Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I snagged the above tag but think it represents my feeling toward J-Land.  I've met so many wonderful people who have become such great friends.  I'm so thankful that I started this journal.

My birthday alarm went off again.  Today is David's Sunshine Colorado Notes birthday....lol...at least I'm saying it is but have been known to be off a day or two.  Stop by his journal and wish him a happy one.  David has some of the most interesting entries and Milo, his dog, definitely didn't get kicked out doggie camp.

American Idol...yes, I did watch it again.  Elliott sang one of my all time favorite songs, What you Do for Love by Bobby Caldwell.  I'm a huge R&B and blues fan.  I may be the only one out there but I love Elliott's R&B/bluesy voice.  Can't even begin to get through on the phone on any lines.  Katharine...oh well...I would like to see the two boys next week.

My sinus infection is slowly easing....very slowly.  I haven't had to take my prescription sinus medication since Sunday, which is pretty much a record.  I did have to take one this afternoon, as the vice grip was starting again. I try to limit the sinus medication as it wreaks havoc on my blood pressue.  Four other people at work were off the same time I was with sinus infections.  JMO...I work in one of those "sick" buildings.

Still no word on the job.  The final person was interviewed last Wed.  I'm beginning to think that they don't want any of the three of us.  Such is life.  Definitely very odd.

Megan began actually serving last Friday night.  She caught on very quickly because she is totally familiar with the place.  She work six hours on Sunday and got $74 in tips; not too shabby for a beginner.  My BF, Joey and I went Friday night to eat there.  That was her first night.  She had two tables and served for about 3 hours and made $35 in tips.  They say she will make more when she works the busier hours.  I think we may have tohave a talk about saving at least half of the tips since the hourly wage is very low.

And, of course, the rain is continuing and I have no idea when it's supposed to stop.  Last I heard, Saturday, maybe.  It's also gotten chillier...in the 40's.  It had been in the 60's up until today.

Not much else is going on around here.  I get to stay up tonight since I'm off tomorrow...yeah.  Have a good one everybody!!!!!




queenb8261 said...

I have been trying to get through on the AI phone lines for nearly and hour.  "All circuits are busy".  I haven't gotten through once. Have a good week!

lanurseprn said...

Hope you feel better.  Sinus infections are sure no fun!  Take care and have a good evening.           Pamela

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hi Chris!  Thanks for the reminder about David.  I love his journal!  And yay for Megan!  Hugs, Shelly
P.S.  I'm glad you started journaling too. : )

pennietoonz said...

I know who the 4 girls are in your top tag.... Me, You, Katie, and Lisa Jo....heh heh. What can we say??! Thanks for telling us about David. I had no idea. I tried voting for Taylor but couldn`t get through. Grrrr. So glad to hear your sinus infection is getting better. :) Megan is making good tips and that`s just as a beginner. Great! Enjoy your day off.

jckfrstross said...

feel better ok:) thanks for the heads up about David:) enjoy your day off:) i am snagging the colubines ok?


am4039 said...

love the tags, I have met some of the most wonderful people too her in J-land.  I didn't watch AI tonight, no Chris so I didn't watch. I think Kat should have gone home.  I do hope Elliott wins it all since Chris can't. Sounds like Megan is already doing good at work. Nothing like going there and making her nervous, LOL. I'm sure she did a great job.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Man...you have been sick along time..praying you get better soon...we love you too girl!!!!!  Praying God works in you life for the best...hugs...TerryANn

lawsonladies said...

Hi Chris.....Thanks for your opinion of AI.  I just LOVE to read what different people think about the show.  YIKES!  Sinus infections are the WORSE!  Hope you are feeling better!  I'm glad to see Megan is doing well with the new job!  And good luck & hope you hear about the job soon!  
Love, Linda

jeadie05 said...

I hope your sinus's are behaving better now ,Its pretty much the world over ,Tips making up for abysmal wages ,but I did that job for alot of years when my kids were little and it was fun.I cant believe you still havent heard anything about the job ..soon maybe !..........Jan xx

momof3kidz said...

Yep still raining! I am praying for sunshine with you!

chat2missie said...

It stopped raining here finally!  Have a good day.

xomywayox said...

Cute tag & sweet words. I thought Elliott did a great job on Journey's Open Arms. But I'm still cheering for Taylor.

I guess it's a hurry up & wait deal on the job thingy.

Butterflies, Bunnies, & Balloons....Brenda

queeniemart said...

Good for Megan and her $$. My Megan would blow it the next day on clothes. lol
i am glad you are feeling better. Sinus meds make me sleep. I cant believe your boss hasnt told you ANYTHING about the job. UGH!!
Love you and thank you for being my friend,
lisa jo

djohn52 said...

HI Chris!

Good for Megan!!!!  I loved being a waitress when I was young.  I made pretty good tips too.  My granddaughter taught me what BFF stood far.....after I had asked her a dozen times. She'd say BFF, and I'd say Whats that? Think she got a little frustrated with me after awhile! LOL

Can I be the one in purple? I'd love to look like that!  :)  Good luck on the job, I'm still waiting too!  Oooohhh!  Why do they take so long to make a decision!!!!


shayshaydc said...

Hey Chris... hope you are doing good!!!! I want to thank you for always commenting in my journal!!! You are so sweet!!!! I have had so much going on I have had so little time to do any journaling.... I don't think I'll ever get to all my alerts!!! LOL... But I always enjoy reading your journal!!! Be sweet.......... http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

mtrib2 said...

I still have my ear filled with fluid and my head feels like it has concrete in it.    I hope your sinus infection is going away.     I am hoping mine will get better before I see my ear doctor in a week.     I had been on anti-biotics for years after my 3rd ear drum replacement failed.    It did finally heal to a small perforation which is necessary as my passages do not drain properly.    Good for Megan making the tips and it is a good idea for her to start saving.    Have a good weekend ahead.   mark

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Sorry to hear you have had a sinus infection and sorry you are still waiting to hear from the job you applied for. WOW! Megan did good! I think I'll apply for a job as a waitress!