Saturday, February 24, 2007



The last couple of days have been rough ones; it could be worse but still....

I got home from work on Wednesday, and Grizzly could not walk on his hind legs at all.  He was limping and falling.  I had increased the natural supplements a month ago.  I called the vet and got an appt. for Thursday after work.  I knew they wanted to start him on the NSAID Rimadyl.  I spent most of the night on web sites.  It was something I really was afraid of.

I was worried sick at work all day Thursday because I was afraid he would fall and hurt himself worse.  Thank the Lord, I saw the one vet I really like.  He had baseline bloodwork done in November.  He's on a smaller dose then recommended to begin with.  From what I've read as long as his blood is monitored closely, he can be taken off of the drug and not suffer any damage if any changes begin to appear.  I'm still totally worried about this but he's actually walking and jumping on the couch again.

The trip home was a nightmare because it was snowing like no tomorrow.  Thank God Joey was driving.  It was awful.  Three more inches piled up again.

Megan called me at work on Thursday.  She had a follow up appt and is not healing from the cryosurgery.  She was swabbed with medication and goes back on Wednesday.

Then I couldn't connect to AOL from Wednesday night.  When I got home from the vet's, I spent an hour with some silly tech who finally connected me to an actual AOL tech with a southern accent...whoo hoo.  I also found out that since I'm still paying, I should never have to speak to anyone but American techs.  How about that?  Anyway, within a minute, he figured out that it was my DSL connection so I spent 23 mins waiting to speak to a DSL tech with Embarq.  LOL....I had to reset my modem...unplug it for a few seconds, plug it back in and restart the pc...voila!

I couldn't access journals for a couple of days and had problems sending mail.  This has all seemed to clear up so maybe it was my modem all along. 

The kitty is throwing her food up again.  She has to eat tiny amounts spread apart over hours or it comes back up.  They suspect a blockage but not severe because she hasn't lost any weight.  I'm simply drained right now financially and emotionally so Mocha has to be put on hold for a month or so but definitely needs some tests done.

We are expecting an ice storm tonight through tomorrow.

Joey and I are going into Pittsburgh this afternoon.  Megan's college is having some sort of carnival, and Megan is singing and dancing in it.  LOL...I really need a good laugh.

My BF and I went to Days Inn last night and danced the night away.  Some little hussy got her nose out of joint and stepped on my feet trying to trip me.  I "accidentally" tromped on her foot.  ROFL...I'm so bad.  She sent her big girl over to take care of me.  Didn't happen because I stood up and looked her right in the eyes, and she backed off.  Dang, I'm too old to get in fights with girls my daughters' age and for the life of me I can't figure out why they get so threatened with two old farts dancing. 

I'm off to fill some prescriptions and pick up a few things before we leave because I don't think I'll be going anywhere tomorrow.

I'll be around to visit tonight and get the tags sent that I owe you.

HUGS & LOVE  Chris


lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwwwwww Chris, Sending up prayers for Grizzley, Megan , your kitty and you too !!!!!!!!!!! Hope everyone will be ok, Hugs Lisa

mrsm711 said...

Chris, you in a bar fight?  LOL.  I just can't see it.  Glad to hear that AOL or DSL tech actually helped.  Hope Grizzly gets better and better by the day.  :)      Tracy

midwestvintage said...

 Hope Grizzly gets better.  I hate it when my pets get old.  Zoey will be 8 next week so we are starting on on our senior food with glucosamine.  Dang it seems like just yesterday she was a puppy.
 Way to go sticking up to the younger ones,  


queeniemart said...

I am going to guarantee you that i now will pray for your precious Grizzly every day...i promise. As i already do for you and your kids. I know how awful and scary it is when our pet who we love so much is sick. I am sorry you had to be out in the bad weather, again, i sure understand how that is too. I just love you so.....always thinking about you. I can not deal with PC issues...makes me sick when something goes wrong. I went thru something like that...couldnt get on AOL and after dealing with a few TimeWarner people, they said reset the modem after 10 seconds because modems get clogged with too much info. I didnt know that!
Be safe, XOXO lj

jeanno43 said...

Don't you just love aol. I came on here for half an hour to do a journal entry.  Seven hours later I am still here after endless problems.  I do hope Grizzly will be o.k. glad you have a vet you like and you trust

siennastarr said...

{{{Chris}}}  Gosh darn, girl.. you have had your fill of problems this week, haven't you? Why is Megan not healing properly?  Did they say why?

Poor Grizzly.. :(  I know how upset you get when he starts feeling bad again..  Glad the increase in his meds has him feeling better again.  
Now it's your cat?  :/   I hope that doesn't turn into a big expense for you.  Blockages are not fun..  for pets OR people!  

So happy to hear you got your puter working again, and can now get down to business! hee  That would be doing what you do best!  Those graphics! :)

Look at you.. getting in 'almost' fights in the bar! lol  That is so funny!  If I had to bet .. my money would have been on you!  

Have fun at Megan's carnival!!

Love you, Rocky!  (That's gonna be my new name for you) hee


sugarsweet056 said...

Prayers for Grizzly, Megan, & kitty. Plus you my friend. {{ }}
Keep us posted re Griz, hope he does well.
AOL GRRRR, so how do we just speak to an American AOL tech (I'm on the 4.95 plan). What do we say to get a tech with a southern accent? LOL Let me know. I spend double the time having the repeat, cause I can't understand. :(
Hugs, Sug

my78novata said...

