Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rain and More Rain

Not that I totally can't stand rain but we have had a non-stop monsoon with wind since the middle of the night.  I had a headache that started once again yesterday afternoon that felt like a vice grip clamped on my head.  I had to miss work again today, which I just always hate doing.  Turns out I have a sinus infection and have probably been walking around with it for a few weeks.  This has been a bad year for bugs and crud for me.

It was sort of good that I was at home.  I had forgotten to shut the kitchen window all the way, and rain just blew completely through the kitchen.  I heard a buzzing noise.  It was the one outlet in a string of outlets above my one counter.  The wall was hot, the outlet was hot.  I sort of got panicky.  My air conditioner caught my familyroom wall on fire a few summers ago because of faulty wiring.  Deja Vu was setting in.  It turned out that rain had gotten into the one outlet and was sizzling.  I tried drying it but then used my blow dryer on low and that solved the problem.  The plug and wall are cool and back to normal.  My BF came over to check and make sure.

I had been at the pharmacy getting my prescription when it started raining which is why I didn't get the window closed in time.

The medicine is really helping already.  I decided to tackle the basement and get it over with.  Yikes, water ran into the coal cellar and a little bit in the back.  We did have some pounding rain for quite a while.  It wasn't a whole lot but the coal cellar had a good sized puddle in one corner.  LOL...another job for my retired handyman to check the gutters and build up the fill on that side of the house.  He had to do that once before on the other side. how about American Idol?  I tell you I was more than shocked.  I was stunned.  I thought it would be Taylor and Chris at the end.  I was sure Miss Katie was gone.  I've never really had a favorite but Chris has really proven to be so well rounded with his performances.  I like Taylor but sometimes he's almost spastic with his dancing and movements.  Yeah, I thought Katie did well at times but sheesh she missed the lyrics the other night.  More and more Chris was becoming my favorite.  I also thought Ryan was really cold and blunt when he blurted it out.  Oh well....AI has lost a lot of its luster for me.

Back to work tomorrow for me.  I left all my umbrellas and my raincoat with the hood there.  I'm really praying for the rain to stop at least at 6 tomorrow morning so I don't get drenched.  We do not have an umbrella in this house.  Of course, the one that's always in my car in now in my locker at work.  One day I will get organized...not.

Have a great evening all and stay dry if it's pouring where you are at!




thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I hear ya on the AI is all I can say...and kat has really had some mishaps along with her talented really thought she would go home instead of Chris...Sometimes I swear it is fixed...hehehehe..  Sorry to hear you are not well...You have been sick alot this year..praying for you to have better days...Good luck on the basement...and Hugs...TerryAnn

pennietoonz said...

Chris... I just love that rainy graphic with the bear! It`s still raining here, too. Gosh, I hope that sinus infection clears up soon. You sure have had your share of this crap! I`m for Taylor all the way on Idol... but I do think it has lost some of its competitive edge with Chris gone. At least your umbrella is staying nice and dry in that locker at work. LOL
Love ya,

buggieboo1 said...

We are getting hard with rain right now!


chevyz71gurl74 said...

Hope you feel better soon!
I loveeee the rain graphic with the bear...did u make it..?
If so i would loveeee to have one =)
It's been raining and hailing and windy as all get out here...
I want some sunshine!!!!
AI pissed in my cheerios this week, i said i wouldn't watch it
again last night when i posted, as my blood was boiling...but i'm sure my
ass will be sittin in front of the tv next week...same time ...same
Missing my Chris =(

am4039 said...

I am so shocked about Chris, Kat did just awful for the past two weeks. It has been raining for two days and going to conitinue. It's only in the 40's here. I can't stand it.

sugarsweet056 said...

Rain...rain go away, come again another day! LOL
Hope your HA goes away too. {{}}
Scary about the rain & your outlet! Yikes!

jckfrstross said...

we had snow on tuesday so i wouldn't mind the rain:) hope the meds kick in and you feel better soon:) i hear ya about the creeping crud this year its been awful


njmom72 said...

It's been raining very hard here, too. I miss Chris already, but now if Chris can't win, then I hope that Taylor wins...he's a lot of fun to watch.

~ Susan

jeadie05 said...

Ihope your sinus soon drain and you feel better again and ,yes rain rain go away ,lovely graphic ,lol at your brollys being where they shouldnt be ...Jan xx

mtrib2 said...

I am glad that your wall cooled down after having rain get in an outlet.   I have a draining ear infection and a headache from it.    I will be seeing the ear doctor in 2 weeks for my 6 month check up and if I need anti-biotics then that may help.    We have had rain and it is in the 50's this morning.    mark

chat2missie said...

It rained monsoon style here last night also.  We even had a tornado watch in the next county.  Right now, it's sunny and pleasant.  What a difference a few hours makes.  Have a good weekend.

queeniemart said...

Its been raining here for 3 days and hasnt stopped and its cold. I am so glad your outlets are ok..that is SCARY!!!!!!  I hope your headache is gone. I have had one for 4 days and it wont go away either. Try to take it easy this weekend.
Love you,lisa jo

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well if ya want, you can send some of that rain down this way cause we are dry as a bone.  Haven't had any rain in months which is unusual for Florida this time of year.  Hope it stops soon and you have a great day today.  Sorry to hear about your sinus infection...hate those!  Praying for you to heal quick.  GBU, Shelly

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Chris ((((hugs)))) to get better soon ~ Kelsey gets sinus infections and they are nasty ~ wishing you well :-) Unbelievably we still have brilliant sunshine ~ freaky for the UK if you ask me, but still I'm not complaining lol........I have about 3 brollies ~ but can I ever find one ~ NO lol........glad you got your soggy electrics sorted out ~ that can be real dodgy. As you may know we have been following AI on a Friday night ~ not gonna bother watching tonight if Chris got booted off ~ and rudely ~ I liked him.....a lot :-) LOL at Taylor and his spastic dancing ~ he's great but you're right about his movements !!! Hope it's dry, bright and sunny for you tomorrow.....have a great evening :-)
lots of love Debbie ~xxxxxx~

onestrangecat said...

I don't mind rain too much, but when it goes on for days is when I say enough!


momof3kidz said...

I really hate the rain! It depresses me and makes me moody! It's been raining here and my mood is proof of that!

I am shocked that Chris is gone! I don't really even have anytning to look forward to on American Idol anymore! Both of my Eye candy is gone! lol Ace and Chris! lol

I am glad I found your journal! Please stop by mine! I am adding your link to mine!


jeanno43 said...

Hope the rain goes away for you soon. Glad you managed to dry out the rain problem.

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Sure hope the rain has stopped by this time. Behind in alerts:( Sorry!