Monday, May 22, 2006

Surprise, I'm using one of my own creations today again.  For some reason, my font size has changed in my journal.  It looks larger than usual.  Everybody's journals' fonts look larger but since I'm half blind, it's a good thing.

I am starting my new job on June 5th.  The new boss agreed to one week only.  My raise will still go into effect the week before.  I knew my current boss went down to ask early this morning.  Of course, he went by my desk numerous time and said nothing.  He said nothing when I had to take him some paperwork.  Around 2:00, I decided enough was enough and went down to Voc Rehab to thank the division chief for selecting me.  It was a good decision.  He was super nice and the girl who will be training me I worked with for many years.  She was promoted a couple of years ago and is excited for me to get down there.

Yep, I have to work five days a week again.  No compressed schedules there but that's ok.  I will adjust to it once again.

The guy I'm training never showed up this afternoon.  I didn't think it was my place to hunt him down but will have to tomorrow.  I also plan to go to Voc Rehab for a couple of hours and shadow Rose, my trainer.

Joey called the guy at the cable company today to tell him he could be available any time for an interview.  He had an interview at 4 this afternoon.  The head cable installer is supposed to call some time this week and schedule him for an interview.  Of course, Joey thinks he blew it.  I'm praying he gets through all this and gets a job.

So, I'm feeling less nervous and more positive and actually pretty darned excited because this will be a challenging and interesting job.

The sun finally came out this afternoon, and it warmed up some.  Now, they are saying we will be in the 90's this weekend.  Yikes, what kind of change is that?  Love the heat though but it's a little quick.

Have a great evening everyone.  If anybody wants that lady with my siggy tagged for you, let me know.  It's really just a simple one.  HUGS to all...........



bmorrrick said...

Hi Chris,

I'd love my name on the lady, if you have time.  Thank you for always being so generous with your talent!!  Good luck on the new job, I'm sure you'll be GREAT!!

Take Care,

queeniemart said...

i have no idea how i missed your last entry but a huge congrats late from me! Of course you will do wonderfully and your new supervisor will be amazed and so happy you were picked. The old boss will be left in the dust, sulking.
I love that tag, would love one with lisa on it. You do wonderful work in PSP.
I work 5 nights a week and it is just awful, awful. Hate it. But, we do what we must and try to make the best of it. Again, good luck to Joey!
Love you,lisa

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Love the tag...Congrats on the job...that is the greatest news...They are lucky to get you...Hugs,TerryAnn

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Love the tag...Congrats on the job...that is the greatest news...They are lucky to get you...Hugs,TerryAnn

sugarsweet056 said...

WOO HOO on the job! Praise God!!!
About the fonts, mine have been big for quite a while now, I seem to have little or no control over there size! GRRR

pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris... I always use size 14 font in my journal. If I use anything smaller, it comes out teensy tiny. Sometimes I have to make it size 18 and then 14 to get it to work. Frustrating!  Your current boss could have siad something all those times he passed your desk. I hate games like that! I really hope you like this new position. Having weekends free is nice, too! I hope Joey gets the job. :) Oh, yeah, will you still get the days off to come to Ohio??
Love ya -

jckfrstross said...

good for you on the new job and you know what? i would not go looking for the guy your to train. Its his job to find you idiots they are everywhere lol enjoy your week


xxroxymamaxx said...

That is such great news that you will be going to the new position at work.  I'm still so happy for you.  And gosh, I hope everything works out for Joey.  GbU, Shelly

lawsonladies said...

Chris...Good Luck with the new job...and congrats!  That would be way cool to be a trainer!  Are you really half blind, or was it a joke thingy?  Just wondering!  I with Joey all the luck with his next interview!  It seems like we all feel like we blow it when being interviewed during some part of it. I always did anyways.  I'm sure it will all be fine!  Whats up with your replacement not showing up???  Whats wrong with this dude?!?!? It would be a cold day in you-know-where before I'D hunt his sorry behind down!  Good Luck with your hunt!
Love, Linda

chat2missie said...

Relax.....I'm sure the new job will go just fine.  Could I have the girl with my name?  Thanks.

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, Congratulations on your new job.  We are all happy for you.  David

tpiez4me said...

Wow...nice start up graphic!  I think I snagged one of yours while doing a photobucket search last night!  Imagine!  So the job's a go and it's gonna be an adjustment, but HEY! you're up for the challenge.....right?  Good luck to you and to Joey!
Sharon -

sazzylilsmartazz said...

Pretty graphic and best of luck with the job!!!!

jeadie05 said...

Of course,you are using this graphic ,its so lovely,well done on the job,and the pay increase.........Jan xx

lanurseprn said...

Hi Chris.  Congrats on the job!  They are so lucky to get you!  Can't believe your boss acted like that.  Probably unhappy that he's losing you.  Good luck to Joey.  And stay out of the heat.
Oh...can you add my name to the girl tag? If you find the time, anyway.   Thanks.....Pam

djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

I messed up, left the mesage on the previous entry!  Congratulations!


queenb8261 said...

Your journal looks good.  Glad thedetails are working out with your new position.  I think summer has arrived early.  We were in the 100s again today. Ugh.

debbted said...

Hay Chris~LTNR (read) heehee...Congrats on your new job! Way to go! Now if only the people you need to train will show up...Blessings, Deb ;-)

xomywayox said...

Ok, your soon to be old boss is being childlish. And thats putting it nicely. What I'd really like to say is he is being a jackass. But I won't go there. LoL

Good luck and kick butt! Hooah!


debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Chris ~ I'll have that lady please mate!! Fingers crossed Joey hears good news and roll on the 5th June!!! Rose sounds nice and I'm sure your training will go fine! Ooooh how exciting a new job!!! I'm excited for you, dilly daydream that I am :-) :-)
HUGS Debbie ~xxxxxxxxxxx~

sweetangelvoice said...

Oooh pretty tag! I am so behind on tagging :(