Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

I opened up an e-mail also and received another beautiful tag from Dianna...HUGS.  Look familiar, Terry Ann?  So many people have been sending me tags and graphics.  I'm really touched and love you all because I'm so lost without my stuff. 

I'm still thinking about my valentine heart that said get real and being cynical and I probably am cynical a bit toward Valentines Day.  It's a day to express and show your love toward those you do love....not just that certain special someone who will shower you with jewels, roses, diamonds, etc.  That's the commercialism that has taken over.  Lisa Jo mentioned in her journal that she loved doing the parties and things when her kids were small.  I agree.  That was Valentines Day for me.  The kids loved it.  I did too.




My girls are 19 and 24 and still love to receive their little box of goodies that I send them.  That is love to me and the meaning of Valentines Day.  Joey loves getting his Dove chocolate and other candy and a card (with a little green in it this year which surprised him).

 My BF left work early so no flowers for me.  He had a doctor's appt. and has the crud now that I had.  He apologized for not taking me out tonight since we're both off tomorrow.  He had planned to make me a wonderful country style breakfast tomorrow and he can do breakfasts...yum.  He was on his way to the store and had to turn around and go home.  His sinus medication for his congestion caused his blood pressure to go up. LOL...he just called and felt bad and did want to go out but he is sick and call me paranoid but I don't want to get sick again.  I told him if he feels better tomorrow, we can go out to eat.  So, really, today is just another day.  My ex would buy me things once in a while on Valentines Day only to be vicious the rest of the year so maybe that's why I felt it was a farce. Today was just another day in my life.



But I do want to wish all my dear friends in J-Land a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Hug your loved ones; make them feel special.  Don't fret if Prince Charming isn't knocking down your door at this point in time.  And congratulations to those who have successful marriages and have honored their spouses in their journals today.  It takes much love, compromise, and hard work to remain married.  I truly respect that even though I wasn't able to accomplish that.  And to those whose relationships ended in bitterness, I pray for peace of mind, heart and soul.


I had intended on making tags for my kids but that isn't going to happen so here's the tag I made a while ago for Becky and Megan...Hugs to my girls....


And I was in the midst of making a little boy tag for Joey when my computer blew so I'm snagging this from Shelly for you Joe.......HUGS, Shelly!


Hugs to all my J-Land friends.....what a wonderful group of friends you are and it seems I keep adding new friends each day.  So, I'll endwith sending my love to everyone...you are all so special to me and make my days so much sunnier.........







lv2trnscrb said...

what a beautiful entry, Chris. I do hope BF gets over his illness quick so you guys can celebrate the day somewhere down the road


jckfrstross said...

Hey woman HVD :) you are such a good friend i love all your graphics:) hope you get your puter back soon.


xxroxymamaxx said...

Don't worry I didn't get wine and roses either.  OR anything for that matter, except a hard time. lol  But it's all good, and we're here together. My son's class isn't doing the card exchange party til Friday, which is odd, but ok. Beautiful entry and I think you put it together fabulously for what little you had to work with.  Happy Valentines to you too.  GBU, Shelly @---->---->-----

matthewbam said...

Cool graphics! Great reds.

queeniemart said...

I also have an ex husband...my Meg is from that marriage. He is a piece of shit. I also have a cynical look at V Day...the same goes for Sweetest Day. I am married to the MOST unromantic dude ever born. Rick could give a fly about rings, candy, cards and flowers. In 15 yrs i have gotten maybe two flowers. Me? Inside somewhere was once a HUGE romantic. Now i am turning into Rick!!
Such adorable tags...love them.
Have a happy Weds and i sure do hope you get your belated Valentines Day breakfast!!
LOVE, lisa jo

pennietoonz said...

Hi Chris... What a nice entry! I would send you graphics if I had the talent for it. Valentine`s Day usually is not a big deal for me...when I was married it was nice, but it`s really just a commercial thing. It just so happened that I was in a MOOD this year!! I always get something for my daughter, too! I mailed her out a care package. That makes me happy. :)
Love ya,

helloimkara said...

I admire and respect your fanatstic attitude about love and Valentines Day!  You have family and friends that love you and that is what counts!!!

Kara :)

debbted said...

Great entry, Chris! Yes, I agree with the commericalism. I was happy with my discount box of truffles and bear from KMart! ;-) Dianna does do great graphics--I have asked her if I could adopt her? lol I love the bear one--may I snag that? xox Sass


shayshaydc said...

Awwwwwwww Chris you're the greatest!!!!! http://journals.aol.com/shayshaydc/Golfaholic