Saturday, July 22, 2006


This will probably be one of my longwinded entries.  I had to search my archives for this tag I made eons ago. 

I have always been very spiritual.  I give the credit for my remission of my depression to attending a Bible study every Wed. many years ago when my children were small.  All three of my kids started their Sunday school classes at age 2.  Joey is my spiritual child; always has been.  Megan, I wasn't sure of, but by the time she was confirmed, I realized that she had absorbed the Bible and just stored it in her mind.  The pastor of the church at that time had gone off the deep end.  He said that divorced people would not go to heaven unless divorce was because of adultery.  Megan hit him with the Bible verse in James that says if we are guilty of breaking one commandment, we are guilty of breaking them all. (Correct me, Betty, because I'm really paraphrasing this.)  She also threw back the verse that said a husband should treat his wife as Jesus treats the church and putting a knife to her mom's neck did not exemplify that. go, Megan.  She was promptly sent out into the hall for the rest of the class.  I have long since severed my ties to that church.

Becky.....pretty much agnostic and my biggest worry.  She did not listen to the studies in church or church school. 

Last week, she excitedly IM'd me about a new, non-denominational church she had attended with a friend and loved.  She wanted me to go last Sunday but I was just not feeling that great with the strep.

She cracked me up with her IM.  We were discussing the church and why I should go with her.  She was pressing the issue so I finally asked her why she felt I needed to go so bad.  Her answer....Mom, you really need to find Jesus.  ROFL...I almost fell off my chair.  Where was this child growing up?  In church twice a week, youth group, Mom at Bible Study every Wednesday, daily devotions around the dinner table, etc.  I have had several framed religious pictures in the house over the years, crosses above the doors of  all our bedrooms, etc.  LOL...I also have a huge angel collection, and Becky has bought me much of my collection.   I swear she was zoning out during this time.  Joey and Megan were cracking up when I told them this also.

So, tomorrow I'm traveling to Pittsburgh to go to church with her.  I really hate traveling there but I feel it is very necessary.  I had to check the website out that she sent and read some sample sermons.  I wanted to make sure it was Bible based and not some off the wall thing.  It looks like a very good church.  I've prayed for Becky for many looks like I had to wait but it was answered.

The Biaxin I'm taking is kicking my stomach to bits.  I have those bathroom runs which I hope slow down but we'll manage somehow tomorrow.

Tonight, I'm just going to take a long bubblebath, get in my jammies and rest.  It's rained all day and only 70 degrees.  Feels sort of good to have the windows open again although I'm hoping for some sun tomorrow when I get home for a little pool time.

Have a great evening!






pennietoonz said...

Chris, I am so happy to hear this about Becky! The Christian church I go to is non-denominational. You were right to research it first to be sure it`s Bible based. How exciting!
Love you,

princesssaurora said...


I am glad that your daughter has found a church that makes her happy.  I know all about biaxin, try taking one immodium pill when you take the biaxin, it helped me...

be well,

xomywayox said...

Pretty in pink...I knew you were an Angel! Ok, I'm all for finding God and the right path. I think it's lot better then buying the Wicca Cook Book (I'll get some hate mail on that comment) Go Mom, and you'll good that you do. Smooches and Oh good girl for her throwing out the right Bible verese!


jckfrstross said...

its funny how we want it to happen quick but God does it in his time:) i am so glad:) eat yogurt it will bring back the good bacteria in your tummy trust me you need the good stuff just make sure it has live cultures(yogurt) let me know how it goes tomorrow


lv2trnscrb said...

Chris, Megan knows her Bible :) She got that right. I think its awesome you are willing to travel to go to church with Becky; let us know how the service goes. Its neat that something clicked with Becky that she feels you need to know about Jesus; maybe its herself that needs to know but she doesn't want to truly admit it.

How many more days of the Biaxin? Take Imodium like a few suggested and if the diarrhea continues way past when you are done with the Biaxin let your doctor know.


kdcutie26 said...

The tag is absolutely beautiful!  I love it.  I am happy that Becky found a church that she finds will fill her void.  I have yet to really find what I am looking for, but in the last year, I have found more and more then I could have asked.  I just have so many questions about spirituality, and I am slowly coming into some answers.  Thank you for sharing this story with us...KJ

queeniemart said...

oh babe, i hate it that you are on a pill that makes you sick..i SURE KNOW HOW THAT FEELS!!!

What a WONDERFUL thing that Becky is asking you to go to church...this could be a truly wonderous thing for you both. Wish i could go too. I feel a pull to church but then never act on it.
I cant wait to hear how it goes. You are such an awesome mommy.

jeadie05 said...

What a great entry for Sunday ,certainly giveing food for thought ,will be interested to hear about the new church,funny how kids give an impression ,they have ideas that are totally different to ours ,then surprise us ,by coming back ....Jan xx

helloimkara said...

Im glad your daugther is making an effort to go to church.  Makes such a difference in our lives.  See never give up on someone as you just never know!!

Kara :)

oxobagladyoxo said...

I love that tag hun very pretty!

LOL that is funny hun.  You shouldn't be worried about that church she goes to the sermins are based of the bible. I have a cousin that worked as a missionary for a non denominational church and now he is a pastor.


am4039 said...

lol well you have a good time at the church. Great graphic.

buggieboo1 said...

Hi Chris,
your graphics are always so pretty!

chat2missie said...

Your daughter's comment to you was funny!!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

mtrib2 said...

Hope you are feeling well and I enjoyed reading about your faith.   I have your Journal name now as I asked you to send it to me in the email I sent.    mark

xxroxymamaxx said...

The new church sounds very interesting.  I hope it worked out well for you both!  When I was a kid, mom told us that there was a God and taught us to be morally correct, but never sent us to church or went to church herself.  Funny I turned out to be very spiritual as well.  Talk to you soon!  GBU, Shelly