Monday, February 6, 2006

Mom - The last one to know

Simply adorable...isn't she?  Meg n Homer.  I was looking at all 10 documents that were left on this old computer and found a picture gallery of Megan's tucked away.  I can't resize on this puter.

This is the child of mine that will turn me gray, drive me to drink or all of the above.  Becky asked me yesterday if I knew Meg had lost her purse Sat. nite on the South Side of Pgh....uh no...I had no idea.  She carries a small purse with her student ID, cell phone and ATM card.  The South Side is the up and coming area of Pgh to hang out...the mega center for Steeler parties and celebrations.  Becky found out because Megan had it on her IM away message.

Becky said Megan called her cell phone, some lady answered and was going to drop it off  yesterday.  End of story...not quite.  Megan gave the lady her roommate's cell number.  They don't have dorm phones anymore.  She wanted to drop it off yesterday on her way to work but Miss Megan was on her way to a SuperBowl party.  Megan tried to call her cell again tonight but it's dead.  Of course, she never asked for the lady's name or phone number.

I called the bank since I'm on the account.  Zero activity since Megan took $20 out Saturday night.  They think it should be ok.  But now Becky has me thinking again because Megan has zero ways to contact this person.  The person claims to pass the school on her way to work every day.  Why not just drop it off at one of the campus offices or the police.  Megan has her school ID in it.  Then again, the child has a $57 balance in the checking account.  Thank the Lord she hadn't picked up her $500 loan reimbursement check from the school office yet.

And why does she not worry more about it?  I'd call Verizon about the cell but it's dead right now.  Of course, Becky said you can get universal chargers but I'm just too wiped out to deal with this mess but she is on my family account.  Megan's losses equate to my losses since she is far from self-sufficient.  She's like a street urchin now because she doesn't have her ID for her meals.  She is begging and borrowing meals off of her friends.  Oy Vay....

I swear Megan is going backward instead of forward.   This is my urban, street wise child...hmmm  Traveled through France twice with no incidents when she was far younger.  What is she thinking or not thinking?

Maybe I'll see her since she is planning on going to the parade tomorrow and planning on being in the same vicinity I am.  LOL...I didn't tell her I was going.

Off to bed I'm going.  I have had enough these past few days.  I think I'm beyond the point of worrying...more like laughing hysterically.  Probably a sign of insanity setting in.

Night all.....CHRIS


jckfrstross said...

oh no hope she gets everything back :)


lv2trnscrb said...

(((Chris))) One time Matt thought he lost his cell phone. I called Verizon; they deactivated his number. He found it the next day; I called and they reactivated the number


xxroxymamaxx said...

Geez, I almost dread the days that my girls go off to college.  And it's not all that far away!  Hope Megan gets her stuff back and you get it all fixed like us mommies do.  : )  GBU, Shelly

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

That child of yours is a beauty.  You better lock her up. lol  Don't worry as my granny's mom always said everyone has  to sew their wild oats.  She come back down to earth  Take care friend. TerryAnn.

chat2missie said...

My daughter is the same way!  

pennietoonz said...

Hi the pic. What a pretty girl!
I would call the bank, cancel the ATM card and have them send her a NEW one.
Just my advice after all the years I worked in a bank...cuz you ( or a thief ) can overdraw the acct with that card just like you can bounce a check. Much love to you and I hope it all gets sorted out!!

dwhee70041 said...

Chris, What is it with kids and Cell phones?  The same thing has happened twice to BOTH of my boys.  Fortunately, everything turned out alright.  David

lici0uslatin22 said...

your Daughter is Gorgeous..  I hope she gets her stuff back..  Thats an ass when we loose our things.. Happends a lot to me. lol...  Take care Mari..

shayshaydc said...

Chris... girls will get you that way!!! I don't know how old Meg is but my daughter is 21 and still drives me crazy at times!!! Sigh........ lol.....