Saturday, February 4, 2006

When it Rains it Pours

Just a quick entry to let everybody know I'll be MIA for a few days.

My power supply blew on my new computer...nice hunh?  It's probably because of a power surge about a month ago.  Gateway is sending the part Fed-Ex.  I also extended my warranty for two more years.  Not a happy camper here.

I hooked up my 7 year old HP to put this entry in.  (I saved it for emergencies because the monitor had crapped out but the computer still ran or should I say creeped.  I certainly didn't think I would need it this soon)'s so old the DSL plug is way too big to fit so I'm on dial up on this dinosaur and can't stay connected long to AOL. 

I won't be journal hopping because this computer just won't cooperate.  I will check my e-mail once a day so puhlease send me an e-mail occasionally coz I'm suffering withdrawal already.

I'm gonna miss all of you so much.  I didn't realize how much.  I actually have my file manager and the stuff I have in it but I can't open it.  ROFL...all is not lost...I just went back into my file manager and found Big Ben that I hadn't used....still a graphaholic but can't feed my fix because there aren't any documents or PSP on here.

Later all.....I'm going to a Superbowl party with Joey and Becky at some old friends' house in Pgh.  I wasn't planning on drinking.  I'm seriously reconsidering since Joey offered to be designated driver.

Wow, the font size I always use on my new computer looks like I need a seeing eye dog on this one....LOL...are you guys seeing some huge font in my previous entries? 

See you all in a few days........Chris


thisismis72 said...

enjoy your time away and have a great super bowl day.

helloimkara said...

SO sorry about your computer! We will miss you... do something fun while your down :)


lv2trnscrb said...

We seem to be like two ships crossing in the night, LOL. I come back and you have to go.....

I hate computer problems


xxroxymamaxx said...

Sorry bout the puter Chris.  Hurry and get it fixed, we'll miss ya!  GBU, Shelly

pennietoonz said...

Chris... between the computers and cars you must be going nuts!!
Your font size is always fine, just this entry is smaller.
Well, have fun today!!  :0)

shayshaydc said...

I get so agravated when my computer doesn't work right!!!! ugh!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr!!!! I am hooked on my journal and if I can't get on and post I'll go crazy!!!! Hopefully you'll be up and running in no time!!!

buggieboo1 said...

oh no!  hurry back! sorry about your PC!