Sunday, May 7, 2006

A Weird and Busy Week

This week has just been the busiest and weirdest week I've had in a long time.  Still no word on the job yet.  We were supposed to know by the end of the week.  I'd really like to get it now and will be insulted, once again, if I don't.  The suspense is getting to me.  The whole thing is just weird.

Megan is all moved in back home.  My BF, Becky and Joey did the moving.  I worked half a day.  I think sometimes it's much smoother when I'm not around.  There's a certain amount of tension between my baby and me.  I came home and decluttered the house some more.  By the time my BF arrived with his truck, I had the front yard loaded with stuff for him to take to his dumpster.  My new neighbors were working on the house next door.  I'm thinking they thought I was a bit looney.  I was just opening the front door and tossing stuff out into the yard.

Megan and I went to Chile's to eat, came home and both fell asleep around 5.  I woke up at 8; just in time to go out.  Good old Days Inn again.  There were three weddings there so I danced my legs off....pretty good exercise, I'd say.

Megan and I are off to Walmart for some major food shopping.  She starts waitress training tomorrow evening at EatNPark.  She will work from 6 at night until 3 in the morning while training.  That's what they all do.  Of course, I won't sleep soundly until she's safely home.  But Yeah...Joey fixed his mustang so we won't be juggling cars.

I managed a relatively short entry.  AOL is acting up, my Paint Shop Program is acting up....grrrr....aggravating.  I'm visiting all the journals slowly but surely.  I have to get a pork roast in the oven for dinner plus my shopping and more basement cleaning, which I hate more than the plague. 

HUGS & SMILES TO ALL....................          



sugarsweet056 said...

No word yet? GRRRR Maybe soon! :)
Sounds like fun, dinner out then to go dancing! ;0) Bet you had a good time!
Wally World!!! WOO HOO! MY STORE!
Hugs & blessings,

sazzylilsmartazz said...

That is indeed frustrating  ~  Not knowing anything.
AOL has been acting up on me too but that's not new. LOL
Sorry, I'm waaay behind in alerts and catching up now. Hope all works out for the very best for you and yours.

jeadie05 said...

Oh how awful I bet your waiting for the postman and jumping at phone calls ,still they do say no news is good news ,sounds as though had fun while you ait though ....Jan xx

jeanno43 said...

Pork roasts sounds so lovely. We only had salad for our evening meal, mind you we enjoyed it, but I could suddenly smell roast pork lol
I hope you hear soon and I hope that you get the job.

am4039 said...

it does sound like you have been busy for sure. My neighbors all think I'm weird too. I hope you had fun shopping at Walmart.

jckfrstross said...

dinner sounds lovely :) have a good week


queeniemart said...

I love pork roast and never ever make it. So what if the neighbors think you a bit weird...i think the older i get the cooler it is for others to find me different. WTH, you know? Maybe that way they will leave me alone. I remember as a teen thinking different meant retarded or bad. How times change!
Glad Megan is all back in and employed. I have a feeling you are going to have a wild and fun summer. I hope you got the job!
LOVE,lisa jo

pennietoonz said...

LOL, Chris, I can just see you throwing things out of the house into the front yard! I bet that`s a good feeling. :) I know the suspense about work is rough. Do you think you`ll know by tomorrow? I have not beeen to Walmart in like a you believe it?? Glad you and your BF still made time to party a bit. Good for you!

chat2missie said...

You've sure have been a busy bee!

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Wore me out just
I need to de-clutter my hubby
would be so happy...he says i'm a packrat...
i get it honestly from my side of the

queenb8261 said...

Busy busy busy.  Whew!  And still had the energy to kick up your heels!!
Hope this week is a little calmer for you.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Chris you never stop girl !!!! lol at you hurling stuff out into the yard ~ looney lol......dancing is great exercise ~ I do it all the time ~ especially when I'm hoovering and ironing lol. Hope you hear good news about the job soon ~ waiting stinks! Good Luck !!!
lots of love Debbie ~xxxx~

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, you did have a busy week!  And I hope you hear something about the job soon!  GBU, Shelly : )

xomywayox said...

You sum your week & weekend pretty darn good I might say. And I hope the tension for whatever  reason  between you & your baby goes away soon. Have a great week and good luck on the job thingy.


lanurseprn said...

I wish I'd seen you just throwing stuff out the door!  I bet it made the neighbors laugh!!  I'd have cracked up laughing!!
Good luck on the job.  Take care.

bmorrrick said...

You sure do stay busy girl!!  Good luck on the job, I personally think it's horrible they are waiting so long to let you know something.  Your journal is so pretty and cheerful....and beautiful graphics, as always!  Too bad you didn't have a garage sale since you were getting rid of so much!  Maybe they aren't popular there?  They sure have a lot of them in TX.

Take Care,