Saturday, February 25, 2006



ROFL at myself...OK everybody, today is February 25th.  Not a big deal except Penny's birthday is February 26, tomorrow.  LOL...I jumped the gun on this one so Penny, if you're wondering about birthday greetings I did it.  I actually thought today was the 26th until I got to work and signed in at the guards' station.  I told them they had the wrong date written on our sheet.  No, they didn't.  I started cracking up.  So, Penny girl, have a great day today and especially tomorrow.

My mind is way out there....must be waiting for that machine of mine to arrive.  Becky's still loading programs and things into it.  I'll be scared to touch it.  Well, I'm off to clean a little bit because I'm ready to bounce off the walls.

I'll be visiting later.   CHRIS


jckfrstross said...

LOL i wished her a happy birthday early:) have a good saturday


pennietoonz said...

Hey, I will take an extra day of birthday!
I love you sweetie. Have a great day!!

queeniemart said...

Thats ok..we can all just go wish her HB twicE!

LOVE, lisa

shayshaydc said...

LOL.. she gets to have 2 birthdays!!!