy and nice here...i am so happy but jealous of you and Penny. Wish i was there with you too.
This week is feeling like a snail to me. Going too slow. Ugh.
LOVE YOU girl.

jckfrstross said...

i joined my space also to spy on the kids LMAO it took me forever and now i am trying to do a background yeah right i gave up LOL keep going it will work out with my space. Yes its almost hump day woohoo. you have a pool i am so jelous


tpiez4me said...

Funny...I joined MySpace to spy on my little brother.......
Sharon – http://journals.aol.com/tpiez4me/CoastalComfort

pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris,
Well, we are both in the process of getting to know our jobs...yours new and mine a refresher course. I am looking forward to your trip to Ohio also!!! :)
Nope, haven`t seen one darn improvement w/ those AOL changes. LOL What else is new.....

lanurseprn said...

It's hard trying to figure out how to get all of the things done now.  I'm trying to figure out when to see my doc.  Simple things like that!  I'd forgotten that aspect of the Mon-Fri deal.
Good luck with the pool!!  I wanna pool!!  Have no idea on how to keep water clean like that.  Sorry.
Have a good trip and I wanna see LOTS of pictures!!

am4039 said...

yep it's hump day now.  Hope your systems at work get set up soon so you can do what  you need to do.  Have fun on your Ohio trip and hope all things go great.

jeadie05 said...

Yes its hump day here in the UK not at all sure what AOL have done ,I couldnt add my pictures yesterday so maybe they have fixed it so I can today lol ......Jan xx

zoepaul6968 said...

Aww i hope wedding bells are to be ringing soon hun,what is 'hump day'? It means something different here in England,at least i hope so lol xxzoexx.

chat2missie said...

I have not seen any improvements in AOL yet.  I use an algae control in my pond.  It does well.  My plants seem to be able to tolerate it and my rock are okay.  The one problem however is it has a blue dye.  It makes the water beautiful looking but sometimes my rock get a blue color on them.  Not a big deal to me.  I'll look at the name of the product later today and send it to you.  Have a good one.

xxroxymamaxx said...

I joined MySpace a while back as well to keep up with my kids.  I do go and check every once in a while but not too often.  lol.  I didn't realize your trip to Ohio was approaching so quickly.  You're going to have a blast!  And I'm not sure about the pond thing but I have BIL who knows all about that stuff so I will ask him.  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

LOL...improvement...I have not noticed any...lol...Hope you have fun on your trip....A pool sounds so nice...hugs,TerryAnn

lv2trnscrb said...

oh, I do want to hear about MySpace. I started one there one time for the fun of it and Amy (the girl I mentor) found out about it and she said "you're too old to be on MySpace". I just laughed.


sazzylilsmartazz said...

Now why did you have to mention myspace? That's all I can think about. Yer a tease. No. AOL didn't do anything except screw up the journals for a while and nothing is improved as far as I am concerned. SOS! LOL

helloimkara said...

Road trips are always nice! I could sure use one. Got room for one more hehe :)