Saturday, May 20, 2006

A New Journey

The waiting is over....I found out early yesterday morning that I was selected for the promotion in Voc Rehab.  I was shocked.  The call came from our HR in Baltimore.  We have caller ID.  I didn't recognize the number and thought someone must have referred another outside call to me.  Almost didn't answer it but figured I should.  It turns out the division chief is out of town.  I'm not sure why it was done this way.  It's been the oddest of odd situations but I have my foot in that door.  It is a very, very good promotion.  I will have to work my butt off to progress to the target which is a wonderful opportunity for me.  Of course, the naysayers, of which I was warned this would happen, started instantly on the cons.

The differences in the divisions are vast.  My division is the elementary school of the Agency.  Everybody knows everybody's business.  Professionalism is lacking.  People come and go pretty much as they please.  There's not a whole lot of accountability.  After working in this type of circus atmosphere for a good many years, you begin to adapt to the environment.  I do my work conscientously but tend to take off when I feel like it and come and go as I please because I do work very hard when I'm there.  LOL...back to the real world of working for me.  My new division is very quiet and organized.  No calling off when you feel like it.  All times off, except emergencies scheduled.  The way it should be.

So, I'm very ecstatic but also scared crapless.  I know the division chief but not extremely well....I've known him for years to say hello.  And so the rumors start about the other division.

I'm hoping to speak to him when he returns on Monday.  I realize most likely they do not have compressed work schedules.  I'm terrified to give my Wednesdays up.  Ok..not terrified but summer is on the way.  Well, I'm not supposed to be in the sun anymore anyway since I've had lesions removed and get checked quarterly since last fall for more.  I can't run out for smoke breaks so I'm buying a patch tomorrow and have decided enough is enough.  It's bothering me to smoke because I'm scared crapless of what it could be doing to my lungs.

I know I'm rambling.  I have a million and one thoughts pounding through this old head of mine.  I've dealt with so many changes with my job the past 7 years.  It's unbelievable that this is sending me through so many loops of emotions.  I feel like my little child inside of me is screaming again.

Now, I'm thinking can I really do this?  Of course, I can.  I've risen far and above what I should be doing and learned so many new things on my own.  My division chief and supervisor were very ashen faced yesteday.  They have no idea who to replace me with.  They are asking my new boss if he will let me stay upstairs two weeks to a month to train a new guy.  I have no idea what the new boss will say.  I am supposed to be starting the day after Memorial Day, and that's fine with me. 

And the final kicker....two people are going to replace me.  My old job is going up on the board and surprise, surprise, it's two grades higher than what I am presently.  The irony made me want to laugh/cry.  Nice that I was so appreciated.  One thing I do know and I do think they realize.....I will be greatly missed when I'm gone.

My new journey beginning...if I don't move forward and take a chance, I'll never know what would have been. 

I love all of you and thank you so much for being here and listening to me, supporting me with your prayers.

Oh, Joey's interview was cancelled at the last minute because of a meeting.  I will explain more about this but he cuts grass for a guy who is a retired exec from the cable company who is also a family friend of my mother and brother.  So, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed because, as you know, it's usually not what you know; it's who you know.  My boy needs a break finally.... He's in Columbus this weekend for the NHRA races so he's having a good time.  Again, thank you all for your continued prayers for my family and me.



tpiez4me said...

OH no I don't think I'd like to give up my freedom for a crack down job.  I've worked myself into a comfort zone too at work, the thought of going "straight" and back to a strict 8am-5pm work time scares me!!!
Sharon –

debbiewebb4465 said...

CONGRATULATIONS Chris !!!!!!!!! Well done to you!!!! I'm so happy for you :-) Listen love you're bound to have nerves but that's because you're such a good conscientious worker and want to do well!! It will be fine, you'll be ok I know you will........this is great news for me to go to bed on :-)  Keeping absolutely everything crossed for Joey now!
lotsa love Debbie ~xxxxxxxxxx~

debbiewebb4465 said...

PS I'll be on every step of your new journey with you ~ as will the rest of your JLand friends I'm sure !!!!!!!!!
hugs Deb ~xxxxxxxxxx~

helloimkara said...

wHAT A Fantastic event in your life. Change is always frightening but they picked you for a reason and that is becasue you are the best person for the job!  You will be great!!!  Good for you too to quit smoking. Im sure it will be tough but you can and SHOULD do it :)  Thats great news and I am so excited for you!!!

