Monday, February 5, 2007

In the Land of the Frozen & Frigid

             Aw, the memories....

            And reality.....         


                                    Summer dreams...........



        Reality....there is a pool somewhere under there....

It was -10 when I left for work this morning.  After I was frozen solid, the bus failed to show up.   I came back home and did nothing but try to keep warm.  The high did get a couple of degrees above zero.    

I did watch The View and was a bit irate.  They were discussing Texas mandating that all 6th grade girls get the HPV vaccine.  Now, I'm not saying that I believe all 11 and 12 year old females should be forced to be vaccinated but I was quite shocked at how uninformed these ladies were.  I was ready to jump through the tv.  Since Megan was diagnosed, 3 more of her friends at college have been diagnosed and going through the various treatments Megan did; some haven't been as lucky with their biopsies.  I wonder how Elizabeth or Rosie will feel if they receive a hysterical phone call from their daughters a few years from now like I did.  Truthfully, until Oct. 31, HPV was just an acronym to me.  And now it's too late for Megan to be vaccinated.  And truth be told, Megan was one of the very few virgins in her graduating class.  This is the reality of life today sadly.  As for the vaccinating, I would have done it if I could have.

I e-mailed Sugar yesterday.  She is very ill.  Her antibiotics have not helped her pneumonia.  The doctor would like to hospitalize her but she has no one to keep her "girls" for her so won't go.  I just feel so helpless.  Do keep Sugar in your prayers.

Shelly has another quilt going. ---> New Quilt!! Valentine's Messages!  Go and check it out and request a square.  Mine is in my sidebar now.

Hope all in frigid temps are keeping warm.  I think this is supposed to break here on Wednesday...a balmy 20 with lows above zero.  Boy, I can hardly wait to see my gas bill next month.  The furnace is on non-stop.


    Thanks, LJ, for the snowguy!


jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Chris, I finally got in to somebody's journal, AOL seems to be down over here and I've been trying with no luck to read alerts! I'm sorry it's so cold for you, I hate snow and we've been forecast blizzards and freezing temps for wednesday, ugh! I hope Sugar will be OK, I really don't understand her family, she lives with her son. Surely in a time of crisis he should look after her dogs. He sounds such a cold uncaring person. I couldn't imagine leaving my mother to suffer like he is. Jeannette xx

penniepooh said...

Chris, I emailed Sugar today. I`ve been concerned, too.
Wow, those pictures of summer and now winter sure put things into prospective! lol, that was a great idea.
So what`s with the whole HPV thing? Should young girls get the shot before they become sexually active? My quilt square is right next to yours in Shelly`s journal. :)
love ya xo

siennastarr said...

I feel so bad because I have been so caught up in everything that is going on with my brother that, other than keep people in my prayers, I haven't sent out any get well e cards or emails.  I feel so bad about that.  Sugar is always the first one to offer up prayers and good wishes when someone is in need.  I feel very shamed for being so thoughtless.  I am going to send her one when I get home from work today.  This computer of my SIL'S has dial up, and it takes forever to do anything!  Plus I hate the freakin' keyboard! lol

We are roasting here in Cali!  It's 80 degree's today!  Ridiculous!  
I didn't know you had a pool, Chris!  Heck, I'm coming out to visit you this summer! hee

As for the HPV vaccine, I'm all for it!  Especially since (unfortunately) girls are having sex much earlier than ever before, and, like you said, most won't be as lucky as your daughter was with their pap smear results, and ultimate outcome if they should obtain the virus.  I guess it's easy to make all their assinine comments when their daughters are still so young.  They would change their tunes if they were older.. I would bet my next paycheck on it!

Stay warm my friend!

Love you


my78novata said...

man so wish I coould go totaht pretty green pic you have up top. IM so mad about the crap.................... this snow the cold of all times we had nice weather passed up winter then now it dumps on us. How did megan get it. Isnt it sexually transmitted??????? thing is they say vaccines are safe then they find out tohers wise. its so scarry either way.

Yes IM praying for sugar. I so hope her family would keep her fur babies for her. I wish we could pay all toghere save up for some kind of foster home for them where she could get them back when she was well. she needs them I know she does. they need her

chat2missie said...

I feel bad cause in my part of Pa, we have a just a little snow.  A little here, a little there.  I won't complain anymore about my temps since we weren't at -10 this morning.  Stay warm!!

queeniemart said...

oh those pics sure do remind us how damn cold it is huh?!!! I watched the View too....sometimes Rosie speaks before thinking. Thank God Megan is ok. Such fear we have as parents....i have so much on my mind RIGHT NOW about my kids that i have not slept hardly any all weekend.
I hope the cold snap goes away soon. LOVE YOU, lisa

jckfrstross said...

brrr love the summer pics but the winter ones you can keep LOL Stay warm and have a good week:)


lisa41076 said...

Chris, hope the weather warms up soon for you, I hope Megan will  be ok, keeping Sugar in my prayers, Hugs Lisa

shayshaydc said...

