Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Tagged Myself...LOL

You know the game, copy & paste in your journal, replacing our answers with yours. Then tag 3 pet owners & let them know they've been tagged. Be sure & list their links on your pg.  

This came from Missie's Missie's Furr Babies

Here we go: LOL  

1. How many pets do you have currently I have 1cat, 1 dog.

2. Pets names...Grizzly Bear and Mocha.

3. Age & weight.... Mocha is 7 & 22 lbs; pretty hefty for a kitty.  Grizzly is 9 and 78 lbs down from close to 90 on doc's orders.

4. males or females...Grizzly is the boy; Mocha the girl.

 5. what breed...Grizzly is a mixed lab, husky, golden retriever.  Mocha is a "tortico" mix that we adopted from the vet.

6. pets fav place to sleep...Grizzly, anywhere and everywhere.  Mocha in my bedroom, Meg's bedroom, and the leather recliner in the livingroom.

7. pets fav food...Grizzly...dry dog food with a teensy weensy bit of Alpo mixed and biscuits.  Mocha...strictly Iams or Purina Science; both hairball control.

8. pets fav fun activity...Grizzly...LOL...sleeping and breaking loose once in a while for a run.  Mocha...chasing ping pong balls.

9. Is pet well behaved...Mocha....pretty much so. Grizzly..hmmm...I think he would like to be but no he doesn't listen well and like Missie's got kicked out of obedience school.

10. Cutest trick they do...Grizzly carries his food bowl to me when he is ready to eat.  Mocha doesn't do tricks.

11. Who's their fav person in your house...Grizzly, definitely me.  Mocha loves Megan when she's home.  If not, I'm the substitute.

12. Inside or outside...Both are insiders.

13. If small, do you dress them up...Grizzly absolutely will not permit us to put anything on him at all. Mocha isn't happy but will cooperate because she is small enough for me to hold.  I don't do it often.

14. Enjoy baths & grooming...Grizzly will permit a bath outside when it's nice with the hose.  He has to be sedated totally at the vet's to get his claws trimmed.  He totally spazzes out with claw trimming.  Mocha, forget the bath, and she doesn't like trimmings but then again is small enough to hold so she has no choice.

15. How many pets have passed over that you hold a spot in your heart ...Grizzly's litter mate, Princess.  The gentlest dog in the world.  She looked like a creamy white lab although she was in the same litter as Griz.  She had uncontrollable seizures starting at 13 months.  She was put down at around 2 1/2 years.  She suffered horrendously.  Grizzly was also pretty much devastated even though they insisted he wouldn't remember her.

16. Who is the one pet that will always be that "special one"...My Grizzly; most definitely.  I will be lost when something happens to him.

So this is it.  I'm tagging Sharon, This Momma's Drama because she hasn't been tagged in a while and loves these things.  Anyone else who wants to do're tagged...LOL




buggieboo1 said...

I will try this one...
BUT sadly I must get rid of 2 of my cats next week :(


pennietoonz said...

Oh how cute! Gotta love those critters. :0)

helloimkara said...

How cute!!! Im an old softy for all animals :)


lv2trnscrb said...

glad to hear there was other dogs kicked out of obedience school.


chat2missie said...

Thanks for playing along!  Loved your answers.

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Pets you just gotta love them.  I have two and if I didn't have 150 emails I would do this tag.  I'll save it for a rainy day.  Or when writters block kicks in. lol.   TerryAnn.