Kara :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

I'm so very very proud of you Chris!  Congratulations.  I'm sure your anxieties about it are in vain because you will do your best as always!  Hugs and GBU, Shelly

jckfrstross said...

woohoo doing the happy dance for you:) i know you will shine in this new job and you will be appreciated:)  i am so excited for you :) have a great sunday


lanurseprn said...

Congratulations to you!!!  I'm so happy for you!  I know you're scared....that's normal.  Change is scary.  But, it would be more scary to me not to change and regret it in the future.
You will be are obviously more than qualified.  Congrats again!!            Pamela

queenb8261 said...

You go girl!! Congrats.  I know you're going to be sensational.  Very happy for ya
Hugs, Barb

am4039 said...

yeah, the job sounds so exciting. I know you'll do a great job.

jeadie05 said...

Chris very well done ,I, like the rest of the people here ,are so proud of you and so very pleased ,the waiting is over and ...'its you' its natural to be scared ,but you will be fine once it all gets underway ,doing a little dance here ,great great news ! Fingers still crossed for Joey ..........Jan xx

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Congrats Chris!!!!
I am so very happy for you =)
I would be nervous and scared to, as i
do not like change..but ya know..change is good
most of the time we just have to accept it...You
will do a wonderful job!!!  Keeping Joey in my
prayers about his job situation...i'm jealous of him
going to the races...hehe I would love to see NHRA
up close and in person!  Have a lovely sunday!

imgr8phil said...

Congratulations on your new promotion.  Thanks once again for commenting on my journal, I really appreciate the time you took to do so.


njmom72 said...

Congratulations hun, that's awesome!! Don't listen to the naysayers...anything worth having is worth working hard for, I always say! You'll do great! :-)

~ Susan

onestrangecat said...

congrats on your promotion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


pennietoonz said...

Chris, congratulations on that promotion. :)  This means no more Saturdays at work, right? I know it`s scary to start something new, esp the older we get, but you`ll do just fine. :)
So Joey`s in my neck of the woods, huh? I hope he`s having fun.
love ya,

zoepaul6968 said...

Of course you can do it and do it well hun,congratulations xxzoexx

xomywayox said...

Yippee! Congrats on the promotion. And I think you'll do just fine. Now, doesn't it
P'Oed you just a little bit that they are replacing you with two other people. Well, it goes to show that you are a good worker. Congrats again.


chat2missie said...

Congrats to you.  I'm sure you'll kick butt in your new position.

jaycee0728 said...

Congrats on being selected for the promotion, I'm still waiting on mine but the wheels are in motion. Of course haters love to bring anyone who is on th way to doing better then them down. Everything has cons, pros, and risks. What doesn't?  It's normal to be scared but you will do just fine. Wow rumors started oh my I'm shocked. No smoking thank the heavens about time should be scared but no dewelling on the past. Just quit smoking now! Well sorry I haven't really been around but I'm so glad to see your doing well. ~j~

mtrib2 said...

Congrats on your promotion.   As a former client of the Division Of Rehabilitative Services in Illinois I had several consulers that I really liked.   Another one that I did not.    I was being pushed to take 12 credit hours at Junior College when I was badly limping and eventually got two total knee replacements.    I ended up dropping one course.   Then I decided to pay for it myself and just take one course the following semester.    I have since been given information that the agency does work with people that are staying on SSI and being placed.    I had been told that I could only receive services if I were to be placed with the intention of being taking off of disability completely.    I installed the front door change of governor decal because of my sign painting experience.    It was appreciated by the head person since it could not be done in time by a local sign company.     mark

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Congrats and Hugs!

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!  

Doesn't that just clean your craw! Two people AND a higher paygrade!  

At the college where I had worked for 13 years my boss (who had been my friend and we did everything together) who then was promoted to my boss. She then decided I was below her so we didn't go to lunch together anymore, and she just basically treated me like dirt. Afterall I was her personal secretary now! Then the day I left she cried so hard she couldn't talk (and she's not a crying person) because she just could not understand why I was leaving.  She didn't cry that hard when she and her husband stood up with Darrell and I when we got married.

Are you kidding....moving on is scary!

Anyhow Congratulations!  You deserve it! And best wishes for your son