Great pictures Chris!!!!! I can't wait til summer!!!!! I am not a cold weather person!!!!! I like heat and lots of it!!!!

krspkrmmom said...

I know exactly what you're sayin--the kids have a delay here tomorrow...but I still have to be at work on time!  I'll have snotcicles!  According to my weather pixie, it's 7 here now, and w/10 mph winds, drop that to below zero somewhere....f#*$ing BRRRR!  And like you, it's not supposed to change much on Wednesday, but it'll feel like a heat wave!!!  Keep warm...

Annie =)

gehi6 said...

Oh I practically got a chill seeing your yard and pool in winter compared to summer.  Sharp contrast here. And to think you had to try to take a bus in all that cold. I don't know how you got those two views so perfectly matching.  You must have been planning this entry!  
 I read a news story on the vaccinations.  I do think anything they can do to keep people safe from such cancers is worth it.  I don't know why any one would object.  I couldn't after seeing people close to me die of cancer.  Gerry  

millieukgirl said...

Brrrrr...that sure does look cold! At the same time, it looks lovely too! lol, I can say that cos I wish we'd get snow like you've got!  All we have this morning here in the UK is a slight frost!

I have emailed sugar to see how she is, and i'm glad you've had some info to share about her.  It's very worrying knowing how ill she is and there not having anyone to take care of her.  :(  I have sent her my love and hugs and's hoping she'll be much better soon.

Keep warm Chris!

Take care, Millie :)

bobbysgirl8584 said...

I am so ready for spring...the temps have been so cold and it is so windy also on top of the cold temps. Stay warm!!

springangel235 said...

Great photos the snow on the pool...looks like we might have the same thing happen tonight.  I am thinking summer also!!  LOL
I saw the view and felt the same way you did about Rosie and Elizabeth too.
I am so worried about you saw what she sent me, I also got an earlier message concerning the hospital and worried over her furr babies. My prayers continue to go out to her.
Hope you have a great week...cold cold here...still...staying warm is the only thing we all concentrate on lately...hugs and love,

xxroxymamaxx said...

Wow, those pics are amazing!  I haven't seen snow like that since I was really little!  I will pray for Sugar.  I do hope she gets better!  And thanks for linking the quilt journal.  Love ya, Shelly

dwhee70041 said...

I have been praying for Sugar.  We hope she recovers soon.
Great pictures, at least you have something to remind of your beautiful garden.  It won't be long until it comes alive again.

shermeen0621 said...

Wow, look at that snow! nice weather you're having. but at least you get all the seasons! :)

I'm all for the HPV vaccination. It will save the lives of many girls and that can never be a bad thing. Its nothing to say that 11 or 12 year old girls will be having sex, but its better to do it before puberty.

Shermeen xx

mrsm711 said...

Cute pictures.  Summer is just so pretty.  Why do I live in the Midwest again?  :)     Tracy

lanurseprn said...

Enjoyed your pictures!  What contrasts, huh?  
Have been keeping Sugar in prayers.  I can't believe her son won't take care of her furrs if she needs to be in the hospital.  How cruel!
Stay warm, girl!  Hey, it's warm here and you can come visit anytime!

jeadie05 said...

Chris ,I enjoyed looking at your pictures,what a good idea to show the winter and Summer versions ,yes Im sorry to hear Sugar is still quite poorly , I cant believe that son of hers Jan xx

midwestvintage said...

 Love the pictures,  What a difference.  I guess that is the nice thing about my furnace not working well right now, it will save on my bill.  I will email Sugar, Hope she feels better soon.


rdautumnsage said...

Freezing your butt off and still sending out love, that's my girl LOL. I do agree with the HPV vaccine becoming mandatory. If it could save more lives, why is there even a need to question it. I stopped by Joyce's and wished her well myself today. And yeah, even did the Quilt at Roxy's a couple of days ago. Mine is "Loving All My
J-land Friends or something in that thought (winks). Stay safe and loved Hon!!
Love Ya Indigo

princesssaurora said...

Wow.. what a contrast!  Love the pics!

Yes, I agree... my daughter will be vaccinated.  Better safe than sorry.  I do not think that tells her 'go have sex'.  Duh.  Her morals and responsibility are separate issues that I as her mom will teach her.

be well,

bmorrrick said...

Hi Chris,

Those pics sure show the difference in your weather!  It's amazing!!  I bet you must be so ready for warmer weather.  I feel so sorry for all the people who are suffering with all this horrible weather. It is nice here in Texas, but it's yukky and humid a lot during the summertime.

Take Care,

rebuketheworld said...

Chris, I had no idea that HPV was growing in the numbers where a standard vaccination was up for mandate. WOW! Again, I am sorry your daughter has to deal with this. Loads of biases with this too. I got veneral warts once when I was younger. I took the meds and it was gone but nothing like that experience. I know what your thinkin, lol...Raven are you trippin to make your history known,lol...I dont care. Been through it.  Hoping all happiness for you and your babies. ~Raven