Monday, February 6, 2006

World Champs

            Steelers 21         Seahawks 10






Hurray!!!!!!!!   LUV YA BLACK & GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, I've been hearing a lot about horrible officiating but not according to ESPN.

I'm suffering from crud and could barely stay awake at our friends' house because of it.  I had to call of today sick which was suspect to my supervisor but true.

Tomorrow is a huge victory parade so I have to get myself better because I really want to go on my lunch break.

I'm gathering my energy to go and get some fixings for homemade chicken soup.  And, I have to a couple of the latest shirts and things.  Dicks and the other stores were open all nite selling stuff.  I didn't know that.  Sheesh....


You guys are going to have to put up with my sidebar.  I have nothing to put in it until I get my other computer up and running again...LOL.  I'm just hoping I haven't lost anything on it although my documents are backed up in an external drive.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

LOL...this entry has taken an hour.  Whoo...what's worse than a power outage...well, not worse but annoying...Your team winning the Superbowl and having to scrounge for graphics and downloading them on a dinosaur.

The commericals...some thought they were weak this year.  I liked a good bit of them.  Anybody have a favorite?

I'm ready for a nap.....I'm managing slowly to visit and get around but this old puter is driving me insane so I try to avoid it.

Take Care all!!!!!   This Steeler fan is taking a break.....



hadonfield78 said...

Yea Baby..........................
Hope ya feel better for the parade...............

lv2trnscrb said...

awesome game! Congratulations to the Steelers and the town of Pittsburgh!

Chris; hope you feel better to make it to that victory parade!

I liked the FedEx commerical with the cavemen.


jckfrstross said...

get well soon:)


pennietoonz said...

Well Chris....they did it!! I was thinkin` about ya. :0)
My fave commercial was the pony pulling the Budweiser cart...meanwhile the horses were pushing it from behind. Adorable.
Feel better --

xxroxymamaxx said...

Looks like you did pretty good on that dinosaur.  Hope you feel better and get to go to that victory parade.  I remember when the Bucs won we went and bought those championship hats, stood in line for like an hour. lol  GBU, Shelly

krspkrmmom said...

I thought you would have written this Sunday  I didn't get to watch the game because I had to work.  I got SO MANY 411 calls for Dick's in Pgh right after the game, omg!  The calls didn't stop until around midnight.  I knew they won, since in the background of the Pgh calls I got, you could hear them going nuts!  WOOHOO for you!

Annie =)