Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Valentine~LOL



Guess who showed up at my door with a single rose?  LOL....sorry Richard, I had to say Get Real.....I'm waiting for George Clooney.

Seriously, though, Anna made this tag for me.  I did like it.  Joey and I were looking through some old pictures my mom had given me of my dad when he was in his late 30's, early 40's and he was a dead ringer for George Clooney.  He was just my dad.  I do know that I was always hearing people say how stunningly handsome my father was.  Of course, I never noticed it until now that I'm looking at the old pics....dayum, my dad was super handsome but only had eyes for my mom.....

I treated my BF to dinner last night.  We just went to a local Pgh establishment that has been around for as long as I can remember....Eat N Park.  It's where Megan has worked for over two years.  Down home cooking.  Everything is good and the prices are very decent.

We ran into an odd (not a typo, I do mean ODD) friend of my BF's and his wife.  It was strange.  We almost ended up sitting on top of them but my BF nicely got us put on the other side of a half wall.  The guy asked my BF for his telephone # but the strange thing is a few months ago this guy had called him.  Got the number from the phone book.  It was a rambling, odd conversation.  I had to wonder why he needed his number again.  This guy kept poking his head around the plant that was separating us.  I couldn't figure out why.  My BF said he was "ogling" me every time I went to the salad bar. candy heart was right because I was ready to say roll those eyes back in your head, bucko.  I didn't say a word but wasn't extremely comfortable especially since his wife and son were sitting there. 

We got only a dusting of snow from this east coast blizzard.  The sun is out this morning.  Lucky for us.

Joey has the flu bug now.  This stuff is really vicious.

Now, to my lovely kitty, Mocha.  She has fallen in love with the coat my BF got me for Christmas.  It's a dark brown suedelike longer jacket with a hood and a beautiful rich brown faux fur trim around the hood.  Mocha is obsessed with the fur.  Joey told me she started rubbing it one night when I had it on the computer chair drying because it got wet.  LOL...fine with that but she started chewing and picking the fur.  I forgot Thurs night and hung it over the leather recliner in the livingroom to dry.  I came down from my bath and Mocha was in the fur chewing away.  Yikes...I caught her just in time.  She took a couple of small patches out of it but on the bottom part that's not noticeable.  I hang it in the closest in the familyroom now wet or dry.  Still she is obsessed and tries to jump up on the rod.  Her girth doesn't allow for that...LOL.  The door is louevered (sp) and it can be shut but the part that rolls on the runners has to be replaced so it's a pain to shut it completely.

My BF was joking and saying she must think the mouse she got in our basement in the fall has come back.  She wasn't real happy when I removed the mouse.  She hid it and guarded it in the basement for a day.

So much for my rambling....I've put a new computer on hold.  I got mine in the beginning of October, and it appears that they were computers for school that a lot of places were putting on sale to get rid of.  The prices of computers right now aren't pleasing to my budget.

I'm off  to the Walmart SuperCenter....can't decide what to make for dinner.  I'll probably just make some homemade soup again since Joe is not up to par.

Have a great day!!!!!

                       CHRIS  (got this angel from your e-mail, Deb.  I couldn't download the music, and I can't forward so much in an e-mail on this computer but it was a beautiful one.  HUGS, Deb, for sending it.)




jckfrstross said...

Have you tried to look on line for a puter? thats how we got ours and both laptops of the kids from dell we got a really good deal. I know they run specials all the time on line. Yes this flu is bad i still have some of it i thought i was over it but NO i still have a fever ugh.... so off to pop vitamin Cs have a good day


shayshaydc said...

That is funny about your cat!!! lol........ Sorry you have to put your puter on hold for now!!! Maybe the part will come in soon!!!!!

helloimkara said...

That is so funny about your cat!!!  Id love to see a picture of that hahaha.


pennietoonz said...

lol the graphic. GET REAL, Richard!
Too weird about your BF`s friend at dinner. I wonder what his wife thought! Or maybe she is just used to his odd ways.
I hope Joey feels better real soon.
Not much snow here either.
Good luck with the `puter.
Love ya,

lv2trnscrb said...

I don't know; Richard Gere at my door with a single red rose.................

okay, fantasy over, but it was a nice moment of thought.

Dinner sounds good, even with the odd acquaintance.

Hope Joey feels better soon


queeniemart said...

Thanks for your awesome comment in my J today. I just love that i show up for the 1st time and you talk about George. I am WELL known as the most obsessed fan of George's ever. LOL    Richard Gere isnt too hard on the eyes either. Is Megan your daughter? I have a 17 yr old named Megan. I will read you every time you update. Take care!!
lisa jo

blondepennierae said...

I love your graphics.  Gere doesn't do it for me, I'm not into pretty men.  I'm more attracted to big teddy bear type of men.  If one of those showed up with a red rose at my front door I'd find a quick way to make him know how pleased I was.  LOL   Pennie

xxroxymamaxx said...

Well, it's not snowing here in Fl but it is cold!  Not liking it at all. lol  Sorry bout the "friend" at the restaurant and that new coat!  Silly kitty.  GBU, Shelly
P.S. Love the little angel.  

jaycee0728 said...

Hey Chris, sorry I haven't been on like all week. Are you still having pc problems? Well I hope everything works out for you with the pc. Have a nice week and I'll be around. Take care ~j~

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

yeah, baby. Hey did I tell ya he was two timing you.  He was just in dreams the other night.  i was wondering where he went to. lol.  Oh,oh, oh, and that darn George, hummmmmph!  Well, I wont let the two of them come between our friendship you may have them both!  Don't tell Angelena but well I just got giggy with ol' Brad a few nights ago too.  So, see I was cheating too.
Creepy with the friend thing.  Hope joey gets to feeling better.  Lol your cat. Yum soup sounds good on a cold night like tonight.  TerryAnn.

dwhee70041 said...

Hey Chris....aren't cats funny?  Mine will park it's self on any piece of clothing that I lay on the bed.  Have a good Valentine's Day.  David