Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Just a few tidbits for the day.....

I took another day off.  I still didn't feel up to snuff.  In fact, I think this illness has just been a continuation of what I had New Year's Eve.  I take a day off and then bite the bullet and force myself through the week.  I've been struggling with this for a month.  I bit the bullet today and called in.  I don't think my supervisor was thrilled, to say the least; a rather chilly response but I haven't beat this thing completely and won't if I don't get the rest I need.  I've spent almost two days sleeping, which is what I needed.

I did miss the big celebration for the Steelers.  I watched it on tv.  What an amazing gathering.  They had estimated yesterday 40,000.  Take that times 10....400,000 in the Golden Triangle which was wall-to-wall people.  The downtown area is not exceptionally large for a City this size.  I'm glad I watched it on the tube.  The crowd was totally well behaved.  A peaceful, jubilant celebration.  Made me proud of "Pittsburghers".

So, now it's time to take down my Steeler things and redo my sidebar for Valentine's Day...enough is enough. Thanks heavens I have my file manager and some things in it I can use.

I put a hold on Megan's ATM card this afternoon.  LOL...I couldn't let her know.  She called tonight and said the machine ate her card.  YEAH...she has her purse, phone and did have her card back.  There is a branch of the bank on campus.  She is going tomorrow to get a new card issued.  Penny, you are exactly right.  The person I spoke with today advised to put a hold on it and have Megan get a new card issued.  It's very possible the card could be photocopied and used to order things by phone or online.  At least, everything was returned.  Megan is super lucky that an honest person picked up her purse.  This was Saturday night with a mega crowd of mostly young people celebrating the pre-Superbowl.

I am not so patiently waiting for my computer part to arrive.  A mystery tonight is that I don't have my DSL hooked up to this old computer because the jack was too big.  My DSL box is shut off.  When I signed on...guess what...I connected via broadband....don't know how this could occurred but I'm not complaining.

Oh well, tomorrow is trash day so I have to get the last bag ready for Joey to take out.  He cleaned the family room today for me.  Looks great.  He filled up a couple of trash bags.  Amazing how fast clutter can build up.  Hugs to you, Joe!!!!

Take care all....thanks for visiting!




thisismis72 said...

hope you feel better real soon, my kids have the funk these days.  I missed garbage day today, but I get a refill everynight when J gets home lol.
Have a great night

lv2trnscrb said...

Chris take care of yourself; you and Deb have been sick for too long. I'm glad you called in sick; who cares what your supervisor thought; sometimes our bodies just need that extra rest to recuperate


shayshaydc said...

I do hope you get to feeling better soon!!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I do hope that you get to feeling better friend.  I will pray for you and ask my family to pray as well.  Do take care and get some rest.  Your friend, TerryAnn.

helloimkara said...

Yuck! Being sick is no fun at all. I am so glad that Megan's purse was returned!!!  That is great news.

Kara :)

jckfrstross said...

I went to the doc and its the flu and they said there are 3to4 different viruses out and about yuck feel better soon


chat2missie said...

The flu is running wild right now.  take care of yourself.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Hope you get better soon Chris.  Can't have you all sickly.  Wow, your son cleaned up?  How on earth did you get him to do that, and take out the trash too? wow.  lol  Your journal looks great.  GBU, Shelly

pennietoonz said...

Your journal looks great...the valentine graphics and the nice colors!
Oh it just irritates me when you call in sick and they give you the icy response! Esp someone like you who they know is always there otherwise. Staying in and sleeping was a good idea.
Glad to hear Megan got her items back and card re-issued. Yes, she was very fortunate!
Nice of Joey to help out. Your kids are cool. :0)
Love ya,

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey, good they gave your daughters purse back.. Glad to hear  theres a little tiny bit of nice people in this world ...

take care and hope you feel better...  Mari...