Poor griszzly that is so scarry for the dogs I know. I sure hop e he can get some help and fixed up. its worrysome. Man you do have alot oging on too up yourway. and ihad problems a woucple of weeks ago and I hate foriengners who cant speak clearly let alone dont understnad the concepts. I mean really you try to tell them and its a different lifestyle so they dont understand what your trying to say. YUP good old southern drawel lol
Hubby and I love t go out dancing and I hate when people get thier noses out of joint. too bad we dont live closer we could go out and show these youngins a thing or two

chevyz71gurl74 said...

Keeping Grizzly, Megan and your kitty in my thoughts and prayers!  LMAO@ you almost getting in a fight in the bar....You go girl!  Don't let them hoochie mamas get the best of you..HA!
Hope the ice storm isn't too careful!

jeadie05 said...

Hope every one feels better soon Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope Megan will heal soon, that was quite a few weeks ago wasn't it? Poor old Grizzly, I hope he gets better soon too and can reduce his meds. I hope there's nothing serious wrong with Mocha. I'm glad you got back online, I hate it when I can't get on, feel kind of stranded! Well done for standing up to the little hussy, kids today need a good talking to! I hope Sunday's a good day for you! Jeannette xx  

helloimkara said...

Poor Megan and you fur babies!!!!  I hope everyone gets to feeling better.  That had me snickering about the young girls trying to pick a fight with you? What the heck???  Too funny!!

Kara :)

princesssaurora said...

{{{ Chris }}}  What a week!!!  I have 2 friends with dogs on rimadyl for a few years now, and they are convinced they would have had to put them down early if not for the drug.  I hope it helps your Grizzly!

be well,

am4039 said...

I hope Megan is all right and Griffly. Lots going on over there. The carnival sounds fun and it sounds like you need to have a little fun. It's snowing here in IL. right now. I wish it would go away already.

chat2missie said...

I'm praying your daughter, your cat and grizzly all will be okay!!

shayshaydc said...

I would love to go dancing!!!!! It's been a while.... Young girls ought to know that they can't hold a candle to us "EXPERIENCED" girls!!!!! Too funny Chris!!!!

pippa1116 said...

i LOVE that na graphic.  sorry your pets are not well. but how is grizzly now??????
take care and watch the weather my friend.

jckfrstross said...

hope the pets get well soon:) maybe mocha has a hair ball thats blocking something? just an idea:) have a good Sunday


rdautumnsage said...

Oh my gosh poor Grizzly , I would be lost without Pickles. I'm keeping your family in my prayers on the smoke, including the animals. I don't think it's entirely your modem hon, AOL is being quite the little B lately. My alerts are all screwed to heck, and for some reason I can't access my pic. from Hometown. I had to laugh when you talked about the younger girls wanting to fight. I'm only 5'1 and 115 but I swear I was always getting into trouble on the dance floor.  Doc once told me one of these days I'm gonna end up having to bail your little butt out of jail., It's old now. (Hugs) Indigo

queenb8261 said...

I hope Megan heals soon. Hope you had fun at the Carnival. Poor Grizz.  Hope he's better. And the kitties. It adds up doesn't it? I have GOT to take Frodo to the Vet, he needs his shots and he has this "reverse cough" thing.  Dr says it nothing but the last time it happened it was so long and he seemed frozen and unable to move and it  was just so damn scary.
LOL at your run in with the "kids" at the Days Inn. You go girl.
Personally I'm so dam glad this day is over. Sigh.  I guess tomorrow is another day.
Have a good Sunday. Hugs, Barb

nightmaremom said...

what a week!!  I hope things calm down for you..............   and spring is on the way...... isn't it?   Paaalease say yes.
love ya

memes121 said...

Just dropping in to say hello friend. Tammy

penniepooh said...

Gosh, Chris, you`ve got so much going on. Poor Grizzly. I`m glad he`s up and about. I know how much these critters can worry us. I`m glad you had a nice time with your BF and keeping those snippy girls in line out there on the dance floor! lol
Hope you have a great time at Megan`s carnival. Drive safely.
Hugs xo

astoriasand said...

Hi Chris,sorry I am late commenting only just getting back to normal.Sorry too to read of all the probs you are having with one thing and another.I hope everything comes right soon for you.AOL I won't go into as I think you know my veiws on them LOL!!I hope Megan soon feels better.Hope you had fun at the carnival sound a laugh which as you say will do you the world of good.As for the troublemakers as old as I am afraid they wouldn't have just got a look from me LOL!!Thanx for my Tag by the way and you are not two old farts.So happy you got out and enjoyed!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless

springangel235 said...

As we chatted in emails, I pray all goes well for Grizzly...hope the treatment helps...
Also, glad Megan had her follow up.  You "accidentally" tromped on her are so funny.  I would have done the same thing...
Hope you have no more computer problems, hugs and love,

lanurseprn said...

Hi Chris, I'm catching up here. Sending up prayers for you guys.  
So you're a tough chickie at the dance place, huh? LOL! I wish I'd seen that!  I wouldn't mess with ya!  And I'm a big girl. But, you're small and they say that dynamite comes in small packages! LOL!
Hope you have a good day.

rebuketheworld said...

Hey you, soooo sorry to hear about your pets. I wonder if your cat ate something and that is why she is throwing up?......Stepping on the toes?...Laughed my butt off....its that spunk of yours.....But, I love a crazy look. People just know when to back off. ~Raven

helmswondermom said...

I hope Grizzly is doing better by now!  And I really hope your daughter is doing much better!