Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Wind, E-Bay, This & That

Bouncing back to a little glamour to brighten a frigid winter day.  I've been exploring my file manager.  I do have quite a few things in there that I didn't remember uploading.  This was my very last entry in my graphics journal before the crash.  I was still fussing with adding glitter at the time.

The wind yesterday morning was totally unbelievable.  I was up around 5 am.  Monsoon rain was falling.  That stopped and around 5:30 am some massive gusts rolled in.....80 to 92 mph gusts.  Nothing that Pgh has ever experienced.  Pgh was around 60 mph.  Butler, where I live, quite higher.  I live overlooking a bluff.  My back is open..about 1/4 acre back to the woods which are acres and acres of open area now since there is no foliage.  The woods are NW of the back of my house.  There is a wind tunnel effect.  Actually, it was scaring the crap out of me.  Things were literally bouncing off my house.  Grizzly is not bothered by the wind ever.  We always are prone to gusts because of my location.  Yesterday, he was extremely nervous, pacing and fidgety.  He refused to go outside to go potty.  I literally dragged him out.  He went as fast as he could and beelined for the door....not normal for my Grizzly who loves to poke around almost to the point that I might miss my bus.

I decided to take the second bus into work hoping the gusts would die down.  They didn't.  Grizzly would not let me leave.  He kept blocking the door.  He would also block the storm door when I got the regular door open.  I think animals always retain those primitive instincts from their ancestry.  He was really a total wreck.  I finally got out to the car and he immediately perched himself on the sofa with his little face plastered against the family room window.  He never, ever does that when I leave; only when I come home because he hears my car long before I reach our lane.  I called Joey and told him to go down on the couch and stay with Grizzly.  It was an obstacle course through my neighborhood.  Shingles, sheds, you name it everywhere.  The further I got down the hill, the less that was blowing and the calmer the wind.  Frightening.  I'm reconsidering my dream of retiring to Fla.  LOL...Shelly...don't think I'd make it through my first hurricane.

Megan is home and so stressed with school.  She rode home on the bus with me.  As soon as she entered my office, the tears flowed.  I'm hoping a weekend at home will help.  She is still battling celiac and her thyroid condition.  She seems to have chronic colds and upper respiratory infections.  LOL...she also needed an Anne Geddes doll in a squirrel costume (her sororities mascot) for her little sister.  Bring on E-Bay.  I used to buy quite a few things from E-Bay but hadn't for years.  We did find the squirrel doll and at a great price.  I got the bid in right before it closed.  Those old E-bay instincts never die.

My helper at work is doing well.  She is focusing on what she is supposed to do instead of worrying about learning everything now that she knows there is nothing to gain.  And, she has always been a very, very nice lady.  I used to sit next to her years ago.  I'm enjoying her company once again.  Hey, I'm extremely adaptable.

My Fed-Ex box is here already...imagine that?  What to do....of course, the impatient me wants to send the computer back right away.  (My mom always said when God handed out patience, I was standing behind the well she knows me.)  I'm still sticking to my plan to download the hard drive on my new back up.  I would hate to have to start all over with my PSP stuff.  I hate to admit it but I had 17,000 plus documents on my old computer.  Most are quite small downloads but would be so hard to replace; not to mention that I transferred all my photos the night before.  So patient I am becoming.

It is dropping to 6 degrees here in Pa. today and probably minus degrees overnight.  BRRR....sounds like a night to make hot chocolate and snuggle under my fuzzy comforter.

Rambling almost done...Megan has a very cute jacket I got her at Old Navy...a bronze coloreddown sort of jacket with a hood and really pretty fur around the guessed...the obsessed Mocha is stalking Megan's fur.  She's had the jacket since my birthday in Nov.  That's when I bought it for Megan.  Mocha never paid any attention to it but sure is now.

All in all, life is slowly returning to the normal three ring circus.  I'm dealing with my computer problems, which are very common with the faster speed computers.  A word to the wise to all.....back up your documents if you would be lost without them.

External drives and zip whatevers are not that expensive.  My external drive was bought at Best Buy for around $70 on sale.  A small price to pay for peace of mind.  Back up your external drive.  Burn your stuff on CD's.  They are extremely inexpensive, and you will never lose your documents on a CD.  External drives are also electrical so it is possible that they can malfunction.  LOL...just some tips from my computer "expert" who learned this all the hard way.

Have a great weekend all....I will definitely visit everyone sometime today or tonight because I don't plan on going anywhere besides grocery shopping this afternoon and Target (dangerous...LOL).  Hugs to Shelly for replacing my most favorite tag/graphic!!





lv2trnscrb said...

that was scary about the wind, poor Grizzly; he was just trying to protect you. Poor Megan too with her health conditions; its hard to have an out of whack thyroid. Amazing what that one little gland not working right will do to your body.

try to stay warm and enjoy the weekend Chris


lici0uslatin22 said...

wow It is cold down here but Not as windy as down there...  

I am Glad things are ALMOST back to Normal.  (((HoPe))) you get everything fixed out.. Take care Mari..

queeniemart said...

Chris, your work is so awesome. I have lost all kinds of IMPORTANT stuff twice to two different PCs. HEARTBREAKING.
I hope your Megan feels better!! My Meg is leaving to go to Columbus Ohio to her fav restuarant "The CheeseCake Factory". She is obsessed with that place. Ohio had bad bad scary winds but nothing like you describe. Now its 8 degrees. I can not stand it when its that cold. Have a good weekend!!
Love, lisa jo

jckfrstross said...

i hate the wind:) stay warm


djohn52 said...

Hi Chris!

Sounds like quite a day!  I had a Bassett Hound when we lived in Mississippi.  It could be a beautiful day and I would miss her.  When I found her she would be trembling under the bed.  First few times she did that I didn't have a clue what was the matter.  But when she did that a storm was coming, and she hated storms.  It was really weird how she knew so much a head of time!

Take care!


pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris... I have no clue what an external drive is and I don`t even know how to burn a CD! lol
We had the tremendous winds here in Ohio too! It was unreal!!
Poor Grizzly - - I hope he`s recovered.
I hope Megan feels better and has a chance to relax a bit.
Love to you...

blondepennierae said...

The one thing in nature that I really dont like is the wind.  I find it terribly depressing for some unknown reason.  Try to stay warm.  It made me chilly just reading this.  Pennie

jaycee0728 said...

Hi Mom! LOL! Gotta love that Grizzly, he keeps you on your toes.  Sorry to hear that school is stressing Megan out. I love Anne Geddes OMG so adorable and there is a great cause behind it also. You know I haven't been bit my the E-bay bug yet....~j~

chat2missie said...

It's so cold here in my part of PA also!  I don't even want to venture out today for anything!  BRR!!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hey love that graphic.  I just found it in my photo bucket files.  It is one you did before the big computer crash.  Glad you enjoyed time with Megan, I am having a girls outing today with my daughter.  Hate the cold but am gonna brave it cause it is something we need together.  Have a great rest of the weekend.  TerryAnn.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yes, we are so used to the Hurricane season, but it is still scary.  The wind and thunderstorms.  You can hear the thunder roll and roll across the sky like a huge train is going by or something.  The thing I'm the most afriad of though is the oak trees falling.  Their roots are soft so 40-50 MH Winds will uproot them.  I have one still down in my backyard.  lol  We burn it a little at a time.  How protective of Grizzly to not want you to go out in that bad weather.  He's a keeper!  GBU, Shelly

shayshaydc said...

Glad to see you are weathering through the computer blues!!!! I'm still trying to play catch up on my journal reading and trying to make a journal entry myself!!! Working nights takes getting used to!! lol.........