Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Lifted Load

Thanks to Sugar for the above.  Sugar Shack Keepsakes  Fear has kept me paralyzed for well over a week.  I had intended to update last weekend but just could not do it.  The things that cause me the worst fear are those that deal with my children.

Joey is being carried on my Blue Cross/Blue Shield because of his depression.  He was on a temporary two year extension that is up for review this year.  I had sent in the doctor's information, etc. a few months ago, and the wait started.  I live in absolute fear that he will have no medical coverage.  I simply have no idea what we would do.  Now that he has asthma, his meds would be well over $1,000 a month.  It really angers me, not just because it has hit home personally, but generally that a country this size would have so many people with no health coverage or substandard health coverage.  I checked into medical assistance through welfare.  Joey made $6,900 last year.  The income limit is $415 a month...puhlease.

I got a  termination letter from Blue Cross the end of last week...9-5-07 was the last date for coverage.  My heart died a thousand deaths.  I called Monday praying that they just hadn't heard anything from my agency as each govt agency has their own physicians make the determination.  This was the case but still I had heard nothing from HR yet.

Of course, our HR is now at another office out of state.  It's been centralized.  No one was answering my e-mails or phone calls.  I swear I was literally stopped dead in my tracks all week bouncing between panic and numbness.  Poor Joe was nervous.  Who wouldn't be?

Anyway, we do have HR specialists at our office.  In fact a newer guy was just promoted.  I called and asked if he would check into this with our other office.  He did, and I had my answer within the hour....Joey's been extended on my coverage....huge sigh and a happy dance.  I'm not for sure how long but at least we have time to figure something out because this won't last forever.  I'll get the official letter soon. 

I felt like the most enormous load had been lifted.  I can't even begin to explain.  Life just went from black and gray back to color again.  Everything else I had fussed about just seemed so trivial compared to this.

So, Megan moved back to Pittsburgh last weekend.  She has a very nice place about three blocks from her other place.  She is still working and will do so 20 hrs a week during school.  I'm hopin she can keep up with the schedule.  She is home this weekend to say goodbye to the rest of her friends who are off to college.  We went to Red Lobster tonight. that place.  I had Fire grilled lobster and shrimp.  I splurged for once.

Oops...back to Joe.  He has a new OVR (pa. voc rehab counselor).  I went with him Friday afternoon.  I am very impressed with this girl.  The other lady he had for the past five years was a total waste, putting it nicely so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  He has some interest tests to do and is meeting with her again next week.

The air conditioner is fine, so they say.  It was only dragging in the mid afternoon, I had noticed.  The sr. tech checked it.  I've seen him quite a few times.  Nice guy, really.  The problem was the electric during the peak times was sagging somewhat.  My unit is enormous so it couldn't always get the electrical kick.  He said everything is fine so we'll see.

Hugs and love to all of you!  I'm slowly making my way around.  BTW:  a little bird told me Carlene HORSESHOE BEND/Carlene has a birthday tomorrow.  Carlene is such a sweetie.  I know she'd love to get some greetings.





penniepooh said...

Hi Chris, Sorry to hear all this has been going on, but glad you can breathe a sigh of relief for now. I`m glad you went out for a yummy dinner. Have a great weekend.
Love ya

lisa41076 said...

Chris, I'm glad you can breathe a sigh a relief for now, I love Red Lobster !!!!!!! Have a good weekend, Hugs Lisa

sugarsweet056 said...

Our children can cause us so much stress.
I would check again re medicaid...I get it & have an income of 735. per mo. So, that doesn't seem right, I know different states have different rules (I'm in MO), but 415 per mo being too much seems strange! My dtr & her boyfriend get medicaid & one has income of 670. & the other 1000. (in TX)
Glad things are ok for the time being, but hope it all gets worked out soon. {{}}
Sounds like a nice dinner out. :)
Have a blessed Sunday.

jckfrstross said...

no wonder you were a wreck i would have been too. thank God it all worked out. enjoy your Sunday


astoriasand said...

I am so happy to read this news Chris,even though I still do not agree at anyone wherever they live in the world, having to pay for health issues.It's a disgrace in my opinion.The NHS in England is a shambles too.Waiting lists as long as an arm and leg,even though ours is free.One could be dead before they get attention.This is a very sore point with me and many more like me.I do hope everything turns out to your advantage and I can understand the stress you have been under.Lets say at least you have a little breather now,for the time being.I wish Megan well in everything she does.Happy to read you got a nice outing to your favourite place .Lobster is something I have never tried,but I love sea food.Good to read your AC is working fine and I hope you have a lovely forthcoming week with not too many preasures.Thanx for the BD info.Take Care Have a Blessed Sunday.God Bless Kath

siennastarr said...

Chris, I'm so happy to hear you got things worked out with the insurance for Joey.  I'm sure that was awful for you, especially in view of all the health problems he suffers with.  Just keep looking forward, girlfriend, and don't let it get you stressed out.  Things will work out.. they always do.
I am glad that you are seeing color back in  your life again.

I am really hoping to get together with you when I fly out to Pittsburgh.  I am taking your # with me, and I will call you when I get there!  Maybe we can arrange something then! :)  My son is renting a car, so meeting you, should be no problem at all!

