Sunday, February 11, 2007



ROFL at myself.  Believe it or not, I do have a bubbly personality; just not here because I vent, rant and rave most of the time in my journal.  Why not?  No one else will listen to me around this house.  OCD, OCD is all I here...blah.

Now I'm sure if any guys read this they'll love it but tough  I've been in menopause for 4 years now but I swear my hormones kick into gear every once in a while like now, evidenced by the huge zit on my chin.  Haven't had a zit in a year or so.  Plus I feel a "PMS" rampage coming on.  Haven't had that since my last zit.

Joey and I went to Walmart today to grocery shop.  Man was I PO'd.  What is up with the Super Centers?  I'm a big time spender on hair care stuff...NOT.  I use Suave gel and have to have #8.  Did the SC have it?  Nope.  In fact, they don't even carry Suave styling gels now.  Boo ha ha.  So, I moved on to the Garnier stuff I love...this super stiff styling gel that I crunch my hair with.  Did they have it?  Nope.  They are getting rid of Garnier stuff.  Bah hah.  LOL...I wanted my cheapo white rain conditioner because I need a very inexpensive, lightweight conditioner because my hair is so darned thick.  Guess what?  No White Rain stuff at all.  I was having a hissy fit along with about a dozen other females in the same aisle.  Joey left me....he left  Couldn't take all the females moaning and groaning about our hair care products being gone.  About this time, my cell phone rings.  It's my BF.  Dang, he knew I was at Walmart and have zilch pick up on my cell phone in there.  I couldn't call him back until I was in line.  I was still fussing.  He calls to tell me his soon to be ex is there getting her oil changed at the SC right now.  WTH?  Me, being a catty, nosy, female had to run back there to check it out.  Joey was dying and left the store with the groceries.  I just said, "Hey, he called and told me so what's a girl to do?"  Didn't even catch a  glimpse of her because the store was so crowded which is probably a blessing.

Last rant is my hair cut.  Love the color and highlights but what the sam hell was Tammy, my styler, thinking with my cut this time.  She needs to use a razor to razor cut the thickness out so I can get volume on top.  Gotta have volume.  I can usually just blow dry it (after I slop it with my two gels) and get it the way I want.  I then use Rave #4 hairspray, which the SC still has but maybe I should stock up on it) and spray the crap out of my hair until it doesn't blow in the wind.  I do this at night because I can't stand getting into a shower or bathtub on cold mornings.  I have to have helmet head at night so it's presentable in the morning, and it does get much flatter overnight.  Not working right now. thing...Megan's curling iron crapped out so she took mine back to school and left me her flat iron straightener.  Just what I need...grrr 

So, anyway, I'm not even discussing my old car tonight.  Don't want to think about it.  I still need to keep it for Joey to drive in the winter, and it appears Megan will be back for a while this summer so I still need an extra car in addition to my new one.  This is the last repair I'll do on it (water pump and serpentine belt).  I'm not sure what we'll do about vehicles.   I can barely afford the new one, let alone buying another car.  Joey's Mustang has almost 200,000 on it and no job right now so who would pay to repair that thing?  I wonder?

Ok, that's it.  Aren't ya glad?  I forgot all about the pleasures of "PMS."  Not sure where I got that graphic at the top.  LJ maybe?  Thanks to whoever made it. 

I'm off to do some more dishes.  I grilled steaks tonight.  They were good.  Joey is quite the cook.  He marinated them and made some yummy fried rice.

Jenn, fuzilady, is back again and public my family,my life, my thoughts.

Nite all!    



krspkrmmom said...

Rant on!!!  It's nice to hear someone else going off about  As far as the hair thing goes...that's why I don't do crap to my hair--stick it up in a bun and go.  If I had to do all that, I'd have a nervous breakdown...HAHAHA.  Have a good week...

Annie =)

lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwww Chris, hope you have a better day tommorow, cute tag, Hugs Lisa

jlocorriere05 said...

It's maddening to find your favourite products aren't there any more! I hope you can find them elsewhere. Have a good week! Jeannette xx  

my78novata said...

sometimesyou can only think of one thing at atime. an dthe car has to go. Love to see your hair. I love your graphic

penniepooh said...

Funny you should mention the hair care products, because I spent several minutes/hours (lol) at Walmart yesterday looking at them, thinking the selections were slim. Not that it matters much, because with this cold weather and all the static electricity, my hair was pasted to the side of my face anyhow and would not budge. Brushing it made it even worse - whooosh!
That is a dilemma with the cars.After a while you have to wonder whether or not it`s worth putting more money in them.LOL, you made me laugh talking about Joey. Between the hair gel and the BF`s ex, I bet he was running outta that store!
Love ya xo

jckfrstross said...

hahahaa i love the top tag too cute:) walmart is always doing that here grrrr anyway have a good week


siennastarr said...

I've been in a permanent state of menopause for the last 10 years.  I wouldn't know what it feels like to be normal! lol

I can understand how all those things you weren't able to purchase in the SC would have pissed you off.  I hate when they take away not only one thing, but several things away.. it just leaves you feeling...well... pissed off!!

I hope you're feeling better, my friend..   I pray this week is a good one for you.. and everything goes well..

Much love

mrsm711 said...

I'm a SC shopper too.  Why does everything we like always change. Why can't things just be left alone?  LOL.  When the menopause is done, you will be lovin life.  :)     Tracy

sugarsweet056 said...

Hope you have a better upcoming week my friend. {{ }}

lanurseprn said...

I know it was a horrible day for you....and I'm sorry. But, I had to LAUGH when I pictured Joey's expressions!  Too funny!  
I hate car problems. I try to avoid them at ALL costs!  I've traded in or sold a few cars when they got to be money pits.  Luckily, at the moment I've got a good one. But, even this one needs stuff.  Sometimes I'd rather own a horse!
Too bad you didn't get a glimpse of the ex.  I've always LOVED seeing the ex'es!!  
Hope you have a good week.
Hugs to you...Pam

tendernoggle said...

Our Wal-Marts are doing the same dang thing...and it is so aggravating! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!
love ya,

shayshaydc said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! You are too funny Chris!!!!! I tend to freak out about my hair too!!!!!

fuzilady said...

haha, I love the tag up top, to cute :P
Sounds like you had a heck of a day.
thanks for pimping me out, LOL

love ya

fuzilady said...

haha, I love the tag up top, to cute :P
Sounds like you had a heck of a day.
thanks for pimping me out, LOL

love ya

pippa1116 said...

ahhhh.  too bad you couldn't see the ex!  that would have drove me crazy.
and I am sorry about the car situation.  I know exactly what that is like!!!!!
take care!

midwestvintage said...

 I am so lazy with my hair, Aussie shampoo, blow dry or air dry and that is that.  Its to fine and thin to do much with anyway.  I still get PMS, postmenopausal syndrome and its been 4 years for me also.  


queenb8261 said...

I HATE it when I buy something loyally then all the sudden the biggest damn store franchise in the world can't carry my products along with the other million hair care or makeup stuff I use. I get hooked on the Act II Zesty popcorn I got at Walmart. They stop selling it after ny son & I are hooked (it's like our crack). I look for it everywhere.  The only place that sells it, KMART. So I make a special trip for it and buy all they have everytime I go there. (Rare-it's halfway across town.) But what's a person to do?
I love your graphic.  I hope you don't mind if I snag it.  I hear you about the car situation.  My kids are all 4 years apart. I'd get one out of HS and another one in. I'd get one off my ins and another one on. LOL Thank goodness my hubby knows his way around under the hood of a car.
I hope you got your hair fixed up how you wanted it!!!
Have a good week. Hugs, Barb

queeniemart said...

everytime you come to care for a product at a store it seems to be discontinued, huh?  I know that feeling well. I often wonder how old a woman is when she is in menopause? I would think i am in it or close to it.
XO lj

jeadie05 said...

Can I swap my fine cobweb hair for your nice thick hair ,mine is like feathers Jan xx

chat2missie said...

I have the same problems with hair care products and makeup.  I like a certain product, that's the product I want, and I go crazy if they no longer sell it!  Have a good week.

onestrangecat said...

I get so mad in WalMart.  If I'm buying grocerys I want to get everything I normally buy in a gorcery store right?  But WalMart will put the kitty litter or the washing detergent in part of the the regular store and not in the grocery department.  The new store has such a huge grocery department that I am too tired to search the rest of the store for kitty litter.  It's too big!!!


helmswondermom said...

I really enjoyed this entry.  Are you sure you covered everything? lol You might be able to find your discontinued hair products at a Big Lots or even a Doller General; I've done that before.  And if you do find them, you'll probably want to buy them out.

princesssaurora said...

Mmmm steaks...  I hate when the stores discontinue stuff!  We go to 2 different markets plus a drug store to get the stuff we like!  LOL

be well,

bobbysgirl8584 said...

I have had the same problem lately also; trying to find a product that everyone likes ..its either dicontinued or not being sold anymore.  Its so frustrating!!
Have a good week.

astoriasand said...

Does anyone ever listen to us Chris,other than when they want something LOL!! I know where you are coming frrom regarding trying to find products at the large supermarkets as we call them here in Englad.It's the same on TV always something new everytime you turn on,so these stores have to plug them.I hate when you get used to a certain product and then they take it off the shelves Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!.It's all down to greed love in todays day and age.Make more money you have to try them and if you do not like them then you go for something else,so this is the way they work today,they sell more.Grrrrrrrrr.We waste if it is no good to us.Sorry you didn't catch that glance LOL!!! The steaks sound good it's lunchtime here right now you have made me feel real hungry.Best go get my pork steaks ready and the rest of the veg etc.for the tea at 4-30pm.Take Care hope you soon feel better and the PMS dissapears.Thank Goodness I have had my days with them feeligns LOL!! God Bless.

springangel235 said...

Going through menopause is not easy...I also have an issue with OCD...can relate some.  I hear it from my family too.
I hate it when I go to the store...look for one or two items...and they no longer sell it, or are out of it.  Hope you have a great Tuesday...hugs and love,

rebuketheworld said...

Chris have you ever used Pantene PRO-V Restorations Shampoo/conditioner? Its soooooo good. Really good. Hey, rock on with the chin zit moments. I have had those for the last year. Its anxiety to not pop, purge, prope and not easy for me. Its probably the only thing about PMS I like, except wanting to have sex in the middle of my period. Like that has never happened before. Maybe, if I ever marry again, my future husband will not be a kill joy,,,lol.....I am sooooooo cracking up writing this that I cant breathe,lol....slap me....Anway, love you woman.....gonna go read more and get some compusure...~Raven