Love you, girlfriend!


queeniemart said...

is there anyway in your state he can get on SSI or some type of medical card for any reason, even as an adult? I HATE it that you have went thru all this worry but i sure do understand it!!!!!!!!!!   I love you girl, and if you need me, i am here.

jeadie05 said...

What a relief to get things sorted for Joey ,you dont need this hassle ,I suppose we take our national health service for granted,I hope things get better for you Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

You must feel better now you have sorted things for Joey ~ hope this will be extended or you can sort something else out for him ~ Glad Megan is settling in and I wish her Luck with School and her work ~ glad your a/c is working OK ~ Ally x

midwestvintage said...

 So glad you have a reprieve with Joey.  What a mess this insurance thing is.  Take care.


pharmolo said...

I quite agree with you, Chris, that health care in the US leaves a lot to be desired. I cannot understand that people be denied healthcare simply because they may be denied insurance cover, or not have enough money. But it happens.

xxroxymamaxx said...

Yay, Chris. I can tell how relieved you are to continue covering Joe's medical.  That's great and I can't believe that about welfare.  but I do understand because we have absolutly no medical coverage right now and are having to actually pay cash for all of our dental and medical.  It's crazy. lol  Thank God we are all healthy for the most part.  just dental is killing us.  I hope you are having a good weekend.  Love Red Lobster too! lol  love always, Shelly

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your Sunday!

helloimkara said...

I couldnt agree more about healthcare.  I hope and pray our government will do a complete -haul!!!  It is out right wrong! Im so glad you were able to get an extension!

Kara :)

gehi6 said...

So glad you told us about Carlene's birthday.  I really like that gal.  She has a good heart.  No malice in her.  I can understand your fears about Joey.  I don't think there is any greater stress than when coverage is needed and it isn't there.  I lived in a trailer double wide for a while, and the air conditioner went out.  My sister wanted me to buy it, but I decided as a single person with iffy health that would be too big of risk.  For her with a nurse's good salary it was not.  She left and went to Utah because her kids followed their dad up there.  Weel, if one can get through the summer without flood, fire, burnout, or some other disaster, it is good  Gerry  

tpiez4me said...

Don't you just love it when you make too much money??  I went through that when T was little....too much money to be placed me in the upper poverty level.  Glad to hear the insurance has worked out.  Whew!  

princesssaurora said...

Chris!  I am so happy that Joey's ins worked out... omg, I would have been an absolute wreck too!!!!  Yay!!!!

be well,

rdautumnsage said...

I can imagine how distraught and fearful the past week has been with everything up in the air. Glad they were able to find a solution for the time being. Keeping you and Joe in my prayers on the smoke that you can find a long term solution. (Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad Joey's insurance is extended! What a relief! I totally agree with you, in this country it is shameful how hard it is for people to get good healthcare coverage. I just hate that.
Hope this week is much better for you.

chevyz71gurl74 said...

So glad they extended the is so important.
We went to Red Lobster sat. night...i love their rolls!!!

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

GRRRR!  I just wrote this once...LOL...So once again...LOL...Chris take your son to the SS office apply for disability there....they will have you fill out the mean time gather all doctors he has visited...all mental health as well..even if he is denied you will have applied..then if he is denied...hire an fight...he will get the back pay when the lawyer gets it pushed through...if he has not worked that long he will also get ssi I don't know much about it...but they make up the difference if he wont make enough...if he gets ssi he will get medicade...if he only get disability he will get the new part c for meds he may have to pay 2 dollars or a little more for them...or he may have to pay nothing depending on his income...but he sounds like he should qualify...but some people it takes years of fighting the sooner you get started the better...also...God forbid something ever happen to you...he may not go apply himself if he has social see what you can do for him now. also they will want his work history..if he shows that he can't keep a job that just helps him all the more.  More than likely he would get tempory first then it would change to full later but he would ahve to go in every 4 years to be evaluated...but really get that started...Hugs to you and PRAYERS!!!  Hugs,TerryAnn

kdcutie26 said...

Hi Chris!!!  How are you darling.  Gosh I miss you.  I have been without computer for so long, now I have a brand new laptop.  I am going to post today, so I hope you'll come over and say hi.  

Love ya,

imgr8phil said...

Sounds like you have been throug a lot lately.  Red Lobster sounds good to me and it is only 9 in the morning here.  LOL  Take care.


zoepaul6968 said...

you know Ive read this entry a few times now,and it angers me so about your health system,I mean we moan about the nhs here in britain,but we can still get free health care,why the hell should you have to pay for essential treatment,its awful,its bloody outrageous,move over here hun for crying out loud,zoe xxx

jlocorriere05 said...

That's a relief that you got Joey's meds are going to be covered still. I just wish it had been sorted out for you straight away. Glad he also has a better counselor. I hope Megan settles in to her new place too. Have a good weekend. Jeannette xx  

shayshaydc said...

Hey Chris...glad that Joey has been extended on your insurance!!!! Great news!!!!! I was going to postpone my vacation until next month if the rental agency where I rented my condo would have let me but one of the female officers that I dispatch for would not hear of it and TOLD me that I was going to take her truck... so I did and I am glad because I really needed a vacation!!!! Now I am back and have to find another car that I can afford!!!! It is so hard trying to make ends meet when you are single..... I'm sure you well